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Pan Penalizes Vaccine Choice But Pardons HIV Exposure

Richard PanNOTE: Interesting to see where Senator Richard Pan's loyalties lie.  Thanks to the Walking in Quicksand blog for this post excerpt.

Last week, the LA Times reported that The High Priest of Public Health, Senator Richard Pan, voted to stop penalizing those who knowingly expose others to HIV though unprotected sex. Under the bill, failing to disclose one has HIV or AIDS before engaging in unprotected sex will no longer be a felony.

The bill would also apply to those who donate blood or semen despite the knowledge they have HIV or AIDS. Senator Pan argued that penalizing those who knowingly infect others with HIV undermines public health.

This might be a less shocking assault on common sense were it not for the fact that Senator Pan also holds the title of Mandated Vaccination Czar of California. The same man who pushed relentlessly to mandate vaccination, saying “I’ve personally witnessed the suffering caused by these preventable diseases and I am very grateful to the many parents that are now speaking up and letting us know that our current laws don’t protect their kids” voted for a bill that will cause a lifetime of serious immune dysfunction for countless unsuspecting individuals.

Senator Pan argues that parents who refuse to vaccinate their newborn for a sexually transmitted virus are menaces to public health who must be kept in line with a law. In the next breath, he argues to give a free pass to those who purposely sign up to taint the blood supply. He touts both bills as of the utmost importance to public health.  Read the full post here.


Jeannette Bishop

Goinsanifornia (SB 239)!


Also...nearly mandated in California and hardly anybody is asking why they are removing choice (SB 649):



Unacceptable attitude. While I feel for those infected, I'm afraid that ANY decent parent would disagree with this. Seeing your child sentenced with AIDS/HIV or even the side effects of some vaccinations is akin to child neglect. My children's life is more important than my own. I don't care how many "special" new drugs there are now, knowingly infecting someone with this disease is still a felony in my book. If I were on a jury, I would go for the longest sentence possible.

In many circumstances, I would LOVE to see congressmen receive the results of their actions meant for the "good" of the community, MR. PAN included.

david m burd

Any comparison whatsoever to "HIV" - an endogenous 'retrovirus' basically harmless - but hugely connected to homosexual males - has zero connection to the lethal toxicities of our infants' 27+ INJECTED vaccination doses by age 6 months. Doses that include a vast array of toxic chemicals, preservatives, foreign protein/tissue, unknown contaminants, etc.

The Immunization Schedule comprising its terrible poisons for babies/infants by orders of magnitude far outweighs so-called "hiv" dangers.


Pan is a traitor and greatest enemy of Americans. I can't believe that Californians tolerate such a person in their senate.


Dr. Yazbak,

Can we call this NYT article coincidence C?


Jeannette Bishop

Those are some coincidences, Dr. Yazbak. Thank you!

Jeannette Bishop


According to the above, when donating blood, samples are tested for HIV among other infections. So it seems to me this bill in effect will mostly result in less incentive to inform a partner you are infected, unless public "health" authorities intend to stop testing blood for this virus and just take one at their word when donating (and also not keep any of those "cost cutting" electronic records of the testing one will purportedly now be incentivized to undergo).

Ed Yazbak

Coincidence A:

Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2017 May 4;13(5):1018-1030. doi: 10.1080/21645515.2016.1276138. Epub 2017 Mar 10.
Progress in HIV vaccine development.
Hsu DC, O'Connell RJ.

With on-going optimization of prime/boost strategies, the development of mosaic immunogens, replication competent vectors, and emergence of new strategies designed to induce bnAb, the prospects for a preventive HIV vaccine have never been more promising.

Coincidence B:

FDA Approves First Generic Version of Gilead's HIV Drug Truvada
Posted 09 June 2017

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday announced it has approved Teva Pharmaceuticals' generic version of Gilead's HIV drug Truvada (emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate). -


To the self appointed vaccine Czar and High Priest of Public Health, Senator Richard Pan

Mathew 26.65
"Then the high priest tore his clothes and said, "He has spoken blasphemy! Why do we need any more witnesses? Look, now you have heard the blasphemy."

Roll over folks and take it up the bum why dont we... Pan has spoken.

Pharma for Prison


Han Litten


This protests the authorities DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE

Han Litten


Proper Anti-Vaccine protests in Poland . Look atn that . Immense

Similar in Italy right now

go Trump

One can never tell when a little “live HIV virus” gets mixed in with a “live virus vaccine” which is given to millions. We cannot have our lifesaving medical professionals ever be considered felons....

Especially those who might be “going door to door” injecting whoever they want, with whatever they want so they can stay eligible for a government benefit of some kind.

The ultimate goal of the “Dr. Pan vaccine program” is to link the vaccine mandates to a fiscal issue to secure 100% compliance.

Those needing the “most vaccines first” will probably be located by looking at their social media activity.


There really are no words for this!


If the reason for decriminalizing deliberate contamination of the blood supply and deliberately infecting another person, is to remove fear of testing and diagnosis, then why wouldn't he then just mandate testing for all? Why does he think it's appropriate to mandate vaccination that carries a risk of injury and death in order to protect community immunity, but he doesn't think of mandating HIV testing, leaving current law intact. That would lower the infection rate and increase the treatment rate.

If Rachel's logic is Pan's logic, it doesn't make any sense.

