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A Dozen Things We Can Do RIGHT NOW to Help Stop the Vaccine Holocaust

Stop1By Laura Hayes

Every single week, without fail, there are tragic, heartbreaking stories of how vaccines have decimated or ended more lives. These stories are unending, they just keep coming.

Yet, doctors and nurses, who have become some bizarre type of pre-programmed automatons, continue to vaccinate day in and day out, despite the evidence of harm in their patients. It is as though they are brain dead, the “Stepford Wives” of Big Pharma, incapable of connecting that which they are injecting to that which they are then seeing and treating in their patients. Instead of stopping, analyzing, and changing course, they blindly plow forward, wreaking unspeakable damage in the very ones they have taken an oath to not harm.

Every single doctor and nurse (and now pharmacist, too) who is presently vaccinating the health, well being, and life out of their patients needs to stop, read the vaccine package inserts word for word, and then read critical analyses of vaccines and their ingredients that have not been written by those profiting directly or indirectly from vaccines. There can be no more excuses for or tolerance of the medical malpractice of injecting highly toxic, havoc-wreaking vaccines into people, followed by an inexcusable and callous disregard for the fallout, and a refusal to immediately stop that which is causing harm.

In response to this continued medical malpractice, which shows no signs of stopping, more and more people are asking, “What can we do to stop this vaccine insanity and medical tyranny?” Below is a list of ideas that can be implemented immediately.

  1. STOP giving business to doctors who vaccinate. When medical help is needed, let’s give our business to doctors and healers who are not harming and killing their patients with vaccines.
  2. If you have a vaccine-injured child, return with your child to the doctor’s office where the harm was inflicted (for those whose child was killed by vaccines, take a picture of your child, or of their tombstone). Write a 1-pager detailing your child’s story, make 10 copies, and pass them out to the parents in the waiting room. Introduce them to your vaccine-injured child, and let them know that they were injured right there at that office. Include in your 1-pager and conversations how the doctor responded to your child’s vaccine injury, including whether or not they acknowledged it, reported it, helped your child after, or changed their vaccination practices as a result. Include whether or not any type of informed consent took place, including whether or not the doctor reviewed each and every vaccine package insert with you prior to administering vaccines to your child, and whether or not your doctor offered alternatives to vaccinations, including the option of not vaccinating. If entering the office is too intimidating or traumatic for you, consider the option of talking with parents in the parking lot before they take their child in for their appointment, and/or going with another parent and their vaccine-injured child. *If you no longer live near the doctor’s office where your child’s vaccine assault happened, take your child and your story to any local pediatrician’s office where the abusive practice of vaccination is still taking place.
  • Research how your legislators have voted on vaccine bills in your state. For any who voted to mandate more vaccines, restrict or eliminate exemptions, strip you of your parental rights, or tamper in any way with your medical choice freedom and medical privacy, find a way to call them out publicly. That might be to make a public comment at a hearing at which they are present. It might mean calling them out at their favorite lunch spot, so that others can hear what they have done. It might mean going to one of their town hall meetings and informing all in attendance that this legislator has been usurping rights, not protecting them, then explain. You could also expose how much money they have received from pharmaceutical companies to do their bidding versus upholding the Constitution and protecting the rights and well-being of citizens. Perhaps you will be inspired to make a regular habit of making such legislators persona non grata wherever they go!
  • Call your insurance company to request a list of doctors who don’t vaccinate (of course, don’t expect such a list to exist). For those who have a vaccine-injured child, or who have lost a child as a result of vaccines, or who have suffered vaccine injury themselves or in a loved one, frequenting a medical practice where vaccines are still administered is akin to having your public school assignment be one where you can hear children being beaten and abused in the next room, or simply having the knowledge that beatings and abuse are occurring somewhere on campus whether or not you can hear them. Being in such a place can trigger post traumatic stress symptoms, and we should not be forced to endure such an environment when seeking necessary medical care. If such a list does not yet exist, then request as a bare minimum a list of doctors who don’t require proof of vaccinations or that you vaccinate. Remind your insurance company that they are required to provide necessary medical care that is accessible. When doctors require proof of vaccinations or that you vaccinate, that makes necessary medical care inaccessible to those who do not want vaccinations. We need to demand that our insurance companies offer and cover that which they are required to provide, in addition to that which we, the paying customers, want, and which doesn’t destroy our health.
  • Go to the pharmacy nearest you that administers vaccines. Ask to speak with the pharmacist, then ask them to describe to you the informed consent process they use prior to administering any vaccine. Tell them you would like to see the vaccine package inserts for each vaccine available at the pharmacy. Last time I did this, they did not know what a “vaccine package insert” was, and they were giving absolutely no informed consent. The pharmacist became both nervous and upset, and said that she did not want to be administering vaccines at all, but that she had to in order to keep her job.
  • After speaking with the pharmacist, talk to the store manager to discuss with them whether or not their pharmacist is attempting to give informed consent to vaccine recipients. I say attempting because we know it is not possible to give informed consent when it comes to vaccines. The necessary information is not available because the needed studies have never been done, and the studies that are cited were improperly done, inadequate, and often fraudulent. Additionally, if any live-virus vaccine is given there, inform them that recipients of live-virus vaccines are then shedding and spreading viruses, and goodness knows what else, throughout the store to others. Let the manager know if the dispensing of vaccines affects how often you shop, and how much you spend, at their store.
  • Buy a package of 3x5 index cards. On each one, write 1-3 resources you consider excellent sources of reliable and truthful vaccine information (could be a book title, a documentary title, a website, a particular YouTube video, a certain study, etc.). If so inclined, also write your name and email should the person want to contact you for further information. Have these cards at the ready when you are out in the community. Be bold, and hand them out to mothers of young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and to teenagers and young adults, who will be the parents of tomorrow. To save time, do this on the computer, format to fit 6-8 per page, make copies, and cut into individual “cards” to hand out.
  • If you attend any type of worship service, make an appointment to speak with the person who leads the service and/or the board of elders. Share with them why you are passionate about stopping the harming of people of all ages via vaccination. Ask if they have ideas about how you might share this information with other parishioners. And, of course, pray! I find Romans 8:26-27 helpful when I am at a loss for what to even pray in these crazy times.
  • Host an event, be it large or small. It could be as simple as showing one of the many excellent documentaries, or my WAPF presentation, at your house to a few friends, neighbors, and work colleagues. It could be choosing a book like Vaccine Epidemic, What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy, Vaccine Illusion, or Dissolving Illusions for your next book club read. It could be using the community room at your local library or grocery store to host a discussion about the dangers, inefficacies, and lack of need for vaccines, and about the corruption that underlies them from manufacture to mandate (you could invite a panel of parents of vaccine injured children, and/or older vaccine injury victims who can speak for themselves, to contribute to the discussion). It could be flying in your favorite speaker on the subject to do a presentation in your area. Maybe you will be inspired to start a quarterly or monthly event or meeting of some sort!
  • Create a catchy t-shirt, lawn sign, or car magnet which states a vaccine truth to counter and correct the endless vaccine propaganda. Make extras to share with others!
  • Start a private email group of those in your area who are working to stop the Vaccine Holocaust and associated medical fascism. Strategize and share information and ideas with one another, including how to reestablish iron-clad parental rights and unfettered medical choice freedom. Vet members carefully, keeping a watchful eye out for “controlled opposition” looking to infiltrate. Gather addresses and phone numbers, too, in preparation for a time when electronic communications may no longer be advisable or possible.
  • Have information and resources at the ready to educate others about time-proven, risk-free ways to protect, maintain, and enhance health, development, fertility, and longevity. The book How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn is a favorite of mine. Encourage and empower others to take charge of their own health versus delegating that responsibility to allopathic doctors and nurses.

