MIT's Dr. Stephanie Seneff on Autism Explosion Vs. Media Coverage
Puerto Rico Requires Genital Wart Vaccine for 11 and 12 Year Olds

My Post-Its Have Arrived!

Post it lauraBy Laura Hayes

Thanks to Nancy Hokkanen’s excellent suggestion in response to my recent article, I ordered 40 pads of pre-printed Post-Its. I now have 2,000 Post-Its that my activist friends and I can gleefully stick all over town, or hand out to people in the community. Thanks for the super idea, Nancy!

I was wondering if any of you has any stories to share with regard to implementing any of the dozen ideas I put forth in my recent article on how to help stop the vaccine holocaust. If yes, please post your story in the comments section here!

Laura Hayes

Mother, Activist, and now, Post-It Lady :)


Hans Hitten

Laura if you are still there .

I think a point of attack for us , is to label the doctors and politicians who blindly carry on maiming babies despite knowing the truth as being conduits of "Milgrams" experiment .
There is an implicit insult in there for each and every one of them .
I think we should make much more of this .

Tony Bliar tried to offset any backdraft from the doctors a decade or so ago , by at the stoke of a pen , doubling doctors wages overnight in the UK . It worked !
Ireland is currently trying to change doctors employment status from self employed , to being employed by central government (HSE).

Hans Hitten

Laura , if we can overturn water fluoridation , then mercury amalgams are next , and vaccines is easy ! This is all linked and intertwined because its all part of the same policy .

As many independent scientists now recognize, fluoride is a neurotoxin. The question, therefore, is not if fluoride damages the brain, but at what dose. While EPA quibbles with the methodology of some of these studies, to dismiss and ignore these studies in their entirety for methodological imperfections is exceptionally cavalier, particularly given the consistency of the findings and the razor-thin margin between the doses causing harm in these studies and the doses that millions of Americans now receive.

EPA’s own Guidelines for Neurotoxicity Risk Assessment highlights the importance of having a robust margin between the doses of a chemical that cause neurotoxic effects and the doses that humans receive. FAN presented the EPA with over 180 studies showing that fluoride causes neurotoxic harm (e.g., reduced IQ), pointing out that many of these studies found harm at levels within the range, or precariously close to, the levels millions of American children now receive.


Suggestion on the next set that you purchase - add a tiny url as it would be very hard for someone to type the url out if they are interested ;-)

Hans Hitten

Laura , hopefully you get this . One possible solution is for us to campaign to make the flu vaccination mandatory for all Doctors , all GPs , and I'd go further let try to make it mandatory for all politicians .

I do hope that imposter of a Doctor Eve Switzer is taking her annual flu vaccine with the full 25mcg dose of the good mercury .
Vaccines are like a rainbow in a syringe! All of the aluminum turns into “good aluminum”when it’s in vaccines.

And the mercury turns into “good mercury”!

Vaccines are like a rainbow in a syringe!

Han Litten

The situation in Germany explained.

Angus Files

One of my un vaxxed kids came home when the flu vaccine was being offered like sweeties at the local school a few weeks back and said - I wasn't alone refusing the vaccine this year XXX never got it either I t just so happens that this child is the kid of a doctor.

As the old saying goes Dr`s are the most unvaxxed profession.No doubt the school will have believed that the child gets vaccinated at home!!!

Pharma for Prison

Hans Hitten

Crikey have you seen this misinformation site :

Its truly frightening to me .

example1 . Romanian orphans reveal clues to origins of autism (God bless them !)

example2 . Parents’ ages influence autism traits in general population

And so on and so forth .

“Spectrum is a beacon on the Internet. I know that among autism scientists (try not to laugh) it’s absolutely the go-to place.”
— Francesca Happé, professor of cognitive neuroscience, King’s College London

“My favorite source for autism news.”
— Dan Kennedy, assistant professor of psychological and brain sciences, Indiana University

“I wanted to take a moment to commend the members of your editorial team for their outstanding coverage of the Society for Neuroscience conference. The clarity of the writing, the timeliness and the sheer quantity of coverage have been phenomenal. I have learned so much that I feel like I was actually at the conference. Your website is truly an invaluable resource for the autism community.”
— Alison Singer, president, Autism Science Foundation

Laura Hayes

Christy and Tim,

Please ask Kim to put you in contact with me, and I will send you each a couple of packs :)

For others who want to create their own, I used the website below. The great thing is as you begin your order, you will be asked if you want free help creating your prototype. That very same day, after I let them know what I wanted, a prototype was sent to me...which I liked and purchased!

Custom Post-it Notes & Labels

Tim Lundeen

OK, how can I get some? :-)

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Tracy! I look forward to getting info out in this unique, fun, and not-destructive-to-any-property way :) Let's just say...I have already begun ;)

I appreciate you chiming in here at AoA. It is encouraging and inspiring to know that some of our nurses and doctors are out there in their places of work, and beyond, making a difference and working to protect children, and all, from vaccine harm! Keep up your great work, Tracy!


How do your readers get our hands on those sticky notes!?!? My community certainly needs some awareness spread about!

Hans Hitten

I think its safe to say , the world is badly mixed up .

Tracey RN


Have a great time posting them everywhere!!! I get my post-it's from " Learn the Risk" and head to every playground , I place them on slides in bathrooms on cars you name it it gets one. My daughter has even placed them in a children's Hospital bathroom !!!! It truly is empowering ...
I work as an RN in a newborn nursery and just the other day I had a cute " older couple" having their first baby , after taking care of them for 2 days we bonded and they asked if I was on Facebook , I replied" I
am but I have to warn you I post a lot of vaccine information "
They were very positive about it and I said " please please just read and educate and protect this little one" ...... Have fun I know I sure do!!!!


The url on the post it is too long, it could use a custom alias

educatebeforeyouvaccinate is taken though

Hans Hitten

Maybe this guy can help us :

“However, I will say that the Canadian government is doing much better than our government is in terms of at least finding out the extent of the problem, with respect to glyphosate contamination in the food, and this is because of the relentless efforts of an activist in Canada called Tony Mitra.

“He has been pestering them for many years, and he’s finally gotten them to agree to test thousands of food samples for glyphosate contamination.

Hans Hitten

Torches and pitchforks - its the only way. Civil disobedience .

This is going to end up bad no matter what way you look at it .
All peaceful legitimate middle class protest has led nowhere (they have laughed it all off).
There is no way around this anymore.

Then you read this from AoA's previous article Dachel\Seneff :
"It’s very disconcerting this number of one in 28 from South Carolina"

Its a Vaccine led Holocaust. The thing is most people are unaware its even happening.

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