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A Review of Alycia Halladay's "Let's Focus on the Real Environmental Factors Linked to Autism"

Thumbs downBy Katie Wright

Alycia Halladay, PhD, recently posted an essay on the “STAT” website entitled “Let’s Focus on the Real Environmental Factors Linked to Autism.”

Dr. Hallyday made myriad factual errors in her post. Thimerosal was never “exonerated.” Ethylmercury is not harmless. Thimerosal can and DOES accumulate in some people’s brains. Many people, especially boys with a family history of immune disorders cannot efficiently excrete ethyl mercury / Thimerosal. This subset of boys have highly sensitive central nervous systems (Herbert, Deth) poor methylation abilities and suboptimal immune systems. Tragically this subset of children are unusually intelligent (Deth) and are robbed of this gift via Thimerosal induced brain damage. This cohort falls under the umbrella of regressive autism. These are infants and toddlers who reached all milestones on time, but usually ahead of schedule, yet experienced a catastrophic loss of skills and speech after a severe adverse vaccine reaction.

Essentially no one, except a fool, would knowingly and willingly allow their child, especially their infant (pre 2004 all newborns injected w Thimerosal via the pointless and dangerous Hep B vaccine), to be injected Thimerosal. Like many parents, I assumed all the Hg was taken out of vaccines in 2000, big mistake, it wasn’t. As far as Hallyday’s grossly erroneous claim: “there is no evidence Thimerosal is dangerous” please take a peek at the following THIRTY studies. There are about thirty more I could have included, but you get the point.

 A final caveat before you read the list. It is about 100x harder to get a study criticizing a vaccine published, than a study claiming Thimerosal is safe, published. The double standard is beyond belief. One might have an “I love Hg!” study rife with financial conflicts of interest, substitution errors, type I and type II errors and even basic arithmetic mistakes but almost any journal will publish it. One might have a study critical of thimersol that is perfection, checked, double checked, case controlled, blinded, extensively footnoted and still maybe one in 20 journals might have the courage to publish it. All of the published peer reviewed research listed below had to meet the the highest possible scientific bar in order to make it to print.

“Autistic child and unaffected sibling exhibit hypersensitivity to Thimerosal, “ Baskin D et al, 2013.

“Prenatal exposure to Thimerosal persistently impairs the serotonergic and dopaminergic systems in the rat brain,” Narita, M, et al, 2012.

“Suppression by Thimerosal of ex vivo CD4 T cell response to flu vaccine  and induction of apoptosis in primary T cells,” Gourgeon, M, et al, 2014.

“Thimerosal compromises human dendritic cells maturation, IL-2 production and chemokine release,” Loisen, E, et al, 2014.

“Increased susceptibility of ethylmercury induced mitochondrial dysfunction in subset with autism, “James, J., et al, 2015.

“Case control study of mercury burden in children with autism,” Kartinzel, J, et al, 2007.

“Effect of Thimerosal on neurodevelopment of premature rats,” Hui Ying, Du et al, 2013

“Altered antibodies in ASD children related to blood mercury,” Mostafa, G, et al, 2007

“Severity of Autism Associated with toxic metal body burden and red blood cell glutathione levels,” El Dhar et al, 2013.

“Levels of blood mercury and inflammation related neuropeptides are correlated in children with autism.” Al-Ayadhi et al, 2015.

“Blood level of mercury related to diagnosis of autism,” R Hitlan, 2007.

“Role of Mercury in Pathogenesis of autism,” 2002.

“Mercury, lead and zinc in baby teeth of children with autism vs. controls.” Adams, J., et al, 2011.

“Altered urinary porphyrins and mercury exposures as biomarkers for Egyptian children autism,” El Barra, 2010.

“Neurotoxic effects on mouse brain after intermittent neonatal administration of Thimerosal,” Shan Tang, et al, 204.

“Thimerosal in infant rats increases overflow of glutamate- aspartate in prefrontal cortex,” Majewska, M, et al, 2011.

“Thimerosal is a mitochondria toxin in human astrocytes,” Baskin, D, et al, 2011.

“Maternal Thimerosal exposure results in aberrant cerebellar oxidative stress,” Zavacki, A., et al, 2011.

Embryonic exposure to Thimerosal causes abnormal early development of serotonergic neurons,” Teshiro, Y, et al, 2011.

“Thiol modulated mechanisms of cytotoxicity of Thimerosal and inhibition of DNA topoisomerase,” Hasinoff, B., et al, 2007.

“Porphyrinuria in childhood autistic disorder: Implications for environmental toxicity,” Lathe, R, et al, 2006.

