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Measles and Morals, Then (Davey & Goliath) and Now (Rights & Pharma)

Rachelle Cohen Wants You Dead, But You Are Not To Respond In Kind

HungBy Ginger Taylor

Last week in the Boston Herald, Rachelle Cohen wrote about the presentation on vaccine information by Mark Blaxill and the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota given to the Minneapolis Somali community, errantly reporting that they had given false information to those in attendance, and expressing her opinion that they should be killed for holding the event.

These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.” - Editorial: Preying on parents’ fear, Boston Herald editorial staff Monday, May 08, 2017

Health Choice Massachusetts, of which Boston resident Mark Blaxill is a member, formally reached out to Ms. Cohen and requested a meeting, so that the upsetting and incorrect column could be addressed properly.

Ms. Cohen declined the invitation. Her reasoning? That she had received angry and harassing messages from the public for calling for the deaths of vaccine injury parents, and that it was Health Choice MA's fault.

Because they had scheduled a protest rally.

Protesting her calling for the murder of their members.

Specifically for one of their members who was the individual addressing the Somali families at the event in question.

So it was THEIR fault that people were angry with her for calling for the lynching of people whose loved ones, or who themselves, had been harmed by vaccines.

Not her fault for openly advocating for the violent, humiliating and torturous deaths of US citizens for the crime of talking about corruption.

Because apparently a large percentage of the public would have been just fine with Ms. Cohen targeting them for assassination, if only Health Choice MA had not organized a protest of said shout out for mass termination?  I guess?  

Health Choice Massachusetts has allowed me to share their exchange with her here:







Cohen to hundreds of thousands of innocent people: “You should be killed.”

Angry people who don't want to be killed: “No, YOU should be killed.”

Cohen: “How DARE you say that to me! HATERS!”

Emphasizing again... this woman is a newspaper editor.  I don't even allow this kind of behavior in the comments on my facebook page, but she is making public calls for mass murder of disability parents in the name of a newspaper.

Also congratulations to Health Choice Massachusetts for being so powerful that they can control the entire public's reaction to Ms. Cohen's plea to extinguish the lives of vaccine injury moms and dads.  Who knew they had so much influence!  I must know the secret of their mind control.

Dear Ms. Cohen,

It is not ok for you to call for the murder of people for saying things you don't want to hear.  

Also, humans have this thing called, "The Will To Live," and when their lives are threatened, they tend to display this knee jerk reaction to "hate" the people who are calling for their murder, and do a thing called, "fighting back."  Look up the phrase, "self-defense," if you want to learn more.

And here is the thing... either your call for their extermination is morally acceptable, in which case their calls for you to die are in bounds as well; or their calls for your demise are both morally reprehensible and wrong, which means your call for their slaughter was evil, and you owe thousands of families in the country an apology and a retraction.  

Please consider picking a moral standard, sticking to it, and taking responsibility for your words and actions.

Ginger Taylor
An autism mother whose public execution you have prescribed

Of course there is an irony in all this.  We ain't the ones who are lying.  From where we sit, we know that when Cohen states that, "lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense," she is actually condemning Offit, DeStefano, Boyle, Yeargen-Alsopp, Thorsen, Verstraeten and Gerberging to death.  Their decades of lies and deceit and corruption and fraud have decimated child health in our country.  And beyond.

God sees it all.  He is the judge.  

A reminder that a peaceful protest against the Boston Herald, by the people whom the newspaper wants to swing from the gallows, will be held on Thursday, May 18th, at 11am, at 70 Fargo St, Boston, MA.  Details here:


Mike Campbell

The idiom is well known as a pejorative insult.... taking it as anything else does your cause no useful purpose and indeed makes you look petty and stupid.



Bravo! and Thank You!


John K. As well as totally endorsing everything RCP has said, I would just like to extend my sympathy to you. You must be in a very dark place to use the term 'idiocy' to describe comments from vaccine injured families.

As RCP says, we fight to stop this happening to other families - yours included


@ John K

I'm so glad that my child's severe disability amuses you. As I'm typing this, I am trying in vain to stop him from biting himself and banging his head on the granite countertop. Hilarious, right?

I am a chemist and an attorney; my husband is an electrical engineer. We are intelligent and educated parents who put our most precious gift, our healthy and developmentally typical baby, in the hands of a pediatrician who assured us that vaccines were completely safe and necessary to protect him from horrible diseases.

