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Autism Speaks to Fund Study on Regression Post Vaccination

Mea Culpa!  This study was old - somehow appeared current on the AS Site. My apologies. Kim

Autism SpPigs flyeaks is funding an autism regression study. Thoughts?

A major challenge to studying autism with a suspected vaccine-related regression is  children with acute regressive-type symptoms following MMR vaccination; there are no specific codes, tests, or procedures that identify this occurrence with a high degree of specificity. This study will explore the Kaiser Permanente electronic databases to ascertain whether we can identify children with regressive type autism, and identify the timing of the regression in relation to the period directly following MMR vaccination. In order to see if identification of regressive autism from medical records is possible, the investigators will attempt to identify children vaccinated with MMR who then abruptly undergo a ‘cluster’ of visits, tests, and/or procedures in the time period directly following vaccination. The researchers feel that there may be a number of children who receive a diagnosis (such as ‘prolonged crying’) in the emergency department on the day after vaccination, followed shortly thereafter (1-2 days later) by another set of diagnoses (such as ‘fever’, & ‘irritability’) in the pediatric office or other outpatient department, and then receive either diagnostic or laboratory tests indicating (at least) a moderate degree of severity of concern, such as CT scans, metabolic testing or referral to neurology. If this study is successful in using medical databases to identify a specific group of children with demonstrable autism-related regression that clearly follows vaccination, it may point to the feasibility of further studies concentrating on this specific population.

Vaccination Regression Study


Jeannette Bishop

No publication? Does that suggest they found some significant results?


John Z: "From the IACC Autism Research Database this project ran from 2009-2011."

A Google search didn't bring up a link for me and it took a long time to find on the IACC website:

The study was funded for two years, 2009 and 2010, so where are the results and why does Autism Speaks still advertise the study as if it is new or ongoing when it has been sitting doing nothing for seven years? It's not only misleading parents, but the fact that this study, among others, appears to exist has been used by neurodiverse provaxxer Matt Carey as evidence that vaccine-autism research is ongoing when it wasn't .

Carey wrote in 2014, "One thing that surprises me is that these parents appear to be unaware of vaccine/autism research that is ongoing."

How many more studies did he list on that page that he claimed were ongoing were actually defunct at the time of writing? I didn't have to look far for another. The very first one - Dr Noble's study which was funded in 2008 for $110,000 and 2010 for $93,500 and still appears at Autism Speaks:
Vulnerability phenotypes and susceptibility to environmental toxicants: from organism to mechanism

"Dr. Noble will test the hypotheses that genetically-based differences in oxidative status are associated with differences in vulnerability to physiological stressors in vitro and in vivo, with even greater increases in vulnerability to combinations of physiological stressors. Specifically, thimerosal and other vaccine adjuvants will be studied. "

Here's the IACC link:

So that makes two, and I didn't bother to investigate any further. Were either of these studies ever undertaken and if they were, where are the results, and if there were no results, where did the hundreds of thousands of dollars go?


This study was funded by them in 2009 and a search for the results shows nothing.

Jeannette Bishop

Then there are some of us (at least one anyway) who saw notable changes and developmental stallings, some right after more than one round of vaccines, with little evidence of physical discomfort immediately following vaccination except prolonged periods of irritability, all of which I didn't think to associate with vaccination, and none of it was discussed with a pediatrician as my daughter eventually progressed in delayed areas in the first year or so, and then I was viewing her speech issues and delays from a more ND perspective when it became apparent she was struggling with some areas of that. She was "wired a little differently" maybe a little more extremely than some in her family, but like some in her family. Even her regression post Kindergarten boosters began about 10 days after and was somewhat gradual, though pretty serious, and I still didn't want to think of vaccination as causing the reversion to problematic behaviors I thought she had moved beyond, and loss of some skills and little of the speech she had, and the development of additional or more apparent symptoms of "autism."

Do multiple regressions, some that might somewhat just look like delays, count as "regressive autism?" I don't think the "official" positions (or official fluctuations) on anything regarding autism have ever jived with reality much, including that idea that the "experts" are automatically and exclusively the ones with certain licenses and degrees or promoted to certain positions.

