Italians Continue to Protest Forced Vaccination and Financial Penalties
Irish Times Reports Sharp Increase in Special Education Students

Britex Special Ed Style As British Students with "Mental Illness" Expelled in Droves

Brit flag By Anne Dachel

Vaccine injury is more than just autism, and if these stories aren't the result of our out-of-control-vaccinate-every-child-over-and-over vaccine schedule, please tell me what's going on here. I'm going to be writing a lot more on the issue. What we're seeing is the disabling of a generation of children until special education becomes regular ed. The "special needs" exception will be the student WHO DOESN'T REQUIRE an IEP, a classroom aide, and a modified curriculum. It'll be rare to have a student who can sit quietly, focus, and actually learn on his or her own. That day is coming because a number of schools report that 25 plus percent of their students are in special education. How long will this be sustainable?

Stunning reports have just come out from the UK about the large number of special needs students who end up suspended or expelled from public schools there, or as the BBC headline put it, “Half of children expelled from schools ‘mentally ill.’” Arguably this is more evidence that when children are injected with more and more neurotoxic vaccines, these results are predictable.

Numbers are increasing. Things are getting worse. So how do educators explain this? What are they planning to do to address what’s happening?

July 20, 2017, BBC:  Half of pupils expelled from school 'mentally ill'

Half of pupils expelled from England's schools have a mental health issue, according to analysis of official data.

The Institute of Public Policy Research suggests if excluded students with undiagnosed problems were included, the rate would be much higher.

This figure compares with one in 50 pupils in the wider population who have a mental health condition.

The government said it would be publishing plans to improve mental health services later in the year. …

The research comes as the number of fixed term and permanent exclusions is rising.

Figures just published show that last year, some 6,685 pupils were excluded permanently from state primary, secondary and special schools.

Some 35 pupils were excluded every day in 2015-16 - five more daily than in the previous year…

Here, the rate of permanent exclusions has increased from 0.15% in 2014-15 to 0.17% in 2015-16 - equivalent to 17 pupils per 10,000.

Overall, there were 346,000 permanent and fixed-term exclusions handed out to pupils at state-funded schools in 2014-15 - the highest number since 2009….

IPPR associate fellow Kiran Gill, founder of The Difference campaign on the issue, said: "Theresa May says she is committed to improving mental health of young people.

"Addressing the most vulnerable children being thrown out of England's schools is a good place to start.

"Because unequal treatment of mental health may be an injustice, but the discrimination of school exclusions is a crime."

July 20, 2017, The UK Guardian: Number of children expelled from English schools hits 35 a day

Almost a third of primary exclusions were for assault against an adult, though the most common reason was persistently disruptive behaviour. …

Teachers’ leaders, seeking to explain the increase, said more children were becoming disengaged from school as the curriculum narrowed, with a growing focus on testing, especially among the youngest children. They also warned about the impact of cuts to the number of teaching assistants, who often support disruptive pupils. …

There was an increase in the proportion of children temporarily excluded in every age group other than among 17-year-olds. However, the rate of exclusion among those aged four and under grew at a faster rate than any other age category, rising from 2,350 in 2014-15 to 3,035 last year. …

A report published by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) this week suggested that half of all pupils expelled from school were suffering from a recognised mental health problem.

July 20, 2017, UK Independent: Teachers blame obsession with exams as number of pupils being expelled soars

Government statistics from 2015-16 show an almost 16 per cent rise in pupils being banned from school than in the year before.

Children are becoming demoralised by a barrage of tests and a lack of support, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) said, leading to poor behaviour.

The latest figures also revealed pupils receiving special educational needs support were nearly seven times more likely to be permanently expelled than others.

Kiri Tunks, vice president of the NUT and a teacher in London with 24 years’ experience, told The Independent: “Everything now is absolutely geared towards hitting the targets for the exams. There’s very little extra space or funding for support systems.

“A lot of our kids have very complex lives and it’s a high pressure world they’re in. I suspect that that is where a lot of the exclusions are coming from.

“There’s very little flexibility in the system to adapt to the student’s needs. Any kid that doesn’t respond to that way of doing things or that timescale, I think a lot of them are having trouble.”…

“Members tell us that as the curriculum gets narrower and children’s experience of school is ever more focused on preparation for tests and exams, more students are becoming disengaged from school which in turn leads to problems with behaviour.

