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Connecticut Budget Woes Hit Adults with Special Needs Hard

Dachel Wake Up: Special Ed Numbers Exploding

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

July 6, 2017, UNC Autism Experts’ Startup Frees Teachers to Help Special Ed Students Succeed

In the U.S., 13 percent of children participate in IEPs as designated special education students.

That figure will likely increase given the rising number of school-age kids being diagnosed with disabilities.

In the last 10 years, the number of students with diagnoses on the autism spectrum spiked 165 percent. This time span also saw a 51 percent increase in the amount of students with other physical and mental health conditions such as epilepsy, mobility impairment, ADHD and bipolar disorder. These categories account for the bulk of the new students that receive IEPs under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Are you scared yet????

It's strange to see a story with two smiling ladies above a headline talking about "autism experts" and then read what's in the story.

Thirteen percent of kids in U.S. schools now have an IEP because they have to have special help in order to learn.

And if that's not bad enough, they expect that number to worsen. Why? Because of all the kids diagnosed with autism.

LOOK AT THE SHOCKING INCREASES IN SICK KIDS IN OUR SCHOOLS. Autism is just ONE ISSUE HERE. It's everything: epilepsy, mobility impairment, ADHD, bipolar disorder.

STILL no one is alarmed, or even slightly concerned about these increases. Why should they be? Their job is to accommodate these kids. And if health officials don't raise a alarm, then everything must be okay.

We can go on like this forever, right?

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Something about the way the school seemed to know that more and more kids would be entering the system needing specialized care sent up a red flag for me. They know what they are doing to kids--they are planning for it!


Yes, it truly is mind boggling. How they can grasp things enough to know that more disabled children are coming... and yet not enough to wonder where the hell they're all coming from.

Unfortunately, I think some parents really aren't doing much better in the logic department. On the one hand they will say that they know their child has been injured by vaccines. Yet on the other they will clarify that they're NOT anti-vaccine, and that they still plan to give more vaccines going forward.

As if they somehow knew how to avoid the dangerous ones.

Betty Bona

The excuse I hear for why the US has such a high infant mortality rate is that we are attempting to save all those Preemies while other countries don't. What do other countries do with "all those Preemies"? Do they just become stillbirths so that they aren't counted in the infant mortality rate? Or do we just have a lot more preemies because we fill moms-to-be with vaccines? Or because our moms-to-be have so many autoimmune issues that their wombs are just not ideal for full term babies? I don't have good science to refute this standard excuse for high infant mortality rate here in the US. I'm sure some data already exists to answer this question, but I have never seen it. It is easy for people to believe this standard excuse because it supports the accepted notion that the US has the greatest healthcare in the world. Accepted by so many partly because it's scary to consider otherwise. It's uncomfortable to have your eyes open to reality.

Tom Petrie

The history of medicine and public health is replete with examples of beliefs that were false, and later had to be changed. Heres some examples:

1. In the late 19th century Dr. Ignas Semmelweis was hounded and his career destroyed because he wanted doctors to wash their hands after handling cadavers BEFORE delivering babies. How dare he suggest that dirty hands could kill moms (delivering babies)!

2. In the early 20th century, Casimer Funk was ridiculed for the "stupid" suggestion that some substance was in BROWN rice that was absent in WHITE rice, thereby making laboratory rats sick! He was repeatedly told to go back to the lab and find the microbe that was making the rats sick! (The white rice is missing thiamin, a B-vitamin, as we all know now.)

3. Fast forward 32 years (to 1945) and we have the fiasco of artificially fluoridated water--long since proven to educated folks to be a fiasco, as it is, that it is a by product of industry and (its continued successful use for over sixty years a result of) propaganda and yet, its addition to water has NOTHING whatever to do with improving the health of our children's teeth! Of course, propaganda techniques have been perfected since Sigmund Freud came on the scene and taught how we're more swayed by emotion than reason, and since it's been repeated so much that "fluoride is safe and effective," many believe this nonsense.

4. Now the propaganda that is associated with fluoride chemicals is also the same type of propaganda that kept lead in gasoline for fifty years, the same type of propaganda that covered up up the link between cigarettes and cancer, the same that has sold us on the safety and value of nuclear power, and the same type of propaganda that allowed mercury (and aluminum), two known neurotoxins, to be added to vaccines.

