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The Complete Dereliction of Duty by Pediatricians

Washes bloodBy Kim Stagliano

Pediatricians have failed their patients with autism at every turn. Here are two pleas for help I saw recently on large, special needs groups.  Expect when your youngster grows into a teen (male especially) that your ped will throw up her hands and ask you to leave because working with him is simply too difficult.  My girls have never had a hearing or vision test at the peds office. "We can't do it, they won't cooperate." 

American Academy of Pediatrics, you stink. 100% stink.  Your members are prima-donna quitters who fire patients at will.  Real doctors treat and heal. Pediatricians today weigh kids, take blood pressure, check a few orifices and then administer vaccines and referrals out to specialists in as short a period of time as possible, stacking patients like aircraft at LaGuardia.  I have a new tagline for you, "AAP: We break them then forsake them." Catchy yes? More than measles....

Break forsake
Thanks to Laura Hayes for the meme idea!

You don't often wash your hands before a visit, you sure are soaping up now on our kids. But guess what? Shakespeare wrote it best and I hope you, Dr. MacBeth are tormented every day with, "Out out damn spot!"  Kim

After a hard visit at the pedi today (just for a well physical visit ) we were told that if my asd son doesn't start to learn how to cooperate and let her examine him , he won't be able to be under her care anymore , so I'm interested to know about developmental pedis and if they are just for development issues or can do all (well, sick, developmental) and any names of some that aren't really associated with GIANT PRESTIGIOUS MEDICAL TRASHCAN (Kim's name for this institution) (as we have never had any good outcomes with them) please feel free to pm me.

And another comment:

Any recommendations for a pediatrician in the XYZ area? My son is thirteen and kind of large...We too are having a difficult time with our current pedi and my son. I think we need a bigger practice. Ours has one doc who is small in stature. She has trouble handling him as he is big and can resist a bit. Thinking maybe a practice that has more than one doc in it might be good.

Kim is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.



My son, born December 2001, is on the spectrum. It wasn't until he was 4 that I came upon information about the vaccine/autism link. My husband and I gave him cilantro and chlorella and after a couple of weeks he was trying to talk again.

At any rate, my son was about to start school and he needed a physical. You know what that means, people--vaccine-pushing. I was ready, though. I went to the CDC web site, got the vaccine ingredients list, and printed it out and we took it with us.

The minute I announced we were no longer vaccinating, the first words out of that doctor's mouth were, "Anyone can put anything on the Internet."

I handed him the paper I'd printed out--with some of the ingredients underlined for emphasis--and said "I got this off the CDC site, and THIS is why we're no longer vaccinating."

We got no further argument.

Because "science"

Probably a quarter of my classmates at a fancy private school became doctors but I can think of only a few who would have made even passably good ones. The rest were conformity zombies-- politically dense, no imagination, sheltered, cruel if it was fashionable, certainly no spark of humanity that would have driven them to question the status quo. As an adult choosing doctors, the basic types were all unpleasantly familiar and I resigned (mistake) to the fact that there was little to choose from. The Dr. Palevskys, Dr. Wakefields and Dr. Krigsmans are rare among human beings, moreover among doctors.

It's hard not to laugh when trolls rhetorically ask if there's a conspiracy among all pediatricians. For a "conspiracy" to be possible, you'd imagine evil masterminds craftily rubbing their hands together in malicious glee. In order to consciously lie, they'd have to know or at least be interested in the truth. It's expecting too much. Instead the majority are content with industry hush money and the sleep potion of a "greater good" rationale.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Post another comment? You bet! I have been loping along with AoA from the beginning, and send prayers regularly for dear Dan Olmsted. It seems like a new bunch of people are coming in recently, and that either means more people finding hope and taking charge of their own rights for their children, or... it's getting worse out there, more and more people and families are getting crushed, or... more and more people are waking up. Don't give up new people. It's actually getting better because more people are finding out the truth.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Yeah, right. My grandson is pushing 16 and pushing 6' 5"? My son, his custodial parent, is pushing 47 and 5' 11? Yeah, the doctor is not supportive, and giving him the got to have the vaccines, bullcrap. Bless the recent vaccine summit! We're going halfsies on it and my son is going to bring the bigwig bullhorn for pharma doctor the transcripts he demanded! This game hasn't changed in my experience at all. Because in 1972 a ENT doctor told me I was a "sick young woman" because: it was all in my head. Well, nope, it was a malignant brain tumor in my four year old's head. Well guess what: by not believing everything they said, and by extra help from ?? the cosmos or what you might call God or good luck? He turned 49 recently, and was not supposed to live to be six. My message, friends? Never give up. Never give in. Learn all you can. Help each other.


