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Review: Vaccination Policy and the UK Government The Untold Truth

England bookBy Jennifer Horne-Roberts

Christina England and Lucija Tomljenovic's Book ‘Vaccination Policy and the UK Government: The Untold Truth’.

This Book is a must read for anyone interested to know the truth about vaccine injury and how the UK Government have pursued the ‘Herd Immunity’ vaccine program despite the devastating consequences for so many children.

It includes the minutes of the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation showing how for example in 1989 they licensed continuation of the use of MMR  Pluserix,  although already  banned  as dangerous in Canada, and knowing that it would badly injury many children. This was in order to maintain confidence in the Vaccine programme.

One of the victims of Pluserix was our beloved son Harry Horne-Roberts whose tragic story has featured on the AofA website.

The Book in question tells of Ms England’s adoption of two SN boys and her struggle within the legal system which adversely affects the families of many such children.

Ms Tomljenovic gives an excellent appraisal of UK policy on Vaccines.

Now some 10,000 new cases of autism occur annually in UK in London alone. No one in authority questions why.

This book gives a masterly and detailed account of the causes of the ongoing tragedy.

As Counsel for Claimants in the UK and in the US MMR/Autism litigation who has followed the  tragic consequences of Government policy for three decades, I thoroughly recommend this Book.




Thank goodness for age of autism ,or we would only be hearing a smattering of what is actually happening to people. Very sorry to hear about another serious failure in basic assessments/basic care planning /poor risk assessments from such a brutal betrayal of instutional trust is a very hard ,harsh ,reallity of vociferous distress for families to have to navigate their way through , totally not ok. our paperwork is up to date not IF there is another mid -staffs type inquiry but definately when ! Connor Sparrowhawk . Margaret Gilchrist . Fatal accident inquiries Ms MN mental welfare commission scotland Margaret Allison Hume . The FAI made scottish legal history when it became the first inquiry to be re-opened twice to hear fresh evidence . Passionate will get the job done but angry will just stay angry! Learning outcome[1] Don't let obstacles /barriers and opressive standards define ewe'r capabilities . it is normal to get angry be angry but don't stay angry it's destructive .
Slante ma ha to your very good health!

Hans Litten

Question \ Message to Mr Kennedy (if you see or hear of this) ?
Regarding the Mercury project .

Is it true that more mercury dental amalgams are being placed across the US this year (TODAY) than ever before ? Can this REALLY be true ? I thought mercury was going to be outlawed by 2020 ?

Hans Litten

When the hell did Hg-enocide become normal ?

Listen to the Geiers talk at Autism ONE. Astounding.


Hi Jennie

We fully endorse that,I bought it when it came out for my Christmas present (as you do).Many thanks for your unfaltering hard work Pro-Bono for us and all the families who wished to take Pharma to the wire . I think episode two of that will run some day soon _ something cant be finished if it wasn't even heard..
We both think of Harry daily I gave a Social worker his brief life story the other day,she couldn't believe it just endorses they dont know what they are doing on behalf of a corrupt system.

Pharma for Prison


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