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Jimmy Kimmel Now Do You Understand Our Pain?

Jimmy Kimmel sobbed (again) on his TV program about his newborn son and the heart surgery the baby needed. Who could blame him?   A nurse noticed that the baby's heart had a problem - and medicine saved the child.  There's no pain as sharp as watching your child in danger, with poor health, struggle, maybe even die. Remember when Jimmy Kimmel made fun of parents of vaccine injured children with autism on this same show? Remember when you noticed something very seriously wrong with your child and people like Jimmy Kimmel laughed at you and called you a liar and a silly Mommy?  Remember your children with seizures, self-injurious behavior, children who drown, are beaten by those charged with teaching them, children whose life expectancy is mid-30s  because of their autism?   We do.  This was from HuffPo in March of 2015:

Jimmy Kimmel is giving anti-vaccination advocates a taste of their own medicine.

After airing a segment with doctors hilariously explaining the reasons to get your kids vaccinated, Kimmel got hate messages on Twitter that put “Mean Tweets“ to shame. So, in the interest of fairness, the talk show host sent his “community activists” out to try and prove that vaccinations are bad (because kids prefer lollipops to needles). And the result is even more ridiculous than it sounds.

Pray, Jimmy, that you NEVER NEED US.  But if you do, we'll be here. Because THAT'S the vax injury prevention community.  We may dislike you for your callous treatment of us and our kids, but we'll help.  Despite our own broken hearts for which there is no surgery.

You owe us an apology, Jimble Kimball....  Even Wendy would not be as cruel.

I wrote the post below when Jimmy's daughter Jane was born.  KIM

Kim and GiannaDear Jimmy, Dude wtf

The Sound of Vaccine Injury

May I call you Jimmy? I feel like I know you, having invited you into my home so many times. Laughing with you. Crying with you when your Uncle Frank died. Reveling in your numerous guest appearances on The Howard Stern Show. Loving the updates from the fabulous parties you throw for him and Beth. I'm a fan, Jimmy. You make me laugh and Lord knows I need to laugh. So....  about this foray into vaccination politics. Can I just ask, "WTF?"

I know you have a beautiful baby daughter named Jane. (Love the name, so much better than Kumquat or Des Moines.)

I also know you have grown children by a previous marriage.  (We "anti-vaxxers" don't just use the Google to find "myths and debunked lies" about healthcare, you know.)

Your first set of kids were fortunate to have missed the autism juggernaut that was churning forward when they were young, heck, when my girls were young. The rate was increasing each year from 1 in 5000, to 1 in 500, 1 in 250, 1 in 188, 1 in 150, 1 in 88 and onward.  I'm sure you count your blessings.  Every parent does.

Baby Jane is probably sleeping through the night now.  Isn't sleep the greatest freaking gift ever? I mean it - sleep deprivation is a form of torture for a reason!   All that infant crying has probably started to subside a bit - giving you and your wife Molly a chance rejuvenate after a hard day of writing comedy to make people like me, people who have a tough slog every day, laugh.

The sound of a baby's cry will never be a memory for my husband and me. The first sign of vaccine Gianna birthdayinjury in my 18 year old daughter (that's she in the photo above, her birth to the right) was a shrill cry that set in hours after her birth dose of Hepatitis B vaccine. That vaccine had 12.5 mcg of mercury - far more than a 6 pound infant girl could handle.  I have the piece of paper I signed from Doylestown Hospital authorizing that shot - I never questioned vaccination. I never got informed consent either. 

If baby Jane received a birth dose of Hep B, you can thank Lyn Redwood of Safeminds for the fact that Hep B no longer contains the full dose of the mercury-based preservative called Thimerosal.   You see, Lyn, a nurse,  watched her son decline into autism from vaccine injury, started asking questions, counted the mcg of mercury on the vaccine schedule and informed YOUR government that there were hundreds of mcg of mercury being injected into American infants in the early 1990s.  If you can imagine, NO ONE at PHARMA OR CDC or AAP BOTHERED TO COUNT the cumulative dose of mercury.  Kookamonga, right? I know! And in 1999, without a recall, since that would imply liability and wrong doing and we all know vaccines are made from fairy pee and unicorn farts, pharma started to produce "mercury free" vaccines, while selling the full mercury dose vaccines at the same time.

Back to my kid.

Miss G as I call her, came home from the hospital unable to nurse without biting me to a bloody pulp after 24 hours of perfect latching.  And she developed a high keening wail that sounded like the banshees themselves in the midnight forest.  There's a study that explains what the birth dose of Hep B did to baby primates. It destroyed their ability to suckle, shot oral motor planning to smithereens and brain injured them.

I did not sleep.

