Autism: The Tragedy of Increasing Health Complications & Earlier Death
Response to AMA’s Status Quo Vaccine Policy, Trumping Safety

Child Safety or Parental Duty: New Study Maps out Core Concepts in the Vaccination Debate

Safety first signThanks to Nancy Hokkanen for sharing this study that looks at both sides of the vaccine debate - from Virginia Tech.

Their latest research, published in the journal Vaccine, attempts to break down the ideas that are most closely associated with a pro- or anti-immunization stance.
“When we mapped out how these arguments are structured, we found that anti-vaccination content tended to focus on children and their need to be protected,” said Gloria Kang, a Ph.D. candidate at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. “Pro-vaccination content, on the other hand, centered on parents and their obligation to keep kids’ immunizations up-to-date — so the basic notion of whose interests are at stake in this debate are completely flipped.”
Vax Signs

But who paid for their expensive professionally done signs?

And why no accompanying photo of vaccine safety protesters with homemade signs?



Corporate Lives Matter! The PC crowd has been co-opted by global corporate interests and the foot soldiers are either incentivized or brainwashed into the cult of cultural elitism.


Autism Speaks was formed by good people with good intentions too. Any good organization that threatens the status quo is taken over and redirected by the exploiters. Another case in point - Whole Foods Market.

Angus Files

I used to be a fan of Bono which evaporated when I read of his success as a shareholder of Facebook say no more, the rest as they say is history.

Pharma for Prison


Family Differences

Curious to note that Bobby Shriver, son of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver, is the first cousin of RFKjr - also born in the same year, 1954.



From the One annual report, Bobby Shriver is Listed on the Board of Directors as co-founder of ONE and RED.

And from Wiki:

"ONE was founded by a coalition of 11 non-profit humanitarian and advocacy organizations, including DATA, World Vision, Oxfam America, and Bread for the World, with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2007, ONE announced that it would be merging with DATA"


Well, here's the toolkit, in case any of you want to join the gang. Be sure to fill out the required report sheet so they can keep track of your activities:


From the One about page:

ONE is an international campaigning and advocacy organization made up of nearly 8 million members taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Cofounded by Bono, we raise public awareness and work with political leaders to combat AIDS and preventable diseases, increase investments in agriculture and nutrition, and demand greater transparency so governments are accountable to their citizens..."

Cofounded by Bono. Doesn't say who with. Isn't THAT interesting?

Shelley Tzorfas

The US has lost its identity as a Democracy. It is a Corporate "Oligarchy" without personal freedoms. Corporations make all decisions, not people, not parents. Education now molds young minds to become worker bees. Doctors text books are written by the pharmaceutical industry. It is not about health at all. It is about what Pills can they sell to mask illness rather than cure anything. What shots can they force upon the individual. WHO pays for the Neurotoxic aluminum, mercury, gender bending human aborted fetus cells, polysorbate 80 intended to harm the once protective Blood-Brain Barrier, pig cells, dogs monkeys cows( containing Leukemia and Mad Cow), glyphosate and more. Where do these deadly metals in the shots Come From?
I am all for making money but not for creating diseases injury, harm, CANCER, Autism, Lupus as a way to make profit. As Steven Spielberg recently said,"For the first 25 years we are trained to listen to voices that are not our own.. The doubt among our young people must grow before their children are shot!


John, I agree -- any information this study gleans about vaccine hesitancy will not be used to investigate vaccine adverse reactions, devise treatments for AE's, make vaccines safer, nor bring CDC fraudsters to justice. It's all about calculating the emotional impacts of targeted semantics and imagery designed to pressure people into resuming vaccination, or increasing their vaccine consumption throughout adulthood.

Vaccine profiteers have huge war chests to fund these faux demonstrations using naive university students, nervous mommy groups, or defensive medical stakeholders. I am disinclined to believe their unreferenced statistics about disease reduction in countries still struggling to provide adequate nutrition and clean water.

These supposedly good-intentioned people do not make me feel "protected" -- just shouted down and marginalized so that a mediocre-to-lethal public health initiative can feel good about itself.

Jeannette Bishop

ONE is most likely the would-be ratio of vaccine injury in "the herd."

David Weiner

" so the basic notion of whose interests are at stake in this debate are completely flipped.”

Wrong conclusion. The "interests" of the kids and their parents are the same. Could anything be more obvious?

John Stone

Just another study into how to manipulate people better. Milgram 2017, except of course Milgram wanted to highlight the dangers and inadvertently probably just assisted the dark side long term.

Grace Green

Another thing I notice about this photo is they are all young adults. Too young to have children, and too out and about to be affected by vaccine injury themselves. A mixed crowd would have looked more realistic. This lot look like a rent-a-crowd. Student jobs anyone?


Time to put ewe'r feet up !
O ur
N ational
E quilibrium ONE 'S goat to be seriously joking ,sheep behaviour are most comfortable with their own flock ,but they tend to run away if approached or spooked They will spot odd looking wellies a mile away ?
One previous attempt to promote behavioural modification techniques to induce lemming behavioural tendences failed miserabely .They had to bag it and bin it !
Fact or fable ! sheep are daft but not stupid !

Sally Rubin

Is it this organization?

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Linda1 | June 27, 2017 at 09:07 AM

Wonderful comment (wish it had been mine)


ONE? One what?
One mind? One logo? One source for this faux grassroots demonstration?
What good little bots they are, brainwashed and all dressed up in their corporate uniforms with their corporate signs.
Do you think there'd be any kind of wave form if they were hooked up to an EEG? Would they all have ONE tracing? Nothing going on upstairs?
How pathetic does it get?

bob moffit

"But who paid for their expensive professionally done signs?"

Ah, yes, the old adage ... FOLLOW THE MONEY

I wont waste my time waiting for today's heroic "investigative health journalists" to ask that single question .. because .. that simply ain't gonna happen .. END OF STORY .. MOVE ON NOW.

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