Risk Of ASD 20% Higher For Child If Mother Has Flu Vaccine In First Trimester
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Are 90 Year Old Vaccine Ingredient Safety Studies Valid Today?

1938By Teresa Conrick

If you look on the CDC website you see things like this:

"Aluminum gels or aluminum salts are vaccine ingredients that have been used in vaccines since the 1930s.  Small amounts of aluminum are added to help the body build stronger immunity against the germ in the vaccine. Aluminum is one of the most common metals found in nature and is present in air, food, and water.....Aluminum salts, such as aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and aluminum potassium sulfate have been used safely in vaccines for more than 70 years. Aluminum salts were initially used in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s with diphtheria and tetanus vaccines after it was found that this addition strengthened the body’s immune response to these vaccines."  

And this on Thimerosal:

Thimerosal has been used safely in vaccines for a long time (since the 1930s).  Scientists have been studying the use of thimerosal in vaccines for many years. They haven’t found any evidence that thimerosal causes harm."

Both of these statements from CDC appear to be half-truths and essentially, LIES. Keep reading......


Add to the above “since the 1930’s” quotes, this original and famous quote from Dr. Leo Kanner in his FIRST, EVER description of those first eleven children who exhibited the "peculiar" behaviors to be called AUTISM.  Guess when this occurred? ---

"Since 1938, there have come to our attention a number of children whose condition differs so markedly and uniquely from anything reported so far, that each case merits-and, I hope, will eventually receive-a detailed consideration of its fascinating peculiarities."


Coincidence?  I think not and there's plenty of research to back that up.  SO, how could CDC miss these studies, showing unequivocally the toxicity of both Thimerosal and Aluminum? :

Potential Immunotoxic Effect of Thimerosal: Compound Alters Dendritic Cell Response in Vitro   2006  

The continuing use of thimerosal in some vaccines and other products warrants further investigation of possible immunotoxic effects of this compound and its constituent ethylmercury.

Prenatal exposure to organomercury, thimerosal, persistently impairs the serotonergic and dopaminergic systems in the rat brain: implications for association with developmental disorders.   2013     

...embryonic exposure to thimerosal produces lasting impairment of brain monoaminergic system, and thus every effort should be made to avoid the use of thimerosal.      

Sounds like pregnancy and flu shots would be a huge concern.

Neurotoxic effects of postnatal thimerosal are mouse strain dependent   2004 

NR1 and NR2b glutamate receptor immunoreactivity patterns are abnormal in the hippocampi of thimerosal-treated SJL mice.

Could this be interpreted as a sort of "Russian roulette" on who could be damaged? Glutamate and NMDA receptors are very involved in Autism.

Thimerosal compromises human dendritic cell maturation, IL-12 production, chemokine release, and T-helper polarization    2014

It must be stressed that the toxicity and immunomodulatory effects of thimerosal that we report ex-vivo on human monocyte-derived DCs may occur in vivo and induce an alteration of the immune response to the vaccine. These observations highlight the need to use this preservative with caution and avoid it if possible.

Suppression by Thimerosal of Ex-Vivo CD4+ T Cell Response to Influenza Vaccine and Induction of Apoptosis in Primary Memory T Cells 2014

... our observations regarding its ex-vivo toxicity and immunomodulatory effects on human primary lymphocytes highlight the need to use this preservative with caution and avoid it if possible.

That’s right.  Two different studies and the same conclusion = CAUTION and AVOID.

Aluminum-Induced Entropy in Biological Systems: Implications for Neurological Disease 2014  

vaccine adjuvants...... which portrays Al compounds as “helpers”—the English translation of the Latin root of adjuvants—is supposed to shock the recipient’s immune defenses into action, ostensibly to enhance the immunogenicity of the pathogen(s) in the vaccine(s)...During the last decade, studies on animal models and humans have shown that Al adjuvants by themselves cause autoimmune and inflammatory conditions [19, 79–81, 90, 95–103]...All these findings plausibly implicate Al adjuvants in pediatric vaccines as causal factors contributing to increased rates of autism spectrum disorders in countries where multiple doses are almost universally administered [9]

Insight into the cellular fate and toxicity of aluminium adjuvants used in clinically approved approved human vaccinations     2016

We demonstrate that not all aluminium adjuvants are equal neither in terms of their physical properties nor their biological reactivity and potential toxicities both at the injection site and beyond.

