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The British Government, the Murdochs, Prof Pollard and the GSK Takeover in Italy

JS 6 20By John Stone

As Italy’s parliament votes in draconian new laws to expand and enforce vaccine mandates over its children it may be helpful to look at some of the origins of the deal which led to the takeover over the Novartis vaccine division by GSK (Glaxo SmithKline). The takeover move began in April 2014 shortly after the United Kingdom’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) made a controversial decision to recommend Novartis’s Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine for infant use – one of the items on Italy’s compulsory schedule. The decision was presided over by the JCVI’s recently appointed chairman, Andrew Pollard, who also happened to be the product’s lead developer . Less than a year earlier the JCVI had been put under pressure to recommend Bexsero by the UK’s Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt (see picture), but failed to agree. The decision was taken at the second meeting presided over by Prof Pollard, without anybody recusing themselves and without a vote being taken. This greatly enhanced the commercial prospect of the vaccine which hitherto had been having difficulty establishing itself in the market.

As Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport during the early years of the Cameron coalition government Hunt was shown to have colluded with the interests of the Murdoch media empire and made inappropriate communications with James Murdoch, despite which he was promoted to the role of Secretary of State for Health in 2012 and is the only British cabinet minister to remain in position since that time (despite great unpopularity and mistrust). The Murdoch news empire has notably been at root of relentless fraudulent claims against Andrew Wakefield who questioned the safety of MMR vaccine in 1998 and subsequently, while in February 2009 James Murdoch was appointed to the board of GSK with a brief to help defend the group’s reputation. Within days a further string of attacks on Wakefield followed. Murdoch retired from the board of GSK in January 2012 with his own name surrounded in controversy. GSK or its precursor SKB, was the manufacturer of an MMR type vaccine which had to be withdrawn in Canada in 1987/8 and the United Kingdom in 1992, and was subject of a legal suit in which Wakefield was a witness.

However the appointment of Prof Pollard came about it is apparent that it furthered the policy request of the Health Secretary Hunt (and the new Men B vaccine was also used as political window dressing in the in 2015 British General Election). While the Secretariat of the JCVI has continued to defend the appointment of Prof Pollard, hiding behind a maze of complex rules, it is hard to see on the basis of any normal public standards a scientist can sit in judgment on the future of a product of which he was lead developer, any more than an architect could head a planning committee considering his own design. Blatantly, Pollard later addressed a GSK sponsored meeting in September 2015 at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health under the title:

Evening of Evidence

Vaccination Science to Policy

Introduction of new vaccines to the UK vaccine schedule with limited evidence of efficacy [sic]: Meningococcal group B and maternal pertussis vaccination

Another departure in standards took place when in February 2016 the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation enjoyed the hospitality of Prof Pollard’s institutions in Oxford. As well as having limited efficacy the Bexsero vaccine which is now being mandated and made compulsory for infants in Italy was recorded as having serious side effects in above 1 in 50 cases in a group of 10 to 25 year-olds, according to the FDA package insert.

According to a report on an Italian pharmaceutical website the CEO of GSK Italy, Daniele Finocchiaro, talked of the terms of the deal struck more than two years ago years ago with the Italian government:

... I also met with Minister Lorenzin and other members of the government who reiterated the sensibility of the government towards those who invest, create jobs and opportunities for young people. In short, we started on the right foot.

Such sensibility in the Roman palaces is not to be dismissed. As for us, Andrew Witty has asked for a few things: clear rules and stability in return for strong investment in advanced research and production equipment. We were of one intent.

But while a weak and no doubt corrupt Italian government had its eyes on GSK money – and were all too ready to offer the nation’s children up to the modern Moloch - GSK, was perhaps even more focussed on the exploitation of Novartis’s Bexsero vaccine, which it was acquiring through the deal, the prospects of which have been transformed by the arrival of Prof Pollard at the JCVI. FiercePharma reported earlier this year:

In making the massive Novartis asset swap, Witty navigated GSK away from costly cancer drugs and toward low price, high volume vaccines and consumer healthcare products…Meningococcal group B vaccine Bexsero, picked up from Novartis, continued its ascent as it more than doubled sales from 2015 to reel in £390 million, or $486 million, on the year. The company will continue spending to boost its manufacturing capacity for the shot, CFO Simon Dingemans said on the Q4 conference call.

