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Megan, Regressive Autism and the Evolving Science of Vaccine Injury

Meg regressing
By Teresa Conrick

Megan, born in 1993, regressed into an Autism diagnosis by 1995. She had chronic ear infections and behavioral regression after vaccinations but the MMR vaccine was the most pronounced.  Meg's MMR titers, the antibodies obtained from her blood now, reveal high numbers since that fateful day, June 18th, 1994.  She received the MMR vaccine that one time only, as I was concerned about her health and behavior thereafter. Vaccination to me had become a personal and conscientious belief that something was not right for my daughter. 

The immediate days after June 18th: Fever, rash on body, ear infection & not looking at us.

The following weeks:  Ear infection, not happy, crying, lethargic, picky eating, difficulty climbing stairs, staring spells, loss of previous words & appearing deaf. Dr. diagnosed her with a "virus."

The following months: Rash, loose stools, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, another "virus" per Dr., irritable, nosebleeds, regression of receptive language, loss of play, loss of counting, loss of laughing, sensory defensive, waking with pain & crying from GI upset.....

When she was about 4 years old, Meg was scheduled to get the second dose of MMR.  I declined with a religious exemption. NOTE- this was 1997, well before the brave and brilliant, Dr's Wakefield, Murch, Walker-Smith, et al's paper in the Lancet: We investigated a consecutive series of children with chronic enterocolitis and regressive developmental disorder....Onset of behavioural symptoms was associated, by the parents, with measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination in eight of the 12 children, with measles infection in one child, and otitis media in another. 

Disregard the word, "RETRACTED", as their research was solid but the avalanche of Public Health fear and Pharmaceutical greed caused a Blackout.

Still today, I search for answers to not only help Meg's health but to help others understand the science that keeps evolving. The MICROBIOME is a big piece of both the IMMUNE SYSTEM and AUTISM. It's connection is becoming more well known. Vaccine ingredients, pesticides and mercury, controversial as they may seem to HEALTH, cannot be ignored in our children's lives.  Facts are facts. Meg's life was forever changed.  Can we learn now what to do for her and so many others? The love we have for our children is the biggest fuel in our quest to help them.

Let's take a look at some of the science:

Delayed adaptive immunity is related to higher MMR vaccine-induced antibody titers in children, 2016

..children were immunized with the MMR vaccine at 18 months of age. MMR vaccine-induced antibody titers were measured in plasma samples obtained at 36 months of age. Infants' blood samples obtained at birth, 3–5 days and at 4 and 18 months of age were analyzed for T- and B-cell numbers, proportions of naive and memory T and B cells, and fractions of putative regulatory T cells. Multivariate factor analyses show that higher anti-MMR antibody titers were associated with a lower degree of adaptive immune maturation, that is, lower proportions of memory T cells and a lower capacity of mononuclear cells to produce cytokines, but with higher proportions of putative regulatory T cells.

...One principal finding was that higher anti-MMR antibody titers were associated with delayed T-cell maturation. 

...These results indicate that higher anti-mumps and anti-rubella IgG titers are related to delayed T-cell maturation, which was also observed for higher anti-measles IgG titers

...The main finding from the current study is the association between delayed adaptive immune maturation and higher magnitudes of MMR vaccine-induced antibody titers. 

That seems important and maybe pertinent in our situation.  Is the Adaptive Immune System important in AUTISM?

Altered T cell responses in children with autism, 2011

Overall these data indicate significantly altered adaptive cellular immune function in children with ASD that may reflect dysfunctional immune activation, along with evidence that these perturbations may be linked to disturbances in behavior and developmental functioning.


So could immune system problems contribute to an inability to have normal social interactions? The answer appears to be yes, and that finding could have significant implications for neurological diseases such as autism-spectrum disorders and schizophrenia.