Please feel free to post more ideas here in the Comments section on Age of Autism.

Most importantly, pick one, some, or all of the ideas, and get going! There is no time to lose. Children’s and families’ lives are being decimated every second of every day, around the globe, by vaccines. Help stop the vaccine insanity and help put an end to this Vaccine Holocaust.

Written by Laura Hayes, mother of 3 children born in the early to mid 1990s, all vaccine-injured as all were injected multiple times with highly toxic, poison containing, contaminated, health destroying vaccines that have no business being injected into any human being. One of my children suffered catastrophic brain injury from his “routine” childhood vaccinations, in addition to nervous, immune, and GI system devastation. He is now 23 years old, severely and permanently disabled, requiring round-the-clock care and supervision. Had he not been vaccinated, this would not be the case. He was robbed of living a healthy, typical, and independent life. Vaccine repercussions are unending, and generational. My calling and my passion are to expose the evils of, and surrounding, vaccination, and to help put an end to the barbaric and dastardly practice of vaccination. *For more of my articles, interviews, rally speeches, and 80-min. WAPF presentation, which is a comprehensive overview of many vaccine-related issues, click on “Special Reports” at the top of Age of Autism’s home page. Additionally, here is a break down of my WAPF presentation in a printable Q&A format.


Laura Hayes

Frank Truth Seeker,

Thank you for bringing this article of mine to my attention again, much appreciated!

And thank you, also, for your insightful comments and for the excellent links you provided! I highly encourage others to click on the links you posted.

Frank Truth Seeker

Another handout to leave in appropriate places shows the data that indicates poliomyelitis {from Greek: polios (gray) myelos (marrow) itis (inflammation)} is not even infectious at all, its peak and decline (ahead of the vaccine) having followed virtually in lockstep with production of agricultural pesticides that kill insects by paralysis, including lead arsenate (yep, a compound of lead and arsenic, nice), calcium arsenate, DDT, and especially benzene hexachloride (BHC), the peak production and decline of which poliomyelitis follows with remarkable correspondence. http://harvoa.org/polio/overview.htm

Poliomyelitis increased as infectious diseases were all declining, and began to sharply decrease about 2 years prior to the vaccines as BHC was phased out.