July 20, 2017, UK Birmingham: The number of children under 11 being expelled from Birmingham schools

July 20, 2017, AOL UK: Equivalent of 35 pupils a day expelled from schools in England  


While educators are saying that ‘a lot of kids have very complex lives,’ and there’s too much testing going on in schools today,  that hardly seems to explain the dramatic increase in behavior problems. I doubt that providing
"mental health services" will make a bit of difference.

And it doesn’t stop there when you’re talking about Britain. Since February there have been a number of reports out on the “dramatic increase in children with complex needs” in schools in the UK and Ireland. The only attempt at an explanation was in one report where the Education Minister in Ireland stated, ‘This increase reflects the growing participation of children with special educational needs…,which sounded to me like they have more students in sped because they have more kids with special needs.


July 15, 2017, UK Bedfordshire News: Bedford council overspend fears prompt special needs cuts

THE green light was given to slash funding for children with special education needs (SEN) – despite nearly a 40 per cent increase in such pupils in just three years.

Targeted SEN funding is given by the local authority to schools which exceed the expected number of pupils with Educational Health and Care Plans (EHCPs).

In Bedford Borough, the expected proportion is one in 70 – and for those exceeding this funding is provided at £6,000 per pupil per year. (approx $8,000 U.S.)

But as of September 1, this sum will be cut to £4,800 per annum – despite the number of special educational needs students increasing from 695 in January 2014 to 961 in January of this year.

July 13, 2017, BBC: Bournemouth school could close early to save money

A primary school has said it may have to close early on Fridays because of a "funding crisis".

Epiphany School in Bournemouth said it faced a £280,000-a-year shortfall, due to government cuts and rising costs.

The Church of England-run academy said it had already reduced its music and sports provision, as well as the number of classroom-based teaching assistants. …

The cost of national insurance, pensions, inflation, teachers' pay and education, health and care (EHC) plans for pupils with special needs amounted to an extra £230,000, he said.

The school has drafted letters for parents to send to MPs and councillors, stating: "I am worried that standards within the school will inevitably begin to drop and the needs of my child will not be met."

In December, the National Audit Office found schools were facing budget cuts of £3bn by 2020 because funding was not keeping pace with increased pupil numbers and rising costs.

Bournemouth Borough Council's deputy leader Nicola Greene said schools were struggling because of a shortfall in funding for pupils with special needs.

July 13, 2017, (Ireland) Waterford Today: Minister Halligan announces extra Special Needs Assistants

This increased allocation will bring the total number of Special Needs Assistants in Waterford to 325 and will result in additional special needs resources at schools across Waterford from September, according to Minister Halligan, as well as new special needs classes for pupils with Autism at Mount Sion and St Paul’s primary schools in the city and also Scoil Naomh Gobnait in Coolnasmear.

Annually, the number of Special Needs Assistants has increased by 32% across the country, from 10,575 to 13,990 since 2011, Minister Halligan noted:

“This increase reflects the growing participation of children with special educational needs and will support their full participation and progression within the educational system. ...

In 2017 the Department of Education and Skills will invest €1.68 billion in special educational needs, almost one fifth of the Department’s entire budget. This spend has increased by over 30% since 2011.

July 5, 2017, Irish Examiner: Government pledge 975 extra special needs assistants will be allocated to schools

Education Minister Richard Bruton has announced that 975 extra special needs assistants will be allocated to schools by the end of the year.

The government have said the figures mark a 7.5% increase in the number of SNAs with most being assigned to children in the coming days….

 “This comes hot on the heels of an overwhelming number of appeals by schools of their special needs allocation under the new resource model. These delays are causing serious distress in communities," Ms McDonald said.

She told the Dáil that parents of children with special needs are "at their wits end".

"They do not know if their child will have access to an SNA come September or, if they do, how much time of SNA support their child will receive," she said.

July 5, 2017, Irish Times: Taoiseach announces 975 additional special needs assistants

…Ms McDonald said they were over a month behind in the allocation and parents were at their “wits’ end” over the delay while special needs assistants were left worrying about their future.

She said assistants help children feel safe and secure in the classroom.

Delays meant schools were not in a position to make plans or prepare pupils for the next school year and principals were not in a position to tell SNAs if they have a job for the next school years.