“The brain and the adaptive immune system were thought to be isolated from each other, and any immune activity in the brain was perceived as sign of a pathology. And now, not only are we showing that they are closely interacting, but some of our behavior traits might have evolved because of our immune response to pathogens,” explained Jonathan Kipnis, chair of UVA’s Department of Neuroscience. “It’s crazy, but maybe we are just multicellular battlefields for two ancient forces: pathogens and the immune system. Part of our personality may actually be dictated by the immune system.”

Or this newer study too, showing the specific importance of the Adaptive Immune System in Autism:

Social behavior is regulated by the adaptive immune system, 2017   

Individuals with ASD are characterized by deficits in social interactions and communication as well as by repetitive, stereotyped behavior. These behavioral abnormalities are detectable in early childhood and continue throughout life. Although the prevalence of ASD is relatively high, i.e., at least 1 in 68 children in the United States, it is not fully understood what causes this complex neurodevelopmental disorder (1-3). A recent study by Filiano et al. (4) unraveled a novel mechanism regulating sociability, which may explain why some children develop ASD. The authors can convincingly demonstrate that an intact adaptive immune system is needed for correct social behavior.

We can see that the role of the ADAPTIVE Immune System is very important AND very impaired in Autism.

Could Meg's chronic ear infections - "otitis media" - that persisted for years, also be connected here?  Very possibly as shown by this research, especially if high vaccine antibodies are perceived by the body to be a persistent virus? For Meg, strep infections, sinus infections, and GI infections began to multiply as well.

Measles virus infection results in suppression of both innate and adaptive immune responses to secondary bacterial infection, 2003 

Although MV infection itself is not commonly lethal, MV-induced suppression of the immune system results in a greatly increased susceptibility to opportunistic bacterial infections that are largely responsible for the morbidity and mortality associated with this disease...These results document that MV infection can suppress both innate and adaptive immune responses and lead to increased susceptibility to bacterial infection.

Research is showing this can happen, especially as we are looking at the MMR, a live attenuated, triple-viral vaccine:

....vaccination with a live attenuated viral vaccine can directly modulate colonizing dynamics of important and unrelated human bacterial pathogens, and does so in a manner highly analogous to that seen following wild-type virus infection.


BACTERIAL PATHOGENS.....back to the gut, the MICROBIOME and the epicenter of AUTISM.

As I began this article, I stated that I investigate the research to see how I can help my daughter and many others.  The science keeps evolving and it is important to keep up with it. Meg also has high GAD 65 antibodies, positive antinuclear antibodies and very low IgG Immunoglobulin levels.  All of that screams that her immune system does not work properly, perhaps also explaining her PANDAS/PANS episodes.  

Here too, is more evolution in MMR research.  How many children have had a similar fate but the science is just now catching up?

-- my comments in bold --

Deep sequencing reveals persistence of cell-associated mumps vaccine virus in chronic encephalitis, 2017 

This is the first confirmed report of MuVJL5associated with chronic encephalitis and highlights the need to exclude immunodeficient individuals from immunisation with live-attenuated vaccines [ Meg was never tested....are they testing now?]. The diagnosis was only possible by deep sequencing of the brain biopsy. .........In summary, we report a case of progressive chronic encephalitis in a patient [An 18-month-old male infant] with SCID, in which the MuVJL5 vaccine strain was detected in brain biopsy by deep sequencing. This case emphasises the generally poor rates of pathogen detection in encephalitides, making a strong case for deep sequencing of brain tissue where other methods have failed. The similar pattern of viral mutations in this case and those of measles SSPE suggest a common pathogenic process and further work is currently underway to determine the contribution of fixed mutations to the chronic encephalitic phenotype observed in the patient. It is important to note that MMR continues to be a highly effective and safe vaccine in the vast majority of individuals [ no reference for this.....]. However, this case highlights the importance of developing strategies such as newborn screening to exclude the very small proportion of infants [ where is that data on small?] at extremely high risk of complications from live-attenuated vaccines.


Those are facts. Science. And that science is increasing in countries and states, towns and homes, and it is heartbreaking.

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



I made some serious mistakes on one of my posts.
It is not histones it is histamines.
I knew that geesh.