18 years later, I still do not sleep.  

Below is a 2 minute file of Miss G crying yesterday - because of another snow delay here in Connecticut.  She has autism - and while she can speak pretty well by full autism standards, her anxiety and overwhelming need for routine (shattered by yet another storm) launch her back to an infant/toddler screaming tantrum stage on a regular basis.

The Sound of Vaccine Injury

Put this on a loop. Listen for 18 years.  Let me know when you stop laughing.  Taunting. And please, pray your baby Jane never suffers a vaccine injury.  I will too. I wouldn't wish what has happened to my daughter and so many of us on a dog.  Not on a dirty lowdown dog.  We "anti-vaxxers" don't roll that way.  We don't wish ill on other people's children.  Because we know the agony.

You have vaccine rights as her Dad. Molly has rights as her Mom.  There are bills that threaten to take away your right to make healthcare choices for your daughter.  Today it's vaccination. Tomorrow?  Thanks.

Yours in health,


Kim Stagliano

House of Cards 200 pixelsKim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her new novel,  House of Cards; A All I Can Handle 50 pixel Kat Cavicchio romantic suspense is available from Amazon in all e-formats now. Her memoir, All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa is available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.  Look for 101 Tips for Parents Raising Girls with Autism this Spring, written by Tony Lyons, with contributions by Kim.



From the information I have seen, insurance premiums for individuals with autism will increase significantly. The number of people with autism will also likely increase without a significant change to our current vaccination policy. Sorry if my earlier post was not clear. My main point is that I have never viewed Trump as an advocate for increasing services for children and adults with autism. Sure haven't seen him holding one of his beloved press conferences with RFK, Jr.

For Mike

Mike: are you saying that the proposed bill is going to cause an increase of people with autism?
or that the people with autism are going to get more help?
Or what?



I would refer you to an article here at AgeOfAutism from May 1st, titled "Why Is HHS Celebrating What Is Often a Severely Debilitating Diagnosis"

I think Kim sums things up pretty well in the first paragraph....
as do others in the comments.


Just wondering what all the Trump supporters who think this clown is going to do something on the vaccine issue felt watching the Rose Garden kiss fest yesterday where he celebrated the House passing a law that will result in huge increases for people with autism. Still think this guy gives two shits about our kids?


I was reading up more on what Kimmel's son has.
Geesh; it says things like a possibility of neurodevelopment problems, Social cues, ADHD.

I feel deep in my bones that this is an inflammatory response of his little body.
They said he was fine when he was born.
Heb B?


Perfect post, Kim.


I usually have faith in humanity, but like the others who articulate it so well here, I do not see empathy by Jimmy Kimmel happening in the foreseeable future. He seems overwhelmingly narcissistic. I doubt that he will ever care about anyone else's children, but it is good to see that he DOES care about his own flesh and blood. So I guess I have not completely lost faith in humanity ;-) Kimmel obviously does not care that his behavior is on the internet forever. I hope to God his child does not ever suffer any repercussions because of his father's cruelty about other children.

Michael S.

I wonder how many parents who were unsure about vaccinating their newborns were shamed into going ahead with it because of Jimmy Kimmel's public scorn against questioners of the vaccine paradigm. And I wonder how many of those children suffer now from vaccine injury. One? Five?
Twenty? Several hundred? A few thousand?


Dr. Taylor; I was thinking the same thing.

I so wish I could tell Kimmel that the DPT does cause Kawaski's disease and that does affects the heart I know because, the fourth DPT shot my daughter took did that to her.
I had a DPT while pregnant and lost that baby. The next pregnancy I had a very healthy, but colicky baby boy. His first DPT shot caused him to have a heart murmur. The heart murmur was not there until that day after a vaccine shot at three months old. We know that for a fact cause just like Jimmy said, they check. The doctors did a soft X ray on my son, and his left ventricle was swollen up , making it look like a boot

BUT Jimmy's baby I am sure was just born that way for no good reason other than fate.

Ahhhh, Jimmy did your wife have a DPT vaccine while pregnant, it is recommended you know.


I wish Jimmy would show the same compassion for us and our children as he did his own son. I will NEVER forget how he made a joke out of vaccine injury and had "actual doctors" saying it is safe to vaccinate.

I wish his son good health.

Margaret J. Jaeger

We,too, suffered a brain damaged grandson after newborn infant shots, which, in 1997, we had not idea aforehand, about the changes in vaccines it those particular 2 ...just my belief no newborn has enough immune system development to get vaccines...and the after shock from the immediate results...which none of us had any idea about either. He had that cry du chat screeching too. All that aside,,he's now 21 and non verbal and perhaps a little retarded.

