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Measles, Vaccines and Rights Debated at Minnesota Somali Forum

Mark B MN
By Nancy Hokkanen

Age of Autism Editor-at-Large Mark Blaxill spoke at a Minnesota community meeting April 30 about that state’s measles outbreak, vaccines, vaccine injury and exemption rights. About 90 members of the Twin Cities’ Somali community attended the event.

The meeting was hosted by the Organic Consumers Association, Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota, and National Health Freedom Action. Blaxill, other speakers and advocates wanted Somali families to know that Minnesota law gives them “the right to fully informed consent or to opt out of any or all vaccines and still attend daycare, school and receive benefits.”

The free community resource meeting was held at Safari Restaurant & Event Center in Minneapolis. Initially the event was booked at the Brian Coyle Center, but pressure from the Minnesota Department of Health forced it to move (MDH had held its own Somali forum at BCC the previous week).

Despite MDH’s collaboration with local pro-vaccination groups and medical students to influence local media and reduce attendance, the event received TV and newspaper coverage:

Nonprofit Aims to Advise Somali-Americans on Vaccination Rights

Speaker challenges vaccinations amid Twin Cities measles outbreak

The Minneapolis Star Tribune spotlighted Somali parent Ikram Mohamed, who at one point addressed one doctor in the audience: “Measles is a curable disease... but autism is not a curable disease -- it goes on for the rest of their life.”

After the speakers’ presentations, the question-and-answer session gave autism parents an opportunity to talk about how the disorder has affected themselves and their families.

Emotions ran high after one pediatrician claimed twice there is no scientific evidence that the MMR vaccine causes autism; after claiming the meeting was “a travesty,” he was booed by the audience. After he retreated, a woman called him out, saying, “Please, look at me -- do you have a child with autism? Do you? I wish I did not listen with the docs like him. When I took my son to vaccinate him, and I say, is this the autism shot? She said, ‘Baloney.’ I regret that day of my life.... Don’t listen to your doctor.... Listen to your rights. Listen to your mind, what it’s telling you... As a parent, we are the ones suffering – we are the ones dealing with this disease.”

Another Somali mother pleaded fervently with doctors in the audience to listen to parents, rather

NH speaker
Ikram Mohamed discussed Somali families’ experiences with vaccine-induced autism. [Photo: Jeff Wheeler, Minneapolis Star Tribune]

than insulting them. Tearfully she spoke of families struggling with as many as five children with autism. Blaxill said he has cried about his child just as Somali parents have – “It motivated me,” he said.

Blaxill brought up the loss of civil public discourse about vaccine policy. “One of the things that has diminished [civil discourse] the most is that when people who are in positions of power abuse their power, or abuse their rights -- people suffer,” Blaxill said. “And that’s the dynamic here. Doctors are powerful. Public health authorities are powerful. parents have rights; families have rights, and that’s what’s important to protect. Because that power can be abused; it often is.”

The topic of financial incentives was raised. “The pediatric profession, the dominant economic function, is the delivery channel for the vaccine program,” Blaxill said. “That is why the vast majority of pediatricians are in practice… A large percentage of pediatric revenue comes from the well-baby visit. And if you took that away, there would be a substantial economic loss.”

Another pediatrician told the audience that she’d recently chosen to inject immunoglobulin into infants too young to be vaccinated, who’d been exposed to measles. She claimed vaccines don’t shed live virus, and insisted that “the bottom line is we do not know what causes autism.” Those statements also were met with boos and rebuttals; the meeting ended shortly thereafter.

Minnesota currently has 32 cases of measles – 30 in the Twin Cities metro area, and two in outlying counties.

On May 5, the University of Minnesota is hosting Autism Initiative Day; the 2:45 pm presentation is “ASD Prevalence Research and Community Engagement with Somali and Immigrant Families.”


[On a personal note: The Star Tribune quoted the pediatrician who vaccinated my infant son: “Dr. Sheldon Berkowitz, who works at a Minneapolis clinic that treats many Somali-American patients, said Blaxill minimized the impact of measles.” A decade ago Dr. Berkowitz was contacted by attorneys about my son’s VICP case, which Special Masters later tossed out as “untimely filed.” Five decades ago I had measles – almost everyone got measles – and public panic was nonexistent. – Nancy Hokkanen]



How do the senators from Minnesota stand? Franken thinks vaccines are all-wonderful, but I also saw something about him looking forward to the day when autism can be cured. I'm not sure what he thinks is causing it. Are all the nerdy Somalis coming here and marrying each other?

