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Autism Industry Booming in North Carolina

Economics101NOTE: Supply and demand. Supply and demand. Supply and demand.

By Anne Dachel

June 16, 2017, Winston-Salem (NC) Journal: ABC of NC to break ground on $6.5 million expansion autism treatment facility

The Triad’s only comprehensive provider of autism services is expanding to meet the increasing needs of autistic children and their families.

ABC of NC will break ground June 28 on a new 26,000-square-foot Autism Clinic on its campus at 905 Friedberg Church Road. ...

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a group of complex disorders of brain development and is marked by difficulties in social interactions, repetitive behaviors, and issues with verbal and nonverbal communication, according to ABC of NC. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 58 North Carolina children born today will receive a diagnosis of autism. ...

It was only a matter of time before ABC of NC was going to have to grow. Casey Raymer, the organization’s director of development, said the center moved from Old Vineyard Road to Friedberg Church Road in 2015 with an eye toward expansion.

“Over the past several years, we’ve really seen an explosion in need for autism services,” Raymer said.

Not only has there been an increase in the number of children with a diagnosis of autism, but changes in insurance coverage are creating more demand for services, ...

ABC of NC serves 350 children and their families every year from 18 North Carolina counties, mostly in the Triad. Raymer said that with the new clinic, the organization will be able to serve about 700 children a year.

 All I can say when I read that people acknowledge "an explosion in need for autism services," cite a rate higher than the national average (one in 58), and announce that the autism clinic will be doubling in size, with absolutely alarm over what's happening---WE HAVE GIVEN UP. You just accept the diagnosis, take your child home, and learn to live with the disorder. THAT'S THE WAY IT IS.

On Huffington today I found an article entitled, My Child Was Just Diagnosed With Autism – Now What? by Mary Bailey, Co-founder of Chase Yur Dreams Foundation and Chase 'N Yur Face Media.

In essence, Bailey advises parents to "learn the lingo," get a support system, establish a schedule, be good yourself, "be proactive & seek marriage counseling," ...and lastly, "allow the journey to change you for the better." The shocking message here is: HAVING AUTISM IS NORMAL, GET USED TO IT. 

"Now What?" didn't include any mention of dealing with seizures, gut issues, meltdowns, or regression. There wasn't a word about chelation, diet, or any of the biomedical treatments that have been shown to really help these children. 

The folks in North Carolina ought to be glad they're not living in South Carolina. Last month we learned that the latest survey there found one in 28 kids has autism.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Amen Tom Petrie!

I would add.....In addition to the CEO's running the vaccine companies,
The pediatricians, our Gov't, the criminals at the CDC & FDA, the media.....ALL could have put a STOP to this holocaust decades ago....but chose not to.

None of them would last 10 minutes taking care of these precious kids!!

Bob Moffit

@ Carolyn M

"And as a potential increase of the normalization of autism, I read that Paramount has purchased the rights to Neurotribes. If this movie is made and released, it will be a grave disservice to those with severe autism"

I remember how encouraged I was to hear the movie rights for David Kirby's book .. "Evidence of Harm" .. a truly excellent .. information laden book .. that read like riveting mystery novel .. also the first book I read after being informed that my beloved second grandson had just been diagnosed autistic.

Of course .. fifteen years ago .. I was extremely naïve .. unaware that whoever purchased the movie rights did so to make certain there would be NO MOVIE MADE .. EVER.

You are right ... I suspect there will be a movie of "Neurotribes" made .. heavily financed, advertised, wide-spread release .. because .. unlike "Evidence of Harm" .. the book "Neurotribes" has proven to be a highly successful propaganda piece for those who are desperate to NORMALIZE autism.

Hans Hitten

There is nothing funny or amusing about the vaccination autism holocaust .
But I did find this very amusing . Hope you do too :

This is quite brilliant really .

Hans Hitten

Posted by: kws | June 20, 2017 at 03:19 PM

If you get a chance , have a look at the Geiers talk at AutismONE 2017 .
Its back to basics . Mercury 101 .
But there is no where to go with this . S.Seneff is a wonderful person-agreed .

The "It" in Dr. Verstraeten's subject line of "It just won't go away" is the correlation between Thimerosal and autism.

