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UK Newspaper Reports on Call to "Ban" Dara Berger's How to Prevent Autism from Skyhorse Publishing

How to Prevent Autism-RGB for webGood grief - they say that bad publicity is good publicity as long as "they" spell your name correctly. Berger - Dara Berger. Her book, from Skyhorse Publishing, not even published yet, is under fire for daring to recommend preventing autism. In fact, the title is "How to Prevent Autism."  "Autistic people are not to be feared!" On the surface, this seems like an appropriate response. However, people with severe autism often have behaviors (that are part of the diagnosis) that seriously limit or even prevent their ability to be included in schools (this is why there are specific autism schools) and even day programs and group homes. I know of many beautiful, loved boys and girls, teens, men and women with autism who have been denied entrance to camps, schools, after school programs and even special needs programs - because of their intense needs and behaviors. In fact, they ARE feared by the actual system in place for people with special needs. To imply that preventing autism is a form of bigotry is nonsense and poppycock. Denying a disorder that prevents speaking, toileting, independent living, employment, and actual safety is the birthright of everyone in this nation.  Autism is a tough, tough road - no matter where the person falls on the spectrum. We here at AofA are acutely aware of the levels of patience, love and Herculean 24/7/365 effort to care of a person with moderate to severe autism.  Even to care for a person with Asperger's. The needs are constant. Those who claim discrimination are simply flat out wrong.  We need to prevent the disabling diagnosis of autism. Does this mean we won't still have quirky, oddball, interesting, funny, smart children? Nope. But maybe they will have a chance at an independent life. Buy Dara's book and judge for yourself. That's an American ideal after all. Free speech. Even for people like my beautiful Bella WHO CAN NOT SPEAK at all.  KIM

'Autistic people are not to be feared!' Mom's controversial book about how to 'prevent' autism faces backlash as 3,000 people sign an online petition calling for Amazon to ban it Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4556480/Mom-writes-controversial-book-prevent-autism.html#ixzz4ihR07ze1 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


Tom Petrie

Angus Files states: "I would wonder who the 3000 instant objectors are..."

Well, Angus, obviously, they were all psychic, since they "read the book," BEFORE it was even published, and consequently, they were able to "object" to it through careful "reading" of the text, analysis and scholarship!

Of course, I'm joking, but it just goes to show that folks--most stupid folks--love to condemn material they don't agree with before even analyzing it! That's just the way the dumbing down of our nation (and its people), has progressed--to this sad point. These 3,000 signatures are just a symptom--a symptom of stupidity in action. But it's not just stupidity, it's s symptom of severely closed minds in the brains of folks that say, "you can't read this, because it upsets my comfort."

J.F.K. said, (before the Yale Graduating class, 6/21/1961), that "People would rather endure the comfort of their opinions, rather than to endure the discomfort of thought." Now, let's add, the "discomfort of being proven to be an idiot."

I once asked an arrogant Pediatrician "If there was a group of folks that never got Autism, would you want to know who they were?" And he said, (in an arrogant tone again), "I suppose you're going to tell me," and I said, "No, I'm not....I wanted to know if YOU wanted to know!"

See the difference? If A existed, would you want to know about "A"--yes or no? With ANY controversial subject, we firstly want to ascertain whether or not our opponent (the unschooled individual), is "READY" for material that might educate him or her. Most are NOT ready, so why waste our time? BUT in their answer, they've confirmed that they are, in fact, closed minded and therefore you have won the conversation.

"Mrs Jones, if there were over ten documentaries and twenty books on the dangers of vaccines, would you want to know what they are?" You're first asking if they WANT to become educated and that takes effort.

And it's effort that those 3,000 folks did not want to make. They hadn't even read Mrs. Berger's book and they don't want YOU to read it either! I don't know what that's about, but it's sad, just the same.


Kim: "Autism is a tough, tough road - no matter where the person falls on the spectrum. We here at AofA are acutely aware of the levels of patience, love and Herculean 24/7/365 effort to care of a person with moderate to severe autism. Even to care for a person with Asperger's. The needs are constant."

Yes. Here's another video that Gillian O'Brien Murray should watch and all those who embrace neurodiversity. And this mother is raising a high-functioning child:

Autism at 9 Years Old: Kicked out of School AGAIN!


Does Gillian O'Brien Murray really believe that our children grow up to be "teachers, doctors, artists, builders, dancers, singers, actors and actresses, and so much more"? I wish.

It's a pity that many parents of young children with autism have paid attention to the voices of the neurodiverse and joined forces with them. The O'Brien Murray's little boy might be cute and manageable at age four (1) but has she considered what he might be like at fourteen? At twenty-four, will he be living independently and supporting himself or will he still be dependent on his aging parents and still living with them or in a group home? Being gay is not a disability and can't be compared to the language impairments and social deficits of autism. And the public is far more sympathetic towards people with Down Syndrome because of their physical appearance.

If Gillian O'Brien Murray really thinks people with autism are just like everybody else, she should take off her rose-tinted glasses and listen to this sobering talk by Dame Stephanie Shirley:


"I'm not really talking about adults tonight but will say that few who received a childhood diagnosis of autism have become self-sufficient, less than 10% do well, the remainder are dependent on third party support for the remainder of their lives in all aspects. The average additional lifetime cost of the family of a child with autism and learning disability is 3 million pounds. Only 7% education, all the rest in direct support. What society doesn't want is a failing child becoming a failing adult, and ending up in institutional care having broken the health of the parents. "

(1) http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/assistance-dog-controversy-sick-and-undernourished-puppy-was-completely-unfit-for-service-360021.html#

Michelle B

How to prevent autism: don't vaccinate.


