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Joshua Coleman Photo Bombs March for Science And Richard Pan

Curses foiled again
California Senator and SB277 vaccine exemption removal law author Richard Pan shows up to the March For Science in Washington D.C. on Earth Day for a photo op. Joshua Coleman shows up as well. Camera by Joshua Coleman with editing by Oliva Mikos.  Joshua also taped Dr. Pan running from Del Bigtree.  Josh's son Otto was severely disabled by his infant vaccinations.


Jackie Murphy


Please see this rationale for not taking away medical exemption. It describes actions Pan has already taken to protect a vulnerable subset who would be harmed by live virus vaccine.

He can't discuss this subject because he doesn't understand what he is doing.



(Clapping loudly) thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Michael Potvin

Vaccinating children that are already injured is the equivalent of feeding peanut butter to an individual with a known peanut allergy. Something is desperately wrong when Pan wants to eliminate the medical exemption which is not easy to obtain anywhere. It's bad enough the religious and philosophical exemptions are gone. Where does it end? It's going to end when Pan is removed from office. Dr. Pan will not change. He thinks it's a game. It's not.

Good job, Josh. I know you have more confrontations up your sleeve. Keep going after these pharma rats.





I am totally with you Josh! Thank you for what you did for our Damaged Children as well as your own by protesting Pan. To think he wants to take away medical exemptions. It's inhumane! Pan must feel "they are already damaged, keep making the money by giving them more vaccines" no sanctity for life. He truly is the epitome of the definition of a psychopath. That aside, I noticed how silent he was when you asked him Fact based questions, and the only time the man opened his mouth was to try to get people who have no clue on the science to help him make you go away. I have to believe at some point in life, this man was really picked on or ignored (maybe in school) and this is the way he found to be popular and accepted. Regardless of the truth he knows about how damaging vaccines are to a lot of people. It's not a one size fits all. I truly wished I was there with you. I know your reasons for not letting everyone know (so we could help) was it would have tipped him off. Thus, not allowing you this opportunity. If you ever do find yourself on the east coast again doing this, I promise I can keep a secret. Watching how in your video he wasn't above letting people try to hurt you; for your own safety contact me or one of us. To think a professional Doctor would allow people to harm you for standing there with a sign proves to me the man is completely out of touch with reality. Any Real Doctor let alone a Senator who is suppose to hold themselves to higher standrds such as ethics or morals would have said, "it's fine, he's entitled to his opinion, it is a march, don't hurt him" With Pan, not a chance. He's classless. Yet this is who "they" want deciding the fate of their children.. Me, I would have loved to ask him what the going rate was to fry a child's brain was now a days, let alone the state of California? How much in your bank account is enough Pan? Then I would have asked him is the popularity worth it knowing that your a stooge? That you are a puppet with a hand up your behind, and it's not genuine. You do realize that Pan, right? Alas, your popularity will be short lived, and the haunting days of his youth and non acceptance will come flooding back. We will not go away. We grow daily. Not only the Nation, but the World is catching on. When the people finally see the truth and realize he was a part of "Autism Extinction" of our times, much like what Hitler did to the Jews, He will be reviled and hated. He will go down as one of the most Vile men in history along with Offit and the rest of the Eugenics Freaks to hold his hand.


Thank you Joshua! My favorite part in the video is at about 10:45 when the man walking with Dr. Pan stopped to ask you what happened to your son. At least he had the decency to ask you why you feel so passionately about this subject. You then told him that your son became paralyzed after a round of vaccinations and he now has transverse myelitis, and that it was confirmed by Johns Hopkins. I couldn't believe that Dr. Pan didn't even respond, or say he was sorry that this tragedy happened to your son. Are those who are injured just collateral damage and we are all supposed to look the other way? What about having a dialogue about all of this? Why is it such a taboo subject? Of course we know why, (money and greed) but that doesn't excuse him from common decency. All you want is for him to acknowledge your son and others like him. I wonder how many people will leave California because of Pan? How many other states will try and do the same thing? Will the Federal government try to do this also? How many children have to be injured before there is a proper public dialogue about this subject? Also, I'm so very sorry that this has happened to your son, and to your family.
Thank you for your all that you do for this cause! Thank you for your protest!

Marsha McClelland

True American hero.

Rosetta Pittorino-Bath

Thank You Joshua Coleman
A true activist


With a little planning, we all could have crashed the party. My sign would have read "Science gave us Vioxx. 150,000 deaths". Think of all the great signs we could have made to march with.


Thank you Josh for all you do!
As an environmentalist I am deeply disturbed that the vaccine industry has co-opted the fight against man-made climate change. When those who deny global warming want to invalidate this scientific reality all they have to do is extradited Poul Thorsen, dispose William Thompson, point to the thousands of scientists world wide that confirm the existence of vaccine-induced autism.

