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From Hell to HOPEISM

John Oliver's Vulgar Treatment of Vaccine Injured and Their Families

Mocking and berating vaccine injured

By Anne Dachel.

Lighthearted and vulgar as ever, John Oliver talked about lifesaving vaccines, goofy non-vaxxing parents and outbreaks of disease, e.g. measles and the Somalis in Minneapolis in a 27 minute tirade on not vaccinating children.


We were told measles causes blindness, deafness and even death.

Oliver said he has looked at “why these fears [about vaccines] persist.”

He cited Andrew Wakefield and refused to call him “doctor and compared him to Lance Armstrong, a Tour de France cyclist who was banned from professional racing because of drug use.

Using profanity to drive home his point, Oliver slammed a list of people who dare to raise concerns about vaccines, including Robert Kennedy, Jr., Alex Jones, Rob Schneider, Dan Burton, Dr. Bob Sears, and Donald Trump. (Somehow Jenny McCarthy was omitted.)

Oliver was especially annoyed with people who say they’re “not anti-vaccine, but…”

“It’s what comes after the ‘but’ that we need to look at tonight.”

Oliver focused on Kennedy’s concern over thimerosal use in vaccines. He lectured the audience on the official science showing thimerosal is not the kind of mercury we find in fish, while citing the endless studies from Pediatrics and JAMA, two journals (and two organizations) paid for by the vaccine industry.  He added that thimerosal was never a problem, it was only removed as a precaution.

Oliver referred to former Congressman Dan Burton, who has an autistic grandson as “a donkey-f*****” repeatedly for his efforts to investigate vaccine safety when he was in Congress.

Oliver said, “Some will say that the real problem is that scientists have been paid by pharma companies to hide the problems with vaccines,” but he promptly added that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to vaccines. “On those rare occasions when there have been problems with vaccines, they’ve been pulled and fast.”

Switching from thimerosal to the mumps, measles and rubella vaccine, he said, “The age children are supposed to get the MMR vaccine happens to be the same age diagnosable signs of autism can begin to appear, but correlation is not causation.  That is what scientific studies are for.

“And remember, they are very clear—that links are not there. And the problems spending more and more time and money trying to prove that link, is that it takes resources away from studying actual causes and treatments.”

Next there was a clip of Alison Singer citing “dozens of studies.”

Singer: “There comes a point where there’s so much evidence, none of which shows any link between vaccines and autism, that you have to say, enough.”

According to John Oliver, it’s not that flood of autistic children no one can explain that keeps this controversy going, it’s the “hum of doubt” out there.

Oliver blamed pediatrician Bob Sears for publicizing the idea of an alternative vaccine schedule, and assured parents that even though kids get “more shots than they used to, the number of antigens in those shots, …has greatly decreased, and it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands of foreign antigens a child usually encounters every day.”

Oliver included a five second clip of Dr. Sears being interviewed saying, “Vaccines don’t cause autism, except when they do,” and Oliver called that comment “equivocating bulls***.”

Oliver included one mother with a son who as leukemia and “his life depends on herd immunity.”

We were told that there is no reason not to vaccinate because your chances of a reaction to a vaccines is one in 1.31 million, according to the CDC.

“Maybe one of the biggest problems here is that when people hear about vaccines, so much emphasis is on non-existent or wildly unlikely harms, and we tend not to talk about the very tangible good that they do.…”

Oliver’s rant against any and all people who question any aspect of vaccination is based on the fraudulent claim that vaccines are safe for every child, and it’s a sign of just what the vaccine promoters are up against. It’s not enough to denigrate just Andrew Wakefield, there are other voices out there now.

So Oliver warned viewers that they shouldn’t listen to “scary vaccine stories” from other parents or on the Internet.

Oliver ended by telling parents that he got over his concerns about vaccinating his son who was born prematurely, “We are vaccinating him fully, on schedule. And if I can overcome the temptation to listen to the irrational shouting of my terrified lizard brain, then I believe that everyone can.”

In truth, this was a desperate attempt to stop the march of truth. Oliver had zero concern for where all the autism is coming from and urged research into areas other than vaccines.  Somehow he missed the decades of dead-end studies showing endless associations between parents and the chances of them having a child with autism. In addition to millions of dollars going into the search for the elusive bad gene that causes autism, almost all research lays the blame squarely on the parents, mostly the mother. Repeated studies have linked autism to fat moms, old moms, moms who marry old dads, moms on anti-depressants, drinking moms, smoking moms, moms who don’t get enough vitamin D, moms who have premature babies, moms who have babies to close together, moms who live too close to freeways, and more bad choices.

