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Dachel Wake Up: Israeli Researchers Share Autism Insights

Dachel Morning Wake UoMay 29, 2017, Jewish News of Northern Cal: Israeli researchers share insights into possible causes of autism

For Ilan Dinstein, describing the search for causes of autism as a needle in a haystack doesn’t do it justice. More on point, he says, is to call it “a few needles and a very big haystack.”

Understanding autism — a neurodevelopmental disorder that presents a variety of symptoms, from poor social skills and mutism to low IQ and heightened sensory sensitivity — is the life’s work of the psychology professor at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University.

I would have just shook my head over more pretend efforts to understand autism moved on to the next story, but I saw the line: “Understanding autism… is the life’s work of the psychology professor at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University.”

“Israeli scientists have engaged in cutting-edge research on the disorder, especially at the elite universities such as Dinstein’s.” 

Seriously?  “Understanding autism …is the life’s work” of Dinstein? His research is “cutting edge”?

Dinstein is in America to “share insights” about autism. More likely, he’s one more researcher who’s looking into autism, but who will come up empty.

“He has employed neuroimaging techniques such as MRI and EEG to study brain structure and function in children with autism, in search of clues.

“So far, he said, anatomy reveals nothing.”

NOTHING? When can we expect SOMETHING?

We’re casually told that one in 70 U.S. children has autism, and one in 150 children in Israel has autism. There’s no mention of any dramatic increase in the disorder, so I guess it's always been that way.

Nothing is said about regressive autism, or why that might be something worth studying. As for “external factors,” the mystery deepens. There’s a vague reference to “intrauterine environment.”

The rest of the story is filled with autism trivia: insomnia in autism and the possible use of cannabis, the lack of biomarkers for autism. Progress has been made, according Dinstein, in early diagnosing.

There is no mention of preventing autism.  

“One thing researchers are not looking for is a cure.

Instead of a cure for autism, according to Judah Koller, a psychologist from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, “The ideal response to autism as one of intervention and support for children and their families.

The story ends with Koller repeating that tired line about autism: ‘The most appropriate saying is, if you meet one person with autism, then you’ve met one person with autism.’

That should be updated. Instead of speculating on meeting “one person with autism,” we need to change that to “When you meet one person with autism, rest assured that you’ll be meeting more and more and more people with autism, because no one will address this condition as the health care nightmare that it clearly is.

Dinstein and Koller are speaking at different places in California, and basically telling people autism is here to stay, we just need to provide services. The photos of each, included in the story, show both men smiling. I had to ask myself what they had to be happy about.

 In Jan, 2016, the Sacramento Bee  announced, “More than 90,000 California public school students are autistic, a number that has risen more than six-fold since 2001, according to the latest data from the California Department of Education.http://www.sacbee.com/site-services/databases/article55928865.html

Evidently Dinstein and Koller are here to tell us that the numbers don’t matter. Seriously, they didn’t have to come all the way from Israel to do that. We have plenty of folks right there in California telling us that every single day.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Bob Moffit

@ Bill

"Also, when reading the "news", look at what THEY DON'T tell you....
I rarely see any of TPTB mention what *might* cause autism, except in the vaguest terms...."

Malcom X .. "The greatest power of the press ... is the power to IGNORE"

Most people do not realize what the media does NOT TELL THEM .. in most cases .. is far more important .. complex ... to understanding events then the media reports

The Founding Fathers knew how critical a FREE PRESS would be to sustaining our freedoms .. and .. when the media deliberately IGNORES "inconvenient truths" to favor their own agenda .. our country suffers greatly.

Unfortunately .. we rely heavily upon the media for ALL the information we receive .. so much so .. if a tree falls in deep in the woods .. and .. the media decides not to tells us the tree fell .. no one would know it happened.


Great analysis of the endless ways scientists can research aspects of Autism without coming up with much at all. It's a mistake to ask (government or industry-sponsored) scientists to define and prove the exact cause of the increase in autism over the last 30 years, in my opinion. They could easily spend another 30 or 40 years fussing around looking for their "needles in a haystack." And it's not as if governments are really going to come up with the funds to take care of the myriad needs of affected children (and adults) in a truly adequate manner. It's time governments started protecting babies and children from toxic exposures to heavy metals, endocrine disruptors and other toxins, from any source, including drinking water, agriculture, and especially injections. A pro-active approach would be infinitely easier and wiser.