Vaccine injury denial means the earth loses
means science loses
means the world's children lose

The 29th is the People's march for the environment.
Any people out there that can get to DC and point out this scientific disparity?
Last I checked people were part of the environment.


Thank you Josh for all you do! As an environmentalist I am deeply disturbed that the Vaccine industry has co-opted the fight against climate change. When those who deny that man made global warming is happening need to invalidate us, all their going to have to do is extradite Poul Thorsen, point to William Thompson, (or the hundreds of other scientists world wide who say that vaccine-induced autism is real), show the thousands of cases of testimony of vaccine injury.

Vaccine injury denial means the earth loses;
Means science loses:
Means the world's children lose.

Last I checked, human beings were part of the environment.

April 29th is the people's march for the Climate.
Any People out there available to point out this scientific disparity?


Josh outs corrupt corporate "science".

Great job, Josh. But I don't understand why you were the only one there.

Laura Hayes

P.S. More about Pan.

"SB277 Sponsor Says Water More Toxic Than Mercury" by Laura Hayes


Josh Coleman asks Pan a question at a recent meeting of the Committee for Children with Special Needs (how sick is it, by the way, that Pan is on this committee?):


Others ask Pan questions at the same meeting, like why he is THE ONLY committee member present for such an important committee meeting...especially since the committee has not met for more than a year:


Laura Hayes

Thank you, Josh, for your courage to do what needs to be done...which MSM refuses to do.

You are like an old time reporter...observing, listening, investigating, pursuing, and exposing.

I greatly appreciate your dedication to the cause of exposing and stopping this vaccine insanity, which has resulted in the Vaccine Holocaust.

FYI for AoA readers:

Josh was recently interviewed by Shawn Siegel. It is an excellent interview from start to finish, and I highly recommend listening to it.


Ted Kuntz

Thank you Josh. I appreciate your courage and your in your face advocacy. Pan is dangerous and dishonest and his failure to insist upon good science to address vaccine injury is irresponsible. How ironic that he participates in a march for science yet resists using science to determine vaccine safety.

Dawn Cross

Thanks Josh, you're one real, straight talking, truth searching, in your face activist. It takes guts and determination to do what you did and you have those attributes in abundance. Keep up the good work. Stay safe.


Excellent work, Josh. We love and support you! True activism where it is absolutely necessary!


Richard Pan is a liar, he takes Merck's money, and advances their legislation. A crook in a white coat.

Josh Coleman, like myself, watched his son become maimed by a vaccine. I get it, and I fully support him.

Brett Wilcox

Joshua Coleman! Gutsy!

Pan's handlers trained him to stop running. They'll never be able to train him to engage in intelligent debate or compassion for vaccine-injured and killed kids and their parents.


When you become a public servant, and you have wheeled your power to make people do things that could harm them; Like Pan has done, then there is no such thing as being harassed like a private citizen just walking in a march.

Women with their little crochet pink hats needs to crochet less and read more.


Thank you, Josh. You are so brave and a wonderful advocate for families with vaccine injury. I understand that 'We are Vaxxed' had to take down your vid. and I am sorry about that. However, I've seen Polly speak about it and could see that she found the decision very difficult. Reading between the lines, I imagine some pressure was put on her and the team.

Nevertheless, you are all brilliant and have done so much to get the message out on social media. Please keep doing what you do. Apart from anything else, your vid. did make me laugh. We need that sometimes!


Of course, they chose Dr. "Pan" to do their bidding. Pan is the mythical god of chaos and unbridled desire. The uncontrolled lust for child sacrifice so prevalent in pagan societies.

Thank goodness we're still such a Cbristian society that refuses to abort/sacrifce our young to pursue hedonism and materialism. Thank goodness, indeed/sarcasm off

George stevens

Great job by Mr. COLEMAN, may of gotten better response if you mentioned the 90k pan got from pharma on your sign.

Bob Moffit

Two things stood out in Josh's video ..

#1 .. You would think "scientists" like Pan would prefer to dress themselves in something other than "white coats" .. the "white coats" intended to lend a certain "scientific credibility" to the charlatans wearing ....as anyone who knows anything about "tobacco science" .. was the same "white coats" that appeared on national television .. for DECADES .. portraying themselves as "doctors" .. spewing lies about one form of cigarettes .. say CAMELS .. being healthier and less a risk for cancer than competing brands .. say MARLBORO ..

#2 .. Someday .. that fool with the "badger" sign will come to realize that Pan considers him nothing more than a "useful idiot" .. which is exactly what he is.


Joshua Coleman- you are really good at this! Great running commentary.


Well done Josh. Thank you for exercising your freedom of speech on behalf of injured children.
So many of our kids have been silenced and will never be able to do the same.

It's rather unsettling how Pan smiles and laughs through the entire video.

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