John Stone


You really have to look at the whole picture. All vaccines cause inflammation, and they have a host of toxic ingredients, contaminants etc., there is the likelihood of bad synergies between them. I don't think AW was a distraction at all. What history will show is that there was a corrupt bureaucratic machinery in the UK which was able to destroy AW's reputation: the nearest equivalent in the US may perhaps be ending up with gunshot wounds in a stream like Jeff Bradstreet. On the whole we do things differently across the pond.

cherry Misra

To Benedetta, Good point. To all: It is my suspicion ( disagree with me if you please) that for some reason pharma has preferred to focus on MMR rather than the vaccines which contain or contained mercury/aluminium. I think you all recall the days when pharma-friends and the brainwashed parents would say innocently, " Well, they took the mercury out of the MMR and the rate of autism still went up. " I have a book in my library which seems to be one of the earlier books on autism - circa year 2000, which appears to me to have been written with the sole purpose of putting this lie out. The entire Wakefield drama , drew all the attention to the MMR and forever after, we find every young med student and doctor , talking about Dr. Wakefield when asked about autism and vaccines. Is this the distractionary principle at work?

John Stone


Exaclty right: they will cite absence of recording as absence of events: a beautiful Orwellian design.

Of course, Kaiser Permanente are part of the government pharmaceutical complex which links both to Merck and the CDC (not to mention UC Hastings which employs Dorit Reiss) and Autism Speaks was bankrolled by Bernie Marcus, Atlanta billionaire and board member emeritus of the CDC Foundation.

I wrote about a CDC funded paper a while back which showed that 6 in 100 toddlers receiving MMR got a temperature of above 39.5C, but of course the trail was broken because they were not monitored above 28 days. And nobody would even know about such events, which are routinely ignored, if it was not for such a study. Incidentally, since I wrote about it this public funded paper has been removed from the open web.


I agree. What a waste of time and money! Do these researchers really expect to find documentation in the children's medical records of prolonged crying, fever and irritability when doctors and nurses consider that vaccines are safe and these and other reactions such as seizures and somnolence are perfectly normal events after vaccination? They should read through some of the VICP transcripts to discover how often this happens, and being autism researchers they should have at least read this one:
"According to her mother’s affidavit, CHILD developed a fever of 102.3 degrees two days after her immunizations and was lethargic, irritable, and cried for long periods of time. Pet. Ex. 2 at 6. She exhibited intermittent, high-pitched screaming and a decreased response to stimuli. Id. MOM spoke with the pediatrician, who told her that CHILD was having a normal reaction to her immunizations. "

They should have spent time at AoA.

Laura Hayes: "She told me that his reaction was perfectly normal, and not to worry. I called every business day for 10 consecutive days, and never got past the receptionist. On the 10th day, the receptionist literally yelled at me and said, “Mrs. Hayes, please stop calling this office. Anything that happens in the first 2 weeks after a vaccination is considered a normal vaccine reaction."

And watched some of the Vaxxed interviews.

"So we took her home, she was really sleepy and then she started projectile vomiting, she had a fever so we were giving her Tylenol. Tylenol, sleep, Tylenol, vomit. It was just this vicious cycle, so I called the doctor on the urgent care line, like three times, and nobody called me back, and we thought, you know, 'Shall we take her to the emergency room and then we thought no we're just overreacting. They said some kids get fevers, they said to expect it if she gets sick so we didn't take her to the ER which now after all these years of research we know wouldn't probably have done anything anyway.... She called me back on Monday and apologised, and she sounded really kind of nervous, like, 'Sorry nobody got back to you. How's Lily?'. And I'm like, well her fever is gone now and I'm like, you know, she's really tired. She's like 'Okay, she'll be fine.' and 'sorry nobody called you back'."VaxXed Stories: Lily in Florida @3.45

They're just not listening to parents who have been describing the same thing for decades. Child gets sick after vaccines. Anxious parents ring doctor. Robotic response: "Don't worry. Give Tylenol. They'll be fine" - only they are not fine. The vast majority of children experiencing reactions are never seen by a doctor, let alone examined and sent for tests which is one of the reasons I believe that many of us are so angry. The people we trusted with our children's health did nothing when vaccines made them sick. They didn't even bother to write notes in their medical files.


