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2017 Measles Hysteria

Dallas Morning News Editorial: Bogus Quotes

Dallas Morning NewsBy Anne Dachel

Wakefield is labeled a “menace” and a lot worse. The editorial cited the bogus “quote” that Wakefield never gave to the Washington Post, ‘I don’t feel responsible at all.’

This is a vitriolic and personal attack. They try to convince the reader that Wakefield is a bad man. We don’t need to talk about his research. The issue is not autism. From Dallas Morning News:

Discredited doctor who falsely linked vaccines to autism is now Texas' toxic export

Goodness knows, Texas has its share of crosses to bear, not a few of them situated in our state Capitol.

This reference is not to our Legislature (this time), but to another — and perhaps farther-reaching — menace: our planet's No. 1 vaccination denier.

Discredited ex-physician Andrew Wakefield, the British researcher who falsely linked routine immunizations to autism, lives in Austin now. And he is as keen to spread his anti-science, potentially dangerous gospel as ever. He may be Texas' most toxic export.

A case in point: Wakefield — who is no longer a doctor, having been booted from the profession in his home country — met repeatedly with immigrant families in a Minnesota Somali community, where legitimate concern over autism diagnoses had taken root.

That community is now ground zero for the state's worst measles outbreak in three decades. More than 40 people — nearly all of them children — have been infected with the disease, which was previously, thanks to vaccines, eradicated in the U.S.  Read the rest here.


Michael Potvin

Yes you can die from autism. It's due to lack of safety awareness in severely injured. Fall from windows, hit by cars, hypothermia, drowning, and any other risk I haven't mentioned. Oh, and how about law enforcement killing autistic children and adults?

Sure there's measles deaths in malnourished children. This is a rare event in the states.

Measles deaths? Give me a break. NO Tylenol, Vitamins A and C. Drink good water. How hard is this for measles protocol? The cases we hear about are parents going to the doctor with their children. The rest of families stay home until sickness passes..

The United States is not Somalia. First world versus third world. Settle down MSM.

It's a parental instinct to put cause and effect together. If you do a certain action with a first born, and you receive a bad result, you're not going to do the same action with your second, third, or fourth child. No way, no how. You'll have a hard time living with yourself if you did the same thing over and over again expecting a new result. That's insanity.

It wasn't Andrew Wakefield that first questioned the MMR danger. It was the parents!

Somalis have been hit harder than anyone with autism. They've been betrayed by CDC and MN Dept. of Health. Time for measles parties again, don't ya think?


Helen; You think that sounds just silly about being scared of measles. Listen to this one: Last week a pretty, young psychologist from the veterans came to meet with my father.

She believes that more kids died from measles than have autism. (?) WOW!

So, she pay for that education?
She gave the university money for that education and that information?

Bernie Sanders said we should give a free education to everyone. I guess this is how we should do it. We can let universities be run like TV, and radio stations. Just get those paid advertisers to run the school and who ever wants to come in and learn from 'em; just let them walk right on and sit down in the class room.

Helen Buckley

Did any of the folks with measles die, or did they just "get the measles?" Really, what is so wrong with that? I had the measles as a child. It's not the death sentence these pharma shills are scaring the world with. Andy Wakefield is a modern-day super hero, not a villain.

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