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Boston Herald "Editorial Staff" Calls Vaccine Choice "Hanging Offense"

Boston RiotsBy Kim Stagliano

Boston Herald: These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.

I was born in Boston, Massachusetts at Beth Israel hospital. I always considered Massachusetts to be my home. Boston is my city. I love that dirty water. And all that.  When I was growing up, The Boston Globe was considered the "real" newspaper (it was a broadsheet) and the Herald was a rag. A tabloid style rag. Fast forward a few decades.

Boston has tried to move away from its reputation as a city where racism was condoned and continued long after the rest of the country had become more enlightened.  As a white woman, I can't claim to understand what it must have felt like to be hated and even harmed because of skin color.   But as a woman who believes in my (and your) right to choose vaccination plans (all, some, none) for yourself and  your kids, I sure can understand the cold trickle of shock when the editorial staff (way to hide, people) calls vaccine choice a "hanging offense." Death penalty. Hanging.  In Massachusetts, which does not even have the death penalty.

These are NOT the facts, Boston Herald. Vaccines can and do cause serious side effects, harm and death and can lead to an autism diagnosis. More families understand this than ever before.  Any disease can kill. Measles is not a deadly disease in first world nations. In fact, as of 2015, measles had killed one person in 12 years.    And the patient was a female, already ill, on medications with a weakened immune system and her cause of death was pneumonia.  The Brady Bunch "Is there a doctor in the house" episode in 1969 was about the 6 kids contracting the measles. None died. Measles was a common childhood right of passage disease. Today? It's portrayed as Ebola meets The Plague. And fear is how to sell violence and coercion against others.

Really, this is just startling coming from Boston. Home of the Tea Party and Freedom Train. Boston. Massachusetts. Liberal to the core in so many ways.  Protectors of the rights of everyone - except us.  And calling for violence against families who choose to alter the CDC vaccine schedule.


I wish Dan Olmsted were here today to take on this story with his expert journalism style. The trap door is opening on the obscene, bloated and draconian CDC-pharma enriching vaccination schedule.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.



Interview with Age of Autism Editor-at-Large Mark Blaxill outside the Boston Herald offices.


Walter Kyle

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories patented a test procedure in 2009 which could not only diagnose vaccine reactions, it could predict them. (see the VRBPAC transcript of May 7, 2010, Dr Holly Franz p211-13). FDA then blocked its use for diagnostic purposes.

Epidemiological safety reports cannot withstand the scrutiny of science. "Epidemiological" was a word chosen by Langmuir to define the function of CDC investigations that took in data on vaccine reactions and concocted reports favorable to military objectives in the childhood mass immunization programs.

The military admits control of the childhood immunization program in the United States through 1972...but USPHS "Intelligence Officers" tasked with production of "Happy Vaccine Days" continue to infect and foster in the CDC.

The fact that congress failed to react to Thompson's report of fraud at CDC related to autism levels in African American boys indicates CDC's actions came from "superior orders". The groups ostensibly in charge of the childhood immunization programs (The Rockefeller Foundation, Military/USPHS, Johns Hopkins) can be best appreciated from the human experimentation they conducted in the past --- see "Bad Blood" on the Tuskegee Syphilis Study...and "Ethically Impossible" on the efforts of these groups to bioweaponize syphilis on orphans (ages 1-16) and the mentally ill.
(for an idea of what it takes to get a lecturer's position and MPH at Johns Hopkins - read about John Cutler at p52 of "Ethically Impossible".

Do not forget "The Westbrook School"... a place that made Geraldo famous. Same group of experimenters.

As long as military intelligence officers ( CDC's Epidemiological Intelligence Service) are allowed by newspaper editors, such as at the Boston Herald, to produce vaccine "safety" reports unsupported by clinical science, formulated for purposes of their superiors, under superior orders but ostensibly -"In the name of the Public Health", valid questions by parents will remain unanswered.


Boston Herald phone number to Rachelle Cohen's office, at least for now...
617-426-3000 x 6105

susan welch

Thanks for the link, Jeanette. It was a really excellent 'Highwire' this week and covered the issue of measles, autism and herd immunity very thoroughly.

Jeannette Bishop



It's not the science of vaccines that is the problem, it is the application that is flat-out dangerous (the same as gmos). FACT: injecting metals into the body such as aluminum and mercury is proven to cause brain damage, BUT for anti-vaccine choice advocates, like the one that wrote this article, they don't connect the dots to accept the fact that metal preservatives in these vaccines can and do cause brain damage (aka autism spectrum disorders) in children. Hey person who wrote this article, show me one study that shows the cumulative safety of injecting 40 + 'CDC recommended' vaccines into children. Spoiler alert, there is no study, what's happening in real life is essentially the study. So I suppose you might have to hang yourself according to your own standards, something that is absurd for you to even suggest for anyone who exercises critical thinking against vaccinations that contain damaging substances. Journalists like you that blindly push pharmaceutical agendas like this should get another job. Maybe you should look into how India got its polio-free status..... by classifying polio cases as non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPACP). But i suppose all your journalist research uncovered that already? Wait....it didn't?!?!? Thats why you should find a nee job and keep your uneducated opinions away from people you are misinforming.