Also, indigenous people in S. America (who did not use such pesticides) were observed to have 100% polio virus infection rates and absence of paralytic disease; whereas American service workers who presumably brought pesticides and food from home did have paralytic disease. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1932461/pdf/ajhg00547-0066.pdf (see pgs. 72 and 78 of the PDF)

It is all too clear. And poliomyelitis is still with us, but now it is called transverse myelitis or acute flaccid paralysis, which strokes tens of thousands in India every year among the vaccinated, who may well be poisoned by the vaccine. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22591873/

Frank Truth Seeker

Excellent ideas, and a reminder of many things that can be done.

One of the most informative is a 3x5 card showing that ALL infectious diseases, whether vaccinable or not, have trended toward very low, near 0 death rates. Most people don't know that the measles death rate had declined by over 98% in the US and over 99% in the UK before the vaccine had even come into use.

So the claims of how many lives vaccines have saved are obviously grossly exaggerated. I intend to dig up the stats and see what best fit curve projections would predict for current death rates had no vaccines ever been developed. I'd bet there would not be much different, and some diseases such as whooping cough may even have LOWER death rate projections in absence of the vaccines.

Is it better to not get a disease from which one is almost certain to fully recover or to get a vaccine that has many times greater odds or permanently disabling them to some degree or other, and perhaps even better odds of killing them than even if they catch the disease?


First time here, some of the anti-vaxx articles seem quite harsh. Many people are vaccinated with no ill results. There must be a certain percentage of the population that could be helped by being vaccinated.

I read through Mercks vaccine insert for the MMR II vaccine, this is what they say on the insert;

"The impact of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination on the natural history of each disease in the
United States can be quantified by comparing the maximum number of measles, mumps, and rubella
cases reported in a given year prior to vaccine use to the number of cases of each disease reported in 1995. For measles, 894,134 cases reported in 1941 compared to 288 cases reported in 1995 resulted in a 99.97% decrease in reported cases; for mumps, 152,209 cases reported in 1968 compared to 840 cases reported in 1995 resulted in a 99.45% decrease in reported cases; and for rubella, 57,686 cases reported in 1969 compared to 200 cases reported in 1995 resulted in a 99.65% decrease."

That seems like quite an improvement.

In clinical trials do they not have to prove through blood tests that MMR antibodies have been produced? Is it possible to vaccinate safely, if it is not done not all at once but through 3 visits?

From the MMRII vaccine insert,

The health-care provider should inform the patient, parent, or guardian of the benefits and risks
associated with vaccination. For risks associated with vaccination see WARNINGS, PRECAUTIONS, and ADVERSE REACTIONS.

Would it work if the following statement was followed by the health-care provider.

Tom Petrie

To Hans Litten,

That was the best summary I've read on the link between fluoride and aluminum uptake by the brain. Great job!

Too bad most folks to not know that they hype surrounding "artificially fluoridated water," very much mirrors the hype behind the mandatory vaccination program. Both are routinely cited as "The Greatest Public Health advance" of the Public Health Service, "Safe and Effective," and those who oppose these measures, are anti-science.

Nothing can be further from the truth, but the readers of AoA, probably know this already.

In my article, "60 Reasons to be Opposed to Artificially Fluoridated Water," cognitive decline and neurological troubles (like lowered (IQ), is but ONE of the sixty deleterious effects of fluoride, but it's a big one.

Back in 1965, the American Dental Association Editorialized that "The Safety and Effectiveness of Fluoridated Water is no Longer Open to Debate." Well, that sort of shut up ANY critics of this measure--largely a method of discarding a major industrial waster product from just a few industries--aluminum processing and phosphate fertilizer manufacturing. This is NOT an issue "disconnected" from the vaccine issue. On the contrary, since fluoride WEAKENS the immune system (one of the sixty hazards I discuss), it makes vaccines MORE dangerous.

Yesterday, I saw a lady with a bumber sticker that said, "FLUORIDE, Poison in Your Water" and I could not believe it! A person who knows something about this issue!

Thankfully, you too know something about this issue and what you said deserves way more public attention! Congrats are in order--you sure packed a lot of good information in your blurb!

My article is posted below.

Tom Petrie

Re KWS on one in eight (w/a 4/1 boy/girl ration), the solution is simple:

1/4 x (girls), plus x (boys) equals 1/8 (total). So, .25x plus 1.0x equals 0.125 (the fraction equaling 1/8th TOTAL children.

To solve for "x" is easy: 1.25 x equals 0.125. So x equals 0.125/1.25 or 0.1. So with this fraction, ten percent of the children (boys) will develop ASD and the remainder...2.5 percent (0.025) of the girls will develop autism. Now, one in eight is a very high number, but that's how you do the math: Ten percent will be boys and two.five percent will be girls. Notice 10 is 4x 2.5.

