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Senator Richard Pan Fails to Defend The Hate Speech on His Facebook Page

Kim Rossi Stagliano on Twenty One Then and Now

Newton 504 Bus
By Kim Rossi Stagliano

When I was 21, I had graduated from Boston College with a degree in Economics cum laude. I was bright, funny, hard working. I landed an internship and full time job with Boston's top ad agency at the time, Hill Holliday. I went to work on the Lotus Development account. Anyone old enough to remember Lotus 1-2-3? And Wang word processors (also a HH account)?  Below is a photo of me at a tradeshow - DECWORLD!  

DecWorld 87

 I lived in Newton Corner Massachusetts and rode the 304 bus to Back Bay every day. That's the bus in the above photo.

Fast forward several lifetimes. My daughter Mia is 22 and her sister Gianna is about to turn 21, just like Mom. Below is the bus Mia takes to her "job", after graduating from her extended special education schooling in our town.  She is bright, funny, hardworking. Autistic.

MIA KC bus

There she is below with her "boss," me.

Mia Mom KC bus

Mia attends a special needs day program.  Mia has vaccine induced autism. I'll be her "boss" for the rest of my life.

Neither of us had measles though, so it's all good, right?

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism.



Thinking about what Offit said "A door shouldn't be left open".

Don't' let the public escape. Lock the door on the truth.



Brilliant post. So many good comments.
So true, Aimee, there is no justification for the decades of scientific and medical neglect. Dr. Paul - thank you for being a GOOD doctor. And no Tim, there are no checks and balances anywhere.
But we have no shortage of liars who are causing, misrepresenting and hiding the problem:


"Democracy dies in darkness."


We are living the life, ain't we!
Has any one's kids turned out to live the life that we did?
The mental health in this country is horrible. No one seems to mind. Instead there is continuous pounding to get all vaccines, and make it against the law to not do so.


What a great resource service ,and what a lot of hard work must be involved in putting it all together
just fab ,!

Lily Fibber

To the person who has to give shots to child to play ball. My son had to get shots for a camp. Finally it dawned on me. LIE. Forge.
Stop getting exhausted by this game. Wherever you can whenever you can, JUST aloe. I put "he has his DTAP last Nov" . I put "he got the flu shot at Walgreens" no body cared no one asked for evidence. And not making my child more disabled . Well that was for the greater good.

Tim Bolen

How could you/we have known? It got by the best of us.

A what point did our society turn on itself so as to allow even the beginnings of such a damaging vaccine program? For, right from the start, the signs were there.

How did the big lie get by us? How could we, as a society, NOT see what was happening - and just stop it? Where were our checks and balances?

When you look out at the world now, viewing, for instance, the "demonstrators" on the streets or at the Universities, screaming in masked rage over NOTHING important, and seeking a "safe space" to cocoon into their fluctuating genders, the obviousmess of what has happened is very sobering - for what we are seeing may not be classified as Autism, exactly, but for certain it is vaccine damage.

What have we wrought?

After much anger, and frustration, we have identified the problem. Now, the only question is "What are we going to do about it?"

Now, we have the ability to seek solutions - one of which may be justice. Another must be remedy, or at least significant mitigation. Yes, we are living, here in 2017, in a time of intense turmoil - but, given the problems we face, it not a time to stand down.

Now, we know what is really happening. Now is decision time...

It is not a time to talk nice, and pretend everything is all right, and hope for the best. It is a time to be righteous, indignant, and unforgiving - for WE have to stop this...



And one million times THANK YOU Laura Hayes, and Ginger Taylor, and Dr Humphries, and Shelia Ealy, and Jeanie Reid, and Lisa Joyce Goes, and Dr Bark, and Dr Obychyanich, and Dr Tenpenny, and, and, and....i'm sure i've neglected so many more.....the ignorance of the lack of privileged.....


Truth is:
I am not paradoxically conflicted,
I am ashamedly so!
Thank You Kim Rossi Stagliano!
Thank You Anne Dachel!
Thank You Mary Holland!
Thank You Polley Tommey!
Thank You Jenny McCarthy!
Thank You Rachel Ross!

Laura Hayes


In my earlier comment, I neglected to mention how powerful this post is. It made me think of our Ryan as compared to his dad at age 23. Wow, almost too painful to make the comparison.

It can be so disheartening to share what we have learned the hard way, THE VERY HARD WAY, with others, and have them tune us out, or worse...even within our own families. But we will continue sharing our stories, because our children's stories deserve to be told, and they must be told, time and time again, until this Vaccine Holocaust is stopped in its tracks.

Thank you, Kim, for all you do and say to shed light on both the Vaccine Holocaust and on the resulting epidemics of disabled, chronically ill, and prematurely killed children, young adults, and people of all ages.


