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Former CNN Anchor Talks About Vaccine Reporting

Kathleen KennedyBy Anne Dachel

Seven years ago, I wrote, What Would Woodward Do? An Autism Analogy.

It was a story about how a real journalist like Bob Woodward covers a story.

Woodward had made a video saying that a good reporter has to be thorough.

 "...checking a dozen or even a half a dozen people for a day story.  ...

"The second track is documents..."

'Get your ass out of the chair and get over there.'

In other words, check things FIRST HAND, verify your sources, talk to people on both sides of an issue. And when has any network or print reporter ever covered the vaccine controversy in a thorough and unbiased manner (with the exception of former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson and Alisyn Camerota when she was at Fox)?

In the story below, former CNN anchor KATHLEEN KENNEDY talked about how the vaccine controversy is covered. (And I love it when they say "former" because network executives can't  quash what this journalist has to say.)

This was in stark contrast to what we're all used to seeing from the mainstream media where vaccine safety coverage universally promotes the belief that every vaccine is safe for every child and the only danger comes from not vaccinating.

May 31, 2017, Ex CNN Anchor Shares Questions The Media Needs To Ask On Vaccine Safety & Scientific Integrity 

There are two mantras of old school journalism that appear to have gone the way of the rotary phone: 1) Never believe the first answer, and 2) When in doubt, check it out. In the early 1980s when I began my career in television news, even a shred of doubt was enough for us to whip out the journalistic shovel and commence digging. Woodward and Bernstein were our idols, the unrelenting model of perfection to which we all aspired. We were trained to ask the questions with one eyebrow up. Skepticism was a badge of honor. We didn’t seek the fleeting “ah-hah” moments of today’s reporting, we sought truth. There was no cutting and pasting in haste to get a story before the competition.

Don’t get me wrong. We did strive to get the story first, but we also did the actual legwork to get it right. Just ONE wrong move could cost your employer its credibility, and in a field that lacked the competition journalists have today, it was more noticeable. THAT was unthinkable. But in the wake of a 24-hour news cycle and countless competitors in print, internet and television, the bar we once held high found itself inches above ground. Never was that more apparent to this old schooler than this past February at a news conference for the World Mercury Project at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Our aim was to enlighten the media on the doubts we have in the integrity of the science related to our nation’s vaccines. However, if I had any doubts about the state of integrity of journalism today, those doubts were solidified at that very press conference.

Ms. Kennedy described how she became involved with Robert Kennedy, Jr. and his World Mercury Project. After listening to RFK, Jr. talk about CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson at the National Press Club earlier this year, she asked herself, "What if he was right?"

What if the mainstream media's coverage was really "bad journalism"?

Kathleen Kennedy talked about reporters using "canned talking points" like 'widely debunked' and 'definitive science' that "they have simply copied and pasted from a previously written story." She realized that anyone questioning vaccine safety was immediately labeled "anti-vaccine," and there was no real consideration of their arguments. Kathleen Kennedy noted that this happened to Robert Kennedy, regardless of the fact that he continually said all of his children were vaccinated.  Kathleen Kennedy had to ask, "Did the reporters write the story BEFORE the press conference? One has to wonder."

It's amazing to see someone in the media actually acknowledging that vaccine coverage is horribly biased and appallingly scripted and sloppy. And I think it's also important to bring up the power and control of pharmaceutical advertising dollars over the news. At that same press conference Robert Kennedy made it clear that "the vaccine industry OWNS the media and controls everything they say about dangerous vaccines," as reported.

Let's hope Kathleen Kennedy continues to hold reporters accountable for their role in covering up the truth about what vaccines are doing to our children.

Kennedy's bio:

Kathleen Kennedy is a 25-year veteran of local, national and international television news. In 1992, she joined Turner Broadcasting to co-anchor its prime-time newscast, The World Today on CNN. Throughout her career at CNN, Kennedy served as a news anchor for its sister networks Headline News and CNN International, seen in more than 200 countries around the world. During her career as a news anchor and reporter, Kennedy covered the major breaking news events of the past two decades.  She has given us permission to re-print the article, as seen via The World Mercury Project



Frank De Stefano has a child with autism. Hmmmmm.


Hey! hat is exactly what has been going on for-ever in my life. Way back since 1982.

I have been gas-lighted.

There was some reason I have this deep frustration that nags at me every damn day. That is why; I over react to everyone wanting that discusses it with me.

That is the perfect analogy of what is going on and that is why we parents are almost nuts with this and over react with anger to everyone.

Perfect -- exactly.