Han Litten

I think the best thing to do would be to create meticulous records of everyone's vaccine and health history and crunch the numbers, see how often disability resulted when only one or two vaccines were received, and then everyone would have more information to consider when making the vaccine decision.

Posted by: cia parker | June 02, 2017 at 03:09 PM

There is no decision to make. The db you speak of already exists, they know full well the carnage they are causing .




Here is a listing of healthcare practitioners who have no issues with those who do not vaccinate. I've no idea as to how up-to-date this information is, but I think the information is fairly recent. The listings go by state-to-state:


Bianca G

Find a pediatrician who is more on the side of holistic medicine and natural treatments. This helped tremendously with my son. He now has a pediatrician who only asks if he has been vaccinated in order to asses the damage, versus pushing the vaccines. I love that we now have a doctor behind us who backs our decisions not to vaccinate and reinforces it with statements like, " The law in Florida is very clear, it is the parent's choice entirely when it comes to vaccines. Don't let medical practitioners pressure you on the decisions you make regarding vaccines." I have garnered more information, help, and knowledge from this pediatrician in the past months than I have ever been helped by any and all doctors, ever, over the course of raising three other children!

Laura Hayes

Per Nancy H's suggestion, I ordered preprinted Post-Its to distribute:


Thanks for the great idea, Nancy!

Laura Hayes

I wanted to let you all know about another GOLD MINE of a book to share with others:

"Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: 400 Important Scientific Papers Summarized for Parents and Researchers" by Neil Miller.

It is divided into 24 chapters, with each chapter containing studies pertaining to a certain topic, such as: thimerosal; aluminum; diabetes; pertussis mutations; strain replacement, Haemophilus Influenzae; seizures; non-vaccination by doctors and nurses; conflicts of interest, false studies, and industry control; and more!

Each study is given one page, no more, sometimes less, making it crisp, concise, and to the point. Neil Miller includes bullet points for each study, too, highlighting pertinent findings for the reader.

This is a great book for parents and future parents...and, of course, for doctors and nurses, if they will humble themselves enough to educate themselves beyond the vaccine propaganda they've been taught...and for the rare legislator who has the ears to hear and the integrity to do what is right (i.e. ban vaccine mandates immediately and forever, provide meaningful help for the vaccine-injured, and bring to justice those involved in vaccine-related fraud and those responsible for vaccine-induced injuries and deaths).

This treasure of a book is available on Amazon, and also at www.vacbook.com
Volume discounts are available at www.vacbook.com...40% off 5 or more copies...making buying and sharing with others more affordable!

One of my first vaccine reads was by Neil Miller..."Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective?"...what an eye opener it was...and still is for those who read it.

cia parker

I think we must keep some perspective. Parents must be the only ones responsible for making the vaccine decision, I agree with that, and they should only do so after researching all the diseases and vaccines. Doctors can give their opinion when asked. But beyond that, vaccines are a tool. They can prevent disease in most cases, and if it is possible that someone contract a given disease, especially if it is a very dangerous disease, then it could be a wise choice to get the vaccine. Vaccines can also cause a wide array of serious, permanent damage, usually neurological or autoimmune, but which can affect any system of the body. I completely recognize that. The more vaccines a patient gets or the younger he is when he gets them, the more likely the severe damage is, although this damage might occur in anyone at any time.

But before the vaccine epidemic began around 1990, the rate of autism and other kinds of vaccine disability was a tiny fraction of what it is now, and the rates started up when the vaccine epidemic did. That means that in most cases, if a parent chose the way I would, the DT series after the age of two, the polio series if polio ever came back here, and the Hib vaccine after four months old ONLY for babies between six and twelve, or maybe eighteen months old, who are not breastfed and are in daycare. It's always going to be a risk/benefit thing with some people being damaged severely by the diseases or the vaccines, with absolutely no way to ensure safety always for everyone. At this time, not many of us have seen how devastating VPDs can be, because most children have been vaccinated for them and because we're a well-nourished society with healthy living conditions for the most part. But if they came back, a lot of people would feel betrayed because they have been told that the VPDs, all of them, are not dangerous for well-nourished people in developed countries. And that's not always true. My recommendations would not be the perfect answer for everyone all the time either: there would be some who would die of measles, maybe a tiny number who would die of chickenpox. I think we have to assume that adults are aware of the inherent risks of life and just make the best choices they can. But in some cases, vaccines can be helpful and they usually cause no perceptible harm, although as a member of a family in which all of us have suffered disabling conditions caused by vaccines, I certainly recognize that they often do. But if no one vaxxed, would it really be better to die of tetanus or Hib disease or be crippled by polio than to get the vaccines for them?

I think the best thing to do would be to create meticulous records of everyone's vaccine and health history and crunch the numbers, see how often disability resulted when only one or two vaccines were received, and then everyone would have more information to consider when making the vaccine decision.


