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Denise Michele

My daughter with autism is 18 and a senior in high school. Because of her severe anxiety and is symptoms she does independent studies. She has informed me that there is no way she is going to graduation. One more milestone we will miss... No college, and likely won't be living independently... Our highest hope is that her younger brother with autism and she might share living quarters on the property close to us. Not what we had hoped or dreamed.

Carter's Daddy

Well there's another reminder to look forward to : (


The grief of this day April 17, 2017 for one of my severe autism twins male/female is the bottom and has been an ugliest nightmare. I never knew could happen to our adults. Court today I just cannot talk about it yet but I know I need to ....or the tears will never stop and the injustice will only get worse....


I think that is definitely true of some people. I think also though, that some of the high functioning people with Aspergers diagnoses have no idea that anyone else has problems that are so very different from theirs. They go on sites that say that autism is a wonderful gift,and that people with autism are like Einstein; brilliant but quirky. They are told the vaccine safety movement doesn't accept them and wants to make them "normal". Some of them at least probably come here having never seen a child repeatedly injure themselves, and have no idea that for many people with autism, "non verbal" means almost no understandable communication in any form at all.

So, further information for ASD journalist:


As of the most recent prevalence study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which studied records from 2008, 38% of children with ASD had Intellectual Disability. (24% of children with ASD were considered in the borderline range in terms of intellectual ability – an IQ of 71–85; 38% had IQ scores over 85, considered average or above average.) A higher proportion of females with ASD had Intellectual Disability compared with males: 46% of females with ASD had intellectual disability, compared with 37% of males. (Note, ASD is almost five times more prevalent in males than females.) Since the CDC has been measuring prevalence rates of ASD and co-occurring Intellectual Disability, the rate of individuals with ASD who do not have co-occurring Intellectual Disability has been rising faster than the rate of individuals with ASD and Intellectual Disability. Additionally, in the CDC’s most recent report, ASD prevalence was typically higher in states which had a greater percentage of children with IQs above 70 (New Jersey, in particular).

If nothing else, it never hurts to provide information, so in case the problem is that someone just doesn't understand, they get a chance to learn. I think sometimes it is easy to forget how much the average person with Aspergers doesn't know about the other side of the spectrum.
But I do believe that if someone misunderstood and made a mistake, then an apology is in order. If the intention was to be cruel, then that is a whole different kettle of fish, as you point out....

Anne McELroy Dachel

Gianna is part of the horrific, inexplicable loss of a generation of children that the mainstream media urges us to CELEBRATE EVERY APRIL. "No known cause."

Autism happens, get used to it.

Pretend all this is normal and acceptable.

The massive cover-up of this nightmare by government officials, doctors, and the press, in the words of John Stone, is "the dcline and fall of the American Empire."

Maurine Meleck

.For the troll or trolls:

Sadly, some peoples frontal lobes do not develop well enough when they are young to feel normal compassion for others. I am not sure if this is hereditary or a lack of emotional response that has been stifled in early childhood for some reason. In others words, is it genetic or environmental or a combination of both. If you are one of those people, I am sorry for you . You will never be able to feel the personal gratification from truly understanding and feeling for someone elses sadness and perhaps being able to help and encourage them.
Maurine(endowed with a complete frontal cortex)


SMH...sigh, I'm so sorry, Kim!! I really feel for you. All of the things my family has to look forward to...
Your post reminded me of something... just have to vent for a second... my son is only 5 but we have already had a few experiences of someone not getting it, not caring and not being sensitive to our sitution. Our first experience was when he was three and we had to get him a passport. The US Dept of State rejected his first photo because he wasn't looking straight into the camera and his head was a bit tilted. I called and made my case, told them he was special needs and it was going to be impossible to get the photo they wanted, could they make some exceptions. I was basically told "sorry, nope, figure it out." We ended up having multiple photo shoots at home, help from family members, props, treats, etc. until we could get the photo that they required and even still my sister had to Photoshop his head so that it was straight and not tilted. BTW, the US Dept of State accepted my 8 month old daughter's photo first time around...it was that easy for her. But nope, can't make any exceptions for the autistic child...you figure it out...


@ AutismDoesNotExist,
I think the troll comments apply to the nasty comment from ASDjournalist, and not in any way to your comment. Check out that comment, when you get a chance. It's a real doozie.

