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Don’t Criticize What You Can’t Understand

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Don’t Criticize What You Can’t Understand

(About the Science of Vaccine Neurotoxicity)

A Collection of Recent Journal Articles Solidifying the Connections Between America’s Over-Vaccination Agenda and the Epidemics of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Chronic Autoimmune Disorders

Be Gary G. Kohls, MD – July 4, 2017

In an obscure interview back in 1956, the entertainer Elvis Presley was quoted as saying: "Don't criticize what you don't understand, son. You never walked in that man's shoes." But But none of Elvis’s many song-writers ever wrote a song that included that wonderful truism.

However, Bob Dylan, in his iconic “The Times They Are A-Changing” (1962), immortalized the phrase. It is not likely that Dylan stole the phrase from one of Presley’s songs because Elvis once admitted: “I've never written a song in my life.”

Dylan’s poetic truism has always stayed with me. To remind readers of its power, here is the fourth verse of that song:

“Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand

Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’.

There is a surge of anti-intellectualism and anti-science belief systems in the United States. People who know nothing about climate science are ridiculing altruistic climate scientists who know what they are talking about. Respected, unbiased scientists (those who are not in the back pockets of the fossil fuel and coal industries) are fulfilling their moral duty to warn the rest of us about the imminent danger of potentially unstoppable – and catastrophic - warming of the planet, a reality that could easily make the planet unlivable for animal life n the near future (like the gradually expanding Sahara Desert has been exhibiting for us for years).

Unbiased geological scientists, scholars and assorted well-informed citizen activists (at least those who have not been hired and thus co-opted by Big Mining) understand the potentially catastrophic dangers of sulfide mining that is threatening my home state of Minnesota. These altruistic scientists and citizen activists are being viciously demonized (even with death threats) by some folks who happen to live in the boom-and-bust (non-sulfide) iron ore country that now has commercially-viable copper sulfide ore deposits in the water-rich part of the state.

Truly unbiased geological scientists know what they are talking about when they try to explain to the uninformed that copper appears in nature as a copper sulfide ore which, when ground into the fine powder (that is an essential part of the extraction process) leaves behind many highly poisonous waste metals (including the toxic metals lead, arsenic, cadmium, vanadium, antimony, manganese and mercury) PLUS sulfuric acid when the liquid mine slurry is pumped into the permanently toxic tailings ponds (which will be stored for an eternity in nearby dumps that are just waiting for the inevitable deluge of rain that could melt and burst the earthen dams and permanently destroy the watershed, lakes and inhabited river communities downstream. Sulfuric acid, it needs to be understood, is inevitably formed when waste sulfide tailings are exposed to water and air, thus making any abandoned sulfide mining open pit poisonous to every living thing, especially humans, fish and water birds. (http://duluthreader.com/articles/2016/12/14/8500_lessons_from_the_most_toxic_open_pit_copper_mine)

And then there is the pure science that is coming from truly unbiased scientists (pharmacological, chemical, medical, neuroscientists, etc) who know what they are talking about when it comes to the obvious dangers of America’s over-vaccination agendas for vulnerable babies, children, soldiers and the elderly. And here is where the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, the IOM, the WHO and various trade associations and Big Pharma lobbying groups (like the AAP, the AMA, the AAFP and even the OB-GYN trade groups) are involved. Whereas these groups hide their financial and professional relationships with Big Pharma, they feel obligated to also hide the many reasons that their unholy alliances with corporate elites have been doing so much damage to their patients, to whom they have pledged to “first do no harm.” 

So the common denominator for the examples listed above (and below) is that those politicians and cunning special interest groups - who have been co-opted and/or duped by well-funded front groups that are denying the unbiased, provably true science and are “criticizing what they don’t understand”.

Below are a number of other recent publications outlining examples from non-corporate-controlled medical journals that never gets aired in the largely corporate-controlled mainstream print media or discussed in a fair and balanced manner on the largely corporate-controlled television or radio stations.