Oliver was pleading with parents not to believe what they hear from other parents and from the Internet because all the science is settled. Every child should get every shot on the schedule.

Of course what Oliver had to say were only talking points, he didn’t address what parents are learning about. Nothing was said about William Thompson, the whistleblower from the CDC who said his agency destroyed evidence of a link between the MMR and autism or Dr. Poul Thorsen, who produced bogus science on vaccine safety and is now wanted for stealing millions from the CDC. In addition, nothing was said about the lack of liability for injuries on the part of the vaccine makers or doctors,  the failure to produce a vaccinated, unvaccinated study, the myriad of untested toxins allowed in vaccines, or web of conflict of interest waivers for the government officials who come up with the vaccine schedule.

In Oliver’s world there is no Hannah Poling, whose claim of vaccine-induced autism was conceded by medical experts at HHS, nor are there over 80 compensated claims of vaccine injury that included autism by National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Oliver showed a clip of Robert Kennedy talking about the dangers of mercury in vaccines, but he omitted anything about the stack of research Kennedy brought with him that day showing how dangerous our unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule really is.  Nothing was said about the million dollars Kennedy offered to any journalist who could show him the science proving it was safe to inject mercury into children.

Attention John Oliver: These facts and more are all over the Internet. The movie “Vaxxed” is exposing vaccine research fraud at the CDC to audiences in America and all over the world. Bob Sears and Andrew Wakefield are not alone in challenging the safety claims of a one-size-fits every-child vaccine schedule. Dozens of books on the dangers of vaccines can be ordered from Amazon. Websites like the National Vaccine Information Center http://www.nvic.org/  , Age of Autism, and lots of others are telling parents the truth every day. Groups of doctors like Physicians for Informed Consent  https://physiciansforinformedconsent.org/ are willing to stand up to our government health officials. 

This is what John Oliver and his promoters are up against. And one other thing: There are countless thousands of articulate, informed parents who witnessed vaccine injury firsthand and have dedicated their lives to exposing the truth about what happened to their children.



Jimmy Fallon's mother passed away - of an undisclosed illness. It's sad that what should be a time of joy is now mixed with tragedy. I hate it when these details aren't published right away. My imagination wonders and hopes that it wasn't from a TdaP or something of the sort recommended to "cocoon" the new baby in the family, or a flu shot that led to diarrhea which led to dehydration which led to hospitalization where she had a stroke and then slipped away, unstoppable, because she had some underlying susceptibility which doctors are aware of but don't test for, and her body just couldn't take it. That would be a really horrible way for Mr. Fallon to learn the truth. Part of me hopes it was something unavoidable. But then lately I have started to wonder if there is any disease or illness that truly is unavoidable - as in not caused at all by human behavior in some way.


To the Reformed Troll formerly known as Devil's Advocate,

It takes a big person to look at both sides and then admit being wrong. Good for you.
And for the world.


Devil's Advocate

I will change it to: Reformed Troll

Grace Green

Thank you, Devil's Advocate. All you need to do now is start advocating for vaccine-injured people and their families. Oh, and perhaps you'd better change your name!

Devil's Advocate

Wow, that HighWire was spot on. Guess I was the ignorant one. Just another example of an idealist getting outraged by misinformation. Still though, I should not have been insulting.

I apologize.

Proving a negative is NOT impossible.

susan welch

Just watched the Del Bigtree, High Wire Youtube which ATSC has kindly posted the link to - and it is brilliant. Del absolutely smashes all John Oliver's points. Although it is long (1 hr 40 min), if you have the time, it is well worth it. Cheered me up!


HighWire with Del Bigtree Live Stream - Del Debates John Oliver!



This Thursday, 7/6, expect some Fireworks



Gorski absolutely knows he is full of it. He is a paid mouth. IMO Oliver is sincerely misguided and Gorski would never jeopardize his own scam by deliberately revealing it to anyone. Gorski couldn't care less about the health of children or anyone else.


@Jeannette Bishop and Linda1...

Couldn't agree more.
It seems "Devil's Advocate" stumbled onto a website he/she knows absolutely nothing about. His/her comments don't even make sense here.


So very well said!!


Devil's Advocate,
You are talking to people that have studied all sides of this issue for years if not decades, and many who have suffered extreme tragedy. But it doesn't take that long or that consequence to figure it out. We all hope you will.