The second mistake I was confused on diets. I thought fodmaps and the histamines spill over was the same thing. It is not.

Fodmaps is about short chained carbohydrates and IBS. They have great , wonderful list of what you can eat and what you cannot eat. Example is that you should not eat a green pepper, but a red pepper is okay. You can eat tomatoes. Okay as long as I can eat tomatoes that diet sounds great

On the Histamines list however; You should not eat tomatoes, sauerkraut. Well, actually it is not a diet of food list, but a diet of balance. Eat some (don't over eat) histamines foods with anti inflammatory foods.

I know what your thinking. LOL Most of you all have worked at these diets hard, like I have done. I am getting rather exhausted. At the same time they offer us hope too.

To think as a child and they prayed around the dinner table to bless this food to our body; I stupidly thought why would you have to pray for something like that!


kws; Thanks, for your input. I do appreciate it and it was helpful.
Right on the edge of ketosis. Wow. It is sounding more and more like that is about the right way to go.

Oxalates? Does your child have trouble with kidney stones, maybe.
My Mother has that problem. She came close to dying of a kidney stone that would not pass four or five years ago. They had to fly her to a medical center in a helicopter and she was in ICU off and on for months.
I read that they are trying to paten a probiotic pill with the gut microbe that eats oxalates. The studies are finding people that have a lot of kidney stones have few of these microbes. Meanwhile; as they wait for FDA approval and this and that; they suggest that patients eat lacto stuff like buttermilk and yogurt.

Right now her shoulders are killing her. She has RA and it has been pretty bad the last couple of weeks. I told her maybe she needs to lay off the buttermilk too?

My Mother has a very delicate stomach and GI track as well. She has had such since she had a flu shot when she was 30. She is 87 years old. Apparently you don't die from this stuff, just live in misery till you do die, and have to have a lot of medical support when you run into things like kidney stones that won't pass.

I have a friend whose child is allergic to chicken. I kid you not!

I do hope for your child that some day a few berries can be included in it's diet. I am so sorry.


This is our story. I hope you find what's best for you, hang in there and keep commenting.

We struggled and worked with foods for years and it's probably different for every person. We took it food by food, kind of the elimination approach. We started with organic chicken and peas, then added one food a week, always a meat or vegetable. Being on the border of ketosis was good for us, as was absolute gluten, casein, soy free. We found that berries made him wild and fruits had too much sugar. High oxalate vegetables were also a problem. Nothing from a package, can, or preserved. He eats about 20 different foods now and it works pretty well.

Ref1: We read up on Stan Kurtz and his story before starting our journey. Thank you Stan.
Ref2: We also went to Thoughtful House for advice. Thank you Andy


The diet question; I am not happy with my understanding either.
I find myself; personally, just for me right now, having some problems with diet, and health; I have got to fix!

What I do know from my daughter's text book on a nursing course she took on nutrition; that there are only two ways we get energy. Glucose or Ketones.

My husband's vaccine injury; as many have found on this website; did cause him to have trouble with the glucose cycle of energy in his mitochondria. That we know.

If glucose is present at all, then the body uses only glucose pathways, and will not use the ketone pathways. Only when glucose is not present will the ketone pathway kick in. It only takes 12 hours to burn through all the glucose. Researches have found intermediate fasting for a few hours a day when that glucose runs out, and ketone energy kicks in; is healthy for us.

One study was done on Utah men, that fasted a few hours before bed, and delayed eating on awakening, and they had fewer heart attacks. We also know that the ketone diet reduces, or even cures epilepsy. A ketone diet, also has been shown to help symptoms with those that have certain kinds of mitochondrial diseases. Dr. Poling's daughter, and the mitochondrial website has proved that.

A lot of the immune systems runs on glucose. Also, lot of microbes, fungi and bacteria runs on glucose too. Fermentation runs on glucose. Our own cells divide more rapidly on glucose, and that can help our own cells that have viruses in them, sick or not: Divide. Cancer cells run on glucose.

