July 4th Best Of: The American Revolution and Health Tyranny
Offit and Critics - Part Five

Happy Independence Day from Age of Autism

By Kim Rossi*

I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. Arthur Fiedler was the conductor of the world famous Boston Flag heart Pops from 1930 - 1980. Fifty years! Their July 4th celebration at the Esplanade on the Charles River is iconic even today.  I remember having a pair of red and blue Dr. Scholl sandals (when they still had "the toe bump) in 1976. I was 12 years old.

Take note of the beautiful baby held up by Mom at 1:11 (hmmm, there's an interesting number) and remember that autism was 1 in 10,000 in 1976. Virtually unheard of.  Today, how  many children are unable to attend a fireworks celebration due to sensory processing disorders and autism?

Happy Independence Day.  And thanks for your continued readership and support.

Love, Kim


Hans Hitten

Posted by: John Stone | July 05, 2017 at 06:05 AM

I don't believe there are any benefits to vaccination .
They are entirely a fraud .

John Stone

It isn't my view that there is any single agenda - I think there are bad synergies between different agendas - for instance the pharma drive to make money, Gates's drive to control everything, the weakness of politicians watching their backs and avoiding responsibility for policy. I can see that there are some benefits attributable to vaccines but they are seldom as straightforward as the propaganda of overwhelming benefit. The magic lies only in the rhetoric, and the mass bullying of ordinary citizens, the media etc.

Angus Files

Thanks Hans I cant disagree with anything John and you write. The SNP openly support globalisation and all it stands for with its in-human mixing of nations to suit an agenda made up by a few.As John knows I had big hopes for the SNP 10 years ago at least on the vaccine wars and my MSP back then Jim Mathers was behind me 100% Jims wife is a classically trained homeopath.Jim was got rid off like many SNP ministers that dont tow the globalist agenda former deputy leader Jim Sillars supports NO2NP no independence just now- Former Justice Minister Kenny Mac Kaskill same as Jim - but to be a politician these days you have to be a classically trained psychopath to carry out the cowardly deeds of the globalists and it all starts at grassroot politics they are selected then.Just like Obama from the cradle to the grave owned by Pharma.

Pharma for Prison


Hans Hitten

Posted by: John Stone | July 05, 2017 at 04:32 AM

I believe in Occams Razor.
I believe this is Hg-enocide.
I believe this is biological chemical warfare.
I believe specific races & nationalities are being targeted .
I believe this is all deliberate.
I believe in Milgrams experiment. And we are seeing it in operation here by the doctors.
I believe they have a planned soft landing in place in case the protests get too vociferous.
I believe they will not stop until they are forced to.
I can see the work of the hidden hand everywhere.
I believe there is an aggressive depopulation policy.
I believe the Richard Day diaries are real .
I don't believe in vaccination.
I don't believe in water fluoridation.
I don't believe in mercury amalgams.
I don't believe in chemotherapy or radiation therapy (they are frauds).
I am terrified.

John Stone


One of the features of this, as Angus knows only too well is the absolute deference of the SNP leadership to Westminster on the subject of vaccines. And oddly at the institutional level this is at least theoretically voluntary. But as I reported in December and January Scotland is in virtual collapse because of the numbers of neurological disorders among younger children in its schools.


It is very extraordinary. On video I watched the petitions committee (at least half SNP) absolutely massacre the health minister and CMO over thyroxine and thyroid disorders - absolutely no quarter given - but once you get onto vaccines everyone gets very scared. Don't upset the program at any cost is the watchword. Suddenly they don't want to look. I don't think it is because they are all bad people but they are probably intimidated at manifold levels.

I don't know whether you need the Bildeburg group as an explanation - watch Gates, watch the Murdochs, watch the pharma and all their institutional tentacles, watch Jeremy Hunt.

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Angus Files | July 04, 2017 at 02:09 PM

Scottish independence will never happen in the true sense of the word .
The hidden hand wants you to divorce from the UK (but to join the Bilderberg controlled superstate EU - the S_state where Italy, Germany & France all mandated vaccination in some form or other.)
In fact the true plan , is to use the threat of Scottish independence to bring the whole of the UK into the EU superstate (one world government has always been the plan.)

The current Scottish parliament turns down vaccine injury evidence again and again no matter how much evidence is produced for them. Scoundrels just like all the rest of them .
They have been given all the information and the same nonchalant ambivalent uncaring response
comes back everytime .

I say burn all your flags , forget your nationalisms , forget the borders , forget your religions , forget your races . Its the elite , versus the people (& they are trying to cull us all).

These doctors who knowingly vaccinate when they know full well the carnage they are causing .
And the politicians and media who all turn a blind eye to the death and destruction.
Its the Milgram Experiment in real life .

Mary Ann Puckett

For the first time in 33 years, my husband and I were able to drive around our city tonight and watch fireworks without a meltdown from our autistic son. We were considering not going out bc in the past Stephen would always get overstimulated and we would have to come back home with all of us in tears. So many people do not understand how something so simple can be a miracle for families like ours. Mary Ann Puckett

Angus Files

Have a happy day all my American friends from your jealous Scots person over here in Scotland .One day it might happen and I still dream of Scotland having an independence day also -but it aint happening soon.

Pharma for Prison


John Stone

Benedetta, Kim

Yes, I remember 1976. It was all so optimistic. A terrible war at its end, Nixon gone. The wonderful BBC broadcaster Alistair Cooke - who observed the US scene from New York for decade after decade - addressing Congress; a man who understood complex narratives. In those day you could believe freedom of speech could change things - but something had to be done about that.

And I remember Arthur Fiedler too.


1976, was a big deal. Lots of celebrations and I could not believe that my country, our way of life was only two hundred years old. Although I later realized we had really been here as a forming nation for 300 years. I would be entering my junior year at the university; in which I would meet Dr. Otero that year.

Dr. Otero was the first professor, or anyone that for the first time, I heard that some pitiful, mistaken parents were saying vaccines were hurting kids which of course was ridiculous.

I did not know that Pharma was taking over the universities, and working toward evil things; Dr. Otero was a bought man.

Turns out Barbara Loe Fisher was one of those mistaken parents; or soon would be in a year or maybe two..

The DPT vaccine was already hurting plenty. 100 percent according to one news show that did a segment on it, I am unsure of the date on that show; but it was around that time. College students don't watch much TV. Of course, I do remember one Friday night returning home from college that my parents had on the nightly news, and there was a very large segment about people becoming paralyzed after the swine flu vaccine. I had had that vaccine that very week; again because Dr. Otero told us how stupid we were if we did not get it. There was a bunch of nursing students in the same class, and we all decided take the afternoon and be together, might as well make it a group event and get that swine flu vaccine.

Later when Coulter and Fisher co authored a book; they thought the autism rates might have been as much as 1 out of 350 at that time in the mid to late 70s. .

In 1985 when I already signed my daughter's health away and was in the process of signing my son's; the health department literature said 1 out of 11,000 would react to the vaccine I read that. .

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Kim! I had the great pleasure and honor, in 1967, of being conducted at rehearsal by Arthur Fiedler when I was a member of our junior philharmonic and he has in our little hamlet to guest conduct the big philharmonic. He was brilliant, could hear every nuance of sound emanating from every instrument.

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