In order to be able to play basketball at his public high school,
My (almost 15-yr old) vaccine-injured kid will have to submit to a physical exam that involves
him getting a TdaP and an MMR
I'm qubbiling about the ability of my kid being able to play basketball for his high school
Kim is hoping her kids living comfortably.

I hate myself!
The paradox of privilege is its lack of recognition.

Granny Blue

Kim, hugs and hugs to you from Granny Blue, a great grandmother going on THREE with TWO extended family members diagnosed ADS, at least one who was clearly vaccine injured. And three of our own six beautiful children have shut us out of their lives (the three guys) since we went to court for the beautiful adult 10 years ago, now placed for our care in our home again. If it happens--I mean turning 80-- you can do it. Yeah, we're 80, but--we are there in heart and mind and spirit! YOU are so much support for us!

Aimee Doyle

@Kim - a short and incredibly moving post. Just want to say - on a lighter note, the Stagliano women have GREAT hair!

@Bill - I absolutely agree with you that new therapies and treatments could and should be developed for individuals with autism. I believe profoundly in the plasticity of the brain to change and the ability of the body to heal. I wish there were research going on in these areas - particularly for adolescents and adults on the spectrum. Maybe a cure isn't always possible, but improvement certainly is. I like to think that progress is like a snowball - the more you learn, the more you can learn.

Yet treatment and therapy opportunities diminish rapidly after puberty. Scientific research flatlines. Couldn't we have continuing education (people can always learn if they are appropriately taught), continuing speech and OT, continuing research into battling ongoing immune inflammation, continuing research into the microbiome and the gut-brain connection, continuing queries into what exactly is going awry with the body's systems?

Why isn't this happening?

Aimee Doyle

On a lighter note, just wanted to say that the Stagliano women have GREAT hair!

Ed Yazbak


That was just BEAUTIFUL.



thank you cia and Michael - I will read the books and watch the video's. Andrew Wakefield is someone I've always respected and admired. We actually traveled across the country to his clinic many years ago and benefited greatly. Have a good weekend and stay away from those spreadsheets. cheers



What a touching look back and what is now. Please update us on how Mia's daytime art program is working out. I recall your writing that Mia enjoyed it when she first started. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts and family life.


You speak for thousand Kim and our kids are completely innocent they did nothing to no one - no child or any living being should be treated like the way our kids have been treated.

For the better good my arse.

Pharma for Prison


Paul Thomas

Clarification on "no children with autism in his practice" I am still trying to get my full data published.
In the 1080 children who followed the vaccine-friendly plan there were no new cases of autism BUT there were 3 who were starting to shows developmental delays consistent with autism. We stopped all further vaccines and they fully recovered. I am almost certain had we continued to vaccinate - even on the vaccine friendly plan - they would not have recovered but would have regressed further. This point is lost and is VITAL. ANY develpmental delays and STOP all further vaccines!
There were no autism or starting to look like autism cases in the 238 unvaccinated group.
Remember that even the Vaccine-Friendly Plan exposes develping brains to way too much aluminum and is too aggressive at a time when the immune system is just develping. I was presenting my data and how I had done things starting from 2008 when I openned my practice Integrative Pediatrics. Today many more families are choosing no vaccines after informed consent.

Laura Hayes


I wanted to update you on Dr. Paul Thomas. I don't think he agrees anymore with the approach he recommends in his book, based on a recent comment he posted in response to this Age of Autism article:

"The Complete Dereliction of Duty by Pediatricians"


"As a Pediatrician who once believed I was doing the best for my patitients by vaccinating - I can imagine most of my peers will not get this message. What has happenned to pediatricians is so so sad, as they have been slowly boiled like the proverbial frog. Little by little the heat was turned up (indoctrination) and now they haven't the strength nor apparent will to get out of the boiling water.

This is why - PARENTS, we must wake up and unite to get the word out.

FIRE your Pediatrician if they won't honor informed consent. Informed consent means you can do NO vaccines if that is your informed decision.

And please PLEASE do NOT do any more vaccines if your child has any signs of developmental or neurological or immune system problems. Do NOT do any vaccines if you have a family history of these issues.

If you have weighed the risks and the benefits and can live with the minimal risks of not vaccinating at all ... DON'T VACCINATE."

Posted by: Paul Thomas | April 24, 2017 at 10:04 AM

Also, if you are just beginning to research vaccines, I wanted to suggest that you watch/read my recent WAPF presentation. It is an 80-minute comprehensive presentation covering many important vaccine-related issues. Link below. For more of my articles, interviews, and rally speeches, go to the home page here on AoA and click on "Special Reports". You will find a collection there of much of my work.

"Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" by Laura Hayes


Sue M

Lotus 1 2 3! I broke out in a sweat every month knowing I'd have to go to the computer room and do a spreadsheet. That said, my heart breaks for our children, who will never be self-sufficient.


"public health who can't explain" yes but refuses to acknowledge the catastrophe of our times. Its business as usual to ignore the iatrogenic asteroid that has hit the US.

