Paul Offit, Every Child By Two and the Black Hole Swallowing Our Children
Robert Kennedy Discusses Shingles Vaccine Dangers

Robert Kennedy Jr. at DC Rally

WMPIf you'd like to meet Robert and support his work at World Mercury Project, you're invited to a fund raising reception on 4/18 in New York City at the home of Skyhorse Publishing's Tony Lyons.  Here's the reality of what happens when a person of stature, an actor, actress, nationally known advocate starts to talk about vaccines...  life changes.   Retribution starts.  And so, we need to support Mr. Kennedy as best we can. With a kind comment for most of us who can't afford to attend a fund raiser. With a ticket for those who can.  I'll see you there - I'll be in the kitchen scrubbing pots.  (Kidding.)  KIM  Click here to learn more.

By Anne Dachel

I want everyone to listen to what Robert Kennedy, Jr. had to say in Washington D.C. on March 31st at the Revolution for Truth Rally.

Please share.

I transcribed his talk so you could not only listen, but also read the points he made and have them for future reference because there so much incredible information included in his 35 minute speech.

We are all familiar with Bobby Kennedy’s position on the use of mercury in vaccines. We’re also used to him promoting vaccines, claiming that he has had all six of his children vaccinated.

Kennedy qualifies that position in this talk.

Yes, Kennedy’s pro-vaccine, but he makes it clear that he’s PRO SAFE AND EFFECTIVE VACCINES, and we don’t have that today.

Keep in mind that I’ve spent fifteen years, as just a mom in Wisconsin, monitoring how the press covers autism, and autism and vaccines. Kennedy goes after not only the criminal cover-up by health officials but also the complete and utter failure of news outlets to do their job. This nightmare could never have happened nor could it have gone on for so long without the blanket cooperation of every major newspaper and network in America.

Kennedy reviews the history of the corruption of vaccine science, the collusion, and the cover-up. He names names—lots of them.

So why didn’t anyone from the press mention any of this in any news report?

It’s simple—because the press is complicit.

For two decades the media in the United States has back up health officials who deny, deny, deny anything is wrong with vaccines. They’ve given us every study, cited all the conflicted experts, and been on the receiving end of piles of pharmaceutical industry advertising dollars.

All this is in Robert Kennedy’s talk. Health officials and corporate news outlets don’t want what Kennedy said to go beyond the roomful of parents in Washington last month.

Kennedy’s words are damning. They tell us about the worse medical/government scandal in history.

Revolution for Truth

Robert Kennedy began with an acknowledgement of the difficult lives of families living with autism. He explained that his work on mercury pollution in the environment led to his involvement in the vaccine safety issue. He started to read the science on mercury use in vaccines.

 “I was immediately struck when I started reading the science on PubMed of the huge delta between what the industry, and what the press, and what the public health establishment were saying the science said, and what the science actually said.

“At that time people were saying that there’d never been a study showing that thimerosal was dangerous, and I expected, when I started looking at the books, it to  be very, very difficult to find thimerosal studies. And I immediately found fourteen hundred references, and ultimately we found between four and five hundred studies which are assembled in the book.

“As part of my research, I started calling up these scientists on both sides. And one of the people I called, for example, Kathleen Stratton, … head of [The Institute of Medicine], and I called Paul Offit. These people were defenders. Paul Offit told me—he was driving at the time—…and he told me that he had gotten into public health because of his admiration for my father, so I had no reason to dislike Paul Offit.  I started talking to him. At that time I’d read a lot of the science, and I said, ‘How is it that the CDC and the FDA are telling mothers to limit their consumption of tuna fish, and yet we’re injecting them with levels, in the vaccines, of mercury that have much higher levels than a can of tuna …?’

“And he said, ‘That’s simple, Bobby, the ethyl mercury in vaccines is harmless because it’s immediately excreted from the body compared to the methyl mercury in fish.’

“By that time I had read the science, and I knew that that wasn’t true. …There was a study that seemed to indicate that seemed to indicate that.

Kennedy talked about a study.

What he showed is that the mercury, mercury from vaccines, disappeared in one week from a child’s blood stream, and that the half life of mercury from tuna fish, in the blood stream, was fifty-four days. So that seemed to support the old industry mythology that it disappeared quickly.