Love that: Break 'em and forsake 'em. It says it all.

What is the purpose of a well-visit? Nothing but a up-sell opportunity. Contributes to the vaccine promoters making healthy people think they need doctors just for daily living needs versus only treating the actually sick. Turns a small market into a huge one. And Pedi-attritions never see the end result of their efforts and it's probably done like that for a reason. Boycott them. Think about a family practitioner or internist if possible. Maybe one with an environmental medicine or functional medicine focus. Or a chiropractor or naturapath or traditional oriental medicine. So many options these days.

Jeannette Bishop

I can't help but think how we don't really have gold standard research showing that those who patronize (or subjugate themselves if it be the case to) pediatricians, or allopathic medicine generally, are better off than those who don't generally (with whatever alternative options), even on a population basis, never minding individuality.

And I have to ask, is it wise as a society to mandate through cultural expectations, or however these practices come about, that a type of profession be used, even if the benefits of an exchange between an individual and a provider of such profession are proven to be life-saving, health-promoting, generally with such research? The act of mandating seems to me to diminish incentive to actually provide something considered beneficial on the part of the patron (that would most often be us medically illiterate peons), while simultaneous adding incentive for ensconcing outside interests to undermine and redirect what should be free, voluntary exchange of goods/services, that could be potentially much more individualized and individually empowering, instead towards one-size-fits-few programs profiting mainly themselves.

avid reader

Public health officials seem to me to be equally if not more culpable, since they set the policy implemented by the misguided pediatricians.

Schools of public health nationwide would benefit by exposure to campaigns led by parents of vaccine-injured children such as #HearThisWell, , IMO.

CALLOUS DISREGARD is unacceptable.

Not an MD

And then, there are some pediatricians who have lost their soul completely, somewhere along the way:

I'm going to pray for him, but mostly for his patients, who must find a way to handle his one-size-fits-all, get 'em all, all-on-time, unwaivering CDC vaccination schedule, and their parents who must find a way to handle his calls to CPS railing against their medical decisions and labeling them medical neglect.


Dr. Jack Wolfson (the "paleo cardiologist") and his wife essentially say to stay far away from pediatricians. Want to know your baby's height/weight percentage? He says send him an email and he'll do the math for you. Seriously, why else would you go? If only my parents had had access to the information I do know, and had kept me away from the pediatrician. I wouldn't have been poisoned with vaccines, which led to chronic strep, which led to the overuse of antibiotics, which led to severe autoimmune conditions, which led to countless other medications, until I said ENOUGH.

The pediatricians create their own business by poisoning us then bringing us back to dose us with more poison. It's medieval. Some are becoming dimly aware of this dynamic; most don't have the nervous system strength to awaken themselves to the reality of the crimes they are committing. And given the years they put into medical school, not to mention the expense, I feel for them, I really do.

Sadly they aren't taught the truth that's hiding in plain sight: good nutrition + the absence of toxins = health. Sadly, toxins in our food, air, water, and products are so unavoidable these days that many of us do end up sick despite our best efforts. I still maintain the allopathic doctor has no remedies for these chronic illnesses (I am grateful for the acute care modern medicine and surgeons can provide but reject the rest). I've had great success going organic, cutting out unnecessary stress, meditating, and supplementing with the right herbs. It's too simple for people to believe in our complex technological age, but it's what works.

That said, I don't have direct experience with autism, and respect the balancing act of feeling the need to continue to seek out conventional medical may not be as simple as rejecting it entirely (as much as I would like to believe it is!).