Exposure to Mercury and Aluminum in Early Life: Developmental Vulnerability as a Modifying Factor in Neurologic and Immunologic Effects 2015

Rigorous and replicable studies (in different animal species) have shown evidence of EtHg, and of Al toxicities. More research attention has been given to EtHg and findings have showed a solid link with neurotoxic effects in humans; however, the potential synergic effect of both toxic agents has not been properly studied. Therefore, early life exposure to both EtHg and Al deserves due consideration.

 Co-occurrence of antibiotic and metal resistance genes revealed in complete genome collection     2017    

The high frequency of antibiotic resistance is a global public health concern. More seriously, widespread metal pressure in the environment may facilitate the proliferation of antibiotic resistance via coselection of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) and metal resistance genes (MRGs)....  More exogenous ARGs and MRGs on the genomes of human pathogens indicated the importance of recent resistance acquisition in resistome development of human commensal flora. Overall, the study emphasizes the potential risk associated with ARG and MRG coselection of both environmental and medical relevance.

That is a new study- not specifically about Autism (not yet) but it's connection to both Autism and PANDAS/PANS seems very related.  Both ENVIRONMENTAL and MEDICAL factors are able to change the MICROBIOME. The immune system then becomes a kidnapped victim.  I have been concerned about it for years that MERCURY has a big piece in ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE and THIMEROSAL could be part of that equation.

Significant Association of Urinary Toxic Metals and Autism-Related Symptoms—A Nonlinear Statistical Analysis with Cross Validation       2017 

     The purpose of this paper is to conduct an extensive investigation of the toxicological status of children with autism compared to age- and gender-matched neurotypical children. Specifically, we will show that:

  1. Individuals with autism have abnormal urinary toxic metal excretion (i.e., higher levels in several cases) as compared to the neurotypical individuals participating in this study, and
  2. The severity of autism can be predicted with reasonable accuracy from the urinary toxic metal excretion data.

The correlations found in this paper can be used as a starting point for further investigations into environmental factors that affect or at least are correlated with autism as there clearly is a correlation between autism and heavy metal excretion......Our statistical analysis shows that there is a clear difference between the metal excretion data of the participants with and without an autism diagnosis.

Reasonably significant correlations between toxic metal excretion and autism severity were also found for all other 10 autism measures investigated here.

What we see here are studies that clearly show that when alone or in tandem, Thimerosal and Aluminum can harm both prenatally, postnatally, and should be AVOIDED, according to many researchers.  The relationship between gut and brain keeps growing and there is no denying that Autism's epicenter is -- that. There are other issues with safety in our vaccine program (no liability is a big one) but this is just -- blatant.  How our CDC taglines these neurotoxins as "used safely" , is just ________. Well, you can fill in the blank.

Teresa Conrick is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


go Trump

Many typical vaccines contain 25 micrograms or 37,151,000,000,000,000 molecules of mercury as a preservative.
It is a “24/ 7 /365 neurotoxin” which does not shut down.

If you divide this number by 100 ... 371,510,000,000,000 ... does it THEN become only a TRACE ??? ... Which then does not have to be listed as an ingredient ?

What EXACTLY is now considered a TRACE AMOUNT ???

If they mix up a bad batch of vaccine with 100 or 1000 times too much mercury, does the parent have to figure this out on their own ?


There's one VERY serious question which arises for me here, based on the quote from the CDC website in the first paragraph. CDC CLAIMS that the aluminum/mercury("thimerosol") in vaccines is for the purpose of making a stronger reaction. But, *how* *does* *that* *work*?.... What's the mechanism of action in the human body, that makes such a claim TRUE? How does it work? I think you all get what I'm saying here. Has the CDC or any other researcher EVER explained just how aluminum/mercury "works"?
To me, this is the same thing as the idiots who claim "fluoride added to drinking water helps prevent tooth decay". Besides overwhelming PROOF of fluoride's TOXICITY, there is NO mechanism of action in the human body, where fluoride is extracted from drinking water onto teeth. It just doesn't work that way.
I'd love to see AoA address the first part of my conmment in a future article....