Jeannette Bishop

@Devil's Advocate, left and right doesn't exactly apply to this topic (IMO it's more oligarchy and propagandized masses vs. much sadder for being wiser ex-vaxxers, less-vaxxers, and a few who can see what is going on without having to learn via experience), though "the left's" party "leadership" clearly supports forcing vaccination (and maybe are forcing this position on the rest of the "party"). "Neither" "party" wants to confront and address the now society-destroying levels of health damage being done at "either" "leadership" level (exclduing Trump if you consider him to be a member of either "party" in a "leadership" position, I guess).

Devil's Advocate

Ha, my first post surely marked me as a troll, can't do much about that now. Many good points to be made here. I don't consider myself an authority on the subject, I just want people to get the whole story...too many people posting who haven't watched the entire segment. This is why the right calls it drive by media: Here someone's slanted take on a subject, do no research, get righteous about it, attack anyone who dares to disagree. Most common folk on the left are good people, most common folk on the right are good people. It's the handlers and those in power who abuse and misinterpret information to suit their own agenda. This is a HUGE disservice to the community. (Please notice correct spelling of the word huge)

I don't believe the masses want one end of the extreme, I don't believe the masses want the other end of the extreme, but in this political climate, if you are not one you must be the other It seems. I don't believe this has to be.

Fiscally conservative, socially liberal...we neeed our own party

For Devil's Advocate

Devil's Advocate

That supposes you are the person with a commanding overview of the subject rather than someone with a few impressions, and a rather patronising attitude.

Devil's Advocate

True Susan, I should have read all the comments. None of my ire is directed towards those who have suffered tragedy. This article and people's immediate reaction to it are what has me frustrated. Both the left and the right are both guilty of cherry picking content to suit their points. It is frustrating that in this age of information, we still as a people, cannot be completely honest. I love a good debate and if I could find a SINGLE PLACE on the internet where both sides of an arguement are fully and respectfully covered, I might just live there. I'm sure such a place exists somewhere.


Oh look.

The "Devil's Advocate" showed up to mock and berate.


Goodness, Devil's Advocate - where did you spring from?

If you had taken the time to read more comments on AoA pages, perhaps you would have used the term 'collective tragedies' rather than 'collective arrogance'.

Still, it takes all sorts.

For Devil's Advocate

Devil's Advocate

I wonder who is being spoon-fed - isn't that exactly John Oliver is doing, feeding people with ready-made prejudices? Still, you have chosen your name well.

Devil's Advocate

It's unfortunate to see that the only thing exceeding your collective arrogance, is your collective ignorance. I see many people who only need to see a glimpse of something to believe they know the whole story. Handlers, puppeteers...seriously? The hypocrisy is enough to make one sick. Get ALL the information, not just what your party spoon feeds you. Knowledge is power.


'A number of commentators from mainstream media outlets, including The New York Times,[28] The Huffington Post,[29] Time,[30] and Associated Press,[31] have described Oliver's style of reporting as journalism or even investigative journalism. Oliver himself disagrees, stating that "it's not journalism, it's comedy—it's comedy first, and it's comedy second."[32]"

And, maybe this particular show wasn't for us:

"International broadcast[edit]
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver episode clips can be seen internationally on YouTube. It is broadcast on premium channel HBO Canada that is simulcast with HBO in the U.S.; around the same time it is shown on the international HBO channels. It airs in Australia on The Comedy Channel hours after the U.S. airing[83] It airs in New Zealand on SoHo.[84] In the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is broadcast on Mondays on the satellite-only channel Sky Atlantic.[85] In Belgium, it is broadcast on Thursdays by the Telenet cable-only channel PRIME Series.[86] It airs in South Africa on M-Net.[87] In Portugal it airs on RTP3.[88]."



Trina Aurin

I was so upset watching this last Sunday. I was a fan and no longer. I will never watch his show again and it is disappointing because my one son enjoys it. You are a very disappointing person to our family and I so hope your premature child is okay and any further children so you do not have to go through what all us parents are going through with a child who is on the Autism Spectrum. Also shame on your for attacking Dr Sears who is our doctor and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Paul Picha

Holy smokes.... they had to go to the lengths of producing a 1/2 hour infomercial, during which an actor systematically overcomes parent objections to vaccination, by dutifully reading a teleprompter that guides him through a script that was created by the pharmaceutical industry? This is only further evidence that the cracks in the pavement are deepening.... . Paul Picha

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for this summary which is significantly better than viewing the segment.

