Britex Special Ed Style As British Students with "Mental Illness" Expelled in Droves
Remembering Dan – Six Months Later

Irish Times Reports Sharp Increase in Special Education Students

Irish break your heartNote: ...and today? Your children....

We are well past the canary in the coalmine stage. The frog in the pot is well and truly cooked. As children in first world nations fall further behind their parents' and grandparents' generation and plummet into Special Education, the demographics for the future are rapidly shifting.  This article below confirms Anne Dachel's post about the skyrocketing expulsions in the UK.

From the Irish Times. Read the full article here.

A sharp increase in the numbers of school pupils diagnosed with autism since 2011 is among the factors that has led to a huge jump in the budget for special needs education, according to a Government report.

The report has prompted alarm about the rising costs in Government. A spending review carried out by the Department of Public Expenditure published yesterday finds that spending on special educational needs now accounts for almost one-fifth of the total education budget.

Spending on special education has grown by almost half a billion euros since 2011, a rise of 38 per cent. In the period since 2004, spending on the area has grown by 260 per cent. Special needs education now costs the exchequer more than third-level education.

Almost 90 per cent of special education funding goes on pay for teachers and special needs assistants.

Concerns about the costs and efficiency of the special needs assistants (SNAs) scheme have prompted the department to order a comprehensive review of the scheme, which is due to be completed next year. The number of SNAs has grown from 2,988 in 2001 to more than 13,000, an increase of 336 per cent. Expenditure on the scheme has grown by almost 1,300 per cent.

The increase in costs of the SNA scheme has been driven by a huge jump in the numbers of pupils being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Between 2011 and 2016, the numbers of pupils presenting to schools with a diagnosis of ASD has increased by 83 per cent, the report says.

“This is driving almost all of the increase in the number of pupils in special classes, in special schools and 50 per cent of the increase in mainstream classes. SNA support for children with ASD tends to be primarily around behaviour or communication,” the report finds.

There have also been significant increases in the numbers of students accessing other supports for children with special needs.... Read more here.


WhenWillItEnd KylesMom

New bumpersticker?
It's the Vaccines Stupid

Shelley Tzorfas

Between 2011 and 2016, the numbers of pupils presenting to schools with a diagnosis of ASD has increased by 83 per cent, the report says. Try to juxtapose that with the population increase of under 2%. This is apparently a time when First World Countries are "morphing" into Third World Countries.We seem destined to shoot ourselves in the foot and gut microbiome!


Actually, wait a minute, just thought that one through, the better question of course is what percentage of children requiring special ed have never been vaccinated at all. I know, I know..... never going to happen.


With an ever-exploding population of children in special education classes and people like Richard Pan claiming that vaccinated children are more clever, isn't it fair to ask what percentage of children requiring special ed have vaccine exemptions on file?


The issue being discussed here is more than simply "vaccine-induced autism"....
The indictment SHOULD BE for the whole, entire, "medical-industrial-financial-pharma-complex"....
Even folks here will agree that not every vaxx causes autism in all children, even though who know that vaxxes DO lead to autism spectrum disorders/diagnoses in some children. It's telling, - and chilling, - that the medical community is making no serious effort to learn exactly WHAT does cause ASD's.... Besides not wanting to learn the TRUTH, they also want to protect the status quo and the money-making machine gravy train. Having said all that, we need to remember that even non-ASD children are regularly put on SPEED, - methylphenidate & dextroamphetamine, (Adderal & Ritalin here in the U.S., but I'm sorry I get them mixed up as to which brand is which generic!). Putting so many children on DRUGS, with NO clearly definable medical condition, is a recipe for disaster, - the very DISASTER described above.... It's not JUST the VAXXES.... it's also GREED, and IGNORANCE. Oh, and well-funded marketing hype, too!.... Sad, very sad....
(c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

Angus  Files

In 2015 Scotlands highest achieving school(and is every year) excluded a lad because of dyslexia under the guise of not having funding.It is again in the courts with the almost the same scenario.Its known fact at entry to the school if you are not high achiever they won't give access.This is how they achieve the highest pass rates in Scotland.

Pharma for Prison


bob moffit

"The removal of the requirement for a diagnosis will somewhat diminish the incidence of inappropriate diagnosis and the unnecessary labelling of children,” the report says"

Ah yes, there is no increase here .. a "broader definition" explains it all .. now be good parents and move along .. nothing to see here ...

Sen Moynihan's "defining deviancy down .. by "normalizing abnormality" .. is now a global problem.

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