Barry unless a baby can eat a whole Whale and fries to get the same levels of mercury thats in a Whale from a vaccine - and before your 24months old as this is when most Autism symptoms appear. Appart from this I agree cant come from many other sources!

Pharma for Prison



No one says all persons with autism are the result of vaccine injury.


I do.

Jeannette Bishop

I think Skyhorse updated the link to here:



I would wonder who the 3000 instant objectors are.Was it a petition objection factory somewhere very poor where false accounts are set up to object anything without a needle hanging from it just like the fake Twitter and Facebook followers you can have on your accounts and impress all the others with the same?.Was it a memo circulated round pharma employees to object and sign against the book - no proof of that ( whistle-blowers wanted apply AOA).It also looks like the the lesser tolerant Pharma have stooped lower ,how low can they go is anyone's guess I say lower a lot lower...

Pharma for Prison



I can understand many parents of autistic children may have an overwhelming, misplaced sense of guilt. I say misplaced because those parents all were misinformed, thinking they did the "right thing". Listen to parents of vaccine injured children, and hear them say it.

To the author of the petition to ban this book I say: thank you for the extra publicity you have given it! And also: you may need to be educated on the difference between a debilitating condition (such as auto immune dis-eases or dis-orders triggering autism like symptoms, also known as vaccine injury) and a natural inclination to be homo-, bi- or heterosexual. Plenty of examples of highly functional and talented gay persons around. Yes, Temple Grandin also is a fine example of a famous, highly functional and gifted autistic person. No one says all persons with autism are the result of vaccine injury. There can be other environmental factors triggering autism. Meanwhile, how can anyone deny the steady rise of the number of vaccines and so called boosters on the CDC recommended schedule, and the staggering number of autistic children each additional booster shot or vaccine has triggered?

I could go on and cite suppressed scientists concerns on the topic of gender confusion, and how infants and children repeatedly injected with
cell lines - harvested from aborted fetal tissue of both male and female origin - may be a contributing factor here...

Instead I urge all parents to read vaccine inserts, listed ingredients, compare them with the MSDS (material safety data sheet on each ingredient you question) and also read article 13, (listed on every vaccine insert) in which is outlined that carcinogenic and mutagenic effects of this particular vaccine have never been studied.

Let me just say I Love all beings, no matter their orientation, confused or not. I support health freedom, and freedom of speech.

Let's forgive ourselves for our own blind spots and possible misgivings, actually read this book and have a real conversation about it. We owe it to all children to look beyond dogma, and to keep our hearts and minds open. We are after all shaping the world they inherit from us.

John Stone


Not for a very long time - and I can even remember when they Sunday Times published vaccine critical articles.

It makes you think of Animal Farm and "Four legs good, two legs bad".

Jenny Allan

This is sad. In the UK the Daily Mail is one of the few-the very few- newspapers to have published alternative articles challenging establishment entrenched propaganda on issues such as global warming-and yes vaccines.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

What scientific evidence does Gillian O'Brien Murray cite in support of her idea that you cannot prevent a child developing an autistic disorder? Down syndrome or being gay are other conditions she cites as unpreventable. What about cerebral palsy or PKU disorder (phenylketonuria)?

O'Brien Murray's autism is not Kanner autism (early infantile autism). Her autism is a fictitious kind of personality based on euphemistic explanations like "social disorder" preventing language development, or lack of "shared interest" for diminished environmental awareness. Does she embrace seizure disorder or involuntary movements (like hand flapping) as part of her autism?

Childhood autism has many known causes. Prenatal rubella infection, prenatal exposure to valproic acid, lead poisoning, genetic disorders like tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, PKU, and adenyl succinase deficiency, deleted or multi-replicated genes. Complications at birth and premature birth are associated with autism, but like vaccines, pointedly disregarded by the medical establishment.

Jonathan Rose

Dara and Tony: This is the best publicity you could have possibly hoped for. The Daily Mail reaches millions of readers. The article allows Dara to make her case, and her advice (e.g., pregnant women should avoid toxic substances) will sound eminently sensible to any sane reader. The number of signatures on this censorship petition is pathetically small. Even if Amazon were to ban the book, there would be another windfall of publicity, and every other web bookseller would continue to sell it. I can tell you as a historian of censorship that this is a classic case of the "Banned in Boston Effect", where the very act of censorship promotes the book and sends sales through the roof. Thank God our enemies are so stupid.


Most people do not understand moderate and severe autism. They only know the likes of the new Sesame Street character. I tell those closest to me....remember how everything changed the day you became a parent? You looked at the entire world and everything in it with a different eye. Then I say, the day you become a parent that has a child, who for the rest of their life will need 24/7 care....you change again. It's a very different mode of love and protection.

Mark Wax

A new low for any newspaper. I think the latest strategy is some kind of "divide and conquer." Use those with language, high functioning Asperger's, etc. to make the rules and oppress those weakened and with literally no voice, like Bella and my son. This is a stark reminder to my ancestry( almost all murdered) and the Nazi tactics in the early days of the Warsaw Ghetto. When will we ever learn? I will need some time to compose myself to fight on before I put my son on the van to his day services program. God give me the strength.

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