Any true scientist (or person with an open mind and no conflicts of interest) who values the Precautionary Principle, the Hippocratic Oath and the principle of Fully Informed Consent will surely pause to consider the veracity of the following journal articles that validate (AGAIN) the testimony of the hundreds of thousands of vaccine-injured or vaccine-killed American children and soldiers (especially the parents who now have understandably lost any trust in the medical profession, certain governmental agencies and the pharmaceutical industry).

Also validated are the many researchers that know (and are trying to warn patients) about the many neurotoxic ingredients and contaminants that are in all of the cocktails of intramuscularly-administered infant vaccines - inoculations which are causing (or at least contributing to) the epidemics of childhood and young adult neurodevelopmental disorders that were uncommon prior to America’s over-vaccination era that began with a vengeance after the Reagan administration in 1986 made it illegal for the parents of vaccine-were responsible.

And thus, any ethical medical profession, which claims to value the Hippocratic Oath and the Informed Consent principle, should be immediately ordering a moratorium on the current over-vaccination schedules so vigorously promoted and defended by the CDC, the FDA, the AMA, the IOM, and the AAP – until the evidence is fully re-examined by unbiased investigators. Any such re-assessment should obviously involve no Big Pharma shills’ no CDC or FDA or AAP ”experts”; no co-opted pediatricians who benefit financially from over-vaccinating their patients; no academic physicians with financial ties to Big Pharma; no lobbyists;, no politicians who have taken campaign bribes from Big Pharma; no journalists who write pro-vaccine articles;, AND no Big Pharma-paid trolls (such as those that blog at sciencebasedmedicine.org, scienceblogs.com, snopes.com, retractionwatach.com, sciencemag.org, skeptic.com, etc, most of whom seem to be given preferential positions on the first two pages of Google’s search engine when Big Pharma is threatened by unwelcome truth.

It is a near certainty that the AMA, the AAP, the IOM – and the recent critics of this column’s statements of scientific fact regarding the many dangers of the neurotoxicity of America’s over-vaccination programs - have little or no knowledge of the following research studies that totally debunk their claims that all vaccines are both safe and effective and that Big Medicine and Big Pharma can be trusted to implement their over-vaccination agendas, even to the point of forcibly vaccinating people against their wills.



Angus Files,

Thank you for posting the link to Lord Monckton's presentation. Hopefully, with President Trump at the helm, the truth about Global Warming/Climate Change - and vaccines - will finally surface. It's about time.


"This is an ideological monoculture of the most extraordinary kind and that can only occur when the indoctrination at school and at university of our children is so thorough and so complete that they themselves are unaware that they have been indoctrinated."


"Why have we got reason to doubt this so-called consensus on the climate?...Well, the first reason is that there isn't a consensus. The consensus proposition which says that no more than most of the warming since 1950 was caused by us is in fact 0.3%, in the scientific literature, but the people who did the survey reported it as 97.1% because they were communists and they didn't care about the truth. They cared about The Party Line. The Party line said 97% so that's what they said and to this day, even though our peer-reviewed results showing that it's 0.3% in exactly the same set of papers has been published long since, not a single news-medium has ever reported the truth of this figure. They still go on chattering about 97%."


I think indoctrination and media control also applies to vaccination.


"Don’t Criticize What You Can’t Understand " vs "Don't Criticize What You Don't Or May Not Understand"

Huge difference.

The oppressors of vaccine study and choice use the first way to intimidate. You want to do that?


In the 60s,70s, and 80s there was a big push to regulate all the sulfur - compounds coming out of mining and burning here in the Western World. We have succeeded. As evidence see pictures of China during the Olympics. China finally ordered the factories to just shut down during the Olympics.

But did we celebrate that? NO! Instead EPA became this draconian federal agency, just like the CDC and the NIH.

Al Gore and David Blood
We all know Al Gore,; The guy that ran for the president, and then made moves about "Inconvenient Truth" about carbon dioxide.
But do we know: David Blood?.
David Blood once was the top man that worked for Goldman Sachs -- Goldman sacks - some kind of hidden meaning of sacking gold from the masses.