“Comparison of blood and brain mercury levels in infant monkeys exposed to vaccines containing Thimerosal,” Clarkson, T, et al, 2005.

“Thimerosal induces neuronal cell apoptosis by causing cytochrome c and apoptosis inducing factor release from mitochondria,” Gupta, S., et al, 2005.

“Mitochondrial mediated Thimerosal induced apoptosis in a human neuroblastoma cell line,” Kiningham, K, et al, 2005.

“Thimerosal Neurotoxicity is associated with glutathione depletion: protection with glutathione precursors,” Jernigan, S., et al, 2004.

“Activation of methionine synthase by insulin like growth factor 1 and dopamine: a target for neurodevelopment toxins and Thimerosal,” Deth, R, et al, 2004.

“Thimerosal induces DNA breaks, caspase 3 activation, membrane damage and cell death in human neurons and fibroblasts,” Didenko, V, et al, 2003.

“Biochemical and molecular basis of Thimerosal induced apoptosis in T cells: a major mitochondrial pathway,” Gupta, S, et al, 2002.

“Neuroblastoma cells: cobalamin and GSH dependence and inhibitory effects of neurotoxic metals and Thimerosal,” Deth, R, et al, 2016.

Russia, not a paragon if consumer protection, banned Thimerosal from all vaccines in 1980. Sure, partly because their pharma lobby is small but also in part because it was the right thing to do. My veterinarian  scolded me after I told her I discovered my son’s vaccines contained Hg. She literally said to me word for word, “Katie what’s wrong with you? That stuff is poison. Most vet practices been Thimerosal free for 20 years!” The awful irony- my cat never received Thimerosal vaccines, but my son did.

It is shameful that the NIH, CDC and WHO refuse to call for a ban on Thimerosal. But Thimerosal is a lot cheaper than its safer substitutes and pharma runs the show. The symbiotic relationship between pharma and the NIH / CDC  has created a revolving door for personnel. You work on vaccines at the NIH? Resign, wait 365 days (only because the law requires it) and take an extremely well paid job at Pfizer doing the same thing you were doing at the NIH, using all your insider knowledge to promote and sell vaccines, and, most importantly, push for more vaccine mandates.

Severe autism did demonstrably decrease after Hg was banned from vaccines in Denmark. The Thorsen study, yes the vaccine/ autism study conducted by a wanted criminal who embezzled a million + $ from the dupes at the CDC, is a joke for more reasons than one. Thorsen “showed” that autism increased after the withdrawal of Hg in vaccines by adding the in patient psychiatric population to the post test numbers. Voila increase! In the pre test Thorsen counted only the out patient ASD population.

Again the ubiquitous double standard. Oh how the Dr. Hallydays of the world wring their hands and bemoan about the “unethical” scientific work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  Yet all are strangely silent regarding the truly criminal behavior of CDC autism research partner Poul Thorsen and his girlfriend/ boss (I am 100% serious) CDC autism “expert” Diana Schendel. CDC supervisor Schendel approved her married boyfriend’s grants, never recusing herself from Thorsen business despite the obvious conflict of interest. You don’t believe me? Want to read scores of love letters via CDC e-mails to and from Thorsen and Schendel? No, these are not private hacked e-mails, but CDC e-mails. This illicit and grossly unprofessional, and just plain gross, relationship was conducted on CDC time and was subsidized with our tax dollars. When it was discovered Thorsen stole much of the CDC money he claimed to have spent on autism research he immediately scrambled back home to Denmark. Guess who was right behind him? Diana Schendel quit her CDC and moved to Denmark with her embezzler boyfriend. Yet, incredibly, the CDC would have us believe that this odious chain of events neither taints Thorsen’s research nor the CDC’s leadership?

Dr. Hallyday has been in the field of autism research for 20 years. The fact that she laments the lack of research into environmental factors astonishes me. While at Autism Speaks, Dr. Hallyday assisted in the selection of autism research grants for almost 10 years. Hallyday helped spend over $300 million on autism science. Why did she do so little to push environmental science forward? It is the media’s fault that Autism Speaks has spent less than 10% of it’s science budget on environmental research? The media did not have a seat at Autism Speaks grant selection committees. To make matters even worse, much of the environmental research funded under Hallyday’s watch is meaningless also rans science- old fat moms causing autism.

But let’s take a closer look at the environmental factors Dr. Hallyday does believe are causing autism:

1) Supposedly a massive amount of pregnant women are knowingly taking valporic acid despite the fact it has long been established this is dangerous to fetuses. Right, that’s a really big and really common problem. Absurd, probably less than 1% of ASD causation.