John Stone

This, of course, the same Dr McCormick of the famous IOM closed door meeting in January 2001 three years before it reported instructing colleagues with Dr Stratton that there are to be no findings on MMR and thimerosal:

Dr. McCormick: ...[CDC] wants us to declare, well, these things are pretty safe on a population basis (p. 33).
Dr. Stratton: ...The point of no return, the line we will not cross in public policy is pull the vaccine, change the schedule. We could say it is time to revisit this, but we would never recommend that level. Even recommending research is recommendations for policy. We wouldn't say compensate, we wouldn't say pull the vaccine, we wouldn't say stop the program. (p. 74)
Dr. McCormick: ...we are not ever going to come down that [autism] is a true side effect...(p. 97)


Harvard MD

I was not familiar with the term "gas-lighting". I am now and I think it is accurate and descriptive. How many of the usual suspects come to mine when reading the next couple of paragraphs, in addition to the dangerous fraudster of Marie McCormick.

"Gaslighting is one of the most extreme, dangerous and effective forms of emotional and psychological abuse and is mostly carried out intentionally. Gaslighting is a game of mind control and intimidation that is often used by narcissists and sociopaths as a way of controlling, confusing and debilitating someone."

"One of the main reasons we may not recognize it is that many of us will fail to believe those we trust and love are capable of manipulating us (it is this denial that keeps the dynamic going.) Also, the gaslighter will most likely be highly skilled at covering their tracks, keeping things subtle and being a skilled master or mistress of deception."


@ Harvard MD
The degree of factual inaccuracy in Prof Marie McCormick's statement is surreal and unacceptable. The California law (SB277) applies to all children attending public or private elementary and secondary schools PLUS DAYCARE...
"...private or public elementary or secondary school, child day care center, day nursery, nursery school, family day care home, or development center..."

Considering that TIMING AND RISK OF ADVERSE REACTIONS may be directly related, as exposed by CDC Senior Scientist and whistleblower Dr William Thompson in "Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC" by Kevin Barry and the documentary film, Vaxxed, this law is monstrous when applied to the span "birth to preschool."

Thank you for posting.


Just a correction to the California mandate: it includes public AND private schools, daycare centers and preschools. The only way to avoid the immunization requirements are through a medical exemption or by homeschooling.

Harvard MD

Gas-lighting the public by Harvard School of Public Health by Prof Marie McCormick, Prof of Maternal and Child Health

Here's but one example of gas lighting the public taken from this interview:

"Other strategies for improving vaccine uptake, for example, occur in terms of public health regulation. And for example, in California, have eliminated all exemptions except medical exceptions to vaccines. I think the other thing to realize is that people talk about a vaccine mandate. It is not mandated that you get your child immunized. What is mandated, if you want a public education, you have to have your child immunized to go to school. There are private schools that have very low immunization rates. And there are, of course, the home schooled group. So it’s not mandated."


...and the band played on.... children of CBS employees develop autism following the MMR vaccine, the company continues to suppress fair reporting on vaccine safety...instead airing incessant advertisements for mysterious, chronic neurodegenerative diseases that did not seem to exist in the old days. I can't take them seriously anymore.

Many thanks to AoA and its supporters for providing the truth. Writers like Anne and commentators are a breath of fresh air.

Hans Litten

Teri Arranga - I love you - & I love AutismONE more .

Mark Wax

I encourage everyone who uses this site as curator of information to speak out, illuminate the facts and become "journalists" responding to every false meme and attack on those who want justice for the injured and vaccine safety. Get to your keyboard and write. I understand that many are so overwhelmed by the devastating injury to your child, that time is scarce. But, tell your story orally ( with citation) to as many friends and relatives as possible. Perhaps they will write in your stead. Pharma has the tentacles deep into control of the narrative of all those who need there a revenue. Worse still, so many people entrusted with the sacred safety of the nation's citizens are more interested in their careers as Government hacks. But, there will always be good people out there. There will always be truth tellers. We just need to empower them. We can't afford to wait for someone else to do it. I have lived long enough to tell you, it will be a very rough road ahead.

Hans Litten

Apparently Frank De Stefano (cdc criminal) has an autistic child . No Comment

Bob Moffit

"... And I think it's also important to bring up the power and control of pharmaceutical advertising dollars over the news. At that same press conference Robert Kennedy made it clear that "the vaccine industry OWNS the media and controls everything they say about dangerous vaccines,"

Comparing Bob Woodward's historical "investigation" of Watergate with today's pitiful coverage given vaccine safety and scientific integrity .. is comparing apples to oranges .. undeniably .. both are fruits .. but .. that is where the comparison ends. While Woodward and those attending the World Mercury Project at the National Press club .. identify themselves as "reporters" .. that is where he comparison ends.

As famously said during the Watergate years ... FOLLOW THE MONEY .. which is exactly why RFK "made it clear the vaccine industry OWNS THE MEDIA AND CONTROLS EVERYTHING THEY SAY ABOUT DANGEROUS VACCINES.

While Woodward exposed political corruption at the highest level of our government .. does anyone believe his work would have been published so extensively in the Washington Post .. had he written about "vaccines" instead of Nixon?


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