Are 90 Year Old Vaccine Ingredient Safety Studies Valid Today?


They weren't even valid 90 years ago

Jesus Baby

To counter the CDC's claims that aluminum adjuvants and the preservative thimerosal in vaccines are safe in humans, the article links ten "studies". Three are not studies, three are cell studies, two are in rodents, one claims to have found higher urine levels of lead, tin, thallium and antimony in people with ASD, and one claims exposure to various metals can alter bacterial antibiotic resistance.

Shelley Tzorfas

Why would anyone ever get the right to shoot Deadly Toxins into pregnant women when just a handful of years ago you had to phone your doctor to get permission to take an aspirin? Neurotoxic Aluminum, thimerosal Mercury, possibly cancer promoting formaldehyde, animal cells and more when the package insert says these vaccines are not tested for safety or efficacy on pregnant women or the fetus! The pharmaceutical companies are DATA Mining and doing AFTER MARKET STUDIES, Frivolous studies, studies that maim and Damage the fetus before it ever has a chance. The only thing I can think of is since they claim that "Children are Born with Autism," they are going about the business of making the hypothesis Appear to be correct by Chemically Poisoning them, causing the brains and gut to swell so that they can say, "I told You So."

Bob Moffit

@ Davie

"As to the CDC claiming only a "trace" of Thimerosal/ethylmercury is in a baby's DTaP & DTaP-Hib vaccine shots, who the HELL actually verifies this claim??"

This is the Waste Management Guidelines of South Dakota regarding how to treat supposedly "trace amounts of thimersol in vaccines":

"In addition to the multidose vaccines containing thimerosal discussed above, some companies offer a 0.5 mg/L single dose, pre-filled syringe vaccine. Some of these products are labeled “preservative- or thimerosal-free”. Preservative-free products may contain trace amounts (less than or equal to 1 microgram/0.5 mL dose) because thimerosal was used during the manufacturing process. The term preservative- or thimerosal-free can be utilized if the manufacturer further purified the product, leaving only trace amounts (less than or equal to microgram/0.5 mL) per dose. Even at this level, calculations indicate mercury would exceed the TCLP standard; therefore these vaccines, if deemed unusable, should be managed as hazardous waste as well."

Have been thinking about Pan attending Science gathering .. dressed in a white coat .. when in fact .. he should have been dressed in a "Hazmat suit".

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Teresa, for this needed exposing of CDC, Pharma, and medical professionals' inexcusable and immoral LIES.

Reminder to all:

Pharma wants people somewhere between sick and dead, for as long as possible...i.e. customers for life, with ever-increasing "needs" for pharma products.

For those who have not yet watched/read my 80-min. presentation last fall at WAPF's annual conference, it covers the "study" that led to the use of thimerosal in medical products; the fact that vaccines include ingredients that have never been clinically approved (meaning FDA approved), including the aluminum adjuvants that are used; the proven synergistic toxicity of the mercury (in the thimerosal) and aluminum in vaccines, further worsened by the presence of glyphosate in many vaccines; the presence of polysorbate 80 in many vaccines, which enables toxic vaccine ingredients to cross the blood-brain barrier (which does not close until at least 2 years of age anyway...bear that in mind as you consider how many vaccines are injected into babies through age 2); and much, much more!

"Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" by Laura Hayes


david m burd

Postscript for my prior comment: As to the CDC claiming only a "trace" of Thimerosal/ethylmercury is in a baby's DTaP & DTaP-Hib vaccine shots, who the HELL actually verifies this claim?? There is no documentation that I can find from such as the FDA testing for such.

david m burd

Teresa, Thanks! for your compilation to be referenced to others (of course, there are a great number of additional published papers that buttress what you have provided). At any rate, the current CDC public web pages cheerfully cite there are STILL three baby/child vaccines that contain Thimerosal.

For two of the vaccines, DTaP and DTaP-Hib, the CDC maintains there have but a "trace" of Thimerosal's ethylmercury consisting of from .1 to .3 micrograms of mercury, being injected many times in infants per the Immunization Schedule in their most vulnerable newborn development.

