Show-down in Ireland over Gardasil
Trump, The Doctor, Vaccine Scandal and Media Bias on Both Sides of the Pond

Italian Government Invokes Emergency Powers To Inflict Vaccine Mandates

By Pietro Monari

Age of Autism is grateful to Pietro for sending in important background to this power abuse.

Friday the government passed a bill (yes, the government and NOT the parliament. The government can do that in conditions of urgency/emergency. Only, there is no emergency. Anyway - the bill is immediately active but must be approved by the parliament within 60 days or it is dead) according to which starting from now there are 12 mandatory shots: the usual 6 of the hex vaccines, MPRV, MenB and MenC (only prevnar is out apparently). Kids from 0 to 6 years who are not vaccinated according to the schedule will not be admitted to public schools/kindergartens. From 6 to 16 years old they can go to school but the parents will have to pay a fine of up to 7500€ for every child and every new year their child shows up in school without being up to the schedule for all the 12 shots. They have done this all of a sudden, without discussing the issue with anyone - not even the parliament - nobody. Why those 12 shots they did not say - which experts they consulted and with which possible conflicts of interest they did not say - nothing. They just came out of the blue with this new incredible draconian rule and that's it. The bill is even more horrible because it allows the very wealthy to get by without giving the shots to their children if so they want. All the others will have no choice, the fine is just so incredibly big. Now a huge movement of people horrified and outraged by this bill is starting. Still at a very early stage, some confusion, trying to cope with the shock and react rationally but with the necessary vigor before it's too late (and it is already very, very late). During the last two years parents discussing the vaccination schedule even minimally have been the target of vicious attacks from the mainstream media and the government. Doctors who dare questioning vaccines even in the mildest way are targeted too and some have already lost their licence - only because of the opinions they expressed - and apparently not because of any wrong doing with a patient or anything. Doctors who dare questioning not the vaccines themselves but simply the fact that they must be made compulsory are immediately attacked too. We were not used to this in Italy - this vaccination issue was handled in a reasonable and civilized way after all - now they have totally changed their approach - they have radicalized the issue and polarized the public. 

Now we are trying to understand what will actually happen next. The bill seems to have a constitutional problem because the fine is clearly discriminating. And there are lots of kids not up to this crazy schedule out there. The bill is already active so the practical problems are immense - school will restart next September. If they even managed to get everyone to line up for the shots I wonder how they could handle the task.



Grace Green

Hans, I haven't been specific in my various comments on this subject, not because I wish to hide anything, but because it's an extremely long and complicated story. I'll try to give a summary. I've been persecuted by an extremely powerful body, whose identity is not revealed but which has all the power of government, for most of my life. Some of it, like threats of sexual violence in childhood, was not recognised by me until years later, and it was only a few years ago that I realized that the police had been behind all of those events. I also suffered unexplained illness which eventually was found to be M.E. and I realized I'd been autistic all my life. Since then I've been researching on the internet, and discovered that autism/M.E. is vaccine injury and have remembered that my mother got ill with an ME. type illness after the whole family had vaccines before emigrating to Uganda (Yellow fever?) I was 6 months old. My sister and I have been slightly autistic ever since. My father was a pharmacologist who'd been researching vaccines for the war effort, at Borrough's Wellcome. I think he may have reported the adverse reaction to the manufacturers. The persecution continues most recently with refusal of state benefits since getting my M.E. diagnosis. (Recently a FOI request revealed that the DWP, DoH and MRC had lied about the data from a study into M.E. the aim of which was to prove that it is psychological.) Following that, British Gas have refused to send me any gas bills, only estimates, making it impossible for me to pay. The ongoing consequences of this is that my son and I have been to court at least 30 times and never had our case heard. We have repeatedly told them that we believe this is happening because my father was a whistle blower, and no-one has denied it. We have now gone off grid, and have managed like that for nearly a year. This is only one example of daily events which are otherwise inexplicable. Perhaps the most significant has been the violent attempts to prevent me from getting my dental amalgams replaced. I also get no medical treatment or support. If my son had not stayed with me for support I'd be dead by now. I'm sure this all sounds pretty crazy, but isn't this whole situation? I think I only believe all the unbelievable stuff I read on here because of all the unbelievable stuff I've experienced first hand! If you want any more details, please ask.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Grace Green | June 07, 2017 at 04:24 PM

Maybe Grace , you would prefer not to share , exactly how you combat these vaccine-thieves .
But if you are , I would be extremely interested to know what you mean .

I totally understand if you do not reply .

Hans Litten
The Italian government has made 12 vaccines mandatory for children who want to attend school.

The law will be for kids up to the age of 16. The Italian government claims this is a move to fight against “misinformation about vaccines.” This comes on the heels of a “measles outbreak.”

Paolo Gentiloni (lying scoundrel), the Italian Premier, says he will combat “anti-scientific theories” that he claims have contributed to lower vaccination rates across the country. Chickenpox, Rubella and measles are among the vaccines which will be made mandatory. Tetanus, diphtheria, polio and hepatitis B are among others.

This ban will extend to daycares and nurserys. Kids must be vaccine certified on an annual basis or they will be denied their rights to education.