I think I got sidetracked for a while with sv40, aluminium , polysorbate80 , XMRV , retroviruses , lentiviruses , human DNA , squalene , bovine dna , snails , eggs , hcg , Gcmaf\nagalase etc.
And all the other sideshows which of course demonstrate the horrors of vaccination in all their glory . But in the end it looks like themmy is the zyklonB of our time .

A pro-vax scoundrel-mercenary wrote this (amused me greatly)
Vaccines are like a rainbow in a syringe! All of the aluminum turns into “good aluminum”when it’s in vaccines.

And the mercury turns into “good mercury”!

[insert pic:smiling_children_w/puppies.jpg]

Vaccines are like a rainbow in a syringe!

Carolyn M

And as a potential increase of the normalization of autism, I read that Paramount has purchased the rights to Neurotribes. If this movie is made and released, it will be a grave disservice to those with severe autism (as well as any individuals with autism - severe or not - who desire a cure).

I have also read that there is a petition on asking Paramount to not make this movie. I do not have the link right now.

Carolyn M (the one with the daughter who has severe autism, not the one awhile back who stated she had a son with autism).


The sick and disgusting thing is that this industry boom exits because of the silencing of so many WOMYN - whoops- sorry, did i just refer to women who want to have children as women?...... I'm sorry, i meant females.

Amy Goodman, Rachel Maddow, Samantha Bee, Stephanie Miller,
Do You b's (sorry - i really don't think any of you are BEES - trying to be funny
um, or, i mean, SATIRICAL)

That when it comes to the SCIENTIFIC
reality....REality.... REALILTY!!!!!
of what gets injected into american infants

Womyn like ME (total generational thing) and

Help american women, help us please.


Kenneth - I am wondering the same thing myself. What number does it have to get to in order for SOMEONE in the government, medical field, community, etc. TO PANIC!!! I talked to a nurse a while back and we had a short conversation about vaccines. I asked him - "What happens to the safety of a product if there is no liability to worry about?" He didn't have an answer. I asked him one other thing - if he had ever read any stories about the children/young adults who have recovered from autism. He said he hadn't. I then told him that of course there are none of those stories. If they admitted there was recovery, there goes the "genetic" theory behind autism. He had no idea that there was any recovery from autism. Sad, very sad. When will we reach critical mass?

Tom Petrie

This is very sad. It's like telling someone to get used to your Obesity, your cancer, your hypertension! NO! I would rather have a child that can communicate with me! I'd rather have a child that can tie their own shoes, that I can take to the mall, that doesn't need help at the toilet, etc! This is what the parents of Autistic children (and those with other disabilities want. HEALTHY CHILDREN! How dare some idiot try to tell us to "be good to yourself," Seek marriage counseling!" "Allow the journey to change you for the better." How about, I allow myself to seek out those CEO'S who run the vaccine companies that created the vaccines that harmed my child and I have THEM leave their jobs to experience a...wonderful journey of....taking care of an autistic child in the neighborhood! After all YOU (your company/its products) CREATED my child's condition! It's (obviously), such a glorious condition, so you can now leave your 20 million dollar job to enjoy the experience of being with....YOUR creation! You doing this would obviate me from having to spend $3.2 million taking care of just ONE autistic child that you created. Ok, CEO of Merck....Are you up to THIS challenge? Come on now, don't you want to engage in this marvelous journey? It wasn't my carrot/apple juice that created my child's chemical-induced encephalopathy and consequent plethora of health challenges! So Ms. want parents to "chase their dreams", do you? How about YOU be the first to volunteer ten years of your life to a mother in your community who read your article who has an autistic child and isn't quite ready to "improve herself." Maybe YOU'D be willing to do this?


I think you're right, they're all getting hit.
The calculations aren't too bad. Speech loss is synonymous with autism, therefore I combined these two categories and divided by total kindergarten enrollment. (9,120+24,885)/535,379=6.3%. To get to 1 in X: 100/6.3 = 16

To get to boys. Take 6.3 cases in 100. 4 parts boys, 1 part girls = 5 boys, 1.3 girls
5 boys/50 boys in sample = 10 %

To extrapolate nationally, California is 8.3% of US population. Dr. Seneff is really smart, I believe her.