Miste Gardner-Karlfeldt

We sent this letter today...

Health Freedom Idaho demands the immediate retraction of the editorial piece calling for the hanging of people who question vaccines.


It is the right and responsibility of every person and parent to do their own research and make the vaccination decision that is right for their own family.
Science and medicine is only valid if it continues to be questioned and tested, and each person exercises their right to choose it for themselves and their family or NOT choose it. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out close to $4 billion to vaccine injured victims. The United States Supreme Court stated that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. Are we to assume, based on this article, that these facts are not as imperative as the opinion of Rachel?

This outrageous piece suggests medical tyranny like America has never seen and execution for making your own medical choice. Is the Boston Herald prepared to take responsibility should the public decide to act on the hate speech that was meant to incite violence and discrimination?

We demand the immediate retraction and an apology by the Editor of the Editorial Page, Rachelle Cohen.


They've gone a step beyond hate speech, haven't they. It took me all of two minutes to find a similar quote distributed by the Nazi propaganda office: "The Jew must be destroyed wherever we meet him! In so doing, we commit no crime against life, but rather serve life’s laws of battle, which always oppose that which is an enemy to healthy life. Our battle serves to maintain life. A German victory — the victory of the created order." See http://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/sprech44a.htm. So the Nazis advocated for the preservation of a society's health and life through the murder of innocent people, too.

Wayne Rohde

Is Minnesota becoming California 2.0???

Carter's Daddy

It still stymies me how it's acceptable to publicly bully, deride and everything threaten death on this one group. Treatment that would otherwise get one prosecuted. What an upside down society.


"War makes murderers out of otherwise decent people. All wars, and all decent people."

97 year old Benjamin Ferencz, last living Nuremberg prosecutor, in this extraordinary 60 Minutes segment:


david m burd

Pam, Thanks for another graphic that tells the tale; your "chart" seen on other websites is also very dramatic (though the colorful CDC Chart straight from the CDC has their "stamp" on it; seems more dramatic to me).

In either case, neither of these graphics/charts are ever displayed by mainstream media - so the public is clueless to see the obvious carnage inherent to all these vaccines, and beginning at birth (even beginning the day of premature birth that is close to 10% of U.S. babies).

It seems clear to me that the various citizens' Web sites critical of vaccines ALL displaying these graphics/charts - to be copied and sent to unaware friends and relatives - has an excellent chance of "turning the tide" against the Mainstream Media/CDC status quo.

Carolyn mcd

I keep thinking about the omission of info that talc can cause ovarian cancer. 40 years later it came out. They didn't even have the excuse that baby powder is for the greater good. They lied purely for profit and i am sure ridiculed and destroyed people for bringing it up.


This is all of a piece with the violence against conservative speakers on campuses all over the country. In both cases, industry interests have taken advantage of ideological discourse to try to create a cultural monolith in which only one point of view is morally, and LEGALLY, acceptable. I heard interviews with university students the other day who said that yes, any speech deemed by their sponsors to be outside the permissible boundaries of expressed opinion can and should be made ILLEGAL. They actually said that the First Amendment should be deleted from the Constitution.

We are living in dangerous days. New religions have been constructed in order to give their adherents the moral strength and satisfaction of belonging to a religion which purports to wield the truth, the only acceptable point of view, in this case, that all vaccines are safe and necessary and anyone who says they're not deserves to be beaten up or worse by antifa thugs. We definitely need to mobilize to protect everyone's right to express their thoughts, opinions, and relate their lived experience, even for those who are not 100% against all vaccines.

leave it to Boston

This is not surprising coming out of Boston at all. Pro vaccine is the name of the game across most medical and educational facilities here. Listen to Dan Rea's show (Nightside) on April 18, 2017. He interviews that horrid Dr. Rebecca McDonald from the New England Center For Children boasting about how great they are using one 19 year old who has Apserger's as their success story. Dan Rea and Dr. Rebecca McDonald make SURE to use this show to emphasize their belief that vaccines do not cause autism. What this has to do with ABA and education is beyond me but leave it to Boston and to NECC (which has strong ties to the vile Children's Hospital) to indicate parents are crazy for thinking vaccines have anything to do with autism. I truly hate Boston personally and their attitude towards vaccines.


Here is another child vaccination schedule graphic that I often share.
Never tested for safety. Not once. Ever.


david m burd

Kim, and Everybody -- here's the most succinct 2011 Child Immunization Graphic (aka Chart):


david m burd

Kim, Our fellow neighbors everywhere are only exposed to Mainstream Media stories and editorials financed by many $billions of Pharma ad dollars annually, AND, are also only exposed to the CDC's criminal lies via "public service announcements" exhorting the public to get their flu shots (and all the other toxic vaccines). Thus, such despicable editorials by such as the Boston Herald are really no surprise.