Klobuchar, I don't have any idea what she thinks. Anyone?

Jeannette Bishop

'Ep 87- What's Deadlier than Measles in Minnesota? [My Incredible Opinion]"

James Grundvig

Great work, Mark. We must defend and educate the "Davids" of the world. Bring justice and healing to the Somali community.


Benedetta - Yes, the ever-blonder Kris Ehresmann of MDH has a son with autism, now a young adult. In about 2005 she outed herself as an autism mom at a Capitol hearing. The PR tactic helped the immunization director and her network defeat state bills to limit or eliminate Thimerosal in vaccines... and likely helped earn her a position on the national ACIP committee.

Years ago I was told by several people in contact with various MDH staff that Ehresmann's son had reacted to a DTaP vaccine, so she changed his vaccination schedule. If that assertion is true the hypocrisy is especially offensive, given how strenuously the American Academy of Pediatrics is working to block parents from delaying shots.

Profits over the precautionary principle.


Thank you so much to everyone who spoke and helped arrange this.I'm glad that the doctors had to finally face people who told them about what happened following their 'safe ' vaccines.
It's much easier to ignore side effects if you never have to look in the eye the people you have hurt...

go Trump

I would suppose the Minnesota Health Department will not give out the all the data on the “outbreak” / the ages of the children / or if they are the siblings of Autistic children whose parents have figured a few things out.

What is the total Somali population in the area ? I understand many were over-vaxed two or three times on their way to the United States.

A few thousand years ago, the elite in Rome had running water in their homes using lead pipes. The ruling class lost power, the peasants survived.

The elite now uses injected mercury, aluminum and live viruses and they know exactly what they are doing to the children of this sinking nation. They are not vaxing their own children in this manner

Jeannette Bishop

david m burd

Shelley, (below is your quote)

"The Hepatitis B shot has its origins in UC. Hepatitis B is given to every newborn on their first day of life and it is a Crying SHAME."

BEYOND BELIEF, this Hep B shot (all of a .50 ml dose), the same as injected into full-grown adults, yet injected into terribly premature-born 2 or 3 pound infants, along with those born full-term. Yet, this is actually spelled out on the CDCs (Centers for Disease Control) website.

This perfectly illustrates "medical insanity."

david m burd

Laura Hayes, (YOU are heroic - thank you).

It seems likely California with its current Vaccine Mandate will become THE State of Vaccinated Disabled Children, including being the leader of SUID/SIDS vaccine-killed babies.

I hope you and your family can stomach staying in CA, and retain your sanity. Thanks again.


"Doctors are powerful, health authorities are powerful"

As powerful as a scorned parent who knows the truth? Not a chance.


Well spoken Mark -

Somali Americans and all Americans deserve informed consent and choice.
We deserve the opportunity to attend UC or UM without forced injections that are more dangerous than the disease itself.
Every day I shake my head in disbelief by the unethical ways Merck and Pfizer have bribed and brainwashed the press, government, healthcare, and schools. It feels like a terrible dream where I'm watching the Roman Empire go down in front of my eyes. I keep shouting "Don't drink wine out of the lead goblets" but no one listens.
Anyways, nice job on the interview !


There's no measles outbreak, anywhere. This is just another outbreak of fear mongering propaganda.

The best way to rid the world of measles outbreaks, is to rid the world of fake media.


The spokes woman in pink - with the blonde hair that is the head of Minnesota's immunization board; is she the one with a couple of kids with autism of her very own?


Kris Ehresmann Is that the one that has an autistic child or two of her own?


I got a terrible autoimmune condition from a TDAP shot. This stuff is not safe. My life is a mess because of this condition. I was training to run a half marathon the days before the shot. Afterwards I was so weak I could not get out of my bed without assistance. Three years later and I still suffer greatly =(

Shelley Tzorfas

UC and other Universities are making millions of profitable dollars by creating and or patenting drugs, genetically modified foods, and structures for more medications on the market such as Lyrica. Since they make millions from Vaccinations they naturally want all their students to become part of the net-the net where the professors involved gain 35% of the NET Profits.
The Hepatitis B shot has its origins in UC. Hepatitis B is given to every newborn on their first day of life and it is a Crying SHAME. Newborns who have Zero Risk as they are not sharing IV needles or having sex. If moms have it the doctors already know through their blood tests.

Hepatitis B shot for newborns started around 1991. Almost no one ever heard or saw an autistic child in 1991. Today, 1 in 25 boys are injured with it and 1 in 18 toddlers according to many. Imagine our country before 1991? Hepatitis B Ushered In AUTISM! UC is becoming a "Mini- Me" pharmaceutical company.