Glucose is made by eating carbohydrates .
Ketones is made by eating fats.
Proteins is used by the body for maintaining lots of the body's systems, but if you eat a lot of it, more than you need, then the extra protein is turned into glucose.

But this does not even begin to address why gluten and casein protein might be a problem, or Peanut allergies; yet again another protein is a problem for many. This is where understanding just goes SOUTH!
Perhaps it is that gluten and casein are large proteins, and it takes a long time for the digestive system to break them down. This might give these foods that contain these proteins time to ferment in the gut; thus releasing histones and awaken our Mast cells. Casein protein takes 7 or 8 hours to break down. and So, they sit in the gut and ferment, and make histones, and encourage our immune cells; our mast cells, our IgG part of our immunity to activate. A lot of proteins can be made into glucose, by our body, just like carbohydrates; can microbes to that too?.

I am sitting here right now with psoriasis on my elbow and even worse; psoriasis in my ear canal that at time goes right on down to my throat, making a big hurtful lump near my jaw.
I was doing great on a low carb diet. I did suffer through three days into the diet with what they call the low carb flu. No one understand that one either?

As the years rolled by, my family and I have drifted to a low glycemic diet with no gluten, no milk unless the milk is fermented in some way.

When they started all this microbiome stuff, I bought the kefir, and maintained it for a very long time. Just this spring, I stopped that nightly routine of making it, and then the daily routine of trying to figure out what next recipe; I will ruin by putting kefir in it. Also, over the years, I have become an expert in fermenting veggies. I buy those big tubs of Greek yogurt all the time, too.

About the time we started doing this microbiome stuff was when I started having psoriasis.

Gluten is a problem for me. There have been times when I tested to see if bread really was a problem. Yes, even those pretty, marble swirled, rye breads gives me problems. Three days later; after eating them, it makes me some what loopy, it makes my feet, and hands stiff, and feel like they have fallen asleep; that is called peripheral neuropathy. That is something my son when he was little, with limited speech; described as feeling like soda pop.

Some times though, even maintaining the diet which is mostly Atkins, and not even eating gluten and that includes, rye, barley, wheat, and even rolled oats; I hurt everywhere, and it puts me in a fog. One time this happened; I just so happened to have a doctor's appointment to renew my thyroid prescription. I found out during that doctor's visit that my blood pressure was really low.

I thought that perhaps some fermented cabbage might have been a bit bad, that I had eaten and dismissed it, and became determined to be really careful with all scums on top, even though all the experts say they are safe.
Meanwhile the psoriasis has continued, and good studies show that this is linked to something in our diet
I have had yet another such episode recently; I had eaten for several days f pimento cheese for lunch, and since I no longer have kefir; I am drinking buttermilk. Buttermilk is something I really like, and will drink. After drinking the buttermilk, I immediately had a bloating stomach and GI problems.

I thought perhaps it was casein protein after all, and was once again in AWE of Bernard Rimland, and wished I had been more aware of such symptoms back in the 90s, and did what he suggested. I am now off of all milk products, fermented or not. Even off of butter and cream which are fats and has little or no casein protein, so those would probably be okay; but I am off of them.

I had a coconut milk yogurt yesterday morning for breakfast and guess what, my psoriasis in my ear is bad this morning.

So, rethinking the past few weeks: I was consuming my fermented veggies. I was putting a a bit of my fermented red cabbage on my home grown lettuce, drinking buttermilk, and my psoriasis problems were only getting worse. Then came the peripheral neuropathy, and the fog of the brain.

Thinking back; my psoriasis began on my elbow about the time I started eating yogurt and keeping kefir. That is getting into years, now.

Perhaps the people promoting the Fobmaps diet are right too. This leads me to thinking about maybe my level of histones might have got too high and split over and awakened my immune mast cells into making my life miserable.