I agree with Hera; ASDjournalist owes Kim a very big apology for such rudeness and complete lack of respect for a lovely young woman who was iatrogenically afflicted with autism by her pediatrician's obscene vaccination schedule, just like so very many other children.


Troll comment? Unusual cruelty?

Are these directed at my comment?

Perhaps the meaning of the comment was misunderstood. I have a profoundly "autistic" child as well. Except I do not accept the word autism. Brain damage from vaccination is the appropriate label. Autism is a made up word to draw attention away from the vaccine program. I think we should all refuse the label of autism.

If not directed at me please disregard.

Jeanne J

Yeah, we've gotten the Marine recruitment letters for our 21 year old non-verbal son with autism, also. I can tolerate the course catalogs from our local community college, as they do have a program for individuals with developmental disabilities. But the military...!!!! My husband says we should sign up for his free gift, and take him down to one of the recruitment offices. That would gets him off of their rolls (one would hope)!

Margaret J. Jaeger

In the meantime, our local newspaper published an editorial comment on the 'opinions' page in which he was somewhat scathing a local politician, a state representative, for taking the time of one of his meet the people gatherings to denigrate ...vaccines...and gave the history of his, the rep's, grandson of his descent into Autism after vaccinations. Of course, the editor was saying how this rep's talk spread false rumors about vaccines and cited false information which was a great danger to Public health..! I've been so angry at the ignorance of this editor that I've not been able to settle my mind to write an intelligent calm reply...to point out His ignorance and how that is damaging public health. He, of course, cited the usual assurances of the Federal organizations of how the idea of vaccine and Autism link is a Myth, that the people named in the reps speech were discredited with a notation of some 20 laboratory reports that disprove any link. If I wrote and said there are at least 120 lab research reports that prove there is a link, and gave site urls for the truth info's such as NVIC, they likely wouldn't read them anyway. So all my rebuttal info would appear as theirs does to me.... lies,,fol de rol and myths ...to sell vaccines. Is there any Help that can be used to open this editors eyes?

Aimee Doyle

Ah yes, college materials, credit card applications, jury duty notices, military recruitment materials...my son has received them all...and it still hurts every time.

He still loves Disney, Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

Margaret J. Jaeger

We have a grandson with regressive Autism from those newborn shots. And he won't be going to any school tho I wish he were. We must remember that the majority of our autistic kids are counted only if they apply for special ed needs from public schools. Those stats are Reported. Those more severely affected who stay at home... may have Never been counted. I don't know what the directives to physicians are today in regards to the number of autistic kids they see for routine medical or some related care therapies but back when we had the diagnosis, some 15-21 years ago, Doctors were Not required to report the children as special cases to any statistic keeping Federal health organization. We probably made it to some count because grandson was referred to and treated by our states children's hospital where such detailed info is no doubt required. But...if they're not listed in a physicians files as needing special care, education or special therapies, it's likely the groups selling products for the future of typical children, won't have this info that might influence their ..who to send to...lists. They don't know. We have the lost mystery children....


I remember walking into Chadbourne Hall at the University of WI back in the fall of 1989, parents and lap top pillow desk (funny right - I was so proud of the polka dots) in tow. Dutifully poised at three different folding tables were representatives from three different credit card companies enticing students to sign up for their "line of credit".

Seems predatory lenders are losing a little in the eighteen-year old market. They now have to prey on the disabled. The fall of a society indeed!

LOVE YOU KIM!!!!! Thank You SO MUCH for all You do!!!!!


Kim, I am so sorry . The milestones that you want for them , but they can't ever reach. My son teeters on the edge of maybe one day having independence. Trying so hard to make sure it can happen for him. College? He wants to go, just like his big brother.
Chocolate is my go to comfort food...
I am hoping that maybe you just don't get it.
This is Kim's youngest daughter on her birthday. As you can see Kim is a dedicated loving mother, pushing with all her might to help her girls get independence; in this case, the most basic independence of being able to ask for the food you want to eat.


Imo, you owe Kim an apology.

Pass the vodka

I'll join you. We recently received a voter's registration card for my son. Never mind that he can neither read nor understand politics. At least the US postal machines had the good sense to mangle and maul it all up before it even got to our mailbox.

Maybe we should be saving all these documents for some sort of mass demonstration/protest...much like the historical bra burning or draft card burning demonstrations, we could have our very own Independent Future burning demonstration.