Some discussion of Mr. Oliver's segment near the opening of this interview:


claudia ayers

Thanks Anne, as always, for your thoughtful summary. I think Jon Oliver is very talented and has done some wonderful commentaries... too bad he didn't actually do any investigative reporting on this issue. Like you say, there is so much information available to counter Pharma lies. He might notice a drop in his ratings, as I know I will not be alone in opting for something else to entertain me... he has now proved himself to be too shallow to be believed on other topics. (I might suggest you edit your piece to say say RFK Jr. offered $100K (rather than a $1 million) for finding a study on mercury safety ...even if a minor point.)


Good luck, Mr. Oliver, as you play vaccine roulette with your premature baby. The parents you mock seek only to warn parents like you for we have lived with the devastating side effects of vaccines. We have nothing to gain.


Lately, what fascinates me is what I am imagining is going on behind the scenes of the 'denialism'. I remember my tour at Respectful Insolence when I asked the 'choir' if despite their talk of studies finding no link whether they truly believe vaccines do not cause autism, yes or no? Tellingly, very few seemed keen to answer the question. Judging Orac and hus minions, I never fail to get the sense that they know they're full of it.

Yet, what many have missed here is Orac's admission that much of Oliver's talking points came from him. He provided the 'goods'. But wait -- Oliver said he is vaccinating his premature son, and I got the impression he was being sincere. Would Orac seriously allow his new found 'ally' to roll the dice in such a high stakes way, without secretly hinting to Oliver than he might not want to practice what he preaches? Surely Orac's shilling obsession wouldn't push him to being so heartless that he would sacrifice such an important 'friend'!

Kyles mom



Heartbreaking as my son loves John Oliver's show. I will tell him it went off the air cuz he went off the rails. It would devastate my son to hear this callous rant.


"Oliver ended by telling parents that he got over his concerns about vaccinating his son who was born prematurely"

John Oliver should know that if his son does regress in development on the heels of a vaccine and becomes autistic, the fact that he was born prematurely will be blamed, in the same way that postmaturity is blamed, it won't be the vaccine that damaged his child's brain.

Any baby who doesn't arrive on time according to the doctor's EDD is either born pre-mature or post-mature and is at risk for autism.

So if his son isn't so lucky next time at Vaccine Roulette and does lose his speech and skills the question is will Oliver still believe all the propaganda he's been fed, including the neurodiversity nonsense that autistic people are gifted and the next step in evolution, or will he join the crowds of parents whose children have been given a psychiatric label to cover up brain-injury, and realise that he was so stupid that not only had he been taken in by pharma propaganda himself but that he'd been used to disseminate it?


Outrageous! Not funny at all.

Han Litten


California declares glyphosate weed killer (Roundup) to be a cancer-causing poison; will add to Proposition 65 warning list

Where does this leave sb277 SENATOR SCOUNDREL PAN

Since we know all the vaccines are contaminated with GLYPHOSATE (Seneff)

bob moffit

I would recommend ALL readers of AoA .. including Jesus Baby .. view BOTH videos of John Oliver's HBO show .. the RECENT one in this article .. "John Oliver's vulgar treatment of vaccine injured and their families ... and ... the one TWO YEARS ago .. in Levi Quakenboss' .. "John Oliver, you unfunny shmuck".

The STARK differences between BOTH shows .. about a half-hour in length .. by the SAME MAN ... ought to be .. even to Jesus Baby .. clear and convincing evidence .. that misinformed individuals like JOHN OLIVER .. having unrestrained access to the "court of public opinion" ... are more "problem than solution".

Consider ...

TWO YEARS AGO .. Oliver's HBO show .. justifiably .. mocked the outrageous money spent by the pharmaceutical industry on .. "MARKETING OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS" .. which included the hiring of attractive "sales representatives" .. offering FREE meals and other amenities .. such as .. lucrative speaking fees .. especially to those designated as influential .. medical professional .. "Thought Leaders" .. while spending MILLIONS LESS on actual research and development of SAFER and more EFFICIENT DRUGS.

Oliver made mention of the MILLONS paid by pharmaceutical companies for the damage CAUSED by PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.