Grace Green

I agree with others here on the subject of civil disobedience. I have been practising it for several years, and please believe me, it really works. Some people here said a while ago that I would have the bailiffs knocking, but it hasn't happened. They are too afraid to take me to court because they know that I have irrefutable evidence of their corruption, and I've shown I'm prepared to state it under oath.


Merck has ~ 68,000 employees
~ 1.5 children each
US Autism + Speech Rate ~ 4.2%
~4,284 children affected within the Merck family. Pfizer and Glaxo are similar.

I know you're in there. It's not Sophie's choice. It's better to lose your job than your children or your grandchildren. Do the right thing and speak out while there's time. Do it anonymously if you must.


I agree with Hans, civil disobedience, by hook or by crook, no one is going to push me out of the place I live or force me to poison my child.

Sooner or later their actions will catch up with them, children of Merck and Pfizer employees are being hit every day, children of politicians are being hit every day. Mysterious neurological and autoimmune diseases are hurting people all over the vaccinated world and the wrath of these insults is largely indiscriminate. Small solace for those already affected, but it will catch up with them.

Hans Litten

Civil disobedience is the only way .


Many thanks Pietro we all hope it suffers a rejection in your Parliament.
My Italian friends from Bari say they wouldn't go back home to Bari and yet we think over here is down the tubes.

Pharma for Prison


Hans Litten

Posted by: Pietro | June 07, 2017 at 10:51 AM

Its very worrying for all of us Pietro .
Don't give up , you can't .
Ireland is next , I'll bet you anything. Dr LeoV will try it for sure (a HPV harm denier)

John Stone

Dear Pietro,

Thanks for the update - I am so terribly sorry.

Thinking of everyone in Italy. This is political negligence or malice of a high order - it arrogates far too much to the state.

You are probably familiar with the remark of the 19th century British historian, Lord Acton: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men,..."



A short and very sad update:
the President has just signed the bill.
The new rules are immediately active and
the parliament has now 60 days to pass or reject.
There have been protests all over the country in the last days
and more will take place - next big one on Sunday in Rome.
I have attended some meetings and have met parents who are angry and afraid and desperate.
Many of them (of us!) are talking about leaving the country.
The social damage they are doing is immense.
Now we have to see what the parliament will do.
I may be wrong - I hope I am - but I am not very optimistic about the parliament frankly.
The new law seems to have obvious conflicts with articles of the constitution
but getting it quashed by the Corte Costituzionale can be a long process.
Let's see.
Will keep you updated.


Just want to point out re the South Carolina research that found 1 in 28 children were autistic - the study looked at 3 counties out of 46.

With electronic records, they certainly could have more accurate stats in seconds - if they wanted them.



Sen Pan claims in that video: "None of the vaccines administered to children have insomnia as being an effect of the vaccination".

Has this man ever read a manufacturer's vaccine insert?! I found the following two references to insomnia in less than five minutes. And how many of our children with vaccine-induced regression also lost their ability to sleep and were awake for most of the night - night after night after night?
ENGERIX-B - GlaxoSmithKline - Hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombinant)

"Indications: ENGERIX-B is a vaccine indicated for immunization against infection caused by all known subtypes of hepatitis B virus. "

"Psychiatric Disorders: Agitation, insomnia"
PEDIARIX - GlaxoSmithKline "For active immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, infection caused by all known subtypes of hepatitis B virus, and poliomyelitis. PEDIARIX is approved for use as a three-dose series in infants born of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)-negative mothers. PEDIARIX may be given as early as 6 weeks of age through 6 years of age (prior to the 7th birthday) "

"Psychiatric Disorders: Crying, insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, screaming, unusual crying."
"Sleep disorders may be even more common in children with autism spectrum disorders. Researchers estimate that between 40% and 80% of children with ASD have difficulty sleeping."

Gary Ogden

Laura: Thank you for posting this. Alfred Russel Wallace was a giant of science in Britain, the co-discoverer, with Darwin, of evolution. In September, 2015, Natural History magazine devoted an entire issue to him, in honor of the centenary of his passing (in 1913). Have we any giants of science today who have not been silenced by the corrupting influence of industry, government, academia, or the almighty dollar? We have many fine scientists speaking the truth about vaccines, but their voices are all but drowned out by the increasingly desperate propaganda campaign. President Trump, we need you to stand up for what is right.

Cristina Thompson

Thank you for posting this, Pietro, I'm Italian too and also completely outraged by this! One thing you didn't mention, speaking of draconian, is that they're planning to punish families who fall behind on vaccines not only with monetary fines but also by referring them to Italian child protective services agencies with consequent possible loss of parental rights.

Laura Hayes

This seems like an appropriate time and place to share this great find which was shared with me.

Data in this excellent book from 1889. Conclusive evidence that the smallpox vaccine didn't work, AND that it caused harm and death:

43 pages. Worth the read from start to finish.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Or, from Ecclesiastes, there is nothing new under the sun.

John Stone

Hi Shell,

I believe the 1 in 28 figure comes from South Carolina.

