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Deliberate Ignorance: Minnesota Measles' Spotty Reporting is Contagious

TwistedBy Anne Dachel

The biggest news sources in America twist Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s words.

There are currently lots of stories out on the outbreak of measles in Minnesota. It’s all tied to the Somalis in the Twin Cities and their fears over the MMR vaccine and autism.  

The six news reports from major outlets that I cited below each dismissed any vaccine-autism link out-of-hand with trite phrases like “a discredited theory.” Regression after vaccination was tossed aside as mere coincidence, and no one even mentioned the horrific rate of autism, one in 32, among these Somali children.

I’m sure that no reporter has ever looked into the science they constantly reference that has supposedly answered the question: Do vaccines cause autism? 

Emily Sohn at NPR is convinced that “abundant scientific evidence” disproves the claim of a link.

Lena Sun at the Washington Post cited Andrew Wakefield as the “founder of the modern anti-vaccines movement,” saying, “He maintained that he bears no fault for what is happening within the [Somali] community. ‘I don’t feel responsible at all,’ he said.”

Christopher Mele at the New York Times also cited the quote from Dr. Wakefield as coming from the Washington Post in his coverage.

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