Just this last weekend I made some brief new acquaintance (15 minutes or so) with several people with their nice dogs who joyfully played with my very-social girl-dog. Not unsurprisingly, both times the health (or bad health) of our present young generation came up. I ended up giving them the CDC color printout of the Children Immunization Schedule (for the year 2011, still the same today), and as usual, they were shocked into silence as they actually saw the 28 doses of vaccines injected into babies by 7 months (I'm counting the 2nd flu shot and the HBIG shot on day of birth, but not their exposure in the womb to their mothers' flu shot and DTaP shot, though I always bring that up if time allows). As usual, NOBODY had seen this Vaccine Schedule, and, almost always rendered speechless.

Of course, this Child Schedule, the most deadliest graphic ever printed, is NEVER shown by such as the Boston Herald, the NY Times, the Washington Post, on and on. And, NEVER shown on any TV newscasts when vaccines are alway hailed, while newscasters condemn anybody dissenting, right out of oppressive Regimes' propaganda playbooks

For reason(s) I haven't heard, this Child Immunization Schedule is not one of the graphics displayed here on AoA. Maybe Dan didn't think it appropriate? Can't imagine why? IF this graphic was indeed displayed here, I am sure it would be copied by many AoA readers, picked up by other Allies, and passed on to perhaps scores of millions of Americans, up to now completely hoodwinked and brainwashed by Mainstream Media and the CDC by being kept ignorant. The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" has never been truer.

ps: I'll send the Schedule Graphic in my next comment (can't for some reason add it here).


Ebola meets The Plague. That sums it up.
Yet somehow the Brady Bunch survived with vital organ function, speech, and social cues. Perhaps Merck needs to hire a screenwriter to go back and rewrite that episode: "The Brady Bunch all dies from Measles after their neglectful parents forgot to vaccinate them".

For the Boston Herald, I'd love to see a good story about ethics in journalism.

Hang me


I think this "Editorial Opinion" should be printed out and saved by everyone who cares about this issue and who is involved in fighting for the right to preserve their own bodily integrity, and that of their children. If any violence results against us, it is time to sue the Boston Herald out of existence, for encouraging and even calling for violence against our community of parents of vaccine-injured or vaccine-killed children. In fact, I think the Boston Herald should be sued for promoting hatred and extreme violence, right now. Seems like the Boston Herald very carefully chose their words considering that a hate crime involves: "(1) Offenses involving actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin.—Whoever, whether or not acting under color of law, willfully causes bodily injury to any person or, through the use of fire, a firearm, a dangerous weapon, or an explosive or incendiary device, attempts to cause bodily injury to any person, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, or national origin of any person."

Parents of vaccine-injured or vaccine-killed children do not fit into any of the named and recognized hate crime classes, but perhaps we need a federal law protecting us, too, if The Boston Herald considers us "acceptable" targets of violence, by using a rope to hang us.

This is worse than irresponsible journalism--and it should be a federal crime! If any of us called or wrote to The Editorial Board of The Boston Herald suggesting that they be "hung" by a rope, we would be visited by the police, and rightfully so. How is it that they are somehow permitted to encourage our death by hanging? What ignorant, evil-minded cowards!


What an incredibly horrifying evil threat, whose brutally inhumane, profoundly insensitive imagery is especially chilling to already-overstressed African-Americans.

Does the Boston Herald’s op-ed staff truly think that threatening court-sanctioned murder is a viable way to improve public health? Or was that crude, uninformed column ghost-written by outside sources exercising undue influence?

For vaccine injury victims, this latest betrayal by irresponsible, mind-blind news reporters is crushingly unfair. First they’ve suffered physical abuse by government agencies, then comes the injustice of mental abuse from the very people whose job is to investigate those malfeasant agencies.

Blaming the victim is as perversely cruel as an abusive father hitting his child, but when the child tells his mother, she verbally coerces him into silence. Thus the misery continues.

One wonders whether editorial staff at The Boston Herald left ambiguous wiggle room in that final offensive sentence — realizing that the liars they should be calling out actually work for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. The CDC’s data manipulation and untruths about the MMR vaccine are documented — and merely waiting for an honest news outlet with some reach to widely publicize the fraud.

After this latest low in vaccine safety reporting, however, I’m not holding my breath.

Dan E. Burns

'Lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense."
'Nuff said.

Bob Moffit

Today's Boston Herald most likely would have called for the lynching of Thomas Paine after his pamphlet "Common Sense" .. outlined the many examples of oppressions and injustices committed by English troops .. acting under the dictatorial edicts of King George.

Today .. the Boston Herald has .. for all intents and purposes regarding vaccines .. voluntarily assumed the role of "oppressor" .. as their editorial identifies families who "choose to alter the CDC vaccine schedule" .. as worthy subjects to be summarily "hanged".

One would think the Boston Herald .. would know that "Tyranny is Tyranny ... whether it is imposed by a dictatorial King George .. or .. the dictatorial edicts of the CDC?

In any event .. the Boston Herald should be ashamed of itself for siding with the King .. over the people in a city that was once proudly known as the "cradle of liberty".

Really sad.

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