She said an assistant had written to her that “every year it’s the same old story of uncertainty” and not knowing. …

The budget for special education had risen by 32 per cent to €1.68 billion.

He said there were currently 13,000 assistants, up 23 per cent from 10,000 in 2011.

“There are more special needs assistants than for example, gardaí,” he said.

The Taoiseach also pointed out that 20 per cent of the education budget goes on special education.

He agreed with Ms McDonald on special education that “the need is great but the response is great as well”.

July 3, 2017, The UK Guardian: 'Clock is ticking': 4,000 headteachers urge MPs for clarity over funding

Headteachers from 17 counties across England have written to ministers to warn schools are ‘running on empty and need clarity and support now’

As pressure mounts on the government to make a statement on additional funding for England’s schools, more than 4,000 headteachers across 17 counties are writing to their MPs urging them to use their influence to secure substantial additional funding for all schools. It follows a similar letter to more than 1 million families last month. …

It is also calling for councils to be given local flexibility over how the national formula is implemented locally and additional funding to reflect rising demand to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

June 27, 2017, (Northern Ireland) Irish Times: Concerns over the ‘huge’ numbers of school suspensions--Pupils banned from class on over 13,000 occasions with 145 expulsions, committee hears.
In particular, she said she was concerned at the number of boys aged 12-16 who were being suspended or expelled. Many, she said, were attending schools which were in receipt of extra funding and support.

She made the comments at a meeting of a committee which heard a number of concerns over supports available for students with special needs. …

“This is regardless of the fact the school might be full, the class is not suitable, or we might not be able to meet the child’s needs. This is particularly relevant if the child develops behaviours that challenge,” she said.

“The more challenging they are, the quicker they are filtered down through the system to us.”

Ms Dempsey said that while mainstream schools are considered beneficial for children with special needs, this is not considered the case for pupils with severe or profound learning disabilities. …

Ms Dempsey said mainstream classes with autism spectrum disorder units have access to the same grant to set classes up, along with the same staffing ratios, capitation and access to training and support.

“We are expected to cope in the same environment with identical resources as our mainstream counterparts,” she said.

“However we are obliged to take the most challenging [students], and often with several others who display behaviours in the same class, and those with lower levels of ability without additional supports or resources. This is unrealistic and is not working. …

“The current model is unsustainable,” she said.

Noreen Duggan, principal of Scoil Na Naomh Uilig, Newbridge, Co Kildare, also called on the Department of Education to provide guidelines and directions on the use of restraint when dealing with challenging behaviour in schools.

“Every school, at some stage, has children who abscond or who present with severely challenging behaviour such as hitting, kicking, spitting, throwing rocks or equipment, damaging property, [or] trying to injure other pupils,” she said.

June 27, 2017, The Irish News (Northern Ireland): Annual spending on special educational needs tops £250 million  

RAPIDLY increasing numbers of children with special educational needs is causing spending to spiral, a new audit report has found.

Annual expenditure on SEN [Special Education Needs] is now higher than £250 million, placing greater pressure on the system. …

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Order places a duty on the Education Authority (EA) to ensure children can be educated in the mainstream. …

In 2016/17. about 76,300 schoolchildren had SEN, with or without a statement, up from 67,000 five years ago.

The Department of Education's own code of practice anticipates that only about two per cent of the school population should require a statement. In 2016/17, five per cent of children had a statement. This equates to more than 17,000 children, an increase of 21 per cent since 2011/12.

The report found that spending exceeded £250m last year, of which £217m was EA expenditure - up from £167m in 2011/12.

Mr Donnelly reported that the department said given the rising numbers of children with SEN, "this is a challenge for the department, the EA and schools, in terms of increasing pressure on the education budget". …

"My report shows that the number of children with special educational needs and the associated costs are continuing to rise. In 2016/17, just over 76,300 children were reported. That is 22 per cent of the school population and higher than in England.

June 10, 2017,  Schools Week (UK): Pupils with special needs waiting for school place more than doubles  

The number of pupils with special educational needs waiting in limbo for school places has more than doubled, according to new figures.

Released last week, the government data shows pupils with special needs statements or Education Health and Care Plans who are waiting for a school place rose from 1,710 in 2016 to 4,050 this year – an increase of 2.3 times.

The increase in SEND pupils who have been permanently excluded without another school to attend also increased six times over, leaping from 17 two years ago to 102 this year.