Until the end of 2013 Andrew Witty was also 'lead non-executive director' (a title equivalent to chairman) at the UK Department of Business, and thus a senior member of the British government infrastructure.

As director of Oxford Vaccine Group which developed Bexsero Prof Pollard sits on its funding body, the Jenner Vaccine Foundation  with the Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer of GSK Biologicals, Dr Norman Begg, while the chairman of the committee is Dr David Salisbury, who back in 2013 as the Department of Health Head of Immunisation chaired the panel which invited Prof Pollard to chair the JCVI .

Prof Pollard is also under investigation by the European Ombudsman over conflicts in European Medicines Agency after complaints by Nordic Cochrane. Last December it was reported in Le Monde:

The complainants also questioned why the agency dismissed some experts from deliberations due to conflicts of interest, while the chairman of one of the EMA panels, Andrew Pollard from Oxford, has been maintained. The latter has, in particular, conducted four studies financed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) or Sanofi, between 2010 and 2014. Moreover, according to our information, its declaration of interests at the EMA omits to mention certain financial support from manufacturers of some welknown vaccines at his institution. There was no response to the enquiries of Le Monde over these interests.

The Nordic Cochrane Foundation complaint addressed the EMA’s failure to investigate harms from HPV vaccines including Cervarix manufactured by GSK. Issues encompassed flawed handling of data, failure to acknowledge or report professionally dissenting opinions, and the absence of evidence surrounding the safety of aluminium adjuvants (used in many vaccines including Cervarix and Gardasil).

With so much uncertain science these many tangles are more than usually undesirable in public life.

With thanks to Pietro Monari.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


These are some additional observations.

While the media and the politicians remain on-side over vaccines in the UK it is widely recognised or at least suspected that Jeremy Hunt has a commercial agenda to demolish the National Health Service from the inside (and of course it is always on the point of financial collapse). One feature of this seems to the creation of the agency Public Health England to run it: bodies like the JCVI and Oxford Vaccine Group, both headed by Prof Pollard and both of which have close connections with industry come under PHE, and if you enquire at Department of Health they say PHE has nothing to do with them, and presumably nothing to do Secretary of State - it may also remove it from aegis of Parliament, which is perhaps a "de facto" situation rather than "de jure".

Another feature of the present situation in 2017 is that the hate campaign remains in place at Times Newspapers against Andrew Wakefield: vitriolic, harassing, gratuitous and completely mendacious. In my opinion they know exactly what they are doing. This is so, even though James Murdoch left the board of GSK more than five years ago.

From a report on FiercePharma 20 June 2017:

A key pickup from its massive Novartis asset swap, GlaxoSmithKline’s meningitis B shot Bexsero has been a standout performer in recent quarters. That’s not set to change, according to an analyst group, which predicted this week that the shot and pipeline vaccine Shingrix will each haul in more than $1 billion by 2022.

In its just-released World Preview report, life science commercial intelligence firm Evaluate projected that GSK’s Bexsero will more than double sales to $1.17 billion in 2022. Last year, the vaccine brought in $528 million.....

RELATED: Glaxo's Bexsero supply rebounds after demand for MenB jab outstrips supply

To give Bexsero a boost after the Novartis asset swap, GlaxoSmithKline quickly agreed on a price with the U.K. government for a national immunization program. Afterward, demand was so strong that the company ran into a brief shortage for private clinics.

Since then, supply has rebounded and Glaxo is moving to make the most of the vaccine. The company started construction in March on a $175 million plant in Germany, where it plans to move production of three of Bexsero’s four active components currently made at a Sandoz plant in Austria...

