Kim Rossi Stagliano on Twenty One Then and Now
A Decade of HPV Vaccine Horror Stories from the Press



Hmmmm, I wonder if Pan will be able to keep his seat in the next election. That is bad press that he received from this local news station.


It's true what they said about it right enough. Granny Georgina Gunn from Skerray and Grandfather Donald MacDonald from Kilmuir in Skye both educated us well to recognise that the lachy of a lachy always has been and always will be a hundred times worse than the servent of a servant . what is there left to say about it ?

NWO Reporter

Senator Pan hosting a conference on "tolerance"--the corruption and hypocrisy is mind-boggling. That said, I don't agree with the calls for him to censor is FB page. There is no law against so-called "hate speech" in the US. The free exchange of ideas is a fundamental human right, and ideas don't magically go away because we suppress them. There's no way to counter them if they never see the light of day. The calls for death for people who don't vaccinate reflect poorly on the pro-vaccine movement. It's better for them to be on display for all to see.

Margaret J. Jaeger

It also shows how ignorant the public is..(kept) ...about the true nature of vaccines. Why in the world would anyone who is vaccinated have any reason to Fear catching natural measles or the diseases they've ...received...Immunity From ... by vaccines? And as for carrying the diseases home to others...well,,your own vaccinated kids do that as soon as they've been vaccinated and for many days afterward, they are carriers of that disease in a live form...and can cause the vulnerable ones at home or in the public to catch a case. So it's actually the fault of people who Do Vaccinate if someone at home catches some disease. So much for the fantasynof herd immunity. That's the vaccinated.

What most care givers and parents are Really concerned about is the damage their children have suffered from vaccine damage now. Many Children handicapped for life...and a horrible amount percentage wise have DIED from the reaction to so called safe vaccines. First, in 1988, there was a horrible rise in ADD's which Many doctor's reported and said amongst their is This the New epidemic were presented with? And after That crisis,,with all the Ritilan presecriptions, was a Pandemic of Autism...brain and central nervous system damage caused by vaccines...WORLD WIDE... which so many thousands..(or Millions)...Per Year...are dealing with, and trying to recover their child from, the depths of brain injury from vaccines. And This number grows every year by about 2000 ...per State, in the USA alone. Do I even have to mention the horrible statistics of children's Deaths due to vaccines? Or other permanent injuries,,due to the HPV vaccine?

Why would Any sane rational medical person Not CORRECT these people who post such hateful and threatening comments....Immediately? So...maybe he Wants to foment hate and violence..? The end of the video the reporter says they were ...told...that many of those hateful posts had been removed from Dr. Pans site that day. But without correcting those attitudes, he's done Nothing....sadly.


Pan is NOT an honest man, or a truly aware and compassionate healer. He's just another quack "doctor".
Only really in it for the money. and the power. SB277, his FORCED-VAXX bill is medical fascism.
But I have compassion for him. We should pray for him. I bet he's a devout atheist, too, right?
May God have MERCY on us all.....

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