Meanwhile those educated under “arrangements made by their parents”, which includes home-educating children, rose by 377 pupils over the same 12 months.

Tania Tirraoro, chief executive of Special Needs Jungle, a website for the SEND community, said she knew of one parent whose child had been out of school for eight months looking for a suitable placement.

The child accessed a tutor once a week through the local authority but this had “not been enough to stop him falling behind”. Another parent, who did not wish to be named, told Schools Week that the number of pupils not in schools was “astonishingly large” and equated to them all being “educationally homeless”.

A new wave of special needs free schools do not always cater to the most prevalent kinds of need, Anne Heavey, a policy advisor at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, told Schools Week.

Half of all new special free schools set to open from 2017 onwards cater for autism spectrum disorders, following a stark rise in diagnoses. …

Local authorities are “waiting” for special needs free schools to open to cope with the shift, leaving pupils without placements in the meantime, she said, adding: “Local authorities are just hoping a special needs free school will come along.”

Barney Angliss, a SEND consultant, said high-functioning autistic pupils and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder pupils were at particular risk of being excluded but there was little alternative suitable provision available in schools which could properly cater for their abilities.*

“If we’re losing capacity for children with behavioural difficulties, these children are at extreme risk of criminal offending, violence at home, the breakdown of relationships and ending up in care,” he said.

“The long-term impact of these figures will take longer to appear, but it will appear.”

March 10, 2017, TES Global (London): Class sizes rising and SEND support cut due to funding crisis  

School leaders are having to increase class sizes, cut back support for vulnerable students and narrow the curriculum, according to findings revealing the "impossible choices" facing heads….

According to the survey, 95 per cent of school leaders say that their support services have had to be cut back because of the funding situation.

There is particular concern that provision for vulnerable students will be impacted – 58 per cent of respondents said special needs support has been hit and 50 per cent said that mental health support has been affected.

One school leader, who responded to the survey, said: “The number of students with complex needs, including mental health conditions, is rising and we have had to cut the provision to support them.

“This has often only added to their distress and has made it more difficult for them to engage with their learning.”

Feb 22, 2017, UK ‘Dramatic’ increase of children with complex needs

The number of disabled children with complex needs has ‘dramatically’ increased, report reveals, but their families find it difficult to access local authority support.

The new report, commissioned by the Council for Disabled Children and the True Colours Trust, estimated the number of disabled children and young people has increased by over 50% since 2004 - from 49,300 to 73,000.

The study is based mostly on school census data on special educational needs, but it notes that reliable data is ‘extremely scarce’ and the figures may be larger because many children with complex needs are educated in the Independent Special School Sector which is not required to return detailed data on these pupils. …

Ms Pinney also warned services are not keeping pace with the rising number of disabled children. …

There are also 41,500 children and young people with a learning disability or autism are currently on waiting lists to see a mental health specialist.


Jeannette Bishop


This is what I hear (see a little bit) happening with the college level segment of the vaxxed generation, not that mine want to continue to or can get enough health and energy to, nor can likely imagine in one case, being in college.

Ironically, both my husband and I completed more than a 4 year degree. I might be saved from despair on this front, because I don't assign much value to my "education" anymore, but how to get our family in a sustainable path for the future...? I'm spending all my time and energy trying to undo and manage health damage/assaults with as little financial transfer to the control freaking "powers that be" as possible. I pray for a lot of miracles (we do receive a few). I pray for the Second Coming a lot, too.


Here's a question-why is it that there is also a large percentage of children who were not affected by the overly aggressive vaccine schedule? Did they have a stronger immune system that gave them protection from the damage the vaccines caused our children who then became classified as autistic. Why are some protected from vaccine damage while our children wound up with the dreaded condition known as autism spectrum disorder. I am very bitter about this fact and it is hard to accept that many of the children managed to avoid the damage that our children are suffering from.


Mental illness, special ed, low IQ, average IQ, high IQ.

I have taught plenty of average students in my life time. Many times they put special ed kids right in the middle of them. You can hardly pick them out, by the way.

Both required me to spoon feed them all, do all the tricks to get the material across to both groups. I am unsure what the cut off is for special ed. Special ed is not all about IQ scores either.

I do know that in my more advanced classes; there were much scarier things going on . You could have the best students, doing their work, learning fast, really sweet and respectable to your face, gain your trust, and then could do some very disturbing things that would shock me. For the most part they could get away with a lot, from being sneaky, and smart.

