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Dachel Wake Up: Nothing Minor About Autism in S. Carolina

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

May 12, 2017, Alternative screen finds high autism prevalence in U.S. state

By Jessica Wright 

A new study in South Carolina has found a prevalence of 3.62 percent for autism, or roughly 1 in 28 children. Researchers presented the unpublished findings today at the 2017 International Meeting for Autism Research in San Francisco, California.

The study screened children born in 2004, the same birth year analyzed in the most recent prevalence estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For South Carolina, that estimate, released in 2014, reported a prevalence of 1 in 81 children1. The average prevalence for the United State is 1 in 68..” ...

The new work is modeled after a similar prevalence study in South Korea that found an autism rate of 2.65 percent, more than twice the U.S. rate at that time.. ...

What’s more, the demographic profile of the families who were sent the screen roughly matches that of the families who responded and those who came for the assessment — suggesting that the proportion who came for assessment are representative of the broader population.

This finding is “encouraging,” says Durkin. “That’s a strength.”

Maureen Durkin, University of WI, has long denied, denied, denied.......a true increase and any link to vaccines.

She's come out blaming old moms, old dads, and birth order

Notice that Spectrum cited the fact that South Korean kids have a higher autism rate.   That was in 2011 where a study funded by Autism Speaks found an autism rate of one in every 38 kids in South Korea. No one was alarmed. It was all acceptable, just more better diagnosing, better screening.  

So, in South Carolina, the numbers are even higher. Still, it's all good. Even better "better diagnosing."

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Tom Petrie

Hello Jeanette B: I hope I answered your question.

Tom Petrie

From South Carolina? Why am I Not Surprised?!

Oh my, oh my, oh my, now we hear that it's not really an increase, it's just better diagnosis!
Anne Dachel, in her book, "The Big Autism Cover-Up," documented how people have been repeating this meme for decades. Seriously, it's getting kind of worn-out now. One in 28 and you're STILL talking about better diagnosis? Now let's talk science.
South Carolina is famous, but the average American wouldn't know this, unless they're into the subject of fluoride toxicology or the sordid history of the sick/misguided promotion of artificial water fluoridation. In 1988, South Carolina--yup, that wonderful State on the lower East Coast of the United States--decided to sue the EPA because they didn't like DECONTAMINATING their water from excess fluoride content! (To me, excess would be above 0.2 parts per million, by the way.) So what happened to the Maximum Contaminant Level of fluoride, the "MCL" that was THEN at 2.0 ppm? S.C. got it raised from 2.0 ppm to....4.0! THAT"S RIGHT! IT's BECAUSE OF SOUTH CAROLINA that fluoride became safer. But it ain't so. CHANGING MCL'S FOR COMPOUNDS TO MATCH THEIR ACTUAL LEVELS INSTEAD OF WHAT'S HEALTHIEST FOR PEOPLE IS NOT UNCOMMON IN POLITICS. But this isn't science, it's something else.
Since fluoride compounds can disturb and inhibit the function of hundreds of enzymes (they're good for you), it's not surprising to this person, that we could see a GREATER incidence of autism in S.C., than in the rest of this country. The higher contamination of the environment by fluoride compounds in S.C., makes children, LESS healthy! However, the question could be asked, "Why isn't this being discussed in the mainstream media?"
That this topic is not being discussed in the M.M.M., reminds me of a problem I had at my local library the other day: They didn't have even one book in their entire library system, explaining health risks of vaccines. Ditto for the fluoride topic. (This fact has been true since I first learned of fluoride dangers back in April of 1978 and was shocked when I learned that NO BOOK ON THE SUBJECT was available from my local library. Yup, keep the masses ignorant.)
This is not an irrelevant topic, since the politics of (the cover-up of) fluoride dangers, mirrors so much the cover-up of the link between vaccines and Autism (and other health troubles), in America. However, the link between fluoride chemicals and health troubles is much harder to prove, for a variety of reasons--much having to do with our generally high calcium intake, so the troubles tend to be more mild to moderate and NOT attributed fluoride chemicals. They're still there, but you have to be smart enough to notice them. Also, the propaganda has been complete over the past sixty-seven years, except for the few folks that seem to know how to read their dictionary or how to spell "Google."

The way to learn the truth on any subject is, of course to start with the premise that there's more to the story than you're being told. You have to be WILLING to learn more, REALLY learn more and quite frankly, most Americans do NOT want to learn anything about anything--it's sad, but true!
When the polio epidemic was in full swing sixty years ago, in inflicted one in 5,000 Americans. That was a nationwide emergency! Now that one in 28 children in South Carolina are being diagnosed with Autism, it's just "better diagnosis?" Do these public health officials think we're that stupid?
Yes, it' true that there are numerous studies showing how fluoride depresses IQ and I fear that in South Carolina, that industrial waster product has a unique affinity to health officials in that State. How else can they ignore the overwhelming evidence that their apparent increase in the incidence of ASD is NOT simply better diagnosis, but an indication that they have a problem, a BIG problem.

What will Autism have to be? One in ten in S.C. to get their attention?

I'm glad at least Age of Autism is doing their best to keep the masses awake to what's really going on! Keep up the good job!

Jeannette Bishop

@kws, thank you.


@Jeannette, this data is a real eyeful. Some schools have disability rates 25-29%. Its hard to select out autism since they game the numbers with esoteric categories, but its clear something bad is happening in Greenville and Charleston. I'm sorry for the kids and parents. The only exceptional thing I recall about South Carolina is the Savannah River Site where they manufacture uranium and plutonium. That, and excessive vaccinations.

@Ken, be sure to get your flu shot.


dust have complex needs,bowl problems,learning disabilities - truly amazing.

Pharma for Prison

Jeannette Bishop

Is there any reason to think that S. Carolina's rate is higher than the national average?

John Stone

Hi Ken

Which study were you citing?

Ken Reibel

Autism is like dust in your house - the harder you look, the more you find.

Shelley Tzorfas

1 in 28 children on the Autistic Spectrum seems closer to the truth. This is Better Research, not better diagnosing. Who will take care of these kids when the family ages? Who will pay for the millions of dollars it costs to raise a more severely affected child, teen, or young adult? Who will pay for the funerals when the median age many live to is 35? These are the Facts that should be Headline News- Not pharmaceutical paid news touting how great Chicken pox vaccines are or other profitable vaccines as more kids develop lifelong seizures, tics, brain Encephalitis that destroys parts of the brain while making other parts over-reactive aka Autism. As our current and future generations of kids fall, so does our nation.


I am not at all surprised to see 1 in 28.

The trajectory is clear. There's 2 or 3 in every class in America now, 10%. We only count the severe cases because our public health officials can't use calculators, understand that vaccine injury is a spectrum disorder, and of course, they want to preserve their jobs.

Ken Frazier, CEO of Merck, I ask you to stop maiming America's children ! Please walk through a school in Philadelphia and learn what's going on. You're really the only one that can effect immediate change. Repeating the Vioxx thing with 2 years old kids is not Christian.

CIA_P - you're right (and so am I, think Gilead). Thanks for your voice of reason

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