A new paper by Prof Pollard indicates that he would like to increase number of shots of Bexsero that a child receives (the present UK schedule is for three shots 2-12 months) which will obviously drive up sales but argues against effectiveness.


Angus Files

At what time do the fraudsters get rounded up? Answer, anytime soon I say and plenty of evidence thanks to John to support the prosecution.

Pharma for Prison


White Rose

A study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that 34 percent of the students who took the Bexsero MenB vaccine during a 2014 outbreak did not develop any immunity to the strain that caused the outbreak. The researchers warned that many people who receive this vaccine can probably still catch the illness, and they urged people to be aware of the symptoms and seek treatment immediately should they start to notice them.

Pollard you are a fraud - Plain and simple

66% efficacy at best (optimistically I am sure) . That means BEXSERO is a fraud .


Meningitis B Vaccine BEXERO contains E.COLI !!! See vaccine schedule for Meningitis vaccines, page three of the CDC Excipients Table. E.coli in the blood is DEADLY!


Europeans THREATENED with Vaccine Induced Extinction:

MULTIPLE INTERVIEWS from ABROAD: Italy, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland, Great Britain:

Hans Hitten

The same complaints all around the world . Vaccines are killing and maiming babies everywhere .
And the lamestream everywhere makes sure the story never gets out .

May 20, 2016

Tuncay Kayaoğlu, Ankara


The anti-vaccination movement in Turkey has found support in its battle against mandatory immunization programs: the courts.

On May 4, the Court of Cassation, or Supreme Court of Appeals – Turkey’s top administrative court – ruled against mandatory vaccination, saying that the program would lead to violation of individual rights. Again, on May 11, the same court ruled in favor of parents who did not want their kids to be vaccinated.

In its recent rulings, the Constitutional Court, the highest body in the Turkish judiciary, decided that the current immunization program could not continue as it lacked a valid legal framework. On Dec. 24, 2015, the same court said the existing law did not permit the authorities to act against parents’ wishes. The court also pointed out the overly vague aspect of the law on required vaccinations.

Hakan Hakeri, a professor of medical law at Istanbul-based Medeniyet University, said that these rulings were not “surprising”.

John Stone

However, Grace and rtp I seriously suggest that comments on germ theory etc are way off topic in this column, and invitation to Jesus baby, Eindeker to come back and argue, and create a distraction from the serious issues raised about the conduct of public policy.

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Jesus baby | June 22, 2017 at 07:30 AM

I seem to remember someone presented evidence here once before of a Bexsero death (already),
And the maim rate of the Bexsero vaccine is 1 in EVERY 45 .
And the serious injury rate from wild meningitis is 20/40 per year max .

There is no justification for this vaccine . MrPollard (scoundrel)
There is no reason to defraud the taxpayer with this fake and fraudulent vaccine .

JB - you are a fake and fraud too .

Grace Green

JB. I can't believe the UK government can think it's even cost effective to vaccinate all children to save such a tiny number of patients, never mind the risk to them all of having yet another vaccination. When will the medical profession realize that there must be better ways of preventing and treating illnesses rather than this. The people on the other hand are getting wise to it, thanks to VaxXed and websites like this one.

Grace Green

rtp. I like your argument. I do believe parents vaccinate out of fear of disease, and it is this fear which the money-grabbing medics take advantage of. I recently heard Andy Wakefield say parents find it harder to get over the loss of a child due to iatrogenic cause than from illness. If only people could be persuaded that their fears are largely misplaced. I think myself, arguing for the dangers of vaccines as well as the mildness of most illnesses they are supposed to prevent will persuade the greatest number of people. I think the latest videos from the VaxXed team showing very healthy unvaxxed kids will be most effective.

John Stone

Jesus baby

No, you are a serial liar advocating on behalf of apparent deception and sleaze. Instead of responding to my detailed comment, you just go on about some other more convenient data.

Jesus baby


I'm not trying to move the goal posts: it just seems you're not seeing the forest for the trees. Isn't the big picture the health of the UK's citizens? Meningococcal group B meningitis affects ~ 250-275 children annually in the UK, and despite intensive treatment has a mortality of 5-10%.

