Here's The Story, of a Measles Hysteria
Dr. Sean Gallagher Promotes Violence Against Parents

Coastal Children's Clinic Mocks Dead Children with Immunized & I Survived! T-Shirts

Immunized and I survived
How low can you go? Coastal Children's Clinic - still trying to get a bead on where they are - the name is as common as an autism diagnosis - printed this revolting T-shirt that outright mocks anyone whose child was killed or injured by a vaccine. 

I went to take a peek at VAERS and guess what - and in a keystroke of irony, their site is considered unsecured. HHS hasn't figured out how to vaccinate their URL I guess.   I mocked up a version of our own T-shirt below. The full court press to shame, ridicule and harm children and their families vis a vis vaccine choice continues.   Kim

VAERS unsecure

Immunized T version 2



".. Not dead. But I'm in special ed and the seizures are a bummer. Yes measles Free !


Don't you mean "Measles free, excluding my intestines" ?


If DOCTORS can't see through propaganda in the information age, propaganda that is disproven not only in medical literature that is their professional responsibility to know, but in front of their eyes every day and night of the week in the form of dead and injured children at their own hands, then they should be barred from practicing medicine. In fact, they should be listed on a public registry as being danger to all children and barred from all contact with children, like sex offenders.

No excuses.

George stevens

There is a coastal children's clinic in Newbern North Carolina. They are several satellite offices and push vaccines very hard. They are a joke.

Christie sttom

How low can you go I well my best friend lost her baby boy after he was FORCED to get vaccines and now he's dead 30 days exactly to the day after he got 9 vaccines at once.. Why so many I always got 1 or 2 when I got vaccinated as a child and an very lucky I didn't lose my kids. But losing this little guy who was only 6 years old just celebrated his birthday 1 week maybe just a few days he was in the hospital being airlifted to children's and to never come home except in a little brown box I miss you little man your parents sorry I haven't mentioned you Marijo Deguzman and Jose Ramirez Porter and Daniel Ramirez Porter is the little 6 year old who was chosen to be the one they didn't care about or the family you didn't even care about..I am against vaccines now will never get a shot again hope you guys will take in to concideration the hurt your putting out there wearing that city shirt I would burn them all...

Aude Sapere

Hopefully, "Immunized and I survived" will inspire some inquiring young minds to wonder if there are some who are immunized and don't survive. Like surviving immunization is something special, deserving of a teeshirt, like a cancer survivor.

Cherry Misra

Hey , Bob Moffit, I like that one.
The tee shirt makes me sad, but I dont think the people who designed and distribute it are necessarily cruel and insensitive. They are merely victims of the propaganda. If you were a person for whom the vaccine topic rarely came up and you had heard the one in a million lie a couple of times, you might think the shirt is cute too. And yes, we do need to use these opportunities to keep the topic alive. I clearly recall the days of tobacco science, during which people began to think... If cigarettes DONT cause cancer, why doesnt this topic die a natural death.?
It s high time our members get together with some psychologists and figure out how to fight the vaccine lies intelligently and effectively .

Jeannette Bishop

Wish I could generate a witty version or two--there might be potential for a whole line of "vaccinated and I survived, but..." shirts. "Vaccinated and I survived!!! But my immune system's shot to bits. If you get the flumist, please sneeze far from me!" (wit/humor.. not my talents...and any embedded irony is purely coincidental...but no danger of running out of something to aim for in perpetuity I've decided).

Or "...if you're diagnosed with 'walking pneumonia' but really have a vaccine masked contagious case of whooping cough, please figure it out somehow, because your doctor probably won't!"

Forrest's video really highlights the absurdity of this shirt design IMO.


No wonder the boy and girl are getting onto a short bus.

And how ethical is monetizing little kids as billboards for the products you sell?

In my state, "I'm cool to go to school" would constitute a violation of statute. "No shots, no school" is not true, and not legal.

Bob Moffit

"I am a survivor of the vaccine holocaust".

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