Autism, Fever and Flu Shots During Pregnancy
Unlike His Father

Alzheimers and Aluminum As a Primary Etiological Factor

By Professor Chris Exley

In this paper, I have summarized the experimental and largely clinical evidence that implicates aluminum as a primary etiological factor in Alzheimer’s disease. The unequivocal neurotoxicity of aluminum must mean that when brain burdens of aluminum exceed toxic thresholds that it is inevitable that aluminum contributes toward disease. Aluminum acts as a catalyst for an earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease in individuals with or without concomitant predispositions, genetic or otherwise. Alzheimer’s disease is not an inevitable consequence of aging in the absence of a brain burden of aluminum. 

Read the full paper here.


Aging is the major risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease though the advent of Alzheimer’s disease within a normal human lifespan is suggested to be brought about through human exposure to aluminum. Essentially without aluminum in brain tissue there would be no Alzheimer’s disease. There are a number of predispositions to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, involving both environmental and genetic factors, and each of these acts to increase the aluminum content of brain tissue at specific periods in an individual’s life. This interplay between environmental and genetic factors explains both early and late onset disease, in each case the catalyst for the disease is always the brain aluminum content and how robustly an individual’s brain responds or copes with this aluminum burden.

The Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI) is a medical and scientific collaborative established to provide research funding for independent studies on causal factors underlying the chronic disease and disability epidemic.


Vincenza M Runci

What supplements can I take to remove the aluminum and Mercury out of my body as my mother is dying from Alzheimer's right now my grandmother passed away from Alzheimer's as well as my aunt

Shelley Tzorfas

The Trifecta of Alzheimer's and Autism, Aluminum in Vaccines, Mercury (Not listed in the packages that vaccines are made from but only listed when added) and Flouride which embeds the others deeper into the brain.

Tim Lundeen

It is absolutely crazy to know that aluminum is the primary factor in Alzheimers, that the aluminum in vaccines migrates to the brain and stays there for a long time, and to continue to use aluminum in vaccines. But then, it is also crazy to know that the aluminum from vaccines can cause near-term brain damage, and to continue to use them anyway.

But "sane" has never described current medical practice or our environmental regulatory process...

Montana NAR

Not to exclude aluminum and other heavy metals and toxic chemicals in our environment as contributing to multiple diseases, Dr. Alan MacDonald's research on borrelia spirochetes and nematodes in the brain must be added to the cause of Alzheimers neurodegeneration.

"In 2015, Dr. MacDonald identified Borrelia biofilms in 1000 consecutive amyloid plaques
from five different autopsy Alzheimer brain tissue specimens. The plaques are a hallmark
of this disease, which affects tens of millions worldwide.

"While mainstream medical opinion believes that aberrant beta-amyloid protein and/or tau
protein cause dementia, the micrographs tell a different story.

"Alzheimer brain plaques stained for beta-amyloid stain IDENTICALLY when the DNA fluorescent
probes for Borrelia are applied: the entire plaque appears to be filled with Borrelia


@Han Litten
i really don't see where patriotism comes into this.

Bob Moffit

Conclusion of abstract:

"Alzheimer’s disease is not an inevitable consequence of aging in the absence of a brain burden of aluminum."

Thank goodness our ever vigilant public health officials have ... for DECADES ... scientifically concluded that proves .. both .. aluminum and mercury .. are "safe" .. as long as they are ingredients in VACCINES.

Which means .. uneducated .. uninformed .. stupid citizens .. such as myself .. just don't understand the MAGICAL transformation that occurs during the manufacturing process of a vaccine .. wherein KNOWN .. DANGEROUS ... TOXIC SUBSTANCES ARE RENDERED HARMLESS.

We should be ashamed of ourselves ..... after all .. if the CDC and FDA say it is so .. than gosh darn it ... IT IS SO!!!

Rebecca Lee

Mercury causes the body to retain aluminum and when the mercury burden is reduced through chelation, the aluminum comes down on its own.

Han Litten

A true american patriot :

Nichole Rolfe, formerly Nichole Bruff, was a nursing student at Baker College in Michigan who dreamt of being a nurse practitioner of midwifery before the nursing department’s director dismissed her–shortly before she was to graduate–after Rolfe questioned instructors who were teaching students to lie to patient’s in order to coerce them into getting vaccinated.

Han Litten

Bravo Professor Exley .


I agree with Dr. Exley and believe the rampant increase in Alzheimer's is related to Aluminum.

It represents yet another failure of America's public health system. Aluminum foil in nearly every grocery store, aluminum salts in breads, chips, popcorn, adjuvants in vaccines, beer and soda cans. Instead of conducted honest science and acting on it, our government looks the other way and places our lives in jeopardy.

I enjoy beer and it's always out of a bottle.

cia parker

Mercury is also a risk factor for Alzheimer's, and can cause the loss of language, dementia, and paralysis, as it did in hundreds of thousands of those treated for syphilis with medications containing mercury, as described in the book The Age of Autism. Yearly mercury-containing flu vaccines have been a big factor resulting in Alzheimer's. Mercury and aluminum, often both contained in many vaccines, have a synergistic effect in causing severe disease. Magnesium malate will chelate out stored aluminum, as alpha lipoic acid and DMSA will chelate out stored mercury.

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