You claim you've documented Bexsero is "neither safe or effective". The effectiveness seems to be about 2/3s for at least 3 of the 4 strains it targets. In terms of safety, 1 study of over 15,000 patients had a single SAE - an anaphylactic reaction - and no deaths. Non-serious side effects are local injection-site symptoms and mild constitutional symptoms like fatigue, headache, etc.

Grace Green

John, this article is amazing not only in the detail, but in your ability to make something so complicated comprehensible even to me. I hope it spreads far and wide.
On a lighter note, I think you understated it when you said Jeremy Hunt was unpopular with the public. I remember BBC comedy programmes used to imply a spoonerism out of Jeremy Hunt "Culture Secretary" - I won't repeat it or I know you won't publish my comment - and James Naughty accidentally said it on the news! (Was it an accident, or do we perhaps have some friends in the BBC?)

Hans, I agree with your suggestion to take it back to the universities. When the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department of Health and the Medical Research Council recently fought a case against an individual with M.E. over a study which purported to show that M.E. is psychological, and they wanted to appeal the court ruling to release the data, at taxpayers expense, it was the university (I think Queen's London) which gave in and released the data (showing that they had been falsified in the first place), because they were concerned about their reputation.

John Stone


No, this is an article about abuse of process, even if some of things you say about germ theory may have some merit.


Thanks for the response John and I love your exposes.

I completely agree that it is not at all necessary to hold my beliefs on disease or even vaccine efficacy to be a vaccine skeptic.

Sometimes the moderate position is valid. Sometimes it isn't.

In this case it isn't.

Germs are ubiquitous. If they were remotely as dangerous as we've been told no organism could possibly exist.

Therefore vaccines aren't just the wrong answer they ask the wrong question. There is no magical formulation that could make any vaccine prevent a single disease because disease is not caused by the stuff it seeks to prevent.

Indeed, most disease isn't even exogenous. So the very concept of "fighting" disease is a misnomer as we are only fighting our own bodies.

But you might think my less compromising strategy is imprudent all the same but consider this: you are trying to scare people away from vaccines (and rightly so) but the medical industry seeks to scare people away from germs (therefore into vaccines).

So you're left competing with a trillion dollar industry as to who can inculcate the most fear in the public.

Do you really think you can win that?

You're playing them at their game.

Mine is a much harder short term sell because I inevitably sound crazy to most people as even amongst non-vaxxers I'm an outlier. But it secures lasting success because if you scare people out of vaccinating you can scare them into vaccinating. But you can't scare somebody into vaccines if they don't even believe vaccines work - let alone if they aren't scared of germs.


John, great article, although the contents are," Giving the ordinary,normal ,Public,the cold shivers right down to the bare bone itself." Ethical and Moral deviancy of delinquency that is so over it's own normal limits and boundaries from overarching ,regulatoryfailure of tinderbox standards,of basic health and safety,risk assessments.
Where are the risk assessments for the vaccination products? Time to get their standards of Public responsibility/accountability ear marked, ring fenced, dovetailed, streamlined, and spearheaded, right through the tail end of their shirt tails to their Public Platforms for an Ethical and Moral scoping exercise from top to tail, with a stethoscope a microscope ,and any other endoscopic apparatus available fromthe basic assessment toolkit!
Fire Chiefs will shock them into caring if Departments of Public Health and Social Care Chiefs are too spineless ,gutless and whimpering to want to takle these soft-pedalled Ethically and Morally sanitised Public abuses head-on . MEDICALISED MANDATES "As long as grass grows ,and water runs, Not Now ,Not ever! " Sutherland Clearences a book by John prebble never again! will it be tolerated .

John Stone

Prof Pollard's vaccine is so effective that it looks as if his committee may soon be ready to recommend further doses, as well as the three already on the schedule:

What a money spinner - the less effective it is the more doses you can sell!

John Stone


Personally, I would not wish to maintain that all vaccines are of zero efficacy. What I do point to is that a system which cultivates a magical belief in their safety and efficacy is only performing conjuring tricks and illusions.