@andrew & KWS

If you haven't viewed the entire The Truth About Vaccines, I would recommend it. See if when you start your journey through the 7 episodes if you end up somewhere different than you might have expected.

cia parker


You should read Dr. Wakefield's Callous Disregard, also Vaccine Epidemic. And Dr. Eisenstein's Make an Informed Vaccine Decision, with a list of all the adverse reactions which the measles vaccine (and all other vaccines) have been reported to cause.

The measles vaccine, like all vaccines, usually gives the patient a very mild case of the disease involved, just enough for the immune system to see and remember it, and make antibodies to it. Many diseases, like measles, confer permanent immunity; most vaccines confer immunity which is not usually permanent, but of uncertain duration. But all vaccines alarm the immune system: that's what makes it make antibodies to the invading pathogens, even weakened or dead ones. But this alarm can cause a generalized inflammatory reaction and involve the brain (encephalitis), and do stroke-like brain damage. That's what autism is. Or it can sensitize the immune system to vaccine ingredients, causing any of the autoimmune diseases, including asthma and allergies. The disease, on the other hand, gives permanent immunity, a stronger cellular immune system, the ability to protect infants with placental immunity and breast feeding, and protection from many diseases in later life, including cancer, skin, and bone diseases. But in some cases, the disease can cause permanent disability or death. In the US in 1960, the fatality rate was only one in 10,000 cases. In the UK in the '80s, only one or two in 10,000.

It would be better to just let measles come back, and our society and most of our children would be much better off as a result. If everyone knew to give vitamin A as soon as a patient had measles and NOT give any fever reducers, and allow a three-week period at home from the day the rash appears to give the immune system time to recover, there would be few serious complications or deaths. Measles was a very serious, often fatal disease, in the US a hundred years ago, but it became attenuated over time until, by the '50s, it was usually a relatively mild, beneficial disease. But it still often caused pneumonia, conjunctivitis and other eye problems, sometimes deafness. Bacterial pneumonia is less common than viral, but more serious, and should be treated quickly with antibiotics when it occurs. The giant cell pneumonia that Gareth Colfer-Williams got with measles and died of is rare, but cannot be treated and is always fatal.

Everyone must be aware of the risks and benefits on both sides, but to me it is clear that for most people the disease is MUCH better than the vaccine. But each parent must be free to make the choice which seems the wisest to him or her. As measles became common again, people would see it and realize that most of the time, it's no big deal. Some of the time it IS a big deal, and for those cases, it's possible, but not certain, that the vaccine would have been the better choice, but in most cases you can't know that ahead of time.


I have a deep and abiding empathy with you, Kim.
And I don't want to argue with your statement about being Mia's "boss" "the rest of your life"....
But perhaps that's just a little *too* fatalistic and defeatist....
Even if that's what ends up happening, please allow the possibility of small miracles....
Because Mia's autism was "environmentally"(chemical/vaccine) induced/caused, therefore a type of injury, there remains the real hope that new treatments, therapies, drugs, etc., *COULD* be developed,
new ways of working with, training, stimulating, calming, working, etc.,....
I know how daunting it can feel at times.
I live daily with my own long-term recovery from iatrogenic neurolepsis....
Please accept these heartfelt words of support and encouragement....
After all, just because you're no Mother Theresa, doesn't mean you're not still a SAINT!....


I wonder about Measles a lot myself. That's the shot that sent my boy into a downward spiral he never really recovered from. Help me better understand the shot and disease that took my boy from me.

Does the measles shot give the child measles ? Attenuated virus, silent infection and all that ? Does measles attack the eye ? gut ? nervous system ? immune system ? why all the food allergies and motor dysfunction ? Just plain old friggin' why ????

By the numbers, if you add up the true number of deaths/dismemberments for measles versus those caused by the shot, which condition is better for society ? Is it reasonable for the Supreme Court and our legislative branch to bypass the Nuremberg code and force Measles vaccinations on the general public ? Is this federal or state issue ? Has Merck really made this shot as safe as possible ? Why doesn't vaccine court compensate the walking wounded ? Apologies for all the questions but our lives will never be the same and I need to know.

Kim Rossi stagliano

Andrew, my memoir All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa, addresses your questions. Thank you.

Andrew Pearson

Kim, since I learned about Dr. Paul Thomas' book about baby and child care, with his vaccine schedule, I've been passing it on to parents with babies, because it seemed to me practical and also protective. There are no children with autism spectrum issues in his practice. Do you agree with Thomas' approach?

Dan E. Burns

I remember the Wang word processor! And how much our children have lost. Sorry, Kim.

Andrew Pearson

Kim, I think it would help if you told us what you presumed the right thing to do was by your daughters... I mean, the vaccines they got and when. Please.

John Stone


How well you illustrate the catastrophe of our times. And public health who can't explain why this has happened.

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