Oh wait, there's that whole fire safety issue our kids can't comprehend. Never mind.

Jeannette Bishop

I know this will only be a pithy piece of consolation (if even that), but at least it doesn't seem like the credit card company is data mining/spying (though I wonder how private they really try to keep or are truly able to keep their "customer" info after one is in their system...), effectively anyway. I was a little creeped out recently when--nothing sinister, but--we received brochures in the mail reflecting that someone likely knew about one of my daughter's newest interests (probably mined from internet TV viewing?).

And I think it's a little ironic to see financial independence equated with being able to get into and hopefully handle debt. But that's probably how some want us to view things and really do work to engineer such views ... how to be truly independent...? I don't know, but our children/youth/all of us clearly don't need the mandated neurotoxic assault we are under. Maybe the first step to independence is being able to see when & where we're being enslaved.


I'd like a cocktail please, in fact, after that troll comment, I'd like two.

For my teenager, it's a heartbreaking story and one that usually is only understood by those in a similar position. I appreciate AOA each and every day. Thank you !

Meanwhile, American test scores continue to fall compared to the rest of the world. Is it really the teachers fault or is something else contributing to this decline ? (I know, its just better diagnostics).

The most recent PISA results placed the U.S. an unimpressive 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. That's puts us right behind Slovakia. Granted, Slovakia is an impressive place however I think if we really worked at it we could move up to 37th.

Carolyn Fitzenreiter

We've been getting the military recruitment materials. No, I haven't even sent away for a free T-shirt.

G. Tate

Yes, substitute Kidsongs or Barney for Nick Jr, and that would be my Olivia, age 20. Or my Ken, age 24. The triggers for grief roll in by various means, followed by the dusting off and recalibration.

Bob Moffit

"College? School of hard knocks, thanks to autism."

Our young man is approaching 18 .. which requires mom and dad to file court-certified papers ... providing mom and dad with the power to make all decisions for him as an adult going forward.

College will not be one of the decisions they will have to make.

Kim for ASD

No. Vaccines engineered her profound autism. Your cruelty is unusual for real autism if you even have it. I don't care either way. Goodbye. Kim



Eugen Bleuler, a Swiss psychiatrist, was the first person to use the term. He started using it around 1911 to refer to one group of symptoms related to schizophrenia.

In the 1940s, researchers in the United States began to use “autism” to describe children with emotional or social problems. Leo Kanner, a doctor from Johns Hopkins University, used it to explain the behavior of several children he studied who acted withdrawn.

I think the word autism is code for we don't know how your child was neurologically damaged. I for one do not feel comfortable using a term coined by "psychiatrists" and "researchers"

By allowing them to label our children as "autistic" we are allowing them to get away with having no explanation and continuing on their same path. If you choose to get in to medicine and peoples lives are at stake you should not be permitted to throw up your hands and make up a word. The word autism is now used as a cop out for medical professionals who cannot or will not help your child or make any reasonable attempt to see what happened, to investigate, to treat, to run tests, to aggressively seek potential environmental culprits. etc etc etc


Kim-I agree that this kind of mail only serves to enhance the grief we feel over our children even more. Like a stab in the heart.

Vicki Hill

Just wait until you start getting phone calls from your car insurance company, asking you why you haven't yet set her up with her own car insurance policy.

Not to mention the medical billing folks who refuse to speak with you until you put her on the phone to authorize you to speak to them on her behalf. (Yeah, regardless of your guardianship papers, which they will misplace in their files again and again.)


How is Gianna going to learn how to be financially independent when you won't give her much needed credit score to start a path to independence?

Sounds like you're engineering a helpless individual by stating "she has autism" on the second 'graph. I don't think that needs more explanation.


If the education department sent us a couple of free tickets for a day out to the zoo I would be happy he would be delighted!

Stuff like that through the door just rubs it in more.In the UK there is a peoples movement against mail shots through your door which I have for my sins followed.It involves printing out a label with NO CONTRACT RETURN TO SENDER printed on it, stick it over your address and stick it back in the post box .By law in the UK all mail is meant/has to be delivered to which the sender then receives a bill for £1.80 for the the returned post - it works we hardly get any crap mail.

Pharma for Prison


John Stone

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire in one photograph.

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