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VAERS, MMR and Megan

File a reportBy Teresa Conrick

Many people do not know that if you have a bad reaction to a vaccine -- an ADVERSE reaction -- there is a place to contact: VAERS

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a national vaccine safety surveillance program co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). VAERS is a post-marketing safety surveillance program, collecting information about adverse events (possible side effects) that occur after the administration of vaccines licensed for use in the United States.

But because many parents are not told about this, they don't report the reaction as they are often told, many times by their doctor, that it is a NORMAL reaction to the vaccine. PLEASE, please know that more often than not, it is NOT NORMAL.  My daughter reacted to her infant vaccines, up crying all night, onslaught of ear infections, nosebleeds, fevers, abrupt shyness and appearing deaf at times...but it was the MMR vaccine given at 18 months that caused a cascade of medical issues and behavioral symptoms that caused REGRESSION of health, speech and an AUTISM diagnosis by age 2 and 1/2.   SEIZURES and an AUTOIMMUNE diagnosis would then insidiously develop in her teens.  I would not wish this horrible experience on my worst enemy.  Pain, suffering, and loss of speech STILL at age 23.  I wrote this three years ago to capture both the science and the devastation so many  of our children have encountered: MMR photo TC

Vaccines. The idea of them seems so good.  Inject a recipe of chemicals into human beings and animals, and they are then protected from microbial-causing diseases. The reality though for many families is something went wrong, either immediately after vaccination - seizures, death, or from that point forward, profound changes in health and development - REGRESSION.

My daughter, Megan, had subtle, regressive episodes after each vaccination but devastatingly so after her MMR vaccine. Immediately, Megan began with a fever for days, then a full body rash starting on the 10th day, diarrhea, constipation, then undigested food in her stool, then Giardia and Blastocystis Hominis infections, gluten and casein intolerance developed, nonstop ear infections (otitis media), concurrent Candida infections, Clostridium infections, Streptococcus infections, seizures when puberty hit and most recently, an autoimmune diagnosis. An autism diagnosis was placed on her before age three, based on the behaviors -- that in hindsight -- most likely manifested from all of these infections and a dysfunctional immune system. This has been the pattern and research is pointing to the microbiome as quite possibly, the epicenter of autism....

So let's take a look at the MMR vaccine and some reports from parents, caregivers and medical staff to VAERS. You can see my search field that brought me to 827 reports. Remember that this is just a snapshot of thousands of reports and it is but a small percent of people who actually make the report. It brings back horrible memories and is heartbreaking.