I think back years ago when I over ate some home grown tomatoes, my favorite food. I did get a itchy rash all over my body, and I knew what caused it. My father is some times allergic to strawberries; some times? Not all the time? His arm can brush against a strawberry; sometimes, and it causes a whelk. Strawberries and tomatoes are high on the histones list of the Fobmaps diet. You can eat some, but there is a level that if you go over can cause the mast cells to activate.

But maybe, just maybe a low carb with ferments can help a child fight off rubella virus that has been left in its brain from a dang vaccine?
Fobmaps website has looked at fermented foods and suggest that they can cause problems for people with reactive immune systems.
Fobmaps website have also been looking a probiotic studies, and have found that some bacteria dampen the immune system. bifidobacteria, and some kinds of lacto bacteria taken by pill can be helpful though.

Betty Bona

About ten or so years ago, Dr. Jaquelyn McCandless was looking into the incidence of children on the spectrum with very high titers for Rubella. She has since passed away, and I never heard the conclusion of her research into titers. She became more interested in Low Dose Naltrexone in her later years. An alternative health practitioner recently told me that my son had an active Rubella infection in his brain. She said his brain was on fire with this infection. I'm sorry the high titers of MMR components in autism have not been researched better.


I ran across a quick You tube on hidradenitis-suppurativa . This is a weeping, infectious looking cysts condition that occurs under; mostly heavy set, women's breast, groin, and armpits.

When they culture it out, the doctor or researcher in the you tube said there is nothing there except the human being's normal skin flora. They now believe that these people's own immune system is reacting against their own natural and normal skin flora.

My knee jerk reaction is it is the immune system; and our goose is just cooked. Our only option is to reduce our carbohydrate intake that the immune system so depends on for it's energy?

Then again I keep going back to there are some microbes that will signal to calm down our own immune system.

There is fecal transplants going on out there.

Meanwhile most of us wait and look at diets.
Carbohydrates and glucose drives the immune system.
But proteins - not carbs many are sensitive to; like gluten, casein, and peanut butter protein.

Hans Hitten

Analysis in Brackets of the BBC pro vaccine Propagonad department at work . Its easy well paid work , a job for life with a lucrative pension , but don't start a family whatever you do !
Job requirements are simply to lie through your teeth incessantly .

A group of German-speaking parents in northern Italy are so angry about a new requirement to get their children vaccinated that they plan to seek asylum in nearby Austria.
The 130 families live in Alto Adige - also known as South Tyrol - a region that was part of Austria before 1919. Last month the Italian government ruled that children must be vaccinated against 12 common illnesses before they can enrol for state-run schools. (fair reporting so far but wait for it)

Cases of measles have risen in Italy. (here comes the BBC_BS)
The highly-contagious sickness is fatal in some cases (ahhh there it is , BBC_BS).
Some other European countries, including France and Romania, have also seen more measles cases this year. (more BBC_BS)
In some parts of Europe, including Italy, vaccination rates have dropped below those recommended by the World Health Organization -WHO. (WHO a privately owned Pharma\BBC front)

The leader of the South Tyrol protest, Reinhold Holzer, said the group had sent protest messages to Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen, and the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.
"We won't allow our children to be poisoned. Asylum is claimed not just by people fleeing war, but also by people whose rights are being violated," said Mr Holzer, quoted by Austria's Der Standard daily.

Trentino-Alto Adige, a mountainous Alpine region, is reported to have one of the highest vaccine refusal rates in Italy. (And they are all dying of chicken Pox there no doubt ! BBC_BS)
In an interview with Radio Südtirol Mr Holzer alleged that some chemicals in vaccines were risky, and said parents should have a free choice about child immunisations, as in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

However, Germany recently announced plans to fine parents who failed to get medical advice about immunising their child. (I hope this is true but its the BBC so probably not)
Mr Holzer voiced concern about Thiomersal or Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used in some vaccines, and about genetically engineered vaccines. (Reinhold stop educating yourself !)
The UK National Health Service says Thiomersal is not used in child vaccines - and adds that it poses no risk anyway. (Incredible level of BBC_BS , zyklonB is also perfectly safe)
Conspiracy theories about the health risks of certain vaccinations - largely based on one discredited paper - have spread on the internet, prompting some parents to shun immunisation.
(BBC_BS of the highest order , it was just one paper and just one man !)