I think it is a very interesting question where this will go. These are measures which no one in the country voted for, and which privilege the wealthy. There may be very serious legal objections, but if the draconian policies are put into action, and an already suspicious population have to witness injury to their children as they are forced undergo the government program, anger and dissent will certainly grow.


Thank you Pietro for your article. My father shares your first name. I can help you understand what will happen next. Pharmaceutical giants will quietly make sure this become law. The people will be frightened because measles killed people (in 1902). Anyone who thinks you should have a choice will be vilified. Any parents who notice a vaccine reaction or injury will be vilified because the injury is caused by a mysterious coincidence, never the vaccine. Because all vaccines are safe, all the time. Within five years time, autism will explode in your country (due to better diagnosing, no doubt) along with diabetes, SIDS, bowel disease, allergies, ADD/ADHD and childhood cancers. In ten years time, your classrooms will become unrecognizable as children can't focus, read, learn in groups, or socialize appropriately. Chronic illness will become the new normal. By this time, your vaccine schedule will have become bloated with new mandates. The 12 mandatory shots for children under six will swell considerably. The Catholic Church will be silent as to the aborted fetal cell content in the vaccines. Parents won't have the time or energy to fight the mandates because they will be caring for their damaged children. I wish I was being sarcastic, but I am giving you a realistic picture of the future of your children. Your country's children will begin to resemble those of the United States.

John Stone


Scandalously, you are incorrect since back in 2014 as chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation Prof Pollard led the committee to recommend the Bexsero vaccine, of which he was lead developer, for British infants. No vote was taken and no one recused themselves. The difference, of course, is that so far no vaccines are actually mandated in the United Kingdom. But since September 2015 most British infants will have received this product.

Shelley Tzorfas

First researchers in Italy find deadly Lead and other Unauthorized metal and chemicals in vaccines-then the government uses Emergency Powers to force vaccines on every school child? Is Italy trying to have a contest to see which country can get more kids to have Brain Encephalitis aka Autism? We already have 1 in 28 kids with Autism according to research at Jackson University.I sure hope the Italian people fight back for their children.

Hans Litten

Pietro , if it is the Bexsero vaccine that they are going to use ,you need to know this - that vaccine has a MAIM-HARM rate of about 1 in every 45 recipients . Its a total fraud , Pollard knows it .

John Dan Stone And Angus Files are the two men who saved the UK from it so far !
Although the criminals will try again soon most likely (in fact they never stop).


Thank you Pietro Monari, your elections are coming soon so vote wisely see what you have got vote for change..
Choice and privilege only for the rich!!!

Pharma for Prison


Jonathan Rose

Thank you, Pietro, for calling our attention to this. I'm sure you have painful memories of another occasion when the Italian government bypassed parliament and assumed dictatorial "emergency" powers. Let's hope this episode ends more happily.


John, Hans, Bob: thanks for your interest in what happens in our country.

This meeting that our health minister had in the US some time ago might be relevant:
I can understand we were given homework to do
but what this government has done is incredible.
The feeling that we are taking orders is very, very strong.

Monti replaced Berlusconi in a hurry at a time when Italy seemed on the brink of bankruptcy.
The debt was out of control and the troika was ready to get in and "clean" the house.
Then Monti arrived - the economist everyone seemed to trust - and the pressure was released.
Not that the debt is now really under control, by the way.

We are going to have political elections soon, end 2017 latest 2018.
And vaccines are possibly going to be one of the weapons of choice during the campaign.
This bill has to go through the parliament soon and those who reject it
will be attacked and accused of being anti-vax anti-science etc.

The MenB vaccine is the Bexsero, yes..

Bob Moffit

" They have done this all of a sudden, without discussing the issue with anyone - not even the parliament - nobody"

I think it safe to assume .. the "issue WAS heavily discussed" with the pharmaceutical companies who will enjoy enormous .. guaranteed ... profits .. which more than likely has promised to SHARE some of that wealth .. with any "government" officials privileged to attend those "close door" discussions.

We in the United States ought not be surprised that "legislation" can be "bought and paid" .. which has more or less become SOP in Washington, DC.

Memo to Italian parents ... FOLLOW THE MONEY ...

John Stone

Thank you Pietro for keeping us in the picture. Other questions which come immediately to mind which one would hope would have some force in Europe are whatever happened to informed consent or the Nuremburg Code? A friend also raises the question whether the Italian government gets direct orders from Goldman Sachs? This report goes back to the days of Prime Minister Monti:

The issues that you raise have direct bearing on the British situation. The situation that pertains in the US and Australia where the wealthy and powerful can buy out is unlikely to find easy political consent in the United Kingdom, which is perhaps why the establishment have not forced the question so far - though anything might happen. There seems also some reluctance amongst the medical profession to become enforcers.

The scapegoating of Wakefield as a justification not only for MMR but also for the rest of the junk is a conspiracy of British state and establishment, which is easily documentable.

Do you know whether the Men B vaccine is Prof Pollard's Bexsero?

Hans Litten

Pietro Monari , sir , please organise quickly and resist with everything you have got .

Let this be your inspiration :

Jake Crosby , is it time to challenge Offit again (with this video ?) Or Josh Coleman (another hero)
Laura , Ginger , all heroes

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