A very good, but terribly serious article. A good observational description of acute symptoms of
"The guideline stoogie syndrome" causing severe spasticity and temporary paralysis of basic health and safety risk assessment, skills, abilities,and competencies affecting health and social care practitioners ,who have been themselves very let down by a huge training deficiency in basic probationary training standards . Who is responsible/ accountable for the guideline development groups producing these " All or nothing policies ?"
We have allowed foxes and wolves to take charge of the hen-house and they could not give a toss about who is getting henpecked by whom!
Please read current The Code standards of conduct performance and ethics for nurses and midwifes nursing and midwifery council at www.nmc-uk.org older versions available pre 2015 updates from me if required


Its hard to fathom Hans, 1 in 8 for Somali immigrants in America, 2017, at the hands of their doctors.
Merck, Pfizer, Glaxo record profits while children suffer brain damage. They deny the entire thing.

I'm not very good with math, but with an incidence of 1 in 8, and the differential ratio of boys to girls with visible symptoms at 4 to 1, would that mean a Somali immigrant mother is looking at a 50% chance her son will develop autism following the mmr vaccine ?

Once again, I volunteer to string razor wire around the CDC and turn it into a prison, and I'll do it for free.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Greg | June 01, 2017 at 05:52 AM

Was that Minn measles fake news outbreak about trying to counter the Somalian community who undoubtedly are turning away from vaccination in droves (and thereby providing clear , overwhelming and transparent evidence that vaccines cause autism because they record the highest of rate of 1 in 8 .

But in the unvaccinated the rate of autism is 1 in a million .

Offit you are a damn criminal scoundrel of the worst kind. Lock him up !


And speaking of vaccine holocaust, looks like another public health apocalypse will be averted in Minnesota. The measles crisis there appears to be ending. Sound the trumpets! Rejoice to the heavens everyone! Behold the Angels are singing in absolute merriment. Unfortunately, as to the 1 in 30, brain damaged Minn kids, it appears there is no end in sight for that tragedy. Yet, our bliss should not be mistaken that our hearts do not go out to them.

Grace Green

I think Joe has a point. I also believe one of the main reasons for the many unnecessary vaccines is so that women can go out to work without the disruption of childhood illnesses. The economic effects of an epidemic would have a huge impact on the economy when at least half the workforce are women. When my MP tried to give me the usual propaganda about vaccines I wrote, among other things, that the chickenpox vaccine was introduced purely to avoid mums having to take time off work. I never heard back from her. She is a young mum in her early thirties whose two very young children are left with various childminders so she can follow her lucrative career.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for posting Dr. Janet Levatin's comments! As I stated in my WAPF presentation:

"To state it very plainly, vaccination is child abuse in the form of medical assault and battery. With regard to adults, when vaccination is carried out against one’s will or wishes, say for school admittance, job requirements, elder care and housing, or military admission, or when carried out with one who is hesitant, or with one who is unsuccessful in resisting and refusing, it also meets the legal definition for assault and battery. We must begin to label these vaccine atrocities for what they are: blatant and inexcusable child abuse; medical assault and battery; and when death is the result for the vaccine recipient, involuntary manslaughter. These vaccine-induced injuries, illnesses, and deaths are iatrogenic in nature, meaning they are caused by doctors and nurses. Vaccinations are crimes against humanity, and there is no time to mince words about this fact."

To read/watch this presentation in its entirety, here is the link to both the video and the transcript. It is a helpful resource to introduce those who are new to questioning/refusing vaccines to many important vaccine-related issues:


Hans Litten


I'm wondering if it is possible . That PharmaHarma is looking for a solution to the Autism Pandemic too. Paul Offit is a mass murdering scoundrel & his paymasters in the shadows.
Because this is a story they cannot quell any longer and they know it .
The vaccination extermination projects can continue if they can reverse autism (even a little bit).
But they cannot hold back this groundswell too much longer . No amount of media can censor this any longer (and no-one reads the Guardian anyway .)
The BBC is being accused of Hg-enocide on a daily basis FFS (the BBC I know ! amazing) - I know this , because I am the one doing it .

Bayer , Monsatan , IGfarben , BBC .....all the same thing .

Hans Litten

Side effects of suramin, as listed per wikipedia, are “nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, skin tingling, and weakness.
Sore palms of the hands and soles of the feet, trouble seeing, fever, and abdominal pain may also occur.”In case you were curious, Bayer owns the drug, it is distributed under the name, Germanin.


Bayer = Monsatan

Brett Wilcox

Laura Hayes crashes through the vaccine paradigm like no other person. It's time to end the holocaust.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Joe | May 30, 2017 at 02:27 PM

Page 8 of Master Manipulator its right there .
They didn't target the babies , they have targeted the mothers .

But above all of that Joe , above Colleen & Julie & Marsha , its men - be sure of that Joe .
Its from the military and the elite , and its men .

Hans Litten

Posted by: Pam | May 31, 2017 at 01:17 AM

Wonderful comment

Hans Litten

Posted by: Will Robertson | May 30, 2017 at 04:15 PM

I agree the site could be better laid out , with easy to find references to some of the key events , a history section would be good , and a generalist area (we kind of used to have that) .
The presentation is quite good , but to new parents who get vaccinated into this mess , at first the content can appear quite daunting (I remember that much) .