There was a flaw in the study.

“… which is that he was unable to show what happened to the mercury after it left the blood. So his assumption was that it was leaving the body. But Boyd Haley, who I did not know at the time, had written a letter to the journal saying, what happened to it? He had measured the amount of mercury in the child’s feces and it didn’t account for anywhere near the mercury that was in the vaccine.

“Two years later, another scientist called [Thomas] Burbacher had come along with a big team of scientists, a very prestigious study, and they had looked at the same thing in Macaque monkeys and they had confirmed the findings that mercury disappeared very quickly when they injected it as thimerosal, and that it stayed in the blood for a long time when the monkeys ate a tuna fish sandwich.

“When they autopsied the monkeys, what they found was the mercury was not leaving the body. The reason the ethyl mercury left the blood quickly is because it was a smaller molecule, and it quickly crossed the blood-brain barrier and went right to the brain. And it was being stored in the brain at twice the rate as methyl mercury, and it metabolized immediately into a form of mercury called inorganic mercury, which is the most toxic form.

“A subsequent study showed it was fifty times as toxic to brain tissue as methyl mercury, and it stays in the brain for twenty-seven years.

“So I said to Offit, ‘What about the [Thomas] Burbacher study?’ and there was dead silence on the phone because he knew that study and he knew he had been lying to me. I had caught him in a lie. And there was that moment that you’ve all experienced when you catch somebody lying, and you know they were lying, and they know they were lying. You both know they got busted. That was the incident that made me an advocate on this issue because this was such a highly respected individual. People were listening to him. He had the command of public attention. He was writing editorials. He had a prestigious seat that was paid for by Merck, and yet he was abusing his power.  He had somehow found it within his interest to lie to the public about this issue on something, I knew, was extremely dangerous for little children.

“Soon after that, Lyn Redwood, …and is now running World Mercury Project, and another woman, a psychologist, Sarah Bridges, …who had a vaccine-injured kid who went through the Vaccine Court, they handed me the Simpsonwood transcripts. …

“In the mid 1990s, a lot of kids began showing up with these neuro-developmental disorders, including autism. And at that time you could still talk about it. Was it the vaccines? It was okay. It was not taboo. People were allowed to discuss it and ask the questions, and there were people at CDC who said, ‘We should look and see what there is to vaccines.’

“So they did a study, and they had the biggest database in the world. It’s called the Vaccine Safety Datalink. It’s the medical records from nine million kids and their vaccination records, and all the answers to all these questions are in that database. Anybody who tells you we can’t do a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study, they’re lying. They can do it. They just have to go to that database. Of course, CDC has now got that thing guarded like Fort Knox.

“…At that time they hired a bunch of scientists, outside scientists contracted with them, led by a Belgium scientist called [Thomas] Verstraeten, who came in and they looked at that database. And when they came back with the first run of raw data, they immediately knew what was causing the autism epidemic because they looked at children who got 25 mcg and less of thimerosal and compared those to kids who got 25 mcg and more. And the risk for autism in the higher exposed kids was a relative risk of 11.6. That means almost twelve hundred percent greater chance of getting an autism diagnosis.

“Just for comparison, a relative risk for smoking cigarettes—a pack a day for ten years—…for twenty years and cancer is 10.

“So they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what was causing it.

“…They also found astronomical numbers for ADD, ADHD, speech delay, sleep disorder, something called ‘misery disorder,’ …and a number of neuro-developmental disorders.

“The short story, they had an emergency meeting at Simpsonwood—they didn’t want to have it on CDC campus because they thought it would be susceptible to freedom of information requests. They wanted to hide it. And somebody recorded that meeting. There were seventy-five vaccine makers there, WHO, and FDA, AAP, and they all got in a room for two days.

“You watch this moral vortex open onto these people, because in the beginning, they come in, and they say, ‘Holy cow, what do we do?’

“Neal Halsey, head of AAP, is crying, saying, ‘Why didn’t we do the math?’

“When they expanded the vaccine schedule, they added all these vaccines with mercury, and nobody calculated the mass load of the mercury. He said, ‘This is high school algebra. How come we never did the calculation?’ He was crying.

