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My Brother Has Autism: A World Autism Day Reality Check


Jeannette Bishop

I should have added "Orange you glad you don't live in California?"

Jeannette Bishop

I'm sorry, I don't have a great place to post this, but it's such a rabbit-hole tour de force to be watching this:


Summary (from my rather isolated, but still not detached viewpoint, keeping in mind the high likelihood no one wants to watch): apparently the California Senate Select Committee on Children with Special Needs (1 in 5 children in our state) is headed by da da da-dum....Senator Richard Pan!!!! who posted notice of this meeting on a Friday (last Friday?) to be held the next Monday with (as far as I can tell) the rest of the committee in absentia, and only a minute each for public input, and Senator Pan does not want to discuss or act upon SB 277's implementation (or lack of actual follow through of bill clarifications regarding children with IEPs in senate hearings), among probably all the other topics brought up...but it seems important for him to state, after Christina Hillebrand pointed out the importance of getting to the core of the cause and stopping these injuries from the start, that "certainly one of things we can do is to protect our infants from infectious diseases." Much of the public input is good, however abbreviated, on several points.

Peter Burton


Jeannette Bishop


I found this so far:

Jeannette Bishop

@Right side...

I don't choose the avatar, as far as I know--it used to be red for some time (which was really loud to me) and I don't know why it changed to "orange,"--I usually try to think of it as a "golden" avatar--but orange IS pretty nice for today.

Cherry Misra

Dear Gayle, You, as yet dont understand. We dont need research for autism because all the "research " for autism runs in the wrong direction.
We dont need research for a cure for autism because some products already exist (try NBMI and OSR and GcMAF) - but nobody is going to give them to you.
We dont need research for autism because if any genuine scientist attempts that he quickly gets dumped on the trashpile of "discredited scientists"
The kids and their parents are on their own- This is the reality of the Va ccine Holocaust. Your kid suffers while some guys who own Merck and GSK and Sii purchase a new yacht or one more Picasso


We need Autism Awareness light it up blue or orange or any other color to get the message out that we need RESEARCH into the CURE for our Neurioimmune affected children with an autism diagnosis. We are seeing a major medical pandemic and a cure must be found for our children NOW!

Right side of history

Strange that the winner's avatar is the only one that's orange! (so far)


5 years ago A S (one S) were at the Blue White House

Would be good for it to be Orange..


Pharma for Prison



Vladimir Putin is not going to take out the American press with "fake" news. Vladimir Putin is going to take out the American press with real news. It is absurd that Goodman, and Maddow did not cover the weekends events. Events regarding WHAT IS GETTING INJECTED INTO OUR INFANTS!!!!

Orange ya verclempt i get it?


Jeannette Bishop

Oh! Hey! I WON?!?!? May this be a month with more miracles to come!!!

Kenneth B Sizer II

Cooler than cool. I am continually impressed by the cleverness and non-conformity here. No sheeple at Age of Autism!


Glad that donations to AoA are "Tax deductible, safe and secure" and that we can shop at AmazonSmile to support AoA?


I don't get it. ??

I don't think Kim means what MelissaD said, because so far Trump hasn't done jackshit for vaccine injured kids and has not even announced a vaccine safety commission let alone started one up. Although he asked RK jr. if he'd like to head such a commission, after that his people backtracked and said no decision had been made. So, premature to be glad about that.

Kim Stag

WINNER! Orange is the "complimentary" color of blue.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm not sure I get it for certain, but I'm very glad you bring up the color on the far opposite side of the color spectrum wheel from a certain color, and I'm very glad to be reminded in my email of the premiere of a certain movie one year ago today, nearly a month earlier than otherwise would have been the case if screened as planned in a certain film festival, thereby making last April certainly one of my most favorites Aprils.


Anybody know where I can watch Kennedys speech? I can't seem to find any footage from yesterday and I want to check it out.


Fantistc idea "Got in one"
Yang bringing life to yin
2nd chakra colour colour of change ,focus stamina.
Amber gemstone -beautiful
True saffron from spring flowers
Pot marigolds /calendula comfort
orange naturtiums for your salads
seville oranges -The bitter orange tree
Neroli orange blossom flowers gathered end of april for perfume
Petitgrain essential oil from leaves/twigs of the bitter orange tree fresh scented
Bitter orange marmalade yum!
Carrot and orange cup cakes one is't enough
Beautiful orange sunset "A closed chapter for vacinnation profits for good!
Orange brings warmth .I love the colour orange


we finally have a President that cares about vaccine injured kids and understands the problem! #RFKcommission

go Trump

From April 2, 2012, ... Donald Trump on Autism & vaccines

at 1:19 ... "the baby just lost it"



Orange you delighted Blue White House tomorrow all for the Wright`s its a start.

Pharma for Prison



Kent spoke yesterday about this very matter. What does a decent human being do when fighting real human monsters.

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