But; I just knew there was something really serious going on.
It would be easy to blame the parents and think that these students were raised with a silver spoon in their mouth, spoiled, and had most things handed to them, even a good memory - IQ .

It could be part of it, I don't know, but I always had this gut feeling that there was something very wrong.


Very disturbing and upsetting information, blood has run cold reading this . If Teachers are asking for guidelines on restraint does that mean restraint is being used in classrooms without staff training or guidelines? That is going to result in serious injury and death in the classroom ,no question about it.The News yesterday mentioned Conduct Disorder " new label had to look it up" Diagnostic and Statistical manual of mental disorders [DSM]fourth edition 1994? Looks like ,sounds like ,reads like utter tosh subjective lip service not scientific at all? We used The Gunzberg Progress Assessment Chart [PAC] A good comprehensive Assessment . Re Autism and Mental Health Labelling .Are some conditions a learning disability or a learning difficulty as there is a huge difference between them both with a " difficulty" being a barrier/obstacle/lack of opportunity preventing learning a new skill.
No risk assessment of vaccination then no consent re same Politic failure of all colours has failed us by deregulation of safety standards and shifting the etithical and moral goalposts . Surely the polital failure is left legally whimpering?

Grace Green

Bill, I think you are absolutely right in your comment. I have had disagreements before with those who think TPTB are trying to reduce the population. No. They are all making money (jobs) out of this situation. This is why they keep making light of it. Fortunately, the people are starting to see through it. They don't want that for their children. Please keep commenting here.

Dr. Richard Yurick

I love this website, but as a natural health professional I have to say that some of these posts are just too long for me to read every day. I think it might me a good idea to not have this be a daily post and to try to shorten the length of the posts. I cannot read these every day so I save them. Then they pile up on my email and I wind up deleting some of them. Just a thought.
You might want to check out Dr. Joseph Mercola's site. He started with every day articles, then three time a week and now it is just once a week.
Blessings, Dr. Richard Yurick

Shelley Tzorfas

"Special Needs Free Schools" or schools free of Special Needs? Do you remember your childhood schools?


Meanwhile, here in America, the local "community mental health center" has been running local radio ads claiming that "1 in 5" people will have a "mental health condition" at some time in their lives. The local public "School Administrative Unit"(SAU), just LOVES "special needs" kids, because it serves to excuse continually raising the tax rate, and hiring more "special needs workers". Lower unemployment rate, and the higher property taxes helps keep out the riff-raff....
This is all part of a plan. ....*A* *PLAN*.....
This is all by DESIGN!
Don't you people *get* *it*....????.....
The Global Ruling Elites & Global Banksters **WANT** things this way....
Same as in (once)Great Britain.......
(c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

David Weiner

As I read these stories about kids (and young adults) getting short shrift in the budget process, as governments struggle to make ends meet, I am left with this thought:

Families with kids who are left disabled by vaccines (to one extent or another) need to be taken care of through the liability process. They need to be given a settlement which will enable them to take care of these kids who have been harmed. They should not need to stand in line with everyone else who is looking for government to pony up. Everybody else (who has not been directly harmed by governmental measures) should have to wait in line.

Angus  Files

How easy is it these days to keep a headcount but it seems a task too much for the governments.

Pharma for Prison

Joy B

Add to that, most young people are on pharmaceutical stimulants at one point in their lives too. Autistic or not.

Joy B

In random online forums across an infinite spectrum of topics, I see young people(under 30) constantly complaining about GI problems, and adding the disclaimer that they have no family history of it before. Lots of young people w MS now too.

And they are mostly all on anti-anxiety and/or sleep meds. Most of them are on anti-depressants as well of course. These are adults without an autism diagnosis, who have normal lives and careers and young children of their own(many, many autistic!!) but they are completely dependent on medication. I hate to say it but I fear their life spans are much shortened as well by these various conditions. And these are the "healthy" ones with support and good families. The flipside are the young people ODing in the street in droves, and committing suicide like never before. This is the new normal, yes, but it HAS BEEN for ...well we all know the approximate date it started. We should have stopped this a generation ago.


