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Dachel Wake Up: Imams Promoting Vaccines During Ramadan

Dachel Morning Wake UoMay 26, 2017, Washington Post: Imams in U.S. take on the anti-vaccine movement during Ramadan

By Lena Sun

Minnesota health officials are working closely with faith leaders in an unprecedented effort to spread the message that parents should get their children vaccinated and keep them home if they show symptoms of the disease. It’s the first time that imams in the United States have taken such an active role in a public health crisis, health officials and Somali Americans said.

The imams are up against the anti-vaccine movement, which in recent years has  with misinformation linking the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine to autism, a claim that . Somali American children in Minnesota had a vaccination rate of 92 percent in 2004, higher than the state average, but that rate has dropped to 42 percent, leaving children vulnerable to disease.

I guess the Imams aren't supposed to pay attention to the Somali parents who say their child was fine until they were vaccinated. And as far as that one in every 32 Somali kids with autism that no one can reasonably explain, you just need a blue light. 

I recently wrote about Lena Sun, who considers the horrific autism about average and nothing to worry about.

So, if imams can sell vaccines, can we expect to hear from rabbis, priests, and ministers too? (The Pope is onboard as we saw from his trip to Mexico  where he was shown administering an oral polio vaccine.)

Pop vaccine

Pope Francis gives a vaccine to a boy held by Mexico's first lady Angelica Rivera during a visit to the Federico Gomez Children's Hospital (CNS)


Laura Hayes

In case this can be of help to anyone wishing to reach out to religious leaders. I wrote it at the start of our battle here in CA against SB277 (it was the first of 2 letters I wrote and sent to religious leaders up and down the state of CA...I received zero replies).

"An Open Letter to California Religious Leaders About SB277 and Vaccine Rights" by Laura Hayes


David Weiner

Evidently, vaccines are the new communion.


The imams are being pharma-radicalized !

The imams over here were rejecting the flu vaccine..

"Mr Badat said some sections of the community were more lenient than others on following the religion’s code to avoid pork.

But he said he doubted many would consider a flu vaccine as essential.

“How often do people get flu jabs?” he said. “I’ve had one the last few years and it hasn’t been helping me, I feel like it gave me more problems.

“Modern medicine isn’t the answer for everything.”


Pharma for Prison


Grace Green

I was born and bred a Quaker, and in case anyone doesn't know, Quakers have no leaders, but all are expected to give ministry according to their ability and calling. So. I took myself along to my local Meeting and started to tell them about autism, and ME, and government corruption. You would have expected those people to be concerned about the information I had. A Meeting of about 30 people included a professor of philosophy, a professor of psychology, a Dr. of biology, a professor of epidemiology and a professor of forestry. For six years I debated with them, and they treated me abominably. denying all my needs, and forcing obsessive handshaking and other inconsiderate things on me. They were very clearly acting on the agenda of the government vaxtremists. They ignored all my evidence and I finally gave up. I don't hold out any hope for other religions. They are all hypocrites, out to save their skins rather than their souls.

Hans Litten


As is the case with New York state senator, Kemp Hannon. Hannon took over $400, 000 from pharmaceutical companies. He also has pushed for a menengitis vaccine law that would make the vaccine mandatory for 7th to 12 graders.


John Stone


The Imams are probably intimidated like everyone else in public life.


I don't understand why the imams would do that. They want more and more people.

Mark Wax

A new low for WaPo. Read the article carefully for the implication that "white, middle class parents" are the cause of Muslim's potential harm. I am a liberal and the author gives us a bad name. This ivory tower approach by the formerly standouts of journalism is sickening. Perhaps they should read the background of the whitewashed cover up of data that impacts the African American community rate of vaccine injury. I guess that just doesn't fit their narrative,.......

Bob Moffit

"Somali American children in Minnesota had a vaccination rate of 92 percent in 2004, higher than the state average, but that rate has dropped to 42 percent, leaving children vulnerable to disease"

I am not surprised the Imams in Minnesota have been informed of the "vaccination rate" of Somalia immigrant children .. has dropped from 92% in 2004 .. to 42% today .. however .. I wonder if the Imams have been informed of the "autism rate" that corresponds so "coincidently" within the highly vaccinated Somali children?

In other words .. is there ANY evidence that rate of "autism" continued to increase .. as the "vaccination rate" decreased?

John Stone

Hi Anne,

Religious leaders - and I don't suppose Imams are any different - are always going to shy away from contesting science. I do think it is up to everyone involved in organised religion to tell their ministers and their leaders that science has just become a brand, and that people are getting hurt. It has lost the right to be taken on trust.

Write to them today, or ring them up if they are friends and tell them we've been betrayed.

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