Scientific studies have debunked an alleged link between vaccines and autism (more Poul Thoresen BBC_BS), as the US Centers for Disease Control point out on their website (William Thompson works for them doesn’t he ? We wouldn't know because the BBC_BS department has never told us anything of him in nearly 3 years).


Han Litten

Rome Protests pictures (big but I fear not big enough) :

Shelley Tzorfas

I would like to comment on the most simple basic part of this post. Let's say that one of the only reactions to the vaccine that the parent is aware of is the repeating ear infection. Perhaps you feel lucky as it is "No big deal" because you can cure them with antibiotics. However, that alone is a very big deal. For one thing many children start to have Auditory processing problems. They have trouble following verbal instructions which is often the main part of the school day. The kids tend to not make the same progress as their peers rendering their educational advances as somewhat limited. Some of the children are seen as Learning Disabled. While the antibiotics might kill off the infection-the bad bacteria, it can also kill off the good bacteria which can therefore disrupt the digestion system, behaviors and mannerism of the child. Then too, many of these kids become ill with one thing or another as a result. Some kids get surgical implants consisting of ear tubes because the pediatrician claims that, "The ears are not mature?"While I have worked with children for many years, I never heard of or saw a child with an "Immature Ear" until the vaccine schedule grew beyond repair in the 1990"s. Naturally there are worse outcomes-ASD aka Brain Encephalitis, seizures, deadly food allergies and so on but when parents learn how destructive the vaccines are on just this one part of the body, I hope that many could reconsider getting their children shot up.


@Laura Hayes
Thanks for the reply and the snippets of previous posts and WAPF. You are right, the titer strategy to circumvent the CA would ultimately be a losing one! I feel badly about friends living in CA, and now likely Italy and Australia with mandates! I was trying to think of solutions, but the goal should be to abolish bill 277 - I guess the best advice for concerned CA parents is home-school or get out of state!


Teresa Conrick has assembled and explained more science in the quest for curing and preventing autism in all of its manifestations than all of the years and millions of dollars spent by the IACC and Autism Speaks combined, period. Shame on IACC and Autism Speaks. Bravo Teresa Conrick.

Tim Lundeen

@Paul Thomas

I appreciate that you are trying hard to reduce the risk from vaccines for your patients, and that you fully support vaccine choice and true informed consent.

But how in the world can you be aware of the substantial risks of vaccination, versus extremely low risks from the diseases they target, and continue to give ANY vaccines? Don't you understand that the risks are not just autism, but a whole spectrum of immune issues and brain dysfunction? Do you have some magic insight into which children will be injured, so you don't vaccinate them?

I simply cannot understand your position. If I was a pediatrician, knowing what you know, I would refuse to give any of my patients a vaccine, ever.

Bob Moffit

@ Laura Hayes

"Teresa, you are amazing! If you weren't so busy taking care of Megan, I would ask you when you could start as the new head of the CDC! Thank you for your informative and compelling articles. They are what we should be hearing from our woefully inept/terribly corrupt public health officials and medical professionals."

Amen to that ... however ....

I would also suggest that BOTH of you moms .. should be among the high quality nominees .. sitting right next to RFK .. when he is installed as the Chairman of President Trump's .. greatly anticipated .. "Committee to investigate vaccine safety and integrity".

I know the odds are that Trump may disappoint us ... but ... as Jesse Jackson is fond of saying .. we must ...... KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!!

Hans Hitten


"It is a fundamental right to determine that which we allow or don't allow into our own bodies and those of our children. PERIOD."

What happened to Nuremberg ? Did it get renamed Flossenbürg ?

with our Advance Vaccine Directive card and did the following: (Will this work ?)

Laura Hayes

Ditto what Bob Moffit said, Teresa!