Now he, David Blood, and Al Gore have their own carbon trading company - something to do with the stock market, carbon trading, heavy regulations, finds, and lots of money.
These two are waiting to just rake in the millions- well probably be billions; if they can just get most of the important people on board about something as benevolent as soda pop fizzzzzzzz. Soda pop fizz could ruin the climate and make into a pollutant. Carbon dioxide as a pollutant could cover a lot of things; like cattle out in the pastures, all the way to a person exhaling. The regulations/fines/money could be unlimited, and the riches to be had could be unlimited..

Blood and Gore big ol'e alligators in the swamp.
But as a parent of vaccine injured children, and husband; with an auto immune disease of my very own -- I know that Blood and Gore are not the biggest and meanest alligators in the swamp.

Grace Green

Thanks, Annie! To all the climate change skeptics who've commented I would say this. Don't we usually say follow the money? The money in energy is in OIL! Yes, why do you think it's called black gold over there? As someone who has lived off grid for over a year, since discovering that our utilities companies in the UK are involved in major corruption, I can tell you that renewable technology is not expensive, and as it's small scale it empowers the people. That's why we have propaganda against it. The climate change argument has only recently begun to be accepted, and is fighting for it's life just like the vaccine holocaust argument. See the parallels.

Jeannette Bishop

@reader, maybe "I didn't want to be tempted to argue so I wasn't going to comment" syndrome, but I was less tempted to argue under the inspiration of Dr. Gerberding's statement, a statement that IMO is somewhat telling, and maybe too tempted to share said inspiration.


My completely unvaccinated 10 yr old daughter wants to know how mant HPV vaccines Baron Trump's niece i.e. Jared Kurshner's daughter has received

go Trump

I am not quite sure, but I think the Rothschilds own most of the “big weather data and news outlets.” They then came up with the “Worldwide Carbon Credit” tax ... so much for climate change...

With about 98% of the world’s wealth in the top 2%... everything that can be bought out has been bought out.


I've come to the sad and cynical conclusion that the only thing that has has no adverse effects on this planet that man gets involved in is music, with the exception of hearing loss at Led Zeppilin concert's.* And that's all I got to say about that.

*No I'm not beating up on Led Zepplin!


Thank GOODNESS for Grace Green!!!!!
Apologies, i could not find a proper link.

So here is the article i read back in 2008:by Annie (not me) B. Bond:

20 Steps to a More Naural Life:
Adapted from The Druidy Handbook, by John Greer (Weiser Books 2006). (sporry, can't locate a proper link)

I'll spare AoA readers the entire "crunchy" Democratic POV

#15 Take care of as much of you everyday health care needs as you can using natural methods. Modern medicine is among the most wasteful and polluting of all industries.

What would be the manufacturing footprint if Human Beings were allowed to acknowledge the SCIENTIFIC REALITY of what we inject into infants?! Amy Goodman, Rachel Maddow, don't give a "fookashima". Because neither one of those journalists give a "fookashima" about thousands of
Italian citizens taking to the streets to protest mandatory vaccinations.

The Power to Ignore, is antithetical to Democracy. No one understands that better than Putin, and power corrupts absolutely!



The day is NOT long...


Do Y'all remember when Dr Offit asked who Mother Nature's PR Rep was? Or something to that affect.
The SCIENTIFIC REALITY of VACCINE INJURY parallels the SCIENTIFIC REALITY of GLOBAL WARMING because the argument AGAINST parallels the same:

"We've always had this extreme weather"

"We've always had this number of special needs chlildren"

EVIDENCE based science, AT THE END OF THE DAY......

will rule the DAY


@ Jeannette Bishop
Renewed? Why, Stockholm syndrome?


Reading this fascinating book by Frans de Waal, _Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?_, and comparing the abilities and tendencies of different species, it dawned on me that we humans (at least most of us) seem to have a limited capacity to be concerned about or endeavor to solve multiple problems at one time. Just my observation.

