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Italians Say "Basta!" To Mandatory Vaccination

BastaThank you to Health Impact New for this post.

Readers from Italy have been contacting Health Impact News this past week, asking us to cover the massive demonstrations happening throughout Italy to protest a new mandatory vaccine law. This news has been censored from the U.S. corporate media.

Francesca Alesse, who worked with the VAXXED film team to get the film shown in Italy last year, writes:

In an unprecedented way, the decree-law proposed by the Minister of Health has been signed by the sitting Italian president Sergio Mattarella. Only four vaccines were mandatory in Italy, now that number triples to 12.

No other decree-law has moved so fast in the Italian legislative system, the reasons of such hurry are incomprehensible considering that the Istituto Superiore Di Sanità (the local version of the CDC) has declared that contrary to what stated in the decree itself there is no objective urgency. There are no epidemics, the number of cases of measles or meningitis in the current year have been substantially lower than the previous year.

Thousands of parents have protested the new law this past June 3rd, protests and marches have taken place in 21 Italian cities spread across the nation. A national protest is scheduled for this Sunday June 11th.

The translated full text of the decree-law is found here.

Florence Protest

Recent protests in Florence. Photo sent to Health Impact News from an Italian reader.

The new law apparently has severe consequences for parents who fail to comply, including the possibility of having their children taken away from them. In addition to public outcry, there appears to be strong political opposition to the law as well.

Elisabetta Bressan, an Italian commenting on Facebook writes:

Protests are going to increase here, as our Government has announced… a law to introduce 12 mandatory vaccines. The law…. was announced by our Health Ministry to be as follows: 12 mandatory vaccination needed to have access to pre-school system (age 0-6): no vaccination, no enrollment, no exceptions; for mandatory school (age 0-16) if kids were not vaccinated parents should pay a penalty between 500€ and 7.500€ per year, if you cannot afford it, you’ll be refer to Jouvanile Court, that could suspend your parents rights to get your children vaccinated. A national protest is envisaged in Rome on June 11.

This will start within the next school year (September 2017); it has been calculated that more then 800,000 kids will need to receive a massive vaccination in a very little time.  Read more here.



You'd think the Popewould look out his window. And here I thought Vatican City was made of gold and not ivory.

David Weiner

So Italy goes from 4 mandated vaccines to 12, and introduces financial penalties.

This a good reminder that NO number of mandates can ever be tolerated, with or without exemptions or penalties.

Once we let the vaccine Nazis get a foot in the door, it is only a matter of time before full-blown tyranny emerges.

What is needed, and what we must demand, is for the government vaccine programs to be abolished. We need a separation of vaccines and state.


Medicalised Mandates for anything. NOT NOW ,NOT EVER!
Billy Connolly My Granny funny song. youtube.
When caustic comedy songs from 1970's become our present poverty, of Health and Social Care, failed basic standards reality,then time to get Human Rights Lawyers and Inter-Faith Church Elders prompted off their cosy hin-ends "Aye, right off it" to sit up, buckle up , waken up, and wisen up.
Are we only a hair's breadth past a freckle away from the next medicalised mandate of no flu vaccine compliance then no old age pension pay out for pensioners .

Han Litten

Poland : wow

Han Litten

And see the massive demonstration in Poland . SALUTE ALL WHO MARCH

And then there is this :

Feeling the pressure ? Henry ? and the rest of you damn Bildebergers ?

Anne McELroy Dachel

This story was out on Newsline on June 9th: 130 Italian families threaten to seek asylum in Austria over mandatory vaccinations

"More than 130 families in the Italian province of South Tyrol are allegedly threatening to seek asylum in Austria, just days after the Italian president signed a decree requiring mandatory vaccinations for school admission."


Corner the tiniest of animal's in a corner and it doesn't matter the size of the aggressor it will come out and fight its last fight.Heading that way guys.

I remember the English Defence League (EDL) when the UK was going to ban Christmas lights as it upset the minorities - the EDL organisation wrote to all the local Councils in the UK and asked if they were going to ban the lights and if they did they would seek a protest march through that local town - the cost to the police to watch over such a demo one organised by the EDL was £500,000.00 and paid for by the local Council.The following year NO Christmas lights were banned at Christmas.

Pharma for Prison


Bob Moffit

Explanation of Italy's scheduled mandatory vaccination law:

"This will start within the next school year (September 2017); it has been calculated that more then 800,000 kids will need to receive a massive vaccination in a very little time."

In my humble opinion .. there appears to be no distinction between Italy's traditional Mafia Crime families .. and Italy's Minister of Health .. and .. president Sergio Mattarella.


Apparently, Italy had been chosen in 2014 as leading Country for the WHO world vaccination campaign co-financed by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, therefore what happen here can affect also other countries.

No surprise to hear that .. as the Gates Foundation is high on the public list of STAKEHOLDERS determined to have adults as well as children .. by the year 2020 .. FULLY COMPLIANT WITH VACCINATIONS AS RECOMMENDED AND APPROVED BY THE WHO.

Hey .. who can blame them .. after all .. BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WILL BE GUARENTEED .. EVERY YEAR ..

The Mafia must be very envious of the Gates Foundation.

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