HarvardMD, loved this quote you posted:

"I am comfortable with the doubt from having questions without answers, and uncomfortable with answers that we cannot question."

Regarding the discussion of titers, I think we need to expose the use of titers as reflective of vaccine efficacy for the fraud that it is. That is the only parameter I am aware of that is used/required when pharmaceutical companies test for vaccine "efficacy". Here is what I had to say about that in my WAPF presentation:

"I also want to challenge the notion that vaccinations equal immunization. Not true at all, and that is why you will never hear me call vaccinations “immunizations”, because they are not. Vaccine “efficacy” is allowed to be determined by the presence of titers post-vaccination in small numbers of study subjects. Titers are concentrations of antibodies. However, the presence of elevated vaccine-induced titers does not mean a person is now immune from that which he was vaccinated against, it simply means his blood has been purposefully and artificially tainted by a vaccine. In reality, people with low to zero titers for a certain infection can remain uninfected when exposed to that illness, and conversely, people with extremely high titers for a certain infection can contract the illness when exposed. Therefore, the presence of vaccine-induced titers offers no proof of vaccine efficacy…yet, it continues to be used as proof of efficacy…and vaccine recipients continue to be duped…and poisoned.

Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, there has been no research comparing vaccine-induced titers to titers acquired via natural means, such as through breastmilk and/or through exposure to natural infection. Such a comparison study is required before claims of any kind can be made about vaccine-induced titers."

A while back, I wrote the article below. It touches on the fraudulent notion that vaccine-induced titers equal immunity.

"Answer: Not Relevant" by Laura Hayes

Lastly, it is my opinion that just like using current exemption rates is a short-term, unwise, and dangerous strategy when arguing against vaccine mandates and restrictive exemptions (due to the fact that the minute exemptions increase, it provides automatic "justification" for the further restriction/elimination of exemptions, and the vaccine profiteers have no ethical problem altering data if needed to suit their greed and immoral desire to force vaccinate everyone from fetus to grave), it is also a short-term, unwise, and dangerous strategy to use titer levels. What happens to those who don't test with a high enough titer number? They will fall into the "must be vaccinated/no exemption" category. And we know exactly what the vaccine profiteers will do if too many meet a titer exclusion for vaccines...they will simply increase the needed titer number.

We need to remain focused on the truth of the matter when arguing against vaccine mandates and restricted exemptions:

It is a fundamental right to determine that which we allow or don't allow into our own bodies and those of our children. PERIOD.

Additionally, there is now abundant evidence that vaccines are extremely damaging, ineffective, not needed, and not beneficial...all of which I cover in my WAPF presentation:

"Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" by Laura Hayes

Teresa, you are amazing! If you weren't so busy taking care of Megan, I would ask you when you could start as the new head of the CDC! Thank you for your informative and compelling articles. They are what we should be hearing from our woefully inept/terribly corrupt public health officials and medical professionals.

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Teresa Conrick | June 12, 2017 at 11:12 AM

Teresa , an unsuspecting senior friend of mine has developed Crohns disease shortly after the flu vaccine , age approx. 65 or so . And this person is now gluten free on doctors advice .
But now unable to work currently (maybe there will be some stabilisation later).

Before anyone says it , I did warn them , they ignored me .
And retrospectively I've told them the cause is the flu vaccine (& they still find the leap of understanding difficult to make. Understandably so perhaps)

Angus Files

Same with us Andy came after our sons diagnosis we found out about Andy after we got our first computer where we found JABS UK and Jackie Fletcher and all the wonderful parents we met and are still friends with.

So sad thanks for sharing

Pharma for Prison


Teresa  Conrick

Hi. These comments are great. Thank you!

Regarding casein and gluten in asd. These are some good sources:

Changes in blood-brain barrier, intestinal permeability found in individuals with autism

"In keeping with the hypothesis that the interplay within the gut-brain axis is a crucial component in the development of neurodevelopmental disorders, the group also analyzed intestinal epithelial tissue from 12 individuals with ASD and 9 without such disorders. That analysis revealed that 75 percent of the individuals affected by ASD had reduced expression of barrier-forming cellular components, compared with controls, and 66 percent showed a higher expression of molecules that increase intestinal permeability.