The chemistry is straightforward: .1 to .3 micrograms of ethylmercury comes to 300 to 900 Trillion atoms, repeatedly injected into newborns every couple months. The 150 pound adult human body consists of 75 trillion (plus or minus) million cells according to various sources, so 7 pound newborns have about 4 trillion cells. Thus, each DTaP & DTap-Hib vaccine injection has over 75 mercury atoms per each cell in a baby's body.

As to the FLU VACCINE, per the insane CDC Schedule, babies are injected at 6 months, again 4 weeks later, and almost** ALL infants are injected with 12.5 micrograms of ethylmercury with each flu shot, that results in 7500 mercury atoms for each infant cell - this defines insanity.

**As I've documented here in AoA last October and November, most all infants get flu shots from multi-dose vials (each shot having 12.5 micrograms of ethylmercury), with but a small percentage of babies (maybe 10%) getting flu shots from Thimerosal-Free .25 milliliter single-dose vials.

Our Health "Leaders" can never be forgiven for the carnage they have wrought.

Bob Moffit

@ kws

" Julie Gerberding is the perfect example...claws her way to the top of the CDC, vouches for vaccine safety through fraud, and is then rewarded by Merck with a 7 figure salary when she goes back to private industry."

I think President Trump is trying to extend the length of time someone like Gerberding can be "rewarded by Merck" .. from the one year Julie waited .. to FIVE years .. which would at least be start if that proves true.


The more I see the evidence surrounding aluminum and mercury, the more I am convinced of vaccine toxicity in babies, the middle-aged, and the elderly. It's shocking to watch this unfold.

Bob's right, The swamp does allow this to happen. Julie Gerberding is the perfect example...claws her way to the top of the CDC, vouches for vaccine safety through fraud, and is then rewarded by Merck with a 7 figure salary when she goes back to private industry.

That's business as usual in New Jersey and Washington, and our kids are at the receiving end of it.


Geesh; you see all these studies, and we the little stupid people can figure it, you know; you just know that those in charge sure has looked at this too. It has been done on purpose.

It is On purpose. We (on this web site) are all thinking this in the back of our minds, it is just that it makes us sound even crazier than we already sound when we tell other people that vaccines are not safe, or effective. We hate to sound loony on one more issue other than vaccines. ..

When you look at all this stuff, and you think of the history! I mean in the 1930s the world went insane with it, and not just Germany, for there was a sterilization program right here in the good ol'e USA during that time. Oh, and they sure did not care one bit to test radiation cereal on mental retarded orphan children. How evil is that?

One thing I will say for China; they were open about their reduction of the population. Yeap Communist, evil China was open and honest about it. . On the other hand our free society claiming freedom and the pursuit of happiness (having a family is universal for happiness), I am pretty sure looked at these studies and said we can cull out the weakest this way.

Bill Nye says it is time for the government to penalize big familes.

If i had my life to do over again; I would not vaccinate, and I would have had 10 kids. After a person has raised a kid with autism and bipolar 10 normal kids would be a piece of cake and a pleasure.

Bob Moffit

Theresa asks: "How could CDC miss these studies, showing unequivocally the toxicity of both Thimerosal and Aluminum? "

Common sense suggests the CDC hasn't "missed these studies" .. what they have done is far worse .. which their deliberate decision to IGNORE ..... over decades ..... "all studies that clearly show that when alone or in tandem, Thimerosal and Aluminum can harm both prenatally, postnatally, and should be AVOIDED ..."

And so .. I believe we as a country .. are long past time to hold personally accountable .. and .. criminally libel .. those who continue to deny and ignore those many studies that Theresa has provided in this article .. such as ... Pan and Offit .. who have been spewing .. not "science" .. but .. carefully crafted "sounds like science" gibberish .. that aluminum and thimerosal have been "safely used in vaccines since the 1930's".

While we may not have the legal process to charge our elected representatives and federal bureaucrats .. who have been immersed within that COURRUPT SWAMP that is now Washington, D.C. .. for decades .. with being criminal "co-conspirators" .. but .. we surely do have the electoral process to hold them all "personally accountable" for their complicity with the CRIMINALS they have allowed to prosper.


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