Kimberly Paulson

I really wish that pediatricians would be required to provide medical transition to their patients when turning 18 and they have diagnosis of developmental delay and autism and asthma. My son's pediatrician's office will not see him any more since he turned 18 2 months ago, we are allowed 1 visit-well check annual visit, and then never to return again. No assistance with referral for another doctor who treats 18yr old's with autism/developmental delays. We as a family are left out in the cold, have dual insurance; private pay/medicaid, yet no one has helped us find another doctor. We are praying that he does not get sick anytime soon, as have nowhere to go. Very upsetting. The medicaid insurance changed his doctor away from the pediatrician since he turned 18, they did not notify of the change, only sent new insurance card with some doctor we do not know in our zip code. State medicaid insurance will not change his doctor back to old pediatrician until we can find another doctor who takes both insurance and isn't 50 miles from our home.
Very angry, all efforts to get help, send us back to state medicaid insurance company, who has not been able to find another doctor who treats adolescents like my child.

Aimee Doyle

There's also a complete dereliction of duty when it comes to the doctors for our adolescent and adult children with autism.

At that point, doctors have pretty much given up on any treatment, therapy, or cure for autism. About the only "treatments" you get offered are drugs to keep your young adult quiet and manageable. I asked my son's doctor at the last checkup what was new in autism treatment. Apparently not much for the last decade - the research has flatlined. I asked why that was the case - and why doctors weren't concerned about that - and she became very defensive, uncomfortable, and left the exam room.

Really, we don't give up on trying to cure patients with cancer, regardless of age.

go Trump

I would guess most pediatricians are nearly $500,000 in debt with school, office and home loans.

Most hospitals like to be about 500 million in debt so they can be sure they are a “non-profit” and not making any money.

There is nothing more important in a pediatricians’ clinic than moving the $70,000 worth of vaccine inventory before it expires.

Vaccines that do expire are still given to patients they do not like, or who have insurance that does not pay them very well.

Bob Moffit

Just received the following .. wondering if any of our AoA readers have heard of this organization .. and .. their effort to resist/oppose MANDATED VACCINES IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES?

"European Parliament, European Commission, Council of the European Union: Respect, promote and protect freedom of informed vaccination consent throughout Europe" .. 42,642 supporters:

European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV) .... Secretary European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV) .... London, United Kingdom

"Apr 23, 2017 — Childhood vaccines are already mandated in some European countries and in a number of countries where up to now there has been freedom of choice, governments are talking about bringing in mandates. Today, as the WHO's 'European Immunization Week' opens (24th to 30th April 2017), citizens in many European countries have already demonstrating or are planning demonstrations against this breach of their fundamental human rights. Italy demonstrated in March, Croatia demonstrated on the 9th of April, there will be a large demonstration in Vienna on the 6th of May (meet at 11am in front of the Empress Maria Theresa monument, Maria Theresienplatz, 1010 Vienna, between the Art History and Natural History Museums - more participants very welcome), and Poland is calling for demonstrations worldwide to support them on the 3rd of June.

"This is a date already made official last year by the Czechs as ‘Light a Candle’ day, in memory of those whose lives have been either changed for the worse or lost due to vaccination. If there is any way you can join forces with others in support of these countries where the authorities are clamping down on freedom, please gather to demonstrate in your towns, cities, countries and check our website ( and/or our Facebook page ( for further details. Thank you!


I remember having my child taken out of school to attend a special hearing test to get a diagnosis on paper of an auditory processing disorder. The school selected the professional and even agreed to pay for the exam. My child is/was very well behaved and is verbal. When we arrived, and my child's autism was mentioned, the "professional" outright refused to test my child, because the results of the test would "skew his numbers." I asked how that was possible? Why couldn't he just diagnose my child, and leave it out of "his numbers?" He said he couldn't do that and even said that my child's autism was the reason for any auditory processing delay, and as it is a part of autism, there was no need to do the testing. Furthermore, I was told by the asshole that the school should never have set up the appointment in the first place (thanks, Trudy, for providing the perfect descriptive noun!) My child and I were "treated" as if we were sub-humans, not worthy of any formal diagnosis or potential treatment, or even any time-- all due to a single word --"autism." I was outraged, and oh baby did the school hear about this. After this fiasco, the diagnosis was simply entered into my child's records as "auditory processing delay." Even my dog could have made that diagnosis. It was so blatantly obvious.