Within three days, my son developed a fever of 107 (no that is not a typo), explosive yellow diarrhea, and he began hitting and biting. He stopped babbling and making eye contact; he did not want to be held and he developed OCD, allergies, and severe asthma.

There are tens of thousands of parents with the exact same story, and yet the medical establishment insists that it's coincidence. In science, correlation does not equal causation; in law, Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc. I understand that this is not irrefutable proof that vaccines caused my son's regression, but maybe just maybe the medical community should take notice and actually examine this issue with well-designed scientific studies instead of touting junk science as proof that "the science is settled," and people who question vaccine safety are heretics to be hunted down and hanged.

The parents on this site (many of whom are doctors and scientists) are more well-informed on vaccines and their safety and efficacy (or lack thereof) than any pediatrician that I have ever met. We want answers as to what happened to our children, and we are gradually getting them.

Did you happen to read about the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson? About how he and his coauthors destroyed evidence of an MMR-autism link to protect the vaccine program? Probably not, since every mainstream news outlet refused to cover it.

Administering vaccines (or any medical intervention) involves a risk-benefit analysis. Vaccines can cause brain injury and death. That is not in dispute. It is why we have the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. What is in dispute, however, is whether the risks of vaccinating outweigh the benefits. For mainstream medicine, it is a resounding yes. What if, however, the benefits are being overstated? What if the risks are being downplayed? If we, as parents, are not being truthfully told of the risks (i.e., injury is one in a million/vaccines do not cause autism) and are being lied to as to the protection that vaccines supposedly offer, then we are not able to make informed decisions nor give informed consent.

If you want to discuss the merits of the science of vaccination or the legality of mandatory vaccination, then please bring it on. Who knows, you might actually learn something.

And just to give you something more to giggle about, think really hard about why the parents here are searching for answers. Especially in light of the fact that most of us are struggling to survive, and I'm not just talking about financially. Why are we exposing ourselves to the ridicule by ignorant asses like yourself who haven't read the science and simply parrot the press releases from the AAP?

We have already sacrificed our kids at the altar of vaccination; it does not benefit us to work tirelessly to educate people on the lies that they are being fed in the name of pharma profit.

We are doing this for people like you because we used to be you. We believed that our pediatricians had our children's best interests at heart, that the government was making sure that what we put into our children's bodies was safe and effective, and we believed that if our child happened to be that "one in a million" that we would be taken care of. We were wrong. We are doing this to protect other people's children and our future generations. A simple thank you would suffice.

John K

Managing Editor's Note: And now for your Troll Amusement - feel free to enjoy trip trap clap trap from under the bridge.



Nice site you have here!

If not a hanging offense, encouraging people to put their and their family's lives at risk should at least be a felony. In addition people that really believe that a naturopath, homeotherapist, chiropract, priest, witchdoctor, shaman or any other charlatan can really cure them or give them professional health advice should go to a psychiatrist for a reality check.

PS I haven't met such idiocy gathered together in one place again. Nice I'll visit again for a laugh.

Amy Jo

Whomever refuses to act on the side of caution where a child is concerned, under any premise and with heat, unfairness, and ugliness...who chooses denial and who points the finger in turn...who creates the very things good people guard against quite naturally and intelligently, has so much to learn. You don't give children no say, to watch them lose their voice and will-whether by vaccines, or the unchecked, wrong banter of those who would only manage to put the child last again through any situation. Individuals of all ages come first in their own lives if we are to enjoy life here, all together. It is time for all good people to lean into their greatest gifts, to do something amazing as a way of life that honors, respects, and realizes life itself in each child-and through each child, as a result. May the challenge designed to pull the lesson in front of one's face fall to the power of simply, finally "getting it."

Grace Green

Cia Parker, haven't you heard about Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, and the many other alternative doctors treating vaccine injury, who have all died in suspicious circumstances? Who will it be next?


Two Vaccine Journalists: Jeremy R. Hammond & Catherine J. Frompovich weigh in on this issue on "The Mary and Sallie Show". LISTEN: (

I have compiled MANY articles on the Boston Herald here: "Things are getting UGLY as the MSM appeases it’s Sponsors while endangering You."