  • Lethargic, limp, unresponsive to external stimuli, developed rash and inflammation behind both ears, staring spells, lost alll language, lost all gained milestones, resorted back to crawling, developed allergies, immune dysregulation. Diagnosed with brain damage and autism soon after.
  •  He began breaking out with measles-like rash, followed by fever. The doctor said this was normal to give Tylenol/Motrin. Over the next 3 months he regressed and lost all language, eye contact, interest in people, stopped eating, etc.
  •  Ran high fever, then became increasingly fussy and hard to console. Within a week, began screaming inconsolably and wouldn't stop. Took him to the emergency room where they administered Tylenol with codeine. Was diagnosed with encephalopathy and autism.
  •  Post vax, the pt developed autistic features. Treated with early childhood intervention, speech therapy, sensory therapy.
  • High temperature of 103F, lethargic, no eating, no ability to comfort, crying excessively, diarrhea and vomiting. Called doctor and they said normal due to vaccine reaction. One week later, BOM/URI which lasted 30 days (possible trigger for autistic regression. 60 day follow up states the pt has irritable bowel syndrome, autism and numerous food allergies.
  •  pt recvd vax & was dx w/ autism;  titers were 14 x nl;
  •  evening of vax pt devel t104.3 & cried all noc w/high pitched screaming;16DEC96 pt wouldn't eat & was listless;pt went off all solid foods;w/in next 3mo pt lost all speech abilities;dx autism @ 2.5yr of age;exp grand mal sz;not develop OK;
  •  Child found deceased.
  •  p/15mo shot pt became autistic;1 starring spell noted a few days p/vax;pt seemed deaf & in own world;reported info to MD & eval started;  17JUN97Rubella ABS, IgG 126;17JUN97 Rubeola-AB,IGG,EIA 376inc;
  •  Information has been received from a pt's mother concerning a 4 year old male who in 1997 at 16 months of age was vaccinated with MMR II. After the shot, the pt was hospitalized for fever and dx'd with autism. The pt was dx'd as autistic at 22 months. Upon internal review, autism was determined to be an ""Other Medical Event"" (OMIC)
  •  He developed a fever and full body rash/hives on 9/29/2013 and the rash/hives lasted for over 10 days Then his health and immune system quickly deteriorated. On 10/15/13 he developed candida diaper rash and impetigo. On 11/11/13 he developed a sleep disorder and feeding problems. On 12/17/13 he developed his first ear infection, on 1/9/14 he contracted the flu, on 2/21/14 he developed a second ear infection, and on 3/12/14 he developed a third ear infection. On 3/17/14 his stool changed. On 3/24/14 he developed a fourth ear infection and on 3/25/14 a fever. In March and early April of 2014 he lost his eye contact, stopped responding to his name and stopped saying all the words he knew at the time including (Mama and Daddy). He started developing ritualistic and exclusive behavior likes lining up his cars and tuning out everyone around him. On 5/3/13 he developed a fifth ear infection, on 5/7/13 he had vomiting, on 5/15/13 he contracted hand, foot and mouth disease, and on 5/17/13 he had sores in mouth and difficulty swallowing. He continues to have a weakened immune system and in Dec. 2014 was diagnosed with Autism after 9 months of waiting for appointments for an evaluation and diagnosis of his condition.
  •  Pt became very ill immediately following vax.Fever,irritability, fatigue,disorientation,& diarrhea.After 4/22/97,pt dvlped severe gastro. sx w/ bouts of diarrhea & constipation; also pt never used language again.Dxed w/ autism in 1998.
  • Patient became autistic.
  •  Pt recvd MMR vax & exp fever, austistic behaviors, encephalatic condition, began to tune out; sound sensitivity, hand-flapping, wheel-spinning; nightime sweats, appetite inc;
  •  Viral synd followed by extreme persistent irritability; mom describes character change, hair pulling persists to this time, screaming etc;
  •  Immediately developed fever, uncontrollable crying and diarrhea. Contacted doctor and was instructed to give tylenol and liquids. Over next several months, speech delayed, lost eye contact, recognition of family, did not want to be held, appeared not to hear, started stimming, toe walking, obsession with lights, and hyperactivity. Was tested at pediatrician's recommendation for lead poisoning (negative). Several developmental delays. Later diagnosed with pervasive development disorder and finally aspergers syndrome in 2004. We are so late in filing this report because we did not even known this report existed.
  •  Fever, drop seizure, gut issues with yeast and bacteria, sensitive to gluten and casein, autism diagnosis.

At this point in history, there is no way of knowing who may react to a vaccine based on an ingredient, a genetic predisposition, a viral or bacterial overload, a toxic metal like Thimerosal or Aluminum, an immune system imbalance or a Mitochondrial Dysfunction.  We are devastated that it is still happening though and more energy needs to go into fixing this horrible situation rather than denying it.

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.


John Stone


Yes, indeed, that is an important point. People need to realise that even with a passive reporting system which may only give 2% of cases or less there are almost 600,000 reports now - harm is not unlikely and VAERS gives you the range. The FDA and the CDC just don't care.

PS I reported here exactly two years ago that VAERS reports (after 25 years) had hit half a million and there have been nearly 100,000 reports since.