Hans Hitten

Posted by: kws | June 20, 2017 at 10:29 AM

Yes sorry ignore me . This is what I got . (Rushing as usual)

Disability 8%
(Incidence, 1 in x) 13

Truly Truly Frightening . The governments are hiding the figures .
Stephanie Seneff's projections are looking more likely .(Crikey)

I believe Andrew Moulden was right and "every vaccine harms" .
I don't think the other 12 of the 13 have got away with it . (the damage is just unseen)

Hans Hitten

Posted by: kws | June 20, 2017 at 10:29 AM

Not being at all contentious , but can you walk me through your calculation ? pls


Here's the California Department of Education Kindergarten numbers for 2016-17. It looks like 1 in 16 to me, or 10% of boys. This is measured in 5-6 year olds. What they've done is carve out speech or language as something different from autism. By doing that the state can keep the numbers down.

California Kindergarten 2016-17
Intellectual Disability 1,807
Hard of Hearing 515
Deaf 168
Speech or Language Impairment 24,885
Visual Impairment 134
Emotional Disturbance 106
Orthopedic Impairment 652
Other Health Impairment 2,082
Specific Learning Disability 1,028
Deaf- Blindness *
Multiple Disability 325
Autism 9,120
Traumatic Brain Injury 45
Total Disabilities Kindergarten 40,867
Total Enrollment Kindergarten 535,379

Autism Rate (Percent) 1.7%
(Incidence, 1 in x) 59

Autism + Speech (Percent) 6.4%
(Incidence, 1 in x) 16

Disability 8%
(Incidence, 1 in x) 13


Please add this link to my last post. This is an excerpt from a Jan 2017 conference. This technology will be everywhere by 2020 and is being tested now in some cities.


PLEASE all, for the sake of the children, please look into the roll-out of 5g wireless and smart meters. This will hurt everyone, but especially those already sick and all the children. Right now our Congress is trying to pass 2 bills that will mandate (so that local states and municipalities cannot object) installation of millions of mini cell towers placed 100 to 200 meters apart throughout the US, including on lawns in residential neighborhoods (the Mobile Now act and the S18 Digit Act 2017-2018). This technology has never been safety tested and the captured FCC doesn't care. They're doing it anyway. But there are thousands of studies that show this type of electrosmog/pollution disrupts the cells of living things, including us. Please become informed and contact your representatives. This is very serious. Great video on 5G below from the filmmaker of the smart meter expose, Take Back Your Power. More at Environmental Health Trust (

Kenneth Sizer

Regarding autism occurrence rates...

I can't help wondering when the mantra of "It's just due to better diagnosis / nothing to see here" finally implodes. When we get to 1 in 20... 1 in 15.... is some bookie in Vegas taking bets yet?
~ Ken

Maureen McDonnell,RN

When I read about the push to accept autism as the new normal - it makes me want to shout from the rooftops -


Practicing denial has become a religion in our culture & as a result our children are paying the price for our lack of critical thinking. Retracing our steps & investigating causes are the only solutions for ripping off our societal blinders & finding meaningful answers to reverse the damage being done to our children!

Hans Hitten

Anne, I don't believe there is anything unique about South Carolina (correct me if I am wrong)

"The folks in North Carolina ought to be glad they're not living in South Carolina. Last month we learned that the latest survey there found one in 28 kids has autism. "

1 in 28 is the real rate of Autism in the US\UK (and lets face the government are never going to tell the truth of this .) 1 in 28 is the rate everywhere - and even that could be out of date.

Stephanie Seneff is the only one sounding the alarm on this baby\child targeting holocaust.

Bob Moffit

Huffinton Post article by parent of child just diagnosed autistic:

"In essence, Bailey advises parents to "learn the lingo," get a support system, establish a schedule, be good yourself, "be proactive & seek marriage counseling," ...and lastly, "allow the journey to change you for the better."

If I hadn't been informed that a PARENT had written this article .. I would have bet my life it had been written by a public health official or diagnosing doctor .. ADVISING THE PARENT OF A NEWLY DIAGNOSED AUTISTIC CHILD to ... ""learn the lingo .. establish a schedule .. be good to yourself .. seek marriage counseling .. and .. allow the journey to change you for the better".

Why a doctor or public health official GIVING ADVICE TO A PARENT .. because .. as Anne said ...



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