Dr steve

Ms. Cohen's article is quite disgusting. I've always felt embarrassed to be white when I've witnessed The awful language and abuse that white people of heaped on the blacks. The marches in the south in which dogs and fire hoses were used on black people and on their white supporters always made me embarrassed of my white race. Reading Ms. Cohens article has re-triggered that same feeling especially since we share the same Jewish religion. She is a disgrace to the Jewish people and to the white people and to the American people. She is fortunate that we send people like her to jail for incitement rather than hang her.
Altho China recently hung a Minister of health in Beijing for profiteering off Vaccinations.
It's time The bought out politicians and media are brought to justice.

cia parker

I agree that they should reprimand the author and publish a formal apology (but I'm not holding my breath). I agree that they are using every method in their power to compel everyone to take all the recommended vaccines and shame, vilify, and punish those unwilling to do so. And eventually compel them. And all of us need to stand against that and continue to act according to our best judgment. However, as far as I know, no vaccine critic has been killed for his or her vaccine criticism or refusal, and I doubt they will be.

Carolyn mcd

Thanks to all the eloquent commenters.

Jeannette Bishop

Or maybe I'm giving too much credit to how much thought was behind this publication...

...division (getting really old), and/or distraction or drawing away from somewhere else, and then back to Disneyland 2.0...

I pray, really, some mostly feel the need to gather more data, because they are starting to think they can't keep the lid on anymore.

Jeannette Bishop

Some wonder if this will be SB277 2.0 in Minnesota...maybe this editorial means some are looking at Massachusetts and testing the waters for tighter mandates there, too.

Though I also have speculations this is testing the heat of the waters among those who know they are vaccine injured, or are vaccine risk aware otherwise, maybe among those not so aware also, suggesting that some want to see what comes up in response to this being lobbed out, in a rather isolated way (how many would read this editorial outside of those following this topic closely?).

Bob Moffit

@ ASDfatherPA for Bill: "The Boston Herald is well-known for inflammatory articles, designed to trigger the lowest common denominators of social ignorance. "

Being from NY .. in all honesty .. the ONLY time I heard of the Boston Herald reporting something of significance ... was viewing the movie .. SPOTLIGHT ... which won enormous praise for their "investigating" reporting on the Catholic church child abuse scandal .. which had been ignored and uninvestigated for DECADES .. including many at the Boston Herald itself .. which allowed the abuse of children to continue .. for ONE reason only ... the Catholic Church had enormous political and financial influence throughout Boston.

This editorial calling for "hanging" anyone who dares challenge the power and financial influence of the pharmaceutical/public health cartels .. by daring to challenge the "conventional wisdom concerning vaccines" .. is EXACTLY how they responded to the serious allegation of child abuse .. condemning those few families who TRIED to warn people .. and .. were CONDEMNED BY SOME OF THE VERY SAME PEOPLE ... (BOSTON HERALD EDITORS!) ... NOW SEEKING TO HANG PARENTS FOR THEIR WARNING ON VACCINES.

...but I don't think they literally meant that murder of vaccine critics would be justifiable.

Yes Cia, I also don't 'think' they meant it literally. And, I must also say even more disturbing than the statement is what has -- or hasn't! -- transpired since. There has been no retraction, clarification, apology......nothing! Things are left entirely up to you and me thinking in good faith and not taking the statement literally. For others though, not as 'positive' as us, we can also agree that the Herald has provided no censor for them not to take things literally.


Thanks ASDfatherPA
`Pharma`s-Deli ` cover all tastes chlorinated, fluoridated, they do it all - anything but healthy water.

Pharma for Prison



@ Bill H. who wrote: "The Boston Herald is well-known for inflammatory articles, designed to trigger the lowest common denominators of social ignorance. "

Sounds like the BH is the print version of the daytime talk shows hosted by guys whose names sound similar to Jeri or Mauri, .......... the kind that features raucous guests who are personally at odds with each other......... enough to require big burly bouncer types to keep them separate........ while an equally raucous audience cheers on the yelling, screaming, and attempted punching.

The only difference would be that in Rachell's case, it would be the host saying the deeply disturbing things while the bouncers are trying to keep the audience from storming the stage.


@ Someone,

Ken's science is actually spelled "$cience"


Angusfiles, you forgot to say:

Drink fluoridated water

Han Litten

Boston “Hang The Anti-Vaxxers” Protest Rally, May 18, 2017

Oh dear Rachelle have you brought down more on yourself and your rag than anyone ever expected .

I would be good MarkW & Ken if you attended to show your solidarity .