2) OLD MOMS! One would expect better from a female scientist to fall into the “old moms cause autism” trap. Pathetic. Dr. Hertz-Pincho the preeminent autism epidemiologist found that no more than 3-4% of the rise of autism can be attributed to older parents.

3) Air Pollution. There is some truth to this because there are many autism hot spots near coal burning power plants but air pollution is not driving the explosion of autism.

4) Extreme Illness/Infection during pregnancy. Come on. This happens but is rare. The biggest danger to most pregnant women is the Hg containing flu shot. The Hg passes right through the unbiblical cord to baby’s brain. Mothers with vulnerable immune systems often have infants with similar immune systems and it is the babies who are most susceptible to illness /infection post adverse vaccine reaction. 

Ask 10 autism moms if their ASD child had a lot of ear, eye or sinus infections as a baby and 6 will say yes. Ask them if their infants had bad vaccine reactions, the same 6 will say yes. We need to study issues THOSE issues, concerns of families living autism, rather the pet interests of academics.

5) FAT MOMS! It is such a banal, hackneyed argument. OK, newsflash, it is not healthy to be obese. Obese people are more likely to have autoimmune issues, hence vulnerability to autism. This issue probably accounts for 2% of autism.

So Dr. Hallyday believes with more research into OLD, FAT, drug taking moms living near coal burning power plants we will uncover the major causes of autism? Come on. That is the best we can do? I hope non ASD parents are reading this and gain some insight in our families’ disgust with much of the autism research community. We don’t want to waste your hard earned taxed dollars, we want research that actually accomplishes something and provides actionable preventative value.

At the end of her post Dr. Hallyday complains that by focusing on vaccines we fail to prioritize or fund “more effective treatments.” I find that comment sadly ironic given the fact Dr. Hallyday had literally 100s of opportunities to champion innovative treatment studies while at AS. Whenever AS Science was presented with a research study on treatment for severe GI pain, they rejected it, whenever AS Science had the opportunity to treat common ASD autoimmune conditions they rejected it, when AS Science had the opportunity to fund work on better and safer diagnosing of ASD/ GI disease they rejected it, when AS Science had the opportunity to help prevent regressive autism they rejected it, when AS Science had the opportunity to research causes and treatment for common and debilitating environmental allergies affecting the ASD population they rejected it......Dr. Hallyday’s advocacy for “more treatment research” is disingenuous.

By all means, we need to invest more money in environmental science research. Dr. Hallyday could start with her own organization. The Autism Science Foundation conducts no environmental research I am aware of. Sorry, no one outside of academia considers the “old, fat moms cause” research worthwhile. The Simons Foundation generously funds millions of dollars of autism research and conducts no environmental science research. Cold Springs Harbor conducts no environmental research and the NIH invests a only a tiny amount of their autism budget on environmental triggers. Rather than blame parents of vaccine injured children for the lack of progress in environmental research I would encourage Dr. Hallyday to advocate for the funding of substantive environmental science at CSH, Simons, the NIH, and naturally, at her own organization as well.

Katie Wright is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.


Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Wow, the first thing I noticed in the article, was that "Dr. Halleyday's" initials are Ph.D. not M.D. Of course, Ph.Ds are entitled to be addressed as "Dr." of course, but I immediately wanted to know what her Ph.D. was in, so I clicked on your link. It didn't say, but her field is in Pharmacology... taa daa!


david m burd,

In addition to giving preemies a full vaccine dosage, I think it's also prudent to discuss that the immune response of a preemie is vastly different from an infant delivered at full term.

For example, when an infant is delivered at full term, they have increased immunosuppressive qualities, such as increase CD71+ erythroid cells, which prevents immune activation in the intestines.

While some viewed this as a defect (and an argument for increased need for vaccination), others argued that it is an important feature of a full term baby as it allows for the colonization of commensal bacteria in our gut.

In contrast, a low birthweight/preemie baby does not have this immunosuppressive quality, and therefore, these infants are highly inflammatory against all bacteria, which may lead to very serious conditions such as necrotizing enterocolitis.

Support for these here:

Immunosuppressive CD71+ erythroid cells compromise neonatal host defence against infection

However, CD71+ cell-mediated susceptibility to infection is counterbalanced by CD71+ cell-mediated protection against aberrant immune cell activation in the intestine, where colonization with commensal microorganisms occurs swiftly after parturition10,11.Conversely, circumventing such colonization by using antimicrobials or gnotobiotic germ-free mice overrides these protective benefits. Thus, CD71+ cells quench the excessive inflammation induced by abrupt colonization with commensal microorganisms after parturition. This finding challenges the idea that the susceptibility of neonates to infection reflects immune-cell-intrinsic defects and instead highlights processes that are developmentally more essential and inadvertently mitigate innate immune protection.