Jesus baby, why do you assume that the vaccine will in any way reduce any form of disease?

You do realise that the reason this vaccine is being introduced is because despite the plethora of other vaccines targeting meningitis, sepsis and pneumonia, kids (and adults) still suffer these conditions as much (if not more) than they used to.

Those vaccines were 100 per cent worthless and doctors merely shifted the blame from one germ to another.

This vaccine too will be 100 per cent worthless but doctors again will just blame some other germ and around and around we go.

How people such as yourself can continue to fall for it is beyond me.

But then you can also watch a child have a horrific reaction straight after a vaccine and just shake your head and say "just a coincidence", so clearly any sliver of reasoning capacity is long gone.

John Stone

Jesus baby

Of course, you can't really intervene without moving the goal posts. I document a host of problems which exist irrespective of whether the product is safe or effect, and evidence that it neither safe or effective, making the general comment:

"With so much uncertain science these many tangles are more than usually undesirable in public life."

I would comment further that being a realist, we all live in big countries and we are going to have "big government". We also need to have old fashioned ideas like transparency, accountability, checks an balances, and a mainstream media independent of government and industry.


Harvard MD,
Thanks for the perspective on France. Hopefully the French will stand up to this takeover. It is interesting that American doctors are no less controlled than in countries with socialized medicine. With the CDC dictating practice "standards", our medicine is also socialized, the difference being that the government has the control and the people reap none of the benefits.

David Foster

Thank you so much John for taking what must have been very significant amounts of time and effort putting this all together. When Italy made these very bold moves many of us had the same question...where do we begin in order to follow the money which led to this?

This article is such a definitive answer to this very important question.

I believe this is your best work yet.

That is saying a hell of a lot.

Jesus baby

Despite an aversion to big government and BigPharma is there a reason you're opposed to reducing the incidence and mortality of meningococcal group B infections in the UK?

Ted Fogarty, MD

Investigative journalism here is really incredible, the world of the awakened to the scams in medicine and government running into these transnational corporations is getting bigger everyday with the world of truly independent journalists like John Stone. Thank you Age of Autism and Mr. Stone

Harvard MD


You are right about France, it was my personal experience while living in France from 2013-15 - our GP and paediatrician were against annual flu shots saying they were not only unnecessary but likely not good for the immune system. However, I'm worried that they won't stand-up to the political pressure!

It was while living in Paris that I became sensitized to the Gardasil issue due to a couple of out-spoken physicians and a Merck whistleblower documentary ("Médicaments sous influence") which is a great french documentary on the under-handed marketing practices for Gardasil in the EU to the point that President Hollande had spoken highly of this vaccine in his annual speech to the nation.

Unfortunately, Dr. Joyeux is fighting for his medical license as the french Colleage of physicians have recommended barring him due to his vaccine activism (same playbook as for Wakefield). Similar bullying tactics are used against Dr. Gherardi who discovered the cause for "Macrophagic myofasciitis" due to Aluminum in vaccines.

John Stone

Heidi Larson could be or ought to be the single greatest reason in the universe for vaccine scepticism (very much a Material Girl in Material World):


So; how many vaccines will be mandated for the people of Italy?
Do they know the final count?


Thanks for this important report.


Harvard MD,

Saw your post and went looking for another article that says a high % of French physicians question the value of vaccination. Found this one instead:

"France most skeptical country about vaccine safety"

By Jon Cohen Sep. 8, 2016 , 7:15 PM
"The French had less confidence in the safety of vaccines than the residents of 66 other countries recently surveyed by researchers.

A team lead by anthropologist Heidi Larson of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine conducted what it contends is “the largest survey on confidence in immunization to date,” interviewing more than 65,000 people. As the researchers report online in EBioMedicine today, 41% of respondents in France disagreed with the assertion that vaccines are safe. On average, just 12% of respondents in other nations disagreed with this statement."

More at link:

John Stone

These are some additional observations.