“Some people, like Ruth Edsel, said, ‘We have to come clean to the American public. We’ve got to do what …Johnson & Johnson did with Tylenol. We have to say we made a terrible mistake. We have to say it’s never going to happen again. We have to do our mea culpas, and we have to clean up this program and get rid of this stuff.’

“And then you have the voices of reason beginning to assert themselves. People say, ‘If we do that, the lawyers are out there. They’re going to sue us. They’re going to sue the vaccine companies. They’ll put the companies out of business, and we won’t have vaccines anymore. So, we got to lie.’

“They didn’t call it a lie; they called it ‘embargo.’ They said, ‘We all agree, we’re going to embargo this. Hide it from the public. …

“They brought in four different teams to rework it, and they released it several years later. They had cleaned it up.

“That study is still out there. …I published that story in Rolling Stone Magazine, and it caused a lot of controversy at the time, and I ended up getting deeper and deeper into this issue.

“There is two groups at CDC that we worry about. I always say I am pro-vaccine. I say I’m pro nuclear power too. I’m pro nuclear power as soon as they make it safe and efficient. I want vaccines that are safe and effective, and we don’t have that.

“And I want a regulatory agency that is beyond corruption, that has no conflicts of interest. I want science that is transparent and that is strong. And we don’t have any of those things. Not just on mercury vaccines, but on every vaccine. We need the healthiest children possible. And there’s no excuse in this country for not having that.

“There’s two groups at CDC that we worry about. The first one is the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which is the organization within CDC that adds new vaccines to the schedule.

“You would hope that these people would be these kind of nerdy scientists who are narrowly focused on public health outcomes, but that’s not who they are. They are vaccine industry insiders.

“You all know the story about what Paul Offit did. He sat on that committee in 1999, he voted to add the rota virus vaccine to the schedule. He at that time was developing his own rota virus vaccine. He did not recuse himself. He stayed on. He made the vote. He then sold his vaccine for a hundred and eighty-six million dollars.

“That transaction caused a minor scandal at CDC. The Inspector General of HHS investigated, came in and looked at what he’d done and said, ‘It’s wrong, it’s bad, but it’s consistent with the rules. He didn’t break any law.’

“And they said, not only that, but up to ninety-seven percent of the people who sit on those committees have the same kinds of conflicts of interest. So it’s very hard for the American people to believe that all of these vaccines that were added in the late 1980s, were added exclusively because of public health outcomes, when so many of the people who are making decisions to add those vaccines had financial interests in the outcomes of those decisions. It’s just not good government.

“…I got three vaccines when I was a kid. I was compliant. My children…got 69 doses of 16 vaccines. The major change was in 1989. That’s the year EPA scientists call ‘the gateway year.’ That’s the year that these epidemics of neuro-developmental disorders began.

“So we’re living in a country today where according to CDC, one in every six American children now has a neuro-developmental disorder. That’s not normal.  

“Forty-three percent of American children have a chronic disease. And when I was reading the science, I saw connections between all of these new diseases …  17:40

“I never knew a child—I went to eight different schools—I never met a kid who had a peanut allergy. I have two children with those allergies. Where do they come from?...Who’s trying to answer that question? …”

Kennedy mentioned other toxic exposures and the fact that he’s suing Monsanto over glyphosate. 

With all the suspected toxins out there, Kennedy asked, “Why is nobody asking the question? Why do we have these public health agencies that are supposed to be protecting public health, and all they can focus on is Zika or chicken pox or measles, when there hasn’t been a single death from measles in this country in a decade, and we have a million autistic kids in this country?

“Why isn’t somebody telling us where it’s coming from?

“And this is the big strategy now, which is to say, ‘Oh, it’s always been with us. These kids have always been here, we just didn’t notice them before. And missing one of these children is like missing a train wreck.

“And if it’s always been with us, then where are all the forty year old, and fifty year old, and sixty year old autistic [people]?

“Why isn’t one in forty-five older people you see walking around the mall, why isn’t one in forty-five wearing diapers and wearing a football helmet, and having seizures, head banging and stimming?

“Where are all these adults? Where are they?”

