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Sheila Ealey Speaks Out Against Vaccine Injury

Sheila EaleyBy Anne Dachel

Sheila Lewis Ealey is an autism mom, an advocate, and is featured in ‘Vaxxed.’

We’ve interviewed Sheila about her role in ‘Vaxxed’  for Age of Autism.

June 14, 2016 - On Vaxxed The Movie

Sept. 15, 2014 - On autism and how it happened to her son

Sheila was also in D.C. on March 31, 2017. Her message was clear: She vaccinated. Her son was severely damaged. She is now anti-vaccine.

Who could blame her? Not only was her vaccine injury case among the 5,000 omnibus claims of vaccine-induced autism that were thrown out of Vaccine Court, but as an African American mother with an autistic son, she has a personal connection to the fraud at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed by William Thompson.

Imagine hearing that a whistleblower scientist at the CDC alleges that his agency KNEW that the MMR is linked to autism in black boys, when her son accidently received TWO DOSES OF MMR (along with the DTaP and HIB vaccines) and regressed into severe autism

Revolution for Truth Rally D.C. Sheila Ealey

“In 1857 the Supreme Court of the United States told a slave, Dred Scott, that he could not petition the court for his freedom because he was not considered a person, but property.  Well, a hundred and twenty-nine years later, in 1986, what the federal government told us with the Vaccine Compensation Program is that our children are not considered people, but property. And today, what we have in thirty states is a governmental system completely corrupt, in collusion with the very people who manufacture these biologics, to take away our parental rights to our children. Which means they want to seal the deal and enslave our children.

“It is time that the media stand on the Constitution. It is time that they rise up with the courage to tell the truth, without bias, without being paid off, even if they have to do it on their own.

“Frederick Douglass discovered in 1847 that the Liberator, which was founded by white abolitionists, who had good intent, still had an underlying, unconscious racism that permeated through the African…black, slave community. What he decided to do, against all odds, and to the detriment to his relationship with  [William Lloyd] Garrison, who started the Liberator in Boston, was to sever his ties and start the North Star. And what he said was we can wait on the anti-slave movement to speak for us, or we can get up and decide that they’re not going to do it within this cause or beyond this cause, and lead ourselves.

“So today I say, that’s who we are. We are a new form of abolitionist, and I stand and tell anyone who says I need to be snuffed out, there’s no need to do it because I’m going to tell you who I am. I am anti-vaccine. There’s no such thing as a safe vaccine. So there you have it. No need to snuff me out. I’m out, and I’m proud to be out.

“The lives of millions of children depend on what we do today. It is time to take a strong stand. It is time to tell the truth about what we are experiencing and stop standing behind an unsettled science whose information was given to you by the very people who created the poison that we injected into our children.

“Come to the other side and hear what we have to say. Our children are not up for negotiation, not with the school system that we pay taxes into. There is no such thing as a free and appropriate education. When you pay taxes, those dollars that you pay, go into that school system, so that makes us partners in that system.

And as for media, and as parents, you don’t have to get over your fear. The meaning of being a warrior doesn’t mean that they’re fearless—that’s what many people think—Oh they have fear, but what they’ve learned to do is embrace that fear. They’ve learned to acknowledge that fear, and they use that knowledge against their opponent.

“Learn who your enemy is. Embrace it. Your enemy is called tyranny, fascism, corporatism. That’s your enemy. We don’t need to build walls around the border of the United States. The enemy is within, and it’s time to acknowledge who the enemy actually is. …

“And for parents, continue to rise up. Rise up as a warrior, fearless because you’ve embraced that fear. When your child is damaged, what else do you have to fear? They’ve damaged your heritage.

“When the life of your child is snuffed out for no other reason other than greed in a program that you didn’t sign up for, while they constantly tell you you’re wrong about  what has happened and one size fits all, it’s time to realize who you are. You are a mighty warrior, a child of the living God, and through God, with faith, you can conquer all things. …

“You’ve been hoodwinked and fed a bunch of lies. Before the onset of vaccines, people were living, and they were living up to 200 years of age and beyond. Two hundred thousand years of the human race existed before 1986 and will continue to exist.

“Let this be what you carry out into your community, that we are united. Not as the United States of America. We are united as the human race. We are united as children of God. We are united as parents, and because of that, we are indeed one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



Thank you for your bravery.


Well put Lucretia,

Ten years we somehow thought the vaccine court would acknowledge what happened when our children regressed into autism following the MMR vaccine. We were sadly mistaken, 4,000 of us. Dismissed by the special masters based on fake data.

Sheila really hit the mark in Vaxxed: I wanted something more for my son.


Getting a vaccine is like driving a car with no seatbelts and no insurance 140 miles an hour everyday for 100 miles. If you get hurt who is gonna pay? Parents are not going to drive without seatbelts and insurance and we are not going to get vaccinated until the National Childhood Vaccine Injury act is repealed. Get insurance or shove your vaccines where your heads currently reside.




Well said another warrior mum for sure - if I were pharma I would plead guilty and see if we can get a lesser charge other than genocide.

Pharma for Prison


Denise Anderstrom Douglass

The fight to have the truth finally come out is not over. I started out pro-vaccine, and now am 100% anti-any-and all vaccines. I believe we are eventually going to have to band together and be ready to refuse. And to take any consequences the government will apply as "penalties," such as job loss, social security loss, etc. When enough people refuse, which is our right under our constitution, things will change.

Grimley Feendish

She is a hero .
She is not the only one .
Polly Tommey took it to Dujblin today !


Gary Ogden

Powerful. Eloquent. Truth. Thank you, Sheila Ealey. We are in charge, not the crooks and banksters. We just say no. Tell them to go to hell with their 18th-century quackery. Disgraceful is the cowardice displayed by the media, Congress, and the most recent three presidents, who have watched this disaster unfold on their watch, and done nothing but encourage it to continue. Time for open rebellion in every pediatrician's office in the land. No more pseudoscience in the name profit, and profit alone.

Rebecca Lee

Wag wah! Shabash! Hear hear! Brava!

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