The science is with us . The lies are with you :
Skeptics admit to “scaring” science journals out of publishing any research that offends their vaccine orthodoxy. Now an important health study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children has ‘disappeared.’

Is this science ? Wheelie Bin science maybe !

Cherry Misra

To Bill Hutchinson, Thankyou for your reasoned reply. Just want to point out to you that even in your brief letter, you have touched on THREE disaster areas of mainstream, modern medicine- Presciption opiod disaster; psychiatric drugs disaster ; vaccine adverse events disaster. And there are plenty more medical disasters to follow that. Its time for people to wake up. There is no one who will remain untouched by the current mispractise of medicine combined with our toxic environment that we thought someone was going to protect us from. And now we have a media that in most cases blindly sides with those who profit from the malpractise and toxic environment. it is really heartbreaking to hear that our mainstream media is not condemning Rachels use of language, if not her poor understanding of the science on this issue. Im sad for America.


Ginger, thank you so much for raising your strong and eloquent voice on this topic!

I bet a large portion of the hate mail received by that reporter did not even come from anti-vaxxers but from imposters just wanting to make vaccine skeptics look bad. I've been involved in these issues for years, seen upset and angry parents, seen plenty of people who are totally anti-vaccine, but never saw anyone waxing violent and anti-semetic like that. Sure there could be someone with a few screws loose in any community, or someone who's so angry and fed up that they write something like that, but I bet most of those messages are fake.

How terrible, and typical, that she refuses to meet with parents of vaccine injured children and hear the other side.

As for Ken Reibel, your vague assertions about science are totally meaningless. And there's actually a lot of science that supports a link between vaccines and autism.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Well, let's face it. This has been going on for a very long time now. And it's getting worse. Thank you, Ginger, and thank you, John Stone. And as for Ms. Cohen: she is some kind of journalist? Note the usage error! Ms. Cohen YOU'RE wrong. The use of the term "hanging offense" is taking the discussion to a violence inciting level. So the offense of instigating an acceptance of violence is YOURS!


Hey Kenny, you cyber-stalking POS...

So, when it's someone you agree with, it's hyperbole or an idiom.

But when it's someone who doesn't follow your orthodoxy, it's violent rhetoric right?

Effing hypocrite...


Rachelle Cohen: "you're legions of supporters have done you proud."

Enough said...

go Trump

Perhaps a few gallows are needed to chart the “Vaccine / SIDS children” (about 10 every day)

and also the “Vaccine Free / SIDS children” ( zero per day)


Glad to see you have left your mercury fillings in.
Get yearly vaccines.
Drink Chlorine.
Your favorite dish corn fructose with Aspartine with some added food coloring- lush!
Steroid and ant-biotic fed meats and fish.
Eat GM crops
Salt with hexacyanoferrate ii( anti-caking agent)

Live long and prosper you wont.

Pharma for Prison


cia parker

I wrote to them and said that "stringing them up" was extremely inappropriate hyperbole. And I said a lot more, but I don't think they literally meant that murder of vaccine critics would be justifiable.


Mr. Reibel,

" ...about the time late night comedians started mining your activities for comedy gold".

It's just SO funny laughing at the parents of disabled children isn't it?! The struggles they go through, the pain they feel every day because their child will never live independently. The heartache they endure watching their child seize all day long. The fear they have for their child's adult life when they are no longer there to protect them. Yeah, that's SO FUNNY! I'm LingMFAO as I type!

People who engage in hate speech often have no trouble laughing at the parents of the disabled.


Sometimes I wonder if these are even legitimate people writing to her. Someone writing bogus over the top emails with antisemitism would certainly make vaccine safety advocates look bad.


@ Ken-
The only "science" on your side was bought and paid for by Pharma. Your "science" consists of outright garbage conclusions based upon obfuscated and falsified data sets and points that are so removed from independent, thoughtful, honest scientific investigations that it represents only extraordinary corruption and purposeful lies used to defraud and deceive the public (and government officials, too.)

John Stone


But certainly the advertisers.