They want to study medical records for immediate post vaccine symptoms parents are repeatedly told are "normal," and then look for evidence of further testing? Do pediatricians and their staff consistently record these reports of "normal" vaccine reactions?


My guess, is they just don't report anything at all.

Like most people who struggle with cognitive dissonance, they justify their behaviors through rationalization, and denial.

Most of them would never sleep another night, if they allowed themselves to admit that they knew we were telling them the truth. And that they understood all along that by ignoring us, they were choosing not to stop it.

John Z.

From the IACC Autism Research Database this project ran from 2009-2011. Plug a sentence or two from the project description into Google and you'll find it @ iacc hhs gov

Too bad there isn't a date on the AutismSpeaks page to avoid this kind of confusion.


This study will find nothing, by design. AS has Merck and Pfizer $ and influence all over it.


Funny ha ha! to think of another study how many do they need - 10 seconds in a room with my son and you would know hes vaccine damaged - and for proof of the vaccine damage just ask the parents couldn't be easier could it - then you just add the numbers up.But then that wouldnt hide the vaccine cause.

Pharma for Prison



My gut tells me this will end with "No evidence showing a connection." All involved are bought and paid for.

Mark Wax

I can only confirm that Dr. Tom Frazier ( a friend) is now the Chief Science Officer at AS. Tom comes from Cleveland Clinic. My son has been a patient in both psychiatry and neurology department for decades. Official "positions" aside, my impression is that Cleveland Clinic docs are inclined to be searching for evidence that there is a certain subset of children who are particularly susceptible to environmental ( vaccines among them) insults, that manifest as "regressive" autism. Like every parent I have ever met, I want two things: First, answers as to why my son is permanently disabled,... and if there is evidence of harm or neglect, that there be accountability for same. We have a duty to one another to make sure that NOBODY is harmed as a result of doing little or nothing to discover and heal our children.

Laura Hayes

I smell a rat...make that two.


Wow ! Another epidemiology study on Kaiser data. I'm underwhelmed.

Perhaps a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study and Autism Speaks would get my attention. Maybe a study that actually recorded autism spectrum as an endpoint. I look at Merck's label and studies and shake my head. its pathetic. 6 week studies giving the frequency of injection site reactions ? Comparative studies with poison one versus poison 2 ?
Its not about swelling at the injection site, it's about swelling in the brain.

Thing is, Merck already knows the answer, doesn't care, and won't do a study that could hurt their product. Both the CDC and FDA know this too. They could make a safer drug if they tried, but they won't try, for to do so would undermine public confidence and hurt earnings per share.

Apologies for the vent, its been a tough week taking care of a child with a lifelong disability.

Jeannette Bishop

They want to study medical records for immediate post vaccine symptoms parents are repeatedly told are "normal," and then look for evidence of further testing? Do pediatricians and their staff consistently record these reports of "normal" vaccine reactions?


I am wondering if the MMR is completely different in it's reactions than the DPT vaccine?

The reactions to vaccines that they have decided to look for; are the ones that were very evident in the DPT vaccine. Everybody but stupid me were fleeing the ped offices and going to old time doctors after a spike in temperatures an-- Oh well old stuff.

So let us begin with the high pitch scream: My on never screamed high pitch, after his vaccines, he got really quiet. As a matter of fact I had the head of the Health Department over the phone to tell me that my son never reacted to his DPT vaccine cause he did not have a high pitch scream, afterwards.

That is because he was born with a high pitch scream from colic, cause his Mom had a DPT vaccine 17 months earlier during another pregnancy.

Putting all of that aside. I have had friends that told me that a lot of time the MMR took three weeks before signs of reactions begin. No screams, no fever, just rather they quietly lose their kids.

DO all vaccines cause the same reactions?

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