Classifying autism as a mental illness is a tragic injustice to all of our vaccine injured children. I fear for the future of our children because what will society do with all the thousands of "mentally ill adults." Adults who were damaged by an overly aggressive vaccine schedule. The US government is already proposing 800 billion in cuts to the Medicaid Waiver program that pays for the vital services our children receive. Kim just wrote an article about the awful things already happening in Connecticut. What does the future look like for our children-terrifying!


I don't know where it will end Bob but I can't sit back and watch it happen. If good people don't act, special needs will become the new norm. Anne mentions the 25% number - that's what I saw in some of the South Carolina schools I was examining.

So this morning I wrote to Dr. Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner, and applied for the Vaccine Advisory Committee. It may be a shot in the dark but its something. have a great day

Hans Litten

Daily news
7 July 2004

Vaccine scandal revives cancer fear

By Debbie Bookchin
Many millions more people than previously thought might have been given polio vaccine contaminated with a monkey virus linked to cancer.
It has been known since 1960 that early doses of polio vaccine were widely contaminated with simian virus 40, or SV40, which infects macaque monkeys. Tens of millions of people in the US and an unknown number in other countries, including the UK, Australia and the former Soviet Union, may have been exposed prior to 1963.
The contamination occurred because the kidney cells the vaccine virus was grown in came from monkeys infected with SV40. Health officials say the problem was eliminated after 1963.
Now Michele Carbone of Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago has announced results that suggest the Soviet polio vaccine was contaminated after 1963, possibly until the early 1980s. “Is there infectious virus? The short answer is, yes,” Carbone told the Vaccine Cell Substrate Conference 2004 in Rockville, Maryland, last week.
The vaccine was almost certainly used throughout the Soviet bloc and probably exported to China, Japan and several countries in Africa. That means hundreds of millions could have been exposed to SV40 after 1963.

Hans Litten

Bodily Matters: The Anti-Vaccination Movement in England, 1853–1907
By Nadja Durbach

Where did it all go so wrong in the UK ?
I wonder could we learn anything from our forefathers (& clearly betters !)


Published twenty-seven years ago.

Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain

by Harris Coulter

Review by Dr Rimland:

"...this thoroughly documented expose of the dangers of childhood vaccinations will shock our complacent society. If Dr. Coulter is correct--and his evidence if as compelling as it is alarming--parents, children and civilization itself are paying dearly for our uncritical acceptance of inadequately tested medical 'advances.' This book will no doubt start an acrimonious but timely debate about the known benefits and hidden costs of childhood vaccination programs." - Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., Founder, Autism Society of America; Director, Autism Research Institute

bob moffit

Anne Asks:

"Vaccine injury is more than just autism, and if these stories aren't the result of our out-of-control-vaccinate-every-child-over-and-over vaccine schedule, please tell me what's going on here."

I suspect "what's going on here" was described by former NY Senator Patrick Moynihan somewhere in a 1990's speech .. wherein Moynihan coined the phrase .. "Defining Deviancy Down" .. warning of the long-term "unintended consequences" .. when government begins "normalizing abnormality".

Anne asks: "Numbers are increasing. Things are getting worse. So how do educators explain this? What are they planning to do to address what’s happening?"

I suspect educators will not even try to "explain this" ... after all .. they don't have to .. since it is now considered NORMAL to have so many children who need Special education.

Slightly off topic .. but .. I was not surprised to read a supposedly "new study" that claims children are suffering asthma because they are not "exposed to dirt" as much as previous generations .. therefore they do not develop a healthy natural immune defense .. resulting in asthma.

Not mentioned in this "breath-taking" report is a 2008 Canadian study that found children who received their DFP shot .. 4 months later than recommended .. were 5.9% at risk for asthma .. while those who received their DPT on time .. were 14% at risk for asthma.


Grace Green

Thank you Anne Dachel for highlighting this, and bringing together all these reports. Most readersof AoA will be aware, but I'll just remind people, that in Scotland autism is classed as a mental illness, despite the best efforts of our activists. I'm not sure if this is the case in other parts of the UK, but judging by these news items it appears to be so. I am constantly hearing on the BBC about the numbers of adults and children who are not able to work, or learn, because of mental illness, and have to remind myself that they probably have autism, or some other vaccine induced condition. Soon, the governments will have to admit it, then there will be trouble.

Hans Hitten

Anne this article actually made me very sad .
Because of all of us here at AoA know the truth of this .

Very hard for me not to rage on about the criminals and scoundrels at this point .

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