Shelley Tzorfas

I have read that 1 in 32 Somali kids have Autism-something they had never heard of, seen, or even have a word for before arriving to the US and getting a Boat Load of Vaccines. I also recently read that 1 in 28 kids here now have Autism. The Boston Herald needs to do way more than apologize. They need to be educated by a panel right away that will show them the 200 SCIENTIFIC PAPERS that the media REFUSES to print that proves autism, aka Brain Encephalitis is because of the chemicals in vaccines-Aluminum Mercury Cancer promoting Formaldehyde Human aborted fetal cells, anaphylactic causing peanut oils and more.They must be required to see the film Vaxxed. They need to see how children get Cancers as cow serum is shot into the children with known Leukemia cells too small for them to bother to up to 83% of our vaccines are Made in China without our inspections.
Once the Boston Herald has all their upper management fully educated, then they must hold panels of other news media-The Times, Forbes, Post, etc. and take the Lead in getting them to put aside Pharmaceutical paid fake news with the truth so that future children will be safe from the worst epidemic ever seen as it is a Man-Made, For Profit Epidemic. That will be the only real apology based on action and not just words that America Deserves!

Beth Watkins

I think she and her newspaper board should be investigated for ties to the Vaccine Industry. Do they own stock ? Members on the board ? Friendships ? Relatives ? Why the rage instead of thoughtful consideration ? There is a deeper reason behind this response and as we all know it has to do with money and power.


You may laugh now Reibel, but watch your grandchildren carefully. There's an epidemic of kids in the elementary school down the street from you. Your neighbor's kids. I'm not going to insult you, just ask you to walk through the school and talk to some of the teachers, parents, and kids.

Bernadette Healy, former Director of the NIH, wasn't laughing.
Remember, Merck and Pfizer are two of the largest advertisers on TV.

John Stone

Ken it should be pointed out is a PR man with affiliations to the AAP.

No, "hanging offence" is not an idiom and we are not the people trying to raise hysteria.

Ken Reibel

"Hanging offense" is an idiom, but I get your emotional appeal and hysteria. It's all you have left. You lost on the science long ago, and then you were laughed out of the courts. News media finally caught on around 2010 or so, about the time late night comedians started mining your activities for comedy gold.


Rachelle, some day you will understand the pain you have caused. Some day you will understand how angry you have made decent, intelligent and hard-working people. People who have taken perfectly healthy infants and children to the Pediatrician for a "well visit," only to see them suffer horrific vaccine injuries or death. It is not an "Unfortunate Coincidence." You can't say that people should be HUNG and not expect there to be a response in kind. What you plant you will harvest. There are two sides to every story. In this case, parents are trying to protect all their children from further vaccine injury or death. What is the pharmaceutical industry trying to protect? Their financial bottom line. The USA has the most vaccinated population in the world and yet our children are some of the sickest in the world. 1 of 6 children is chronically ill or disabled in some way. Open your eyes!

You have opened Pandora's Box. The only way to begin to close it is a sincere and humble heartfelt apology, a mea culpa, and a lengthy discourse with those whom you have offended. Journalists are supposed to be able to investigate truths. You have missed the bus.


I called and left her several very professional and civil messages with a friendly tone and got no response. I guess she forgot to mention those. What a disgusting excuse for a "journalist"? "editor"? but expecially human being - and god help her kids if she has them. Please keep calling her out for her blatant misinformation, lies and nflamatory calls to violence.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Mark Wolstenholme | May 16, 2017 at 11:58 AM

“Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”
Julie Gerberding (may God have mercy on your soul)


Ginger Taylor

Mark Wolstenholme,

Your statement, "no vaccine has ever given anyone autism," is an unsupported one.

Even Dr. Frank DeStefano, CDC Director of Immunization Safety, who claims that "there is no causal link between vaccines autism," states that they have never looked into whether or not vaccines can cause autism in individual cases.

From Sharyl Attkisson's reporting:

[DeStefano] acknowledged the prospect that vaccines might rarely trigger autism.

“I guess, that, that is a possibility,” said DeStefano. “It’s hard to predict who those children might be, but certainly, individual cases can be studied to look at those possibilities.”

Then of course there are the 83 cases of government compensated vaccine induced encephalopathy with autism that you need to explain. Each one by one, if you are going to claim that, "no vaccine has ever given anyone autism."


"Hanging offence" is clearly just a bit of exaggerated rhetoric."


Mark, clearly you are out of touch with the mindset of some people today, and with actions inflammatory rhetoric can actually cause. Like Rev. Al Sharpton, and how he called for action against the owners of Freddy's Fashion Mart. Remember the people who died when Freddy's was burned down due to Rev. Al Sharpton's "rhetoric?" I guess not. But I do. Sharpton's quote was something like, "Burn the Jew store down!" And you know what? People did! Psychotic rhetoric that seeks to incite others to commit murder, has no place in our society and it cannot be tolerated!!! Rachelle Cohen should be forced to retract her psychotic statement, and then she should be fired.

