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Dachel Wake Up: WaPo Pushes Autism Genetics in New Video

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

This two minute video on the WaPo site says it all.

June 29, 2017  The genetics of autism, explained 

The secret to understanding autism lies largely in our DNA. Here's what you need to know about genetics and autism.

In case you doubt that our mainstream news is owned and operated by industry, watch this short video that leaves no room for doubt. The Post is out to convince as that autism is mostly a genetic condition.

"The environment" gets a fleeting mention, but then we're told about twin studies and "...that makes autism one of the most genetic conditions of the brain. The environment may also play a role in autism, but research evidence clearly indicates that genetics is the larger contributor."

Just like the refrigerator moms in the 1950s, today's parents are responsible for the genetic mistakes that cause their children to be autistic.

So it won't ever matter what the rate is, how many healthy children are struck down by autism as toddlers, THE PRESS DOESN'T CARE. They're only going to lie. They now have as much at stake in covering up the truth as the medical/health care communities. So can you trust anything from WaPo?

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Angus Files

Its the decline of newspapers and the rebirth of journalism as I see it where the great Alex Jones Rebel Media etc are getting the stories out away from the megalomaniacs .They the MSN are all seriously shipping water just now just let them do what they are doing and the rats will soon start plopping of the side.PAUL AND HIS MATES GREAT JOB!!

Pharma for Prison


Tim Lundeen

James Lyons-Weiller's most recent article talks about this:

Grace Green

If smoking was ignored, lung cancer would be a genetic disease. So why do they tell people to stop smoking?

Hans Hitten

WAPO = What A load of POo

Meanwhile in CaliforNAZIa , AB443 , is in the offing . Where is the resistance ?
What next , Car mechanics are going to offer a flu vaccine with every new car tyre ?

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