Shelley Tzorfas

Where do doctors get the idea that getting seizures right after vaccines are "Normal." Please get me their medical professors name and address-I want to tell him right away, Seizures are NOT Normal, Never were and never will be. The 5 or 6 ear infections often incited by the DPaT shot are Not Normal. Just when the parent gets rid of the ear infection on the right side-you shoot the baby again and they get an infection in the left ear. This goes on until you brilliantly say the child needs surgically implanted ear tubes because the ear is"Not Mature?" I know that implanted ear tubes are for "Drainage" but I am not sure if its for draining infections from the ear, the parents wallet, or your newly manicured gardens at home. Can you give me your medical school professors phone number that told you this is Normal-I want to call her up and give her a mouthful. Bouts of uncontrollable diarrhea-gummy, sticky, leaving a cascade of green diapers followed by constipation where the child writhes in pain until someone puts a latex glove on to pull out the impacted matter over and over again is not normal. Kindly give me your medical school professor's e-mail address, the one who taught your Gastroenterology class so I can teach him not to tell you that this broken digestion is not normal. Raging fevers after vaccination is the body's way of trying to burn out the poisonous Thimerosal/Mercury, cancer promoting Formaldehyde, Dangerous peanut oils, Male and female aborted fetal cells that are nearing 50 years old that you are shooting them with as you alter their DNA, Ammonium Salts, cells of pigs dogs cows (that have Leukemia and possibly Mad Cow) monkeys chicks insects and you tell the mom to give her Tylenol which depletes the curative Glutathione... This is not normal. A baby that tongue thrusts and loses its ability to suck does Not need a better mom or a better education! You do Doc. You need your head examined as do your medical school teachers, as do the residents and most of all the pediatricians who have seen around 40 kids slip into autism after being shot within a decade or two of their "Not Normal Practices!"

Teresa Conrick

John..and Bob,

My point is that people are not aware of reactions being common- ie happening to increasing numbers - so they do not report them as they are denied and minimized too often by the doctors that administrated them. VAERS is a place people should read, just like Consumer Reports if you are considering buying a product.

It is accessible to all and should be a better used tool. It also gives so many reports that are similar ie MMR and gut issues, ear infections, loss of skills-- AUTISM. If more people reported and more read it, the realization that something is up with vaccines would become more common knowledge. More numbers and more data is convincing to people. Plus reading the reports is just heartbreaking.


I'm devastated, too, that this is still happening, and I'm appalled by a medical community that condones this medical practice when the guiding principle of their profession is: first, do no harm. The lies to parents are horrific. Parents say that they vaccinate their children because they trust their doctors, but their doctors are giving medical treatments they don't understand. People don't trust their politicians and they shouldn't.

I just read Senator Ben Allen's official website--Ben Allen was co-author of SB277 in California that took away the philosophical and religious exemption to vaccination. On his website he states that SB277 was necessary because unvaccinated children were spreading contagious diseases, presumably in the classroom. This is a lie. No such thing happened. There was an outbreak of measles at Disneyland and he had a personal friend with an immune compromised child who was "afraid" that unvaccinated kids would give his child measles. (This is the story I got from his staff person when he introduced the bill)

Of course, SB277 requires not just the measles vaccine but a host of other vaccines such as the hepatitis B vaccine that is spread through blood, and the polio vaccine that is spread through feces in water, and the tetanus vaccine that is caught from getting a puncture wound around farm animals.... None of these are spread in the classroom or have ever been spread in the classroom and yet children are barred from school without these vaccines. What is the point? The point is that Senator Ben Allen, who won the "clean politician award" is a liar and a creep. Children have been sold to the pharmaceutical companies by their politicians and politicians like Ben Allen make up garbage like he has on his website to cover up the sale.

Bob Moffit

"Vaccines. The idea of them seems so good. Inject a recipe of chemicals into human beings and animals, and they are then protected from microbial-causing diseases. The reality though for many families is something went wrong, either immediately after vaccination - seizures, death, or from that point forward, profound changes in health and development - REGRESSION.

Why would anyone think the idea of "injecting a recipe of chemicals into human beings and animals" was a "good idea" .. especially when THEY WARNED SOME OF THOSE CHEMICALS OUGHT NOT BE BREATHED, TOUCHED OR INGESTED .. AND .. IF ACCIDENTALLY SPILLED MUST BE HANDLED AND DISPOSED AS TOXIC WASTE?

I mean .. wouldn't you think they would have asked ... "what could possibly go wrong with this good idea"?

John Stone


I think perhaps the point is that they are normal but it does not stop them being catastrophic. The basic point is that if reactions can be dismissed as "normal" there is no monitoring. Another name for it would be "hit and run". What would happen if all adverse reactions were routinely monitored for an extended period? The answer is we would have data.

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