Never forget what happened at Freddy's!

Loraine Fishel

Dear Ginger, I am an autism Mom and nurse. I huff and puff at work behind a yellow mask because I want to live to care for my disabled son. His Dad and I have worked very hard for 21 years trying to give him some of his life back. I resuscitated him at 17 months after the DPT vaccine tripedia left him limp and blue. At 11 years old he went through 83 runs of IV chelation. I owe Dr Bradstreet a debt for gratitude for my own and my childrens lives that I can never repay. He ended up giving up his life fighting as a DAN doctor. He actually helped three of us in my family myself included. I was moderately poisoned my self from vaccine amalgams and mercury I got as a toy from my Dad as a toddler. I kept my treasured mercury on my night stand for many years. I am frequently harangued at work for not taking the flu shot. I simply tell people politely that I want to live. I am completely puzzled by the total lack of compassion I receive. Some people quietly tell me of their own struggles and the struggles of friends, neighbors and family. Many people are getting the truth. People are smart. It is hard to remember that when we are being personally attacked for trying to simply live. Thanks for listening, love and gratitude Loraine Fishel

John Stone

So, here we are from Rachelle last year: "Hungary forgets lessons of the holocaust"

And unfortunately with her ill-informed, hate-filled, inflammatory talk, so has Rachelle. This has nothing to do with reason or tolerance or decency. She is ranting like a Gauleiter. Has she ever heard of informed consent?

Mark Wolstenholme


"Hanging offence" is clearly just a bit of exaggerated rhetoric.

In the mean time your anti-vax nonsense has hospitalised tens of children *in just this outbreak* , and no vaccine has ever given anyone autism.


Sent a few emails, don't really expect a reply.

Dear Rachelle Cohen,

I wonder do you have any children?

Were any of your children fine one day and horrid the next?

Did you read and learn about tall the adverse side effects of vaccinations?

Did you search and search for an explanation to your childs’ illness and pain and find nothing? Did you have to watch your normally healthy and thriving child crippled and in pain?

If so ~ I hope you found a good Naturopath, as we did, one that helped your child detox from the harmful chemicals.

You really should try to be less ignorant and judgmental. You really should read and learn before, you judge, and share such a harsh opinion and sentence on others.

I’ve read your responses to Health Choice and – oh Shame - > Woe is you – right it’s all about you isn’t it? FYI most people don’t like hearing they should be hung – especially when they are trying to Love and support their children!

Tracy Spice

Melissa Co-Chair Health Choice Massachusetts

Thank you for this post Ginger Taylor. Everyone at Health Choice Massachusetts was quite disappointed in the rhetoric that Ms. Cohen displayed yesterday. We would have hoped that she would have realized that her op-ed was quite inflammatory and therefore would have warranted some emotion from the parents that read it. At Health Choice Massachusetts, we respect a parent's right to choose any medical procedure for their child, including and not limited to vaccines.

If Ms. Cohen should change her mind and want to meet with us, I will be at our rally planned for Thursday, where we will encourage all that participate to be respectful and peaceful.

~Melissa, Co-Chair Health Choice Massachusetts

Bill Hutchinson

I'm forwarding this email to Mr. Dan Mitchell, a popular on-air personality on local talk radio WKBK, here in Keene, N.H. I called in to his show just this morning regarding the "heroin/opioid epidemic", which has hit all New England states so hard. Dan Mitchell is a good guy, generally liberal, but he has clearly drunk the pro-vaxx Kool-Aid. I came at this specific issue from a neutral position last year. What I've read since then has shaken me. I'm a surviving victim of the pseudo-science lies of the PhRMA drug racket known as "psychiatry". Psychiatry is nothing more than 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. So, when Ms. Rachel Cohen, in the Boston Herald, calls for making informed vaccine choice a "hanging offense", well, looks like she got exactly what she asked for, and deserves. No, of course I do NOT support any hate emails towards her, but I MUST AGREE that SHE is RESPONSIBLE for provoking the hate reaction, and NOT AoA. The Boston Herald is well-known for inflammatory articles, designed to trigger the lowest common denominators of social ignorance. I hope she changes her mind, becomes RESPONSIBLE, and does the right thing, and meets w/AoA, and retracts her homicidal statement. Thank-you, AoA, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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