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Robert Kennedy Discusses Shingles Vaccine Dangers

ZostavaxThis video was on NBC, Channel King 5 in Washington. It's about the dangers of Merck's Zostavax shingles vaccine.

It's not just about vaccines and autism.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains Potential Dangers of the Zostavax Shingles Vaccine

Robert Kennedy: "Zostavax is a vaccine that is sold to prevent shingles, but may actually cause shingles--the very disease that it's supposed to prevent.

"Worst of all, Zostavax may cause brain injury, paralysis, even death.

"When a drug company fails to warn the public against the dangers that its product might cause, it needs to be held accountable--not just for the person that's injured, but for all of us."



Pharma maths,might argue a similar scenario that pressing breaks before a crash caused 99% of all accidents.Of course it does! if you eliminate the fact that just before a crash you would hit the breaks just before impact -hence it was the breaks that were at fault and not the mountain of evidence surrounding the crash that you were driving up the road on the wrong side on your cell phone! it was the breaks stupid!

Pharma for Prison


Steve Hinks

See the WHO database for adverse drug reports at

Shelley Tzorfas

To my understanding Shingles vaccine is made with Aborted Human Fetal cells. It is considered therefore to be a live vaccine. People who really study vaccines-the mommas & poppas, know that Live vaccines can shed illness to others nearby. When the Chicken Pox vaccine hit the vaccine schedule for kids (Mid 1990's)-it was known that the incidence of Shingles would Increase. In order to reduce your chance of getting Shingles-you want to be re-exposed to some child with Natural Chicken Pox which is getting harder to find,


When a drug company fails to warn the public against the dangers that its product might cause..." That's the thing, they (meagerly) do in the form of packet inserts, but that's it. The warnings on tobacco products are more conspicuous!!

When a drug company wants to sell more product, they advertise. Depending on the type of advertisement, they are compelled to prominently go through possible side effects. Since the de facto advertising apparatus for vaccinations is the US government and medical establishment, the buck is effectively passed. "Hey, if your doc doesn't share the side effects, that's on them!" Nice work if you can get it...

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