So I enjoyed Dr. Kohls' weaving of his view of climate change and vaccination into one essay. I think it is a mistake for us to look at the world through a narrow lens, because the vaccination plague is a symptom of a much, much wider problem. I didn't have to agree with his analysis in order to enjoy the post. Being a blog, I expect that AOA articles will include personal opinions of the respective authors.

Angus Files

Personally speaking I think Alice Cooper was the song prophet ..

No More Mr Nice Guy

I got no friends 'cause they read the papers
They can't be seen with me and I'm getting shot down
And I'm feeling mean

So far as Climate change I believe that Lord Viscount Christopher Mockton has his finger on the pulse has done for 20 plus years -I remember him saying that the planet can adjust with getting warmer but if it gets colder by a couple of degrees everything will die..and its a bigger threat if the sun gets screened out and global cooling happens .


Pharma for Prison


As a fellow Minnesota resident, I understand some of Dr. Kohls’ concerns over climate change. In Minneapolis/St. Paul, retaining ice for skating events and sculptures in January is no longer a certainty. For a state that stakes much of its reputation – and recreation – on snow, that is an unnerving new reality.

Regarding pollution, there’s a passivity to “Minnesota Nice”: don’t challenge the status quo because it’s impolite, and don’t interfere with a person’s living... even if they’re poisoning you. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) from 3M tainted local residents’ drinking water, yet investigations were delayed and obfuscated. Duluth is home to the St. Louis River-U.S. Steel Superfund Site, where coke and steel were formerly manufactured.

A 2011 study by the Minnesota Department of Health found that 1 in 12 infants born near Lake Superior has mercury levels over federal safety guidelines. Yet MDH did not study maternal fish consumption, or other sources such as tooth fillings or Thimerosal-laden vaccinations. Environmental sources of mercury all over the Land of 10,000 Lakes include fly ash from coal-fired power plants and taconite from mining.

Here’s a link to the article Gary Ogden referenced, from Bernstein’s site:
How America’s Most Powerful News Media Worked Hand in Glove with the Central Intelligence Agency and Why the Church Committee Covered It Up
BY CARL BERNSTEIN (Rolling Stone, 1977)

Jeannette Bishop

"Eminence based medicine" is the phrase I heard Dr. Humphries use (maybe not originating from her though).

And I second just about everything said here. Does that work? Well, it works IMO particularly because I a renewed appreciation for people being able to discuss different points of view. Renewed by this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdD240k6UWE -- Sorry! I'm apologizing for sharing again!!!

"...but also not be afraid to be authoritarian. We are the experts. We do know the data. We also know all to well what happens when we fail to vaccinate..."

The CDC, the "front line of health protection," sure... "policies that make sense in a pragmatic way. That's hard for scientists. We like to be purists. We like to think that if we have the science right everything else should be able to follow..."

bob moffit

Kim .. with the greatest of respect ... I second Norman Roberts comment

Harvard MD

I echo Gary and Hans comments -

An inspirational quote I heard recently from Wakefield, when he was a lecturer at medical school, he would say to students:

"Half of what I teach you today is wrong. The problem is I don't know which half. Your job is to find out."

I found the above editorial's language concerning by calling global warming researchers "altruistic", and "Unbiased geological scientists, scholars and assorted well-informed citizen activists..."

I prefer Wakefield's brand of scientific philosophy.My take: we all have our biaises, but some of us are more blinded by our biaises.

I personally think "climate researchers" that publish data supportive of only CO2 driven global warming computer models predictions (and never mention solar cycles, galactic radiation, ocean current oscillations,etc...) benefit professionally (and financially) - so altruistic not so much!

I have informed beliefs, based on science, about aluminium and glyphosate, yet I recently learned that I was ignorant of the role of acetaminophen in magnifying/causing damage and I'm still learning about the causative role with the gut symbiosis.

david m burd

I agree with Norman Roberts (and others) that "Climate Change" politics are irrelevant to the Vaccine Carnage upon is on daily to millions of American families.