Now we have a situation where the amount of money being made with vaccines is so obscene and the capturing of the media and doctors so complete, that the SAME situation that exists with fluoride chemicals, (and other scientific myths), exists with vaccines.

Over six decades ago, (6/8/51), Francis Bull, D.D.S., told a group of State Dental Directors in Michigan the following gems: "Why do we do a pre-fluoridation survey? Is it to prove that fluoride works? No, we've already told them it works, so we can't go back on that. We do a pre-fluoridation survey so that we can go back and show them 'what they've got for their money."

This is the SAME problem we have with vaccines: We've already told them "they" work, so we can't go back on that. So the solution? Just conquer the doctors, the media and keep repeating the lie. It's so sophisticated now, they even have children with pages as follows: "Proof that Vaccines Cause Autism" and you have a 11 year old kid opening up a folder with four or five blanks sheets of paper. Very emotional and can sway the ignorant, but this is what we're up against! Ten articles showing "No link" (ignoring the mountain of evidence for a link), and positive arguments for a link being scrubbed from the Internet or hard to find.

Just the same, as more and more school districts--here and abroad--go broke from vaccine injured kids, folks will HAVE TO wake up!

We can only hope and....pray, this will happen soon!


A number of years ago, I knew a woman who was a teacher and she was going back to school to become a special ed teacher because the school told them that's where the need was--they needed specialized teachers for kids with all sorts of problems.

Something about the way the school seemed to know that more and more kids would be entering the system needing specialized care sent up a red flag for me. They know what they are doing to kids--they are planning for it!


Thanks Anne and Bob for your article and comment. I think we - the conscientious, well educated and informed parents or grandparents are responsible for present vaccine holocaust of American children. We are guilty that we have tolerated it for too long. We should not expect the evils (from CDC, WHO, big pharma and medical establishment) to admit their crimes against humanity. They, as typical psychopaths, will never do it, as they are incapable of human emotions, empathy and logical thinking. We must organize to do a massive anti-vaccine revolution in order to save the children, who are still not crippled for life and save future generations. This job is on us!

Gary Ogden

bob moffit: They won't admit it. They cannot admit it. Once a lie is spoken, it will always be covered by another lie, and so on. Only an engaged and enraged citizenry can put an end to this quackery, this madness which is harming so many for the benefit of a few, mainly investors and the pediatric cabal. Now the richest state has no budget, and will be cutting funds for adult disability services. This is the reason many of us voted for Trump, but I'm not so sure about the new CDC chief. The percentage of children with an IEP is truly shocking.

bob moffit

Anne writes:

"LOOK AT THE SHOCKING INCREASES IN SICK KIDS IN OUR SCHOOLS. Autism is just ONE ISSUE HERE. It's everything: epilepsy, mobility impairment, ADHD, bipolar disorder."

Curious to see how childhood development and chronic autoimmune disorders in the United States .. admittedly the wealthiest, most technologically advanced country the world .. compares with children throughout the world? Is the phenomenon of "shocking increases in sick kids in school" a world-wide phenomenon .. or ... are the "shocking increases" most notable in children born and raised in the U.S.?

Consider ... as I understand it .. the US has an exceptionally high "infant mortality" rate .. indeed .. an infant mortality rate that has risen to become far higher than at least 35 other developed nations .. developed nations where a child born in the United States once had a far better chance of survival that no longer applies.

Does anyone know if the CDC has continued monitoring "child development" trends in the United States .. where a decade or so ago .. the CDC claimed .. 'ONE IN SIX U.S. CHILDREN HAVE CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT PROBLEMS"? What is the number of children with childhood development problems today .. 1 in 3 ... 1 in 2 ...

What will it take before our ethically/morally bankrupt public health bureaucracies FINALLY admit .. the mysterious phenomenon's .. autism 1 in 48, childhood development 1 in 6, rising chronic autoimmune disorders .. are not the result of "better diagnosing" .. nor "greater awareness" nor "broader definition" of disorders/diseases ... nor "older fathers" .. nor "pet shampoos" .. on and on ... pure poppycock "explanations" .. all designed to give "plausible denial" .. rather than ADMIT THE OBVIOUS CAUSATION .. VACCINES .. OF DETERIORATING HEALTH IN CHILDREN BORN IN THE U.S.A.

Anne asks: We can go on like this forever, right?


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