Kennedy talked about his family’s involvement in the special needs community, most notably Special Olympics. No one had autism.

“Why is somebody not looking into this? And we know, of course, the reason, because Bill Thompson told us. [It’s that] CDC is paralyzed because it knows where it’s coming from, and they will not do the science to look at it.


“That brings us to the other division of CDC, which of course is the Immunization Safety Office, which is where Bill Thompson works. …

“We’ve known for many years that the junk science, the tobacco science coming out of that department was crooked, and one of the reasons we knew was that the Institute of Medicine told them you got to do biological studies, clinical studies, animal studies, toxicological studies, pharmacological studies, cadaver studies—We want all of those.

“They didn’t do any of them. The only thing they did was epidemiological studies. …I know, from my profession, those are notoriously easy to fix. They’re population studies. You look at an exposed population and unexposed, and you look at health outcomes. … You can design an epidemiological study to prove that sex does not make you pregnant. How would you do that? You just get rid of all the pregnant people before you study the population. You have a lot of people having sex, and nobody’s getting pregnant, and you can prove sex doesn’t make you pregnant. And that’s what they did. It’s easy to get rid of the autistic kids, you just get rid of the boys. All you have to do is get rid of one or two of them in order to dim the statistical signal.

“So you get rid of the older kids, and you focus on younger populations before the diagnosis takes place. …You get rid of black kids because they’re more likely to get autism. You figure out ways to exclude the populations that you think are going to pose a higher risk. And that’s what they did.

“Of course now, Bill Thompson, who’s the senior vaccine safety analyst and is the author of the three principal U.S. studies—This Channel 4 reporter was saying, ‘Isn’t Andy Wakefield bad because he had his license yanked?’

“And I said to her, ‘What about Poul Thorsen? He didn’t just have his license yanked, he’s on the run from Interpol in Europe with a 22 count indictment for theft and wire fraud. He stole a million dollars from the CDC, and they’ve still got his study up on their website.’

“Why does the press not cover Poul Thorsen?

“Why is the press not covering Bill Thompson?

“Why is the press not covering all of these phony Danish studies?

“These studies are still on CDC’s website, even though CDC has a new study, the Kromberg study, published in JAMA, Pediatrics, 2013, that says all those studies were wrong.

“What happened when they removed thimerosal in 1993in Denmark, the autism rates dropped by 33 percent.

“That’s the science. That’s the real science. Not the science that they pap feed these reporters, and that they go and take the money from the vaccine industry, and they go and report their bologna to the public as if it’s true.

“I asked her, ‘Show me a study. Tell me one study.’ And she couldn’t. She told me, ‘Your book is all wrong because you lied on the Geiers.’

“I was like, ‘The Geiers? I have 500 studies in that book. The Geiers wrote maybe six of them. You can’t discount that book because some of the scientists have been made controversial by the vaccine industry.’

“Anyway, it was too much …to think that a reporter is actually going to read the science or talk to you. …

“Barbara Loe Fisher was talking about this merger between government and industry. This disease that these children have is a symptom of media malpractice because the media is not safeguarding them. …

“People on the left worry about big business having too much influence, and people on the right worry about government having too much influence and too much power. The thing I worry about is when those two groups get together.

“From the beginning of our political history in this country, our greatest, most visionary leaders have warned Americans against overbearing corporate power.

“Thomas Jefferson didn’t want corporations to be allowed to exist because he believed that they would inexorably accumulate power, and they would smother democracy.

“Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, said that America would never be destroyed by a foreign enemy, but he warned that our beloved political institutions would be subverted by malefactors of great wealth who subvert them and steal them from within.

“Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican, in his most famous speech ever, warned the Americans against the domination by ‘ the military-industrial complex.’ And the original speech was, ‘and corporate complex.’ 

“Abraham Lincoln, the founder of the Republican Party, most important politician in American history, said, in 1863, at the height of the Civil War, ‘I have the South in front of me, and I have the bankers behind me. And for my country, I fear the bankers more.’

“Franklin Roosevelt said during World War II, he said that the domination of government by corporate power is ‘the essence of fascism.’

“Benito Mussolini, who had an insider’s view of that process, said essentially the same thing. He complained that fascism should not be called fascism, it should be called ‘corporatism,’ because it was the merger of state and corporate power.