Oliver's RECENT show was far different .. instead of justifiably "mocking" the vaccine industry .. for MARKETING what has been declared an "Unavoidably Unsafe" product by a majority of the Supreme Court .. providing doctors a LUCRATIVE source of INCOME ... while affording both VACCINE MANUFACTURERS AND DOCTORS .. COMPLETE LIABLITLY PROTECTION .. John Oliver .. inexplicably chose instead .. to "mock" the easier targets ... individuals .. such as .. Dr Wakefield and RFK .. to name just TWO of the individuals he attacked .. for having done nothing less than what HE had done TWO years ago regarding the MARKETING OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.

Apparently .. JOHN OLIVER .. now believes HIMSELF to be worthy of what he once derided as a pharma marketing ... "THOUGHT LEADER" .. whereby HE is among those EXAULTED chosen few .. who can distinguish the difference between .. "sense and non-sense" .. and .. "sounds like science" from real "science"


I cannot finish watching that nasty little puppet mouth chattering his handlers’ cruel lies. Brighter viewers would find the unfunny diatribe ethically suspect and turn the channel, but the stupid among us are all too willing to let some corporate master pull their strings and speak for them, too.

Rants like Oliver’s give viewers a temporary sense of superiority, as if by agreeing they somehow become part of the club, his inner circle of batterer buddies. The naive viewer, quick to oversimplify and judge, won’t realize s/he is instead encouraging oppression of a vulnerable population while condoning government/industry mediocrity and fraud.

This is not comedy. This is abusive propaganda. I wait impatiently for media to outgrow this childish phase of “entertainment,” but corporate greed keeps late-night TV “humor” in a perpetual adolescent state of selective ignorance and emotional volatility.

What are people like Oliver thinking when they boast about their child tolerating 69 doses of vaccines? A compassionate person would not brag to a quadriplegic about the delights of walking… bragging about one’s luck with vaccines and then pretending vaccines are safe for all is equally offensive to the vaccine-injury community.

Oliver seems not to realize that subclinical vaccine adverse reactions may not be evident for months or even years, such as at puberty. Parents might never realize that their child has lost brain potential, especially if an encephalopathy is never seen via a scan. I’ve heard parents of supposedly neurotypical children and teens describe missing abilities as if that part of the brain were erased; repeated attempts to teach the skill always fail.

We will never know how many future Einsteins are condemned to lesser mental and physical abilities, because the CDC that created the problem will never look for it. Just as people are foolish to believe Oliver, he is foolish to believe the CDC. They are all eating poisoned fruit from the poisoned tree.


Jesus baby. Just contempt.

Jeannette Bishop

Not sure why I try to reply to some of the comments on youTube. Log out and they are no where to be found. Left to hope some are thinking the 27 minutes spent on this means they might be missing something not being said, but for the main it appears to be a vaccination reaffirmation by ridicule exercise. Does it seem desperate?

Shelley Tzorfas

Peanut allergies are certainly everywhere amongst this generation of children BECAUSE Peanut oils are in vaccines. Entire school districts have outlawed any product containing peanuts because a mere lick can cause death. This was unheard of. It was Not genetic. The ingredients in most snacks either say "May contain peanuts" for legal reasons just in case a child dies. Food corporations have had to add this to most packages. The Epi-pen, Epidemic-Pen industry has had an explosion in sales. These kids are getting 72 vaccines, not the 3 or 4 that the comedian had. Food allergies are everywhere. It is beyond belief that anyone can say that injury is 1 in a million. 54% of our kids are chronically ill from this. It wasn't until Ronald Regan signed a law giving the pharmaceutical industry ZERO liability that one- day -old babies started getting shot for a disease they could not get unless they were having unprotected sex or a druggie sharing needles (Or mom had the illness). The Hepatitis B shot with high contents of Aluminum was, and is, very destructive to the baby's tiny liver. Many develop jaundice for starters. Hardly anyone ever heard of or knew kids with Autism. Autism is just a code word for the behaviors that occur as a result of Brain Encephalitis from the chemicals in vaccines.Today everyone knows of Autistic Kids. According to the CDC 1 in every 3 toddlers has either Developmental Disabilities or Behavioral Disabilities. Some funny people just have to find out the hard way.

bob moffit

@ Tom

"The history of medicine is replete with examples of medical "advances" that were later proven to be wrong. Alternatively, there are many examples where "simple" methods of care were ignored and ridiculed only now to be repeated to a ridiculous level."