But the content and the people are overall excellent (all of us fighting for some reason to save your sorry as.s from chemical oblivion) .

Anyway I'm sure you don't believe me , and the standard advice we offer to the likes of you William , is to take your annual flu vaccine everytime (and if you are unsure if you took it or not one year , then take it again to make sure . And of course keep on drinking the fluoride dippy) .

If you are a doctor William , then I bet you are a liar too because the doctors all know and are sitting on their hands . Just to let you know , we are fighting to make all the vaccines mandatory for all medical staff and MPs and their families (sorry but its the only way to solve this).


One of the highlights of the AutismOne event last week, was an interview on the Vaxxed bus with Dr. Janet Levatin.
After Dr. Levatin witnessed infants dying in the ER, on three separate occasions, following "routine vaccinations", she changed her methods of practicing medicine. When asked if she believes ANY vaccine is safe & effective, she replied No.
Dr Levatin continued,
"I would not inject a vaccine into a person. In fact, I have said I would go live in a ditch by the side of the road before I would vaccinate someone. And I'm serious about that."

She believes the doctors are not following their Hippocratic oath for the fact that they are either ignorant, which is inexcusable in this day & age, or they KNOW what's going on & are in it for the money, that's EVIL, or they KNOW but theyre afraid, which is COWARDLY!
We certainly need more caring, courageous Pediatricians like Dr. Levatin!

From The Truth About Vaccines...
"Once I saw this, it was impossible for me to walk away from it...seeing a horrible atrocity like this. Then you have to make a decision to put your head down & pretend you didn't see it to protect your career, or whether you're going to speak up about it. And I felt like I didn't have any choice."
RFK, Jr.

Thank you Laura for your tireless efforts. Your interview in The Truth About Vaccines was compelling & heartbreaking. It should be seen by everyone!!!

I leave LearnTheRisk.org cards in every restroom I go in...especially on the baby changing stations. I also place them on car windshields...mostly "expectant mother" parking places.
I also share AgeOfAutism, Vaxxed.com, & the hashtag #CDCWhistleblower ;)


Excellent advice, Laura!

Every day is a day to educate others, and to demand our rights and freedoms!


Wow, this site is utter garbage.


Wow, you type well for someone who has their head in the sand.


I am truly sorry for all that you've gone through and for what you face at work every day. But what Laura says is right. A nursing license is not a permit to act unethically. In fact, it is a license to stand firm to protect patients and to deliver the best care and teaching, even if that means standing up to a morally bankrupt hospital system and loss of employment. Financial need is never an excuse for wrong doing. If your job tried to force you to compromise on the principles that you are legally and morally obligated to uphold according to your license, then you have no choice but to either seek another line of work or work somewhere else where you will be free to provide good care. If all healthcare workers refused to do harm, or to be silenced when patients are being deceived, the holocaust would end. The only reason why it continues is because people rationalize that they have no choice but to participate. But they do have a choice.

As you know, from the Nightingale Pledge:

"I shall abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and shall not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug."

Roberta cowan

So glad I have come across this site as I have lived day by day going over information on these horrendous vaccines. For me it all began March 2016 when I came across the truth about cancer which made me very angry but then around October I came across vaccines and what other lies are they feeding us? Every day I speak to someone about vaccines trying to inform them. Most people believe it's mainly in America and now I can tell them about your site. Keep fighting. Thank you.

Will Robertson

Wow, this site is utter garbage.

Tim Lundeen

Print copies of the handout at http://vaccinepapers.org/brochure/ and give them to pregnant women, offer to discuss the issues with vaccination.

There is also a compelling study of vaccinated vs never-vaccinated showing a significantly higher risk of chronic illness, including autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. You can print and hand out the summary from AofA http://www.ageofautism.com/2017/05/pilot-comparative-study-on-the-health-of-vaccinated-and-unvaccinated-6-12-year-old-us-children.html


I have a friend who is a pediatric nurse practitioner. I'm convinced it's willful ignorance with her. She doesn't know about vaccine dangers because she doesn't WANT to know.

Look, most pediatric docters in the U.S. are women. Most pediatric nurse practitioners are women. Heck, most nurses, LPNs, and medical assistants are women. WOMEN ARE PROPAGATING THE VACCINE HOLOCAUST.

Sorry if that hurts. They don't have to participate in the holocaust. They should be nurturing. But they're killers. They are. They should find other work. But it's not going to happen.

People in the healthcare field are followers. Laura, I love your passion, but please take this into account. The world today is not even close to what it was 10 years ago. People have lost their minds.

I organized a VAXXED movie showing and NO ONE from the conventional healthcare field came. They're afraid and suspicious, and dismissive, and snide. They're not coming out of their comfort zone. Ain't happening.