Also, the mania regarding "climate change" is just that, a mania, that is richly promoted by vast $Billions of our U.S. tax dollars, that richly pay the so-called "consensus" of bought-and-paid-for pro-climate-change to repeat their mantra.

Hopefully, Age of Autism will stick to the most critical issue of all: Causing the destruction of our families and society via the 27+ injected toxic vaccines by age 6/7 months (including 2 flu shots at 6 months, again at 7 months) along with their mothers also injected by such as the mercury-laden flu shot and the toxic DTaP vaccine shot.


Hi, Norm - duly noted. Thanks.


Gary Ogden

You are certainly correct about the horrifying destructiveness of the extractive industries and vaccination, but climate-change alarmism is a political tool used by the globalists to solidify control of all of our lives. This is not science, but politics. Climate, Etc., a blog by one of the nation's leading climate scientists, has a wealth of good information about actual climate science, which you won't read in any mainstream publication, because they have a political agenda, just as with vaccine policy. The political and economic are joined at the hip. Read Carl Bernstein's 1977 Rolling Stone article to understand how the media has shaped and warped Americans' view of reality for decades. Skepticism of climate alarmism is growing among the public, just a vaccine skepticism is, and both are a good and wholesome development. California is one of the nation's leading states in promoting stupidity, but glyphosate will now be listed here by label as a known carcinogen, and this is a good thing, as well. I think Dr. Seneff is correct in calling this chemical a leading driver of the autism holocaust.


I do not see the list of articles mentioned in the post.
Dr. Kohls, I do think the majority do understand the science. I think they understand on some level that they have sold out.
Saw this article this morning about a vaccine in development to prevent cholesterol formation, which is anticipated to prevent cardiovascular disease. Phase 1 trials on genetically altered mice fed a fatty American diet showed a reduction in cholesterol associated with heart disease. Researchers predict that yearly boosters will be needed.
It is hard to believe that these scientists and those funding their research do not understand, with the abundance of data collected over the past 40 years, that a largely plant based diet and reductions in stress without any vaccine would prevent cardiovascular disease, our #1 killer.
But instead of advocating making those lifestyle changes which would improve American lives beyond just CV disease, they keep themselves employed by developing another potentially toxic vaccine that if it gets to market, will no doubt be pushed hard on a global scale.
I think they understand exactly what they're doing.


Norman Roberts

Kim, I really don't think this sort of rant belongs on your web site. You often post pieces expressing passionately held opinions but they are normally well argued and presented in civil language. This anonymous author challenges the integrity of anyone who disagrees with him on any subject. It doesn't speak well for his own integrity and I don't think it helps the cause of those of us who advocate for greater vaccine safety.

Thanks for reading.

Grace Green

Thank goodness. At last someone is saying things how they are.
Hans Litten, I think all the most ridiculous conspiracy theories are being put about by the Dark Side to associate with and discredit the anti-vax movement. Your argument about London being under water by now is akin to saying, as everyone who is vaccinated doesn't have autism vaccines must not be the cause. But the truth is, if poisoning children with vaccines is bad then so is poisoning the earth, air, seas with multiple toxins. There is no point saving our children if there isn't going to be a habitable environment for them to live in.

Hans Hitten

We are not looking to be tied to Climate Change , Global Warming .
Shouldn't Holland\London be under water by now if CC\GW were true ?
Those theories are very convenient for the depopulation agenda (21) . Numerology again ?
And what are the Chem Trails that everyone can plainly see all about ?
HAARP technology . Weather as a military weapon . But Gary are you sure about this ?

Vaccination is intrinsically linked to mercury dental amalgams , water fluoridation , corruption of the food supply via GMOs . And all other forms of sickness brought about by the doctors\medical industry like the huge opiate epidemic caused by the Sackler family \ Purdue . And all the other endless & unending Pharma Harma scandals .

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