Amen to your observation .. there is no excuse for repeating the same mistakes of prior generations ... over and over again .. after having been warned of their dire consequences .. such as:

"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school .. and .. the person who dares tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool" .. PLATO

"The further society drifts from the truth,, the more it will hate those that speak it" .. ORWELL

"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth, because they don't want their illusions destroyed" .. NIETZCHE

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled" .. MARK TWAIN

"Those who can make you believe in absurdities, can make you commit atrocities" .. VOLTAIRE

@ Jesus Baby .. with all due respect:

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect" .. M TWAIN

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it" .. GOEBELLS

"A foolish faith in authority is the worse enemy of truth" .. ALBERT EINSTEIN

David Weiner

“We are vaccinating him fully, on schedule. And if I can overcome the temptation to listen to the irrational shouting of my terrified lizard brain, then I believe that everyone can.”

Well, well. Oliver's gut is telling him the truth and he is struggling to repress it with his vaccine propaganda.


This sure was a long piece!
He sure covered almost everything.
A little twist here and there and well it could be perfect for those - anti vaxxers' side.

His ending is not really the end though is it.
He is getting his 19 month old all those vaccines; one who had a long and difficult pregnancy.

Stayed tuned in for more to come.

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Jesus baby | June 28, 2017 at 10:31 AM

seriously stop crushing the oxycontin dude .
Its supposed to be a Sackler slow release opiate.
What are you doing smoking it ?

Angus Files

Predictable clapping from pharma trolls.As North Koreas Kim Jong-un` said You clap because you want to live': wont belong now before that lovely hot airless place takes up its occupants where they are all going to for an entirety.

Pharma for Prison


Sean Burke

Interesting he has a 19 week old son born prematurely that he of course says he is vaccinating on schedule. Good for him but it is not like the path of vaccination does not have risks, even if he believes it doesn't.
This Science in God attitude from people on the progressive left is what has turned me off to that the side of the political divide. This "science is God" argument is getting ridiculous. We are for science and you can't question the science because it is science you know. You are not for science because you dare to ask questions.


John Oliver is an idiot and he has no place discussing vaccines as he knows nothing about it and is acting like a self proclaimed expert. I will never watch his show. He could never match the talent of Johnny Carson who was the best.

John Stone


Trouble is this is not about science it is about power and hate and shutting people up.

You also have to be cracked to complain that our side is getting the lion's share of the argument in media, it is just a troll ploy. It has never been so, and it couldn't be less so now.

Jesus baby

Bravo John!

Hans Hitten

I pay for this BBC garbage :


An Italian father has written a heartfelt letter to a regional governor, urging him not to challenge a new law making vaccination compulsory.
Nicola Pomaro's young daughter suffers from severe auto-immune deficiency.
In the letter, he says plummeting rates of vaccination in Italy - which the new law seeks to reverse - represent "a mortal danger to my daughter" and thousands of others.
He urges Veneto Governor Luca Zaia to abandon his legal challenge.


A 'painless' sticking plaster flu jab that delivers vaccine into the skin has passed important safety tests in the first trial in people.
The patch has a hundred tiny hair-like microneedles on its adhesive side that penetrate the skin's surface. It is simple enough for people to stick on themselves.
I am scared of Needles alright . Vaccination Extermination

God bless : Veneto Governor Luca Zaia

Tom Petrie

The history of medicine is replete with examples of medical "advances" that were later proven to be wrong. Alternatively, there are many examples where "simple" methods of care were ignored and ridiculed only now to be repeated to a ridiculous level.

For the first example, we can think of mercury treatment for various ailments, blood-letting and (not for medical use), the x-ray tool for measuring shoe size! We don't do any of these things anymore.

For the second example, we all know of the case of Ignas Semmelweis who was soundly ostracized for recommending orderlies "wash their hands" before delivering babies! He died in a mental institution! We also can think of the case of Carl Funk, who after discovering the one could reverse the disease of beri-beri (thiamin deficiency from feeding rats "white rice"--devoid of most B-vitamins--by instead, feeding them unrefined BROWN rice. He too was soundly criticized and told to go back and find the virus that is causing this "disease."

And a century later, we're STILL in this same mentality, stubbornly adhering to ridiculous notions like we can inject poisons and neurotoxins into infants and children and somehow make them healthier. The remarks from idiots/comedians like John Oliver is just a fancy way of showing their contempt for truth and critical thinking.

And now with the advanced state of propaganda in America complete, we have the technique of endless repetition to cloud our brains into not delving into the truth on so many topics. If it weren't for AoA, I don't know what those seeking the truth would do!