These fascist women vaccine providers must be stopped. But they will not by themselves.

I know you're shocked. But, but, but...it CAN'T be women doing this!!! Oh yes it can, and is. Walk into ANY pediatricians office and look at the staff - women. Including the doctor behind it all. Female.

Of course, the "Tbought Leaders" are all female, too. Melinda Gates, anyone? Chelsea Clinton, anyone? Young Barbara Bush and her Global Healthcorps? Do you know what her organization does? Just guess.

Laura Hayes


I LOVE the pre-printed Post-It notes idea! I will be looking into purchasing these...once I decide what I would like to have printed on them!

Thanks for posting this excellent idea :)

Laura Hayes


It sounds like you have diligently worked non-stop for 21 years to try to move mountains for your son, like the other dedicated parents and grandparents here on AoA. That is to be commended! It is difficult, exhausting, and sometimes seemingly unending trying to help our vaccine-injured children. And far too often, the very people charged with helping do the exact opposite. Community support is often lacking, too. However, that does not stop us. Onward we march, doing the best we can for our children, in addition to trying to warn others so the same thing does not happen to their children.

Good for you for speaking up when and where you are able! That is exactly what this article hopes to inspire, offering a variety of ways one might go about trying to do that.

Stopping this Vaccine Holocaust is proving to be a monumental task (an understatement, for sure), fraught with difficulties and dangers, and against what appear to be insurmountable odds. Yet, stop it we must. Time will tell how this evil agenda to vaccinate all from fetus to grave pans out, and I anticipate things getting worse before they get better...if they get better at all. In the interim, we do the best we can to help our own vaccine-injured loved ones, educate and warn others, and call out the evil as often as we can.

Hang in there, Loraine. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job educating others, by both your words and actions, while at the same time doing a stellar job of doing all you can to help your son. Keep at it! And keep coming here to AoA for encouragement and support :)


They know. Read The Plutonium Files by Eileen Welsome. Many, many people knew what was going on, but they didn't blow the whistle, nor was anyone punished when the programs were finally exposed.

Loraine Fishel

I am very frustrated by this article, Here is why: I am the mother of a severely vaccine injured 21 year old boy and a nurse. I work at Michigan Medicine. I am not allowed to say anything at work except the company script to patients concerning vaccination. I have been disciplined for not following this script when asked questions about vaccine by patients. Patients ask me my opinion which I am not allowed to give per Michigan Medicine policy. When I did answer one of these questions honestly some patients turned me in to my boss. They assured me also that talk about my vaccine injured child even to co-workers will lead to more discipline ending in my termination. They told me that when asked about my son I must say he is fine or doing well. If I could quit I would. My son is FAR FROM FINE. He crashed after taking Tripedia. I found him blue in his crib. I resuscitated him the office where he was vaccinated earlier that day. The ensuing code blue was horrible. I physically fought the poorly trained staff for epinephrine. They tried to take the temp of my blue child as I shouted, "ABC YOU REMEMBER! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!" Immediately following that code he was autistic with regressive episodes. He was on IVIG which I paid for working overtime for more than 15 years. He did as many hours of ABA as I could physically muster weekly. He went to Florida to see Bradstreet MD who was his doctor until DR. Bradstreet was murdered. He went through 85 runs of IV chelation. I am allowed to avoid vaccine for flu IF I WEAR A YELLOW MASK at all times in the hospital. This mask does not filter tiny viral particles. It is utilized to co worse me and others to take the flu shot. I have A LOT of difficulty breathing while I wear this. I would work with a ball and chain around my ankle to avoid taking vaccine. PLEASE DONT MARGINALIZE ME AND MY 21! YEAR! STRUGGLE! Without money I can't help my son. I can't afford to quit. Pharma and health care have a lot of money. They are in the business of requiring activity that promotes their wealth. This is what the fight for vaccine safety is up against. I have been told that Pediatricians get 700 thousand yearly for having all their patients up to date on vaccines per the schedule. So they ask parents who opt out of some or all vaccines not to come back when their kids are ill. Nice huh?? I tell people, "Look I have nothing left to loose. My child is vaccine injured. I am trying to give you some information (AWAY FROM WORK) so that you can make an informed decision." It looks like most parents follow what their bribed doctor tells them to do. Many tell me that my son has a genetic disease or better he was born that way you need to admit it. I could write many more paragraphs about that. My husband says, "Just shut up and stop taking the abuse, Loraine. Haven't you suffered enough?"


Pre-printed Post-it notes listing vaccine safety issues and links would be great to leave in public places.
- Easy for advocates to put up.
- Easy for readers to carry away.
- Custodian-friendly = not harmful to mounting surfaces.

Big-box office supply stores sell custom-printed adhesive notes (see "Print Marketing > Value Post It Notes > All Designs").

The challenge is copywriting brief statements and links that would most effectively compel people to read the note and take it with them to investigate further. Of course, one could create a series of notes focusing on different topics targeted for specific audiences.