Pediatricians and even specialists are, on the whole, not interested in helping our children once they are vaccine injured. It is a disgrace, and yes, Kim, it can and should be considered a dereliction of duty. And they want to call protective services on US if we refuse or delay a vaccine? Really? WE haven't abandoned or neglected our kids-- THEY HAVE!!!


My family had a similar negative experience years back with a dental clinic. My son was sensory defensive, so his appointments took about ten extra minutes. Rather than book extra time and bill us, clinic staff said they were transferring us to another pediatric dentist. Their careful wording left no room for discussion, and sounded like they were doing us a favor.

The new dental clinic was a longer drive to a dumpy building in a grimy neighborhood. During our long wait and appointment the receptionist/aide set a record for repetition of the word "awesome." The aging dentist, an enthusiastic proponent of mercury amalgam, had the bedside manner of a mortician and suggested unrealistically that my son use a popsicle stick to correct his crooked incisors.

Of course, that was also around the same time I’d co-petitioned my state’s dental board to mandate informed consent to consumers about mercury amalgam tooth fillings. I felt like Karen in the movie Goodfellas, being told by Jimmy to go pick out a dress.

Paul Thomas

As a Pediatrician who once believed I was doing the best for my patitients by vaccinating - I can imagine most of my peers will not get this message. What has happenned to pediatricians is so so sad, as they have been slowly boiled like the proverbial frog. Little by little the heat was turned up (indoctrination) and now they haven't the strength nor apparent will to get out of the boiling water.

This is why - PARENTS, we must wake up and unite to get the word out.

FIRE your Pediatrician if they won't honor informed consent. Informed consent means you can do NO vaccines if that is your informed decision.

And please PLEASE do NOT do any more vaccines if your child has any signs of developmental or neurological or immune system problems. Do NOT do any vaccines if you have a family history of these issues.

If you have weighed the risks and the benefits and can live with the minimal risks of not vaccinating at all ... DON'T VACCINATE.

Donna L.

Amen. After our pediatrician 'broke' my son and glossed over the county's early childhood evaluation stating my son had severe autism, he nudged us toward the door saying, "There's not much more I can do for him...I don't really know much about autism. You might want to see Dr. So-and-so instead." When I called Dr. So-and-so's office a few days later, I learned that she had moved to another practice halfway across the country.

In retrospect, I wish I had continued bringing my son to our original Ped, year after ugly year, regardless of that coward's wishes or my son's behavior. Sat in that waiting room surrounded by new mothers holding newborns, and shown them all what could/would happen to their babies if they continued seeing this doctor.

I've always wondered just how many of us in the vaccine safety community left our original vaccinating pediatricians' practices and basically let them off the hook as far as seeing the consequences of their actions. No wonder they don't think they've done any harm!


My sentiments exactly - first we break them, then we forsake them.

As each year passes from the "event", my son gets a little bit better. I never dreamed, even in my worst nightmares, that I would have to protect my child from his own doctor. I knew to watch out for cars, mean dogs, and child molesters but never really figured that the enemy was within. Now we stay healthy by staying away from the doctor and it works a lot better. I'm extremely disappointed the Nuremberg code means nothing to pediatricians and the hipppocratic oath is just some old verbage to be memorized for the next med school exam. Sad to see the perversion of the profession. Sad to see children maimed by their own doctors.

Laura Hayes

"AAP: We break them then forsake them."

Perfectly stated, Kim. Hope you will create a meme for this.


We Break Them and Then Forsake Them.
See, that's GOOD.
You don't NEED a pediatrician. ALL of their revenue is generated doing WHAT???
"Well Child Visits".
They need you to bring your precious baby in, every 2 months and inject them with at least 8 vaccines at once, in order to pay the assholes who work for them. To keep the lights on. To buy the paper. They don't need to purchase PENS (or lunch) are provided by the drug reps that meander in and out of the office like cattle.

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