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Dachel Wake Up: Reiss Vs Attkisson

Dachel Morning Wake UoBy Anne Dachel

Dorit Reiss vs Sharyl Attkisson

Reiss attacks Kennedy over Fox News interview---AND I'M "NOT ALLOWED TO COMMENT"

April 23, 2017, Daily Kos: Robert F Kennedy Jr and vaccines – why real journalists don't interview him

By Dorit Reiss

On 20 April 2017, Kennedy had an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News that centered on Kennedy’s views on vaccines. The interview with Mr. Carlson lived up to Mr. Kennedy’s previous dismal standards of accuracy on vaccines. His claims ranged from simply untrue to subtly misleading, all clearly designed to create fear and doubt about vaccines. Mr. Carlson did not have the knowledge to counter them, and being misled by his interviewee is exactly what other journalists avoid by not letting Mr. Kennedy repeat his past and provide misinformation about vaccines. ...

The reason experienced journalists don’t want to interview Kennedy is that they know that the RFK Jr vaccine beliefs are unreliable, contain untrue statements that go against the science, and are backed with ill-founded conspiracy theories.

It was expected that pro-industry people would have to go after what Kennedy said on Fox. Tucker Carlson has a big audience and this gave vaccine skeptics a lot of reasons for concern.

These were my three comments. I posted the first one, and it was up for several minutes. I tried to post the second one, and the message, “You are not allowed to comment” popped up. Suddenly my first comment was gone.


Dorit Reiss used the word “thimerosal” seven times in her article referring to a preservative used in vaccines. What she failed to mention is that thimerosal is made from mercury, a deadly neurotoxin. It’s still given at full levels in the flu vaccine recommended for babies as young as six months and for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy. Furthermore, children in Third World countries still receive their vaccines with full levels of thimerosal.

The only safety study on thimerosal was done by the manufacturer, Eli Lilly, back in 1930. It was tested on 22 adult patients who were all dead from meningitis by the end of the “study.” Regardless, thimerosal was declared safe and after the creation of the FDA, its use was grandfathered in. (And the easily flawed and manipulated population studies on thimerosal, rife with industry ties, done seventy years after the fact, do not prove safety.)

Reiss needs to read the book edited by Robert Kennedy. It’s all the genuine science that exposes the frightening truth about mercury use in vaccines.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism


What Reiss doesn’t have in her defense of vaccination is a simple comparison study of fully-vaccinated and never-vaccinated children to show health outcomes. This could end the vaccine debate overnight. The government does retrospective studies like this all the time, but no official wants to see one on vaccination outcomes.

IF the never-vaccinated group also has large numbers of children with autoimmune issues, chronic health problems like seizure disorder, asthma, severe allergies, diabetes, bowel disease, and rampant developmental conditions like autism and ADD, ADHD, we’d have to move on.

So where is the study? With so many parents now too scared to vaccinate, the study group is out there. Unless and until this research is done, the question remains open.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism


The fact that reporters continually talk ABOUT Robert Kennedy’s views on vaccines, and refuse to talk TO Robert Kennedy, is proof that they have their own agenda.

Kennedy has repeatedly offered to debate anyone, reporter, health official, or doctor on the vaccine question, no one is willing to do so.

Why don’t members of the media call for an open discussion on vaccine safety? Why do they devote themselves to the pretense that the issue is settled, when clearly it’s not?
Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

This is how the media has corrupted itself. They refuse to allow the truth about vaccine side effects and phony research to be exposed. Their tactics have been the same for the last twenty years. Studies have shown that the public increasingly distrusts news outlets. Claims that fly in the face of reality convince no one.

In February, 2015, Sharyl Attkission gave a talk at the University of Nevada entitled, Astroturf and manipulation of media message.

What she had to say explains a lot.

Attkisson showed how Astroturf, or fake grassroots movements funded by political, corporate, or other special interests corrupt and control the media in America. Increasingly, nonprofits are merely fronts for corporations who use them to promote their products with phony media coverage.

On Nov 27, 2016, Attkisson published this report: What the News Isn’t Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies.  

Attkisson, who is a five time Emmy winner, author, and former CBS investigative reporter with more than thirty years experience as a journalist exposed the corruption in media coverage of the vaccine safety issue in America. According to Attkisson, reporters universally promote population studies that support the safety of vaccines without any mention of the conflicts of interests that permeate this kind of research. At the same time, they routinely ignore the mounting stack of independent studies that raise serious concerns over vaccine side effects.

Attkisson was highly critical of reporters “who don’t do their homework,” but merely parrot what government officials say about vaccines. She listed years of studies from leading universities and institutions from around the world that call the official safety claims into question. She cited the media  cover-up of charges of massive corruption at the Vaccine Safety Division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Is it any wonder that Daily Kos refused to publish my comments? Is it any wonder that they include Dorit Reiss?

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Bob Moffit is right on that.
The power to ignore.
I guess we are all sheeple.
We are waiting for the news to make it official.

Well the news did, in the form of Dan Olmsted.


Would love to have heard Carlson and RFK Jr's off camera conversation. Bet it was more interesting than the actual segment.

John Stone


You have obviously missed out on the back-catalogue. Dorit - in the heart of Kaiser Permanente land - was unleashed as a secret weapon in 2013.



About two years ago, during the fake "measles pandemic" in Ca., I remember Tucker Carlson stating that his child (a daughter, I believe) suffered from temporary paralysis following a vaccine. I remember at the time thinking to myself, I can't believe the network allowed him to talk about it on national t.v.!

Tucker knows Far more about vaccine dangers than he is letting on.


Does Dorit actually have a real job? Is she really a law professor?

Because it seems that she spends 24/7 on articles/blogs/forums/videos countering anything and anyone that/who is anti-vaccine, or promoting a pro-vax agenda.

I can't see how she has ANY time to teach when she spends all day on the Internet. I'm guessing she has a ghost army of Dorit Reiss's responding on her behalf.

Ted Kuntz

The vaccine industry would collapse overnight if there was honest science and honest debate about vaccine safety.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Anne, as always. The truth is starting to win.

Bob Moffit

I think I heard Tucker begin the interview by stating he personally has experience with someone whose child had an adverse reaction to vaccines ?

Sharyl Attkisson: " At the same time, they routinely ignore the mounting stack of independent studies that raise serious concerns over vaccine side effects."

I believe it was Malcom X: (paraphrasing) "The power of the media lies in their power to ignore"


Highly unlikely that Tucker is so in the dark about this issue; given the hostility of pro-vax extremists, enough is revealed about his own degree of skepticism when he agrees with Kennedy that 'there needs to be a debate'.

Little wonder that Dorit is so put out.

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