No vaccination without representation! Thank you so much Mr Blaxill for all you do!!!!!

Wayne Rohde

Thank you for writing this important article of what is happening up here in Minnesota regarding the "measles outbreak".

I would like to add one other point. It is very important for the public to know this.

Minnesota Dept of Health (MDH) has been stoking the fire with the help of the local friendly media in creating a mob mentality by the general public. This has now reached a tipping point. I spoke directly with several Somali parents Sunday evening about this. They all told me that they are now being verbally threatened when they are out in public.

I personally hold MDH responsible to continuing to blame this measles outbreak on the "anti-vaccine organizations who are providing misinformation to the Somali community".

They cannot walk in the malls, walk around the neighborhood, shop in the grocery stories, or even at work. The public is yelling at them, scream at them. "Get out of our country, You are not welcome here, No one wants you here, You are spreading disease you immigrant."


Good for everyone who spoke up.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Mr. Blaxill and all who put on this event to perform the task most assume is already taken care of by the essentially mandated pharma-medical system, which is communicating as much information as possible to make informed consent possible.

Maurine Meleck

The autism initiative planned at the Univ. of Mn. looks like a dead ringer for the "troll initiative."
Full of psychologists, psychiatrists and genetic experts. I'll pass.

Laura Hayes

Thanks to all who spoke at this event to better educate the Somali families about their rights to refuse vaccines, and thanks to all who refuted the willfully ignorant, erroneous, and dangerous statements made by the 2 pediatricians mentioned in this article.

I think we need many more community meetings like every U.S. city...on a very regular basis. In my state, CA, we will no longer be able to focus on exercising our right to refuse vaccinations for our children (due to SB277), for certain occupations (due to SB792), and now for UC students, beginning in 2018.

Rather, in CA, we will need to discuss the endless reasons why you would not want to allow vaccines for yourself, your child, or a loved one, how to eliminate vaccine mandates in our state, and short of achieving that, how to get a permanent medical exemption, how to home school, and the absolute necessity of leaving CA if that is one's only means of protecting against and avoiding barbaric, dangerous, ineffective, unnecessary, unwise, disease-causing, disability-causing, potentially fatal vaccines.


Elements of racism and sexism run through Minnesota's hype-happy handling of the measles outbreak, which so far is concentrated within the Somali community. Local media reports contain blame-laying statements targeting mothers and immigrants in general; the negativity gets amplified in the often-offensive comments sections. So much for "Minnesota Nice."

As yet I have only seen one published photograph of measles rashes on a dark-skinned child. It's difficult to ascribe credibility to sources that use only outdated stock photos of white children, during a time when media should be helping the public identify the disease and understand how it runs its course.

Obviously Somali parents will feel insulted when health officials and the general public fail to listen to those families’ firsthand experiences with measles and autism. Through for millennia generation after generation has relied on sharing of oral lore, Americans have become more willing to close their ears to the old wisdoms and embrace scientism. It’s galling to see Somali families maligned simply for handling measles just as my Northern European parents and their contemporaries did in the 1960s and 1970s, when medical care facilities were fewer and Internet resources were nonexistent.

The autism epidemic exemplifies the hazard of handing one’s information-gathering responsibility over to centralized collectives of authority, especially in a corruptible capitalistic society. Government health agencies are targeting this most recent immigrant community in a top-down monologue that prioritizes social control and silences dissent, while denying collusion with industry in concealing product failures and data fraud.

As long as state health departments’ one-directional business model remains unequipped to ethically handle consumer reports of vaccine adverse reactions, then friction and disorder — and worsening neuro-immune damage — will continue to be the needless and tragic outcomes.


The one thing they are dead sure on ain`t vaccines that cause the illness amongst the young- no Sir !

Pharma for Prison


Bob Moffit

The scientific absurdity there is such a thing as a "one size fits all vaccine" .. is fully exposed by the Somali immigrant population in Western democracies .. especially the U.S. .. where autism .. a disorder completely unheard of in Somalia .. has decimated "impoverished" Somali immigrant children .. at a rate higher than native people in those "developed" countries.

If not the vaccines .. what could be "causing" it? IMMIGRATION?

Just like Dan's original work on the lack of autism within the "non-vaccinating" Amish .. that autism was unheard of in "unvaccinated" Somalia .. is worth serious, rigorous "research" to discover WHY autism is RARE in these unvaccinated populations.

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