The study was driven in part by the high number of gastrointestinal problems that occur in people with ASD. Although considered controversial by some health care practitioners, a gluten- and casein-free diet has been shown to produce some improvement in behavioral and gastrointestinal symptoms in a subgroup of children with ASD. "This is the first time anyone has shown that an altered blood-brain barrier and impaired intestinal barrier might both play a role in neuroinflammation in people with ASD," says Fiorentino."


Megan is beautiful. She must be a young lady now, I hope she's doing well.

"Fever, rash on body, ear infection & not looking at us." Those are the exact symptoms my son had.
Many good theories, one concrete result....autism.

@Thomas and Harvard - I hope you take a position at Merck, Harvard, or Stanford, for those places need honest doctors and scientists who can straighten this out. 3.2+ million kids deserve better from their country.

For Pietro

Can I ask a question of you Teresa or Paul Thomas ?

What is the current theory of casein and gluten intolerance ? Leaky gut ?
What causes that to happen ? Crohns disease ? IBS ?

Perhaps you would have a theory ?
I got asked recently and I wasnt happy with my own understanding


Great post and comments. I will learn more about the adaptive immune system and what the interactions are with the microbiome.

I appreciate Paul Thomas sharing info on IgG titers in his practice, I wondered if this may be a strategy for parents in CA dealing with mandatory vaccines, to prove their child has "adequate titer". I recently considered moving to CA for a job but for my kids sake, I didn't pursue, but thought I could get titers as my teens were vaccinated in childhood....

I read a great quote this weekend by a scientist (Feynman, I think, my paraphrasing):

"I am comfortable with the doubt from having questions without answers, and uncomfortable with answers that we cannot question."

Bob Moffit

Stay strong and focused Theresa .. your well researched and reported scientific evidence .. that the Microbiome is the epicenter of the autism .. is extremely appreciated by our long suffering community.

Your words today caused me to revisit a Discover magazine .. by Jill Neimark .. published in 2007 ... TEN YEARS AGO ... from which I had great hopes the "mystery" of autism would soon be resolved.

The article extensively quotes esteemed Harvard Pediatric Neurologist .. the author of a 14,000 word paper published in the journal .. "Clinical Neuropsychiatry" .. re-conceptualizing the universe of autism, pulling thee brain disorder from its privileged perch as an organ isolated from the rest of the body.

Herbert said .. again .. TEN YEARS AGO: "I no longer see autism as a disorder of the brain, but as a disorder that affects the brain .. it also affects the immune system and gut .... I can't think of it (autism) as a coincidence anymore .. that so many autistic kids have a history of food and airborne allergies, or 20 to 30 ear infections, or eczema, or chronic diarrhea.."

Your own research on the Microbiome should be added to the original 14,000 word article in the journal "Clinical Neuropsychiatry" ..

God bless you for all you do ...

Paul Thomas

In my pediatric practice, as part of the attempt to minimize giving an unnecessary 2nd MMR I have obtained MMR IgG titers for over a decade. The astounding finding is that most children have VERY HIGH MMR IgG titers against rubella and measles (95 - 99% of those getting one MMR) and about 80% have adequate titers against mumps.

The above studies listed in this paper also explain the finding in my practice that those most vaccinated are also most prone to illness. Mawson vaxxed vs unvaxxed study also showed that the unvacccinated had less illness in general.

We must do more studies comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children looking at all health outcomes. It will then become clear what exactly we are doing to children with this vaccine program and that the increased illness and chronic disease we cause is far greater than previously appreciated.


Thanks you Teresa. My son to a T-cell.....Oral IgG ( available without prescription) has been a life changer for us.

go Trump

Thank you Teresa.

You explain so many things so well. The only people who do not listen are those who should.

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