“And what happens when you merge state and corporate power?

“The word fascism means ‘bundle of sticks’ in Italian. And what it means is, the bundle becomes more important than the sticks. And the sticks are us. And the bundle is that institution.

“And there’s a famous minister called David Lord who compares religious fundamentalism …and fascism. He says, fundamentalism is religious fascism, and fascism is secular fundamentalism, because they both involve blind faith and an undeserving authority. And they’re both chauvinistic. They’re both misogynistic. They diminish women. They’re both anti-science. They’re both cruel and occasionally cruel.

“And if you look what’s happened in our country, all the institutions in a democracy that stand between a rapacious corporation…and these little children, have been subverted and removed.

“The Congress takes more money—There are 1,700 pharmaceutical lobbyists in this town. …More than three times what there are people in Congress and the Senate. Double any industry. Twice what oil and gas, which is the next biggest lobbies.

“They own Congress.

“The regulatory agency has been completely captured. It is the poster child for agency capture. CDC is a vaccine company. It owns 56 vaccine patents, it sells 4.3 billion in vaccines a year. It should not be regulating itself.

“The press has been compromised. 5.4 billion dollars annually.

“I talked to Roger Ailes [Fox News], who I’ve known since I was seventeen years old, very sympathetic with this issue. He saw the film, ‘Trace Amounts.’

“I said to him, ‘I just want to go on one of your shows. Nobody will allow me to talk about this or debate me.’

“He said to me, ‘I can’t allow you on any of them, and I would have to fire any of my hosts who would allow you on my station.’

“He said, ‘My news division gets up to 70 percent of advertising revenues during non-election years, from the pharmaceutical companies.’

“And if you turn on the evening news, you’ll see they’ve just become a vehicle for selling pharmaceutical ads.

“So the press is gone.

“I am not allowed to publish editorials in any paper in this country. And that’s not just the mainstream press, the New York Times, the Boston Globe…, but the so-called ‘alternative press.’ Huffington Post, Salon, Slate, Daily Beast, Mother Jones… will not allow discussion or debate about this issue.

“And of course, the lawyers are gone. …

“This is what I said to the BBC reporter, I said, ‘Merck is a company that with Vioxx made a conscious decision to kill 50,000 people from heart attacks because it felt that it could make more money selling its product than it would have to pay in settlements. They made a coldblooded decision.

“This is the same company that’s making our vaccines.

“What makes you think that they’ve found Jesus suddenly, as soon as you took the lawyers out of the room?

“The only thing left standing between that rapacious industry and these little children are the parents, the mothers.

“And now they’re trying to remove them.

“I have to tell you something before I go. My father read me the Bible every night when I was a boy. He read me the New Testament and the Old Testament. One of the stories that stood out for me from the New Testament is [when] the little children tried to approach Jesus, and his disciples steered them away, because he was too important.

“And he rebuked them, and he called the children to him. And he held one child. And he said, ‘Suffer the little children,’ which means be patient with little children and accommodate little children.

“And he said, ‘Anybody who harms as much as a hair on this child’s head, it would be better if they had never been born.’

“And he said, ‘It would be better if they tied a milestone around their necks and plunged into the deepest part of the ocean.’

“It was the worst sin. The one time that he really condemned people and warned people this is something that you do not do. You don’t harm these children. …”


Dean Steeves

let Robert and all others know that there is an actual criminal charge within Title 18 of the US Codes for what each and every hospital is doing when they inject these poisons into children.

It is 18 USC 7 (d)(1) A and B. It is Crimes Against Children. These injections can be classified as VIOLENT, which qualifies them as a violation of said Statute.



"Yes, Kennedy’s pro-vaccine, but he makes it clear that he’s PRO SAFE AND EFFECTIVE VACCINES, and we don’t have that today."

How can anyone be pro-vaccine now, AND pro safe and effective vaccines?

Also, I kindly disagree with the notion Mr. Kennedy doesn't have skin in this game.

I get why they're saying it. But I just wanted to point out that most parents of the children who avoided vaccine injury this time, will be grandparents soon enough.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Mr.Kennedy. It no longer matters who has or has not "skin in the fight." If we are aware, we are in the fight. Thank you, your father is very proud of you I am certain.


correction: regarding fascism.

