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Brady Bunch measles
"Kids, because they have a few dots on their faces, they think they can order everybody around." Mike Brady

Note: Cathy wrote this is 2015. We're bringing it back for the Minnesota hysteria.

By Cathy Jameson

Before media hysteria became the norm, getting the measles was a punch line.  Instead of freaking out, a TV family portrayed what real-life families encountered - surviving a short-lived diseases.  These families managed the illness.  They responded with common sense.  They treated the symptoms and worked around what tended to be a temporary situation. 

Things are so different today.  Illness is a bad word.  What used to be called a common childhood disease is now viewed as impending doom.  Fevers, rashes and sicknesses that last longer than a few hours are treated like the plague.  Anything that can be passed from one person to another is a death sentence.  These types of exaggerations fill many news stories.  With those exaggerations, as well as how other fear tactics are used, including the mantra that the almighty vaccine is the answer no matter the question, no wonder people feel anxious about disease today! 

I don’t know why a growing number of news sources that are reporting on diseases are resorting to such exaggeration.  Take the latest disease story in the news, the Disney measles story.  Pre-vaccine hysteria, we recognized that after a childhood illness ran its course that natural immunity would be gained.  Nowadays, rather than promote natural immunity, we’re being ushered and demanded to get vaccines.  I have to ask why, especially why the measles vaccine (MMR), when this particular vaccine clearly isn’t working. 

We know that it isn’t working because several of the people who came down with the measles in the recent Disney outbreak were vaccinated.  That fact – that vaccinated individuals got the disease that their vaccine was supposed to prevent – negates the current media feeding frenzy.  You’d think focusing on those vaccinated individuals who fell ill is a more of a breaking news story.  You’d think that because we’re told so many times that vaccines are always life-saving, safe and effective, effective in preventing disease.  Evidently, they are not. 

Where’s that media fuss?

You won’t see it. 

You won’t see it because the media and the multi-billion dollar “health care” industry are deep in each other’s back pockets.  With how strong a relationship they have, they’ll surely get away with instilling fear in the public while neglecting to discuss vaccine failure. 

Brady Blackboard

Vaccine failure is something that needs to be addressed.  And soon.  These outbreaks confirm that vaccines are not as effective as we’re being lead to believe they are.  More people are catching diseases that their vaccines were supposedly going to prevent. 

Catching a disease can be scary.  But as we saw in the clip, the Bradys survived the measles in America.  In that clip, we’re given a peek at how a TV family, likely modeled after hundreds of real-life families, treated and managed the measles with common sense.  Instead falling for scare tactics and being filled with doom and gloom, we saw that the parents used good judgment.  We saw that the kids rode out the illness.  They rested, they got better, and they survived.  And God love her, Alice did too. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 



Thanks for putting this is perspective! Informed consent includes understanding the nature of the condition, as I tried to explain to my daughter's school nurse, informing parents of none of the 5 vaccines' ingredients, only providing 'mild' risks (red and soreness at site of imjection and flu-likw symptoms for 24-48hrs) while maximizing the benefits by ONLY providing the riskiest scenario for measles..., usually including DEATH. They should be forced to provide death rate from car accidents as a comparator of risk (number 1 killer of under 18yo, I believe NOT measles). Of course, the risk is they would ban cars!!

Jeannette Bishop

"Donald Trump would dream about a wall this strong! The unvaccinated kids who got the measles and are now protecting you for life!"



Not unlike that experienced by leprosy patients .measles patients today left to pharma would carry a bell ringing to warn others of danger or some techno app in a phone WARNING UNVACCINATED MEASLES CASE APPROCHING!!!.

Followed by a life jam packed full of social stigma for carrying such a notifiable disease!!. ..Pharma greed has taken the lifes of many and disabled millions but not one of the Pharma despicable s are worried about their soul.Not long now.

Pharma for Prison


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