Thank you, Laura, once again for taking the time to write this excellent list! I have shared on Facebook!

Grace Green

Laura, thanks for this inspirational list of activities. The one about boycotting vaccinating doctors and seeking out alternatives is pretty much impossible in the UK, where the NHS has a complete stranglehold on healthcare. Consequently, we don't have all the choices that you have in the USA, and alternative medicine here is mostly limited to the psychobabble therapies. This is because everyone assumes that if something is possible the NHS will do it. And alternative practitioners are sqeezed out of the market by the NHS monopoly. Your other suggestions I'll be thinking about though.

David Weiner

Great ideas and thanks for all that you are doing.

I hate to say it but the isolated rallies are not going to get the word out in the way that we need to.

We need to have groups of people with picket signs in downtown areas where commuters walk by in large numbers. We could also hand out cards at such an event to people who are interested in learning more.


Top of the list. #1 Stop giving these lying psychopathic murderous bastards business.
I like the index card idea too. And all the others.
Thanks, Laura.

Maureen McDonnell,RN

Oh Laura - what bold, wonderful & practical recommendations! Thank you for listing ways for us all to do our part in combatting the deluge of pro vaccine propaganda!

It's getting uglier & more insane by the day & every day I don't take action is another day children suffer as a result of this barbaric well guarded practice disguised as a health enhancing procedure!

Hans Litten
Hans Litten


Brzezinski said that “in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literally, than physically to kill a million people” while “today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.”

Henry ?

Hans Litten


Is fluoride harming our elders?
Fluoridated drinking water is a divisive issue in most parts of the United States. Over a quarter of older adults do not have their teeth, in some parts of the country, four out of ten older adults have lost all their teeth. States like Kentucky and West Virginia have drinking water that is fluoridated, proving a total disregard for older adult health.
There are many reasons states decide to fluoridate drinking water. Yet, scientific studies are inconclusive, and almost always disregard older adult health. There is also a huge dispute between public health and personal choice, an argument that tends to muddy the waters of an already complex scientific issue.
The link between fluoridation and ill health involves the uptake of a known nerve toxic aluminum. Correlational studies link aluminum with Alzheimer’s disease have been published since 1965. Three independent studies injected aluminum in rat brains and produced the tangle-like structures that characterize Alzheimer’s disease in areas with high aluminum levels in drinking water.
In 2011, Japanese researchers Masahiro Kawahara and Midori Kato-Negishi made a forceful argument between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease. After decades of repeated attempts to discredit this link, authors point to strong evidence of aluminum as a culprit in forming the amyloid plaques in the brain. This and other studies continue to support the clinical studies done in rats that identify aluminum as toxic for the brain.The only problem is that aluminum does not just naturally enter the brain.
There is a barrier in the body that stops metals from reaching the brain. In 2013 Akinrinade ID and his colleagues from Bingham University in Nigeria, showed the relationship between fluoride and aluminum is important in escaping this barrier. Fluoride combines with aluminum to form aluminum fluoride, which is then absorbed by the body where it eventually combines with oxygen to form aluminum oxide or alumina. Alumina is the compound of aluminum that is found in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
Fluorine attaches to aluminum and influences its absorption. Li Fucheng and his colleagues from Beijing, China, described high incidences of osteoporosis, osteomalacia, spontaneous bone fractures, and dementia in villages in Guizhou Province, Chine where townspeople are eating maize which had been baked in fires of coal mixed with kaoline. Kaoline contains aluminum and fluorides. These diseases are similar to those occurring in European dialysis patients, unwittingly treated with water and gels containing aluminum, which caused a wave of dialysis dementia prior to 1980s.
The implications of this fluoride-aluminum relationship to Alzheimer’s disease are not linear. The solubility of aluminum and probably the ease with which it is absorbed varies markedly with the high acidity and alkalinity of water. In general, aluminum is soluble in acidic water, especially if it contains fluorides.
While many public health arguments have been made for fluoridation, not one has been made for older adults. This institutional ageism is bad science and bad public health.

Tracey RN

Thanks so much for your passion.
I am one of those nurses who refuses to be brain dead.. I was called to the HR office this year on my stance on vaccines . Did I mention I work newborn nursery and NICU.. By the time I left the office they were thanking me for opening their eyes to what is happening ! I always have a stack of " learn the risk " cards to hand out .. I love when parents come to have their babies and are educated to the evils of vaccines it warms my heart.. The other day at work it was my 3 babies who were sleeping soundly I pointed it out to my co- worker guess why ?those 3 parents refused the HepB !!! Thanks again for your voice it is being heard !


ROMANS 1, 2, 15 for help right now


Still got my hand made #CDCWHISTLEBLOWER Car sticker on..and my many Tshirts are treasured.

Pharma for Prison


Hans Litten

Laura , I'm with you . I am on it . Been doing it for a few years now already .

Thanks for all you do .


Out in the parking lot with a sign, I thought on that back in the 90s. Cause I knew the docs knew and they really did not care.

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