At the very least, we must demand an apology AND equal air time to correct his errors! Perhaps someone should introduce Oilver to Poul Thorsen and maybe they could spend time in jail together one for theft of a million or so, and for falsifying that 2004 study, the other for lacking compassion, empathy and the ability to discern truth from fiction. But I guess the later is not a crime...too bad!

In the Know

Don't take all of the "likes" and "views" seriously. You know when Big Pharma has a hand in anything, it has to be dirty.

Check out Chinese Click Farms:

Chinese "Click Farm" of 10,000 phones gives "likes" to our apps





I lost all respect I ever had for John Oliver when I watched part of his anti-antivaxxer tirade. After watching only eight minutes of it, I had to stop watching it. The segment contained so many deliberate untruths, misleading statements, and even pure idiocy and willful ignorance. Where to even begin? He will never be "funny" to me again, just like Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert, and Penn and Teller (not that they ever were funny to me), Sacha Baron Cohen, and Jimmy Fallon won't. How very sad it is when a TV personality you watch, sometimes, for just a bit of comic relief, turns on you like a rabid dog. Bye-bye 4ever, John!

Children and adults who were harmed or killed by vaccines should be given the utmost respect, rather than outright denigrated, as they were injured or as they died for the protection of the "imaginary" herd, a fantastical pharma fabrication.


I'm confused. Is the official guidance now that we should take medical advice from media celebrities?

John Oliver revealed. Another bought corporate twit.

I am waiting for the episode mocking people dying from antibiotic resistant superbugs.

bob moffit

John Oliver:

'“The age children are supposed to get the MMR vaccine happens to be the same age diagnosable signs of autism can begin to appear, but correlation is not causation. That is what scientific studies are for ..... and remember, they are very clear—that links are not there. And the problems spending more and more time and money trying to prove that link, is that it takes resources away from studying actual causes and treatments.”

Admittedly .. I don't know who John Oliver is .. but .. having read his extraordinarily misinformed comments on vaccines .. I can honestly say he is the perfect example of what I would describe as a "useful idiot" ... voluntarily exploiting his HBO show to further what Shyral Attkisson aptly describes as "astroturfing" ... the highly-successful .. deliberate effort by the powerfully influential vaccine cartel .. to manipulate and deceive the public ... in a desperate attempt to stop the wide--spread and growing population of parents .. who through personal experience .. have suffered the tragic consequences of what a majority of the Supreme Court has identified as an "Unavoidably Unsafe" product.

Unfortunately, "astroturfing" cannot happen without the willful participation of our main stream media .. to silence all voices but those "useful idiots" who pursue agendas that are not in the best interests of the people ... such as .. all those prominent voices insisting they not only KNEW Saddam had weapons of mass destruction .. but .. had satellite images showing exactly WHERE those weapons were being stored.

How did that "astroturfing" work out for our country?

Hans Hitten

Posted by: susan | June 28, 2017 at 06:25 AM

Agreeing with you.
They have given us a reason to fight .

I am never going to thank John Oliver for this .
But as a Pharma Harma policy, this is quite likely counterproductive .

The lamestream talks about the Anti-Vax movement , but never lets the public see that community , surely the public must be head scratching over that .
And of course they have a major problem , they cant allow the discussion any airtime at all , because its all so obvious , and we would win hands down .

We have the science , they have the BBC (lies).


It's so depressing to see comedy go this way. Obviously there are different kinds of humor, and being offensive is one way to do it. But this is not the equal-opportunity bashing of Rickles, Rivers, or Carlin (all of which I loved, by the way). Jim Jeffries, Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart, and Seth MacFarlane pass themselves off as subversive, but they'll say things about the autism/vax injured community they wouldn't get away with on any other group. Quick example: I was a huge fan of the show "Family Guy". When Caitlyn Jenner transitioned, one of the producers commented on the fact that they had made fun of her (pre-trans) with "we won't be doing that again". That season they did half a dozen lowbrow jokes about autism, and this past year did a whole pro-vax propaganda episode (with domestic abuser Sean Penn no less) that got a lot of positive buzz.

I'll stick to Johnny Carson reruns.


The more this type of media hype against the truth and 'ex-vaxxers' continues, the more determined we, the families of vaccine injured children, are to expose their lies.

Anger at such vitriol only serves to double our efforts.

I suspect Pharma, Health agencies and Governments must be getting very worried.

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