Also, when reading the "news", look at what THEY DON'T tell you....
I rarely see any of TPTB mention what *might* cause autism, except in the vaguest terms....


Bob Moffit: per your comment above, google "Georgia Guide Stones", then spend an hour or 2 watching "depopulation agenda", and "Agenda 21" videos on youtube. yes, it quickly gets into "paranoid conspiracy" territory, but labeling truth-tellers as "paranoid conspiracists", or some such, is a standard propaganda tactic.
And after over a year reading here at AoA, and elsewhere, I'm convinced that *some* vaccines cause *some* children to *sometimes* have an auto-immune reaction, leading to a form of encephalopathy/brain inflammation, which leads to, or at least is diagnosed as AUTISM.
Also, the news is suppressed, but CBD oil (from cannabis) has shown remarkable improvements in MANY kids with autism-spectrum diagnoses....
But PhRMA doesn't want to let THAT cat out of the bag for a few years....
That's what I think, anyway. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, people! ~B./


I totally agree, it's not that hard to figure out and it does have something to do with needles.

Thank you Anne for another great article. I too expected something and keep getting nothing. I'm really disappointed with the best universities in the world and feel sorry for the professors' kids.

btw...the new California numbers are out. It ticked up again.

California Kindergarten 2016-17
Intellectual Disability 1,807
Hard of Hearing 515
Deaf 168
Speech or Language Impairment 24,885
Visual Impairment 134
Emotional Disturbance 106
Orthopedic Impairment 652
Other Health Impairment 2,082
Specific Learning Disability 1,028
Deaf- Blindness *
Multiple Disability 325
Autism 9,120
Traumatic Brain Injury 45
Total Disabilities Kindergarten 40,867
Total Enrollment Kindergarten 535,379

Disability 7.6%
(Incidence, 1 in x) 13

Autism + Speech (Percent) 6.4%
(Incidence, 1 in x) 16

Autism Rate (Percent) 1.7%
(Incidence, 1 in x) 59

Growth Rate (Autism+Speech) y/y 6%




Well, methinks the fact that he mentioned needles at all is rather telling. Even if this is not the case, such 'in the know' perverse-type statements from the gatekeepers are not uncommon. It can be one such method of alleviating a bad conscience. Or should I say, a filthy conscience.

Mark Wax

A published Japanese study (2012) looks at the neurotoxic effects of mercury exposure in rat foetuses. Pregnant rats were given intramuscular injections of the mercury-containing substance thimerosal. The offspring were examined 50 days after birth. The exposed group was found to have lasting chemical changes in the brain structure known as the hippocampus. Elevated levels of the transmittor substance serotonin and dopamine were observed in the mentioned brain area. Based on these findings, the study concluded:
“Analysis on postnatal day 50 showed significant increase in hippocampal serotonin following thimerosal administration on embryonic day 9. Furthermore, not only serotonin, striatal dopamine was significantly increased. These results indicate that embryonic exposure to thimerosal produces lasting impairment of brain monoaminergic system, and thus every effort should be made to avoid the use of thimerosal.”

John Stone

It isn't "a few needles and a very big haystack" it is many needles in a very a small baby and they are not hard to find at all.

Bob Moffit

@ Hans

At one time I would have laughed at anyone implicating the CIA would actively pursue a "propaganda program" to influence the people of the United States. Today .. that possibility is more easily believed.

Am I wrong .. but ... doesn't the CIA maintain the statistics on "infant mortality" in developed nations? If so ... why would "infant mortality" rates be of concern to the CIA?

In any event .. I suspect there are some very powerful individuals .. (BILL GATES? GEORGE SOROS? etc) .. walking among us .. who are loathed to publicly acknowledge their long-held belief that believe "population growth" .. even more so than "climate change" .. is the biggest threat to mankind.

The very idea .. though positively frightening .. ought not be dismissed lightly.


Real research and real hope into autism treatment: results of human suramin trials. Would love to see some AofA coverage of this, since mainstream media is very quiet:


Hans Litten


CIA Agents To Troll Alternative Media Sites In Huge Propaganda Program

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