"They are both cruel and occasionally LETHAL."

Maureen Fischer

Thank you Mr. Kennedy, wish I could be there.

Bob Moffit

"So why didn’t anyone from the press mention any of this in any news report?
It’s simple—because the press is complicit.
“Why does the press not cover Poul Thorsen?
“Why is the press not covering Bill Thompson?
“Why is the press not covering all of these phony Danish studies?
This disease that these children have is a symptom of media malpractice because the media is not safeguarding them. …
So the press is gone.

Malcolm X knows:

"The greatest power of the press .. is their power to IGNORE ... (evil)


Thank you RFK Jr!

Run. For. President!


I really admire Robert Kennedy for being on the right side of history. I also watched Laura's speech to stem the tide on SB277 and was deeply moved. I want to keep fighting the good fight. Please keep me up on who to vote for or where to show up in southern California. Many of my resources have been exhausted on treatments, however I will never forget the horrible feeling when my son lost eye contact and became another of Merck's victims. We will be heard and we're with you.


I think RFK Jr. has a grandchild or two on the spectrum.

I'm against vaccines, full-stop. I think it belongs in the realm of "quack medicine."


Great talk and thanks to all especially Mr Kennedy for having no skin in the fight but fights for us,thanks you.

Pharma for Prison



Thank you for transcribing this Anne. Thank you Mr. Kennedy for standing up for my daughter and my family. I hope this message gets out to more than just the families affected by autism. 1,700 pharma lobbyists in Washington. I had no idea. Great presentation!

Laura Hayes

Anne, before I get to the heart of my comment, I want to thank you for transcribing the talks from the March 31st event...what an undertaking!

Regarding Kennedy, you wrote:

"Yes, Kennedy’s pro-vaccine, but he makes it clear that he’s PRO SAFE AND EFFECTIVE VACCINES, and we don’t have that today."

With all of the information we now know, we know that not one vaccine has ever been safe or effective (or needed, for that matter), much less safe and effective in the myriad haphazard combinations in which they are administered. Furthermore, we have now witnessed decades of the fallout from the barbaric practice of vaccination, and we will continue to do so for many generations to come, even if vaccinations were stopped completely today.

I would argue there is no way to make safe and effective vaccines...just take a good hard look at the list of ingredients, bearing in mind that not all are disclosed, and that contaminants not disclosed or possibly even known about have recently been discovered in numerous vaccines that were tested, contaminants that can't be broken down and excreted by the body. Be reminded of the disgusting ways in which vaccines are made, that vaccination does not replicate exposure to natural infection, that it does not provide real, natural, or lasting immunity, that vaccine ingredients have no business being injected into the human body, and that we don't know all of the immense havoc we wreak when we tamper with and taint our immune systems in such an unnatural and dangerous way. Then consider the billions that are spent on vaccines, the subsequent billions that are then spent on treating the heinous damage they leave in their wake, and the billions we will lose as a result of a greatly impaired work force.

Clearly, the archaic and barbaric vaccine paradigm needs to die an immediate death, and in its place, time-proven, risk-free ways of protecting, maintaining, and enhancing health need to be retaught and utilized, along with cleaning up our toxic food and water supply, and our increasingly toxic environment.

Where is Mr.Kennedy's demand to begin immediately protecting children, and people of all ages, including those in the womb, from vaccine-induced harm and death? He is admitting vaccines are dangerous (and now also ineffective with his shingles vaccine statements), and that they are improperly tested, approved, and regulated, and thus improperly mandated (not that medical
mandates should ever be allowed), but he is not calling for an immediate moratorium on vaccines. WHY NOT?

Those in this movement who are unwilling to demand immediate protection for all from vaccine-induced harm and death are in effect perpetuating the Vaccine Holocaust.

To stop the Vaccine Holocaust, we must stop vaccinating...and at the very least, we must demand and ensure that every person and every parent has the immediately-available, absolute, and unfettered right to decline any and all vaccinations with a simple "no thank you", and without government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty.

When is Mr. Kennedy going to state and demand that?

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