While the media and the politicians remain on-side over vaccines in the UK it is widely recognised or at least suspected that Jeremy Hunt has a commercial agenda to demolish the National Health Service from the inside (and of course it is always on the point of financial collapse). One feature of this seems to the creation of the agency Public Health England to run it: bodies like the JCVI and Oxford Vaccine Group, both headed by Prof Pollard and both of which have close connections with industry, both come under PHE, and if you enquire at Department of Health they say it has nothing to do with them, and presumably nothing to do Secretary of State - it may also remove it from aegis of Parliament, which is perhaps a "de facto" situation rather than "de jure".

Another feature of the present situation in 2017 is that the hate campaign remains in place at Times Newspapers against Andrew Wakefield: vitriolic, harassing, gratuitous and completely mendacious. In my opinion they know exactly what they are doing. This is so, even though James Murdoch left the board of GSK more than five years ago.

Harvard MD

Keep an eye on France and mandatory vaccines at taxpayers expense:

The new Macron health minister, Dr. Agnès Buzin, stated on Friday June 16th to the Le Parisien that she will decide if they should mandate 11 vaccines - 8 new ones - on top of the current DPT. Part of the 'logic' is that since the DPT alone vaccine is no longer available since 2008 (currently only as a hexavalent vaccine and “it would take 10 years to develop a trivalent DPT vaccine” according to industry) they might as well mandate more vaccines! She will annonce her decision by August 8th. I’m guessing she will mandate 11 vaccines, like Italy, and the media will support her.

Activists are scrambling with petitions and planning an opposition campaign, but time is short. They thought they won a victory when their Supreme Court (Le Conseil d'État) decided on Feb 8 2017 that the government had to make the DPT alone vaccine available, as the only ones mandated. But the government's logic is to increase the number of mandated vaccines which is what they have been working toward since 2015, since it is 'impossible' to make a trivalent vaccine available and if not available they would have to suspend the "mandatory DPT" as it the state does not give parents that option!


Where does this all end ?

Do the governments of Britain, America, and Australia care about anything but themselves ?

Elizabeth Hart

Meanwhile in Australia, it appears GlaxoSmithKline is determined to get Bexsero on the taxpayer funded vaccine schedule, i.e. the coercive 'No Jab, No Pay ' schedule campaigned for by the Murdoch media and lobby groups associated with the medical/scientific establishment.

The Bexsero vaccine has already been rejected three times by the committee which evaluates vaccines for the taxpayer funded schedule (the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee).

But pharmaceutical companies just keep persisting until they get their way - as happened with the Gardasil HPV vaccine which was also rejected by the PBAC (in 2006) but after lobbying by vested interests was added to the Australian vax schedule, and subsequently fast-tracked around the world, generating billions of dollars for Big Pharma.

The current tactic re Bexsero is to introduce mass vaccination via the state of South Australia, via the 'meningococcal B herd immunity study' which is currently being pressed upon high school students here.

See for yourselves the ethically questionable tactics being used to push this vaccine for a very rare disease, i.e. the B Part of It campaign:

John Stone

We have to keep these issues there in front of everybody. I believe one of the signatories of the Nordic Cochrane complaint, Tom Jefferson, signs himself from Oxford University.

Angus Files

A chi fa male, mai mancano scuse. – He who does evil, is never short of an excuse.

Well done!

Pharma for Prison


Hans Hitten

Stanley (the thief) came over to Galway to try to convince Ireland to keep taking Gardakil
(uptake had fallen to 50% or worse - they lie so much , there is no way to know the truth of it.)

And she got a shoeing . Got run out the place , and she'll never try that again.

Lets bring this home to them .

John Stone


Not sure who Galway is - there used to be a wonderful flute player. I believe Margaret Stanley is in Cambridge.

Hans Hitten

I will tell you this much Margaret Stanley . Galway is going to come to Oxford Univ.

Hans Hitten

Bravo JDS (highly embarrassing for Pollard & Oxford Univ. at the heart of a global genocide)

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