John Stone

While I feel there may be arguments about HIV such as the one produced by Rachel, I feel that Pan is pathologically hooked on causing harm - that's what I read in his body language and demeanour.


Public Policy Pan- demonium ! With genuine sympathy and care respect for people , I wonder what responsible people themselves living with these life changing difficult conditions think of this policy presentation ? I'm guessing not much at all?
" Aye aye captain, no problem, no hassle, no worries , but it's an elf-n- safety disaster of a train crash in slow motion "
What's next on the caustic carbuncles agenda . Jumbo Jet Pilots with alcohol or substance abuse /illness ? surely they have to be seriously kidding on with it .
If not no [F.E.A.R] forget everything and run .
Potential for fashion designers to develop his and hers padlocks for pants, for our teenagers to wear, going out to a dance or a party.

Jeannette Bishop

One thing I'm not clear on is if "they" ever clearly identified the virus (or manmade interventions maybe) involved in the AIDS epidemic? Or is this somewhat like the history of poliomyelitis (with potentially multiple causes and potentially iatrogenic exacerbations) and if maybe they just want or assume that most everyone will be dealing with some form of "acquired immune deficiency" as we march towards "better living through" constant immune system intervention.

I'm clear that they don't want the costs of HIV (or HRV or SV-40 or maybe PCV-2 or ...) to be perceived as attributable to contaminated vaccination. Hey! Maybe Pan and others are actually trying to lower the criminal standards that might be applied to them soon?

Ginger Taylor

Makes perfect sense. AIDS and Vaccine Injury make money for his corporate clients.

MS Biskind

No real surprises here.

The previous administration (Nov, 2009) considered HIV not a communicable pathogen.
Celia Farber had a story about this (March 2012) and published a wikileaks cable.


I recall going to the Federal Register and reading the rule, so not surprising that Pan /CA Senate would vote this way if HIV infection isn't a significant public health risk. Maybe measles, ebola, flu, h1n1, and Zika (etc) are/were considered the new public health threats...

Shelley Tzorfas

Ca. has its medical priorities twisted thanks to Senator Pan. Pan wants people who knowingly infect a partner, lover, spouse, or friend to get a slap on the wrist and no longer be charged with a felony. He WANTS the Blood supply to be allowed to be tainted with HIV or Aids. He wants HIV or aids infected Semen to leak into the system. I wonder if there is about to be a vaccine for this-after all at one time he headed or was part of the medical leaders at UC. UC helped to develop or patent the Hepatitis B vaccine-the one that every baby gets the day they are born, the one that has high aluminum content in which the baby's liver is unable to handle it much of the time, the one that promotes the incubators usage, the one that Ushered in the Autism Epidemic in the country.
Senator Pan wants to control Californians. He has taken away your children's Rights to Education unless you do what he says, he dictated that your children be put in harms way by being Shot with Aluminum, Mercury, Cancer promoting Formaldehyde, Glyphosate, Aborted human fetal cells, peanut oils leading to serious peanut and food allergies, animal and insect cells-all at a profit and most made in China. Thanks to his persuasion and dictatorship, Los Angeles Kindergarteners had a 17% increase in Autism in the first 3 months of school. Can he get a CLAP?

Cynthia Cournoyer

That's because there is no vaccine for HIV.

One could argue he is making a case for a future HIV vaccine, because as everyone knows, that is the ONLY way to fight disease.

He would say he is not a hypocrite because vaccines are safe and effective and they always work. When HIV spreads it's no one's fault don't you see? That's how the other side makes sense. You have to think like they do. I know, it's a painful twisted brain gymnastics!

And here we are.

Tom Petrie

Well, if you wanted a definition of hypocrisy, I guess that one is about as good as you can get!

Jeannette Bishop

I suppose then "public health" doesn't want to protect people from HIV by common sense low cost practices, but would rather make a dubious "safe and effective" vaccine mandatory for newborns with repeated doses required every so often, and then see more "inexplicable" epidemics of "genetic" immune deficiencies arise for them to appear mildly concerned about.


The reason being that criminalising it dissuades people from getting tested, and aids (no pun intended) the spread of the virus.

Not that difficult is it?

Laura Hayes

Pan's Replacement - Austin Bennett - spread the word!



It's well past time to CAN PAN!


Ashlyn Washington nailed it. I hope the citizens of California including Pan's fellow legislators, wake up. The evil couldn't be more obvious.


Wow! That's really something. What a hypocrite! Sure hope he is not re-elected.

But even if he isn't re-elected, imagine the job phama has all lined up and ready for him to assume at a seven figure salary-- head of a new vaccine development department? President of the vaccine division of GSK, or Pfizer, or Sanofi? (We all know that position at Merck is already taken…) Who knows? The sky's the limit.

Bob Moffit

Is anyone surprised to hear the "High Priest of Public Health" .. Sen Richard Pan voted to stop penalizing those who knowingly expose others to HIV and AIDS through unprotected sex .. including those donating blood or semen?

How this dangerous imbecile remains in public office is a MYSTERY to me .. from one side of his mouth .. he describes parents of innocent .. healthy babies .. who refuse to vaccinate their newborn infants for sexually transmitted diseases as MENACES .. but .. views ADULTS who KNOWINGLY infect others with HIV as "protecting the public health".


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