And all that aside, it's not just thousands of children suffering brain damage, even in the USA where numbers are kept for those demanding special ed from schools without counting a like number for those too ill to go to school, but also World Wide. The worst vaccines still with mercy were sent to foreign countries and were used. Millions of children have been affected and diagnosed with Autism who never before had a case of autism in their whole country..! Millions..!

My guess is even when the entire birth population of the USA is affected, afflicted, the CDC, FDA, AMA...will Still deny its happened from vaccines...because they have a directed agenda...from someone. Remember that Bill Gates foundation wants vaccines to also contain birth control? So instead of demanding abortions to rid the world of populations of people deemed undesirables, they will just adjust the population by administering mandated vaccines......

Jeannette Bishop

Unless Mr. Kimmel has some reason to suspect that a medically recommended intervention (not backed up or justified with much actual data, rather having been promoted with false and skewed representations of reality, but aggressively defended by most doctors and their medical cheerleaders, the most vocal ones anyway) caused his son's heart troubles and now is possibly facing a life of disability with potentially a significant level of suffering and rather isolating struggles, if not pre-mature death for his son (aggressively denied as related to the suspected intervention by most doctors, most of the vocal ones anyway)...he's not likely to be entering a realm of understanding many of us via experience...but I pray the medical interventions his son has been given do help him and hopefully not leave him with any of the above burdens.


Thinking of the money Jimmy they pay you to write crap about us all on here doesn't solve everything and some things it will never solve in fact money causes more harm than good in my opinion .Hoping your baby comes good andas Kim says were here if you need us.To keep your day job you will have to say its genetics.Shame on him if he does.

Pharma for Prison


Hi Mr. Kimmel. Did you and your wife disregard the warnings not to eat fish, because of mercury in it, before and during pregnancy? Did you and your wife get mercury containing flu shots before or during pregnancy and not understand that it sits in your tissues for, at minimum, months at a time, if not years, killing cells, ruining tissues of all kinds, and pulling epigenetic tricks on your beautiful baby?
Did you not bother to read about all the different kinds of damage it can do? Will your baby suffer long term effects or was this a one time issue? If you are curious, please ask a mercury-informed mother, scientist, or the world mercury project for what you can do to protect your baby instead of possibly causing worse damage. Better get some kind of understanding before your next child . . .
You never know what kind of heart problems HAVEN'T been studied yet in conjunction with mercury toxicity.

Dr Taylor

I missed Kimmel's 2-27-17 segment...too busy taking care of my disabled kids. Oh, they were not vaxxed, I was. I could just about guess which one altered my DNA. The dpt in the 1990s that was required for nursing school...which I dropped out of and became a chiropractor! That shot gave me a fever of 104 and hallucinations. Maybe that was lucky but my kids were not so lucky. By the way I've had a healthy diet and lifestyle most of my life.
Jimmy you sold your soul to the devil. I'm sorry about your baby. Apparently you accepted the Golden Handcuffs from your manager!

Not an MD

I have no sympathy for Jimmy at all. There is no love in his heart for others who suffer tremendously every day with the heartache of caring for one or more children with autism. Like Bob, I feel sorry for his family and his little boy--expecially for his little boy-- as he will grow up with a father who has no empathy for parents of children with autism.

The irony is that if, God forbid, his new baby boy develops autism from the vaccines Jimmy forces upon him, Jimmy won't be permitted by his network to discuss what happened to his son. He will have to suffer in silence, privately.

Bob Moffit


"please, pray your baby Jane never suffers a vaccine injury. I will too. I wouldn't wish what has happened to my daughter and so many of us on a dog. Not on a dirty lowdown dog. We "anti-vaxxers" don't roll that way. We don't wish ill on other people's children. Because we know the agony."

I am making a wild guess here .. but .. I suspect your letter to Jimmy did not generate a response from the self-righteous idiot himself?

After all .. what the hell do you know ... you being just a parent who suffered the same experience of tens of thousands of other parents .. all witnessing first hand their perfectly healthy child's deterioration following vaccinations.

Compassion? Sympathy? Empathy? Understanding? Nah .. Jimmy is having none of that .. after all .. Jimmy's a "comedian" .. which makes the suffering of tens of thousands of parents nothing more than an opportunity to do what he is paid to do .. ridicule them .. demonize them .. trivialize their agony .. just for laughs.

Which is why I suspect Jimmy has NO IDEA who Lyn Redwood is .. nor for that matter .. has he ever heard of Thimerosal.

None-the-less my heart goes out to Jimmy's family and daughter .. for having to experience the same personal agony that we all suffered .. that being ... the realization that your child will face a life-long struggle to live a normal life.

God bless him and his family.

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