TGF-B2 Suppresses Macrophage Cytokine Production and Mucosal Inflammatory Responses in the Developing Intestine


In the normal fetus, intestinal macrophages undergo progressive inflammatory downregulation and resemble macrophages in the adult intestine by term gestation. However, in the event of a midgestation delivery, when the inflammatory downregulation of the resident macrophages is still incomplete, "premature" bacterial colonization of the intestinal mucosa may predispose these infants to inflammatory mucosal injury as seen during necrotizing enterocolitis

In other words, not only are vaccines not weight-adjusted for a preemie, but their immune systems are so inflammatory and reactive, that forcing a preemie to undergo additional inflammatory events, such as vaccinations, can have very serious consequences.

I only know of one preemie personally, born at 32 weeks, and was vaccinated "on-time" for his "protection". He's allergic to nearly all the major food allergies (which are all vaccine excipients) and has some suspected neurological issues (needs glasses already, no eye contact, etc).

david m burd

Cherry Misra, (and All)

My original "comment" on this string referred to year 2002 by the ACIP and/or the CDC as to vaccinating premature babies (no matter their teeny weights and their terribly underdeveloped fragility).

There are MMWR (Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report) documents by the CDC going back 40 years, and what I have referred to was a 2002 MMWR documenting that premature infants (no matter how premature) should be vaccinated as if they were full-term.

Cherry, Please email me: dburd2367@hotmail.com (and others may do also).

Cherry Misra

To David m. burd- Do you know in which year the decision was made to vaccinate the premature infants? Do you know if it has been implemented in all parts of the U.S.? Can an educated parent succeed in preventing vaccines being given to his /her child. ? I very much look forward to your writing on this topic. It has been stated to me by Dr. Paul G. King that actually most of the immunologists now feel that vaccines do not work very well when given earlier than 2 years (development of the immune system). It would be nice to collect some sources for that information, Why? Most people uneducated in this area might try to suppose that the vaccines work better if given at the right time and early must be the right time. - After all there must be a good reason for doctors to do it - right?


" Tragically this subset of children are unusually intelligent (Deth) and are robbed of this gift via Thimerosal induced brain damage. "

This is very much my case. My son is on the spectrum, though it's really mild. I have had so many people tell me that they can tell my son is really smart. My pastor told me Sunday that he's sure my son knows a LOT more than what he lets on and I said, "You've got that right!" He does. He's like a sponge. Every once in a while he'll surprise you with what he knows.

What I really hate is when you go to a store, you're checking out, and the cashier speaks to your son as if he's a baby. C'mon, he's a teenager and he's taller than me! I speak to him in a normal tone of voice; I know he can understand me.

As I indicated in another post, I've been giving him Behavior Balance (it's a supplement that has B6, folate, and B12) and his language has been improving. He's 15 and learning how to use pronouns correctly. The other day I remarked out of frustration, "You must hate me if you keep making such a big mess!" (He likes to take things apart and scatter stuff.) He replied: "I don't hate you!"

When he was 2 he would build things--he would use his toys and create things, then he would look at it from all angles to see how it all fit together. At 5 or 6 he liked to make a table and chairs set out of Mega-Bloks, which my mother said was pretty remarkable.

It just makes me so mad, though, that his intelligence is blocked by that autism. I've had more than one teacher tell me he's really smart, it's just a matter of unlocking that intelligence.

david m burd

CT Teacher,

Thank you for your comment. To use a very appropriate word that originated here by Bayareamom some 4/5 years ago, medical "professionals" are 'INDOCTRINATED' in Med School and in their intern years to not even think about vaccines' inflicted damages.

Thus new medical professionals et al. are indoctrinated that vast benefits comes from vaccines, and that "rare" reactions are miniscule. I know this, as a recently credentialed relative told me she would have her baby-to-be to be vaccinated to "protect the herd"! Via her Medical School training, she had indeed been turned into an illogical, indoctrinated Automaton.

It's going to take open revolt, siding with the incredible medical/laymen heroes who've contributed for years here, to turn the tide. And, we will lose friends and relatives in the battle. So be it.

CT teacher

David Burd--What you wrote makes me so sad because I know it's true. Why can't our supposedly highly intelligent medical people see this? I am always amazed that any time I bring up the vaccine issue it is a conversation stopper. No one wants to discuss it and some get really angry. I can't believe that people are not curious about all of the brain damaged young people there are and all of the physically ill kids there are. No one asks "why". I can't help myself. I point this out. It goes no where. When I say that vaccines are the cause, even my friends think I' m crazy. End of discussion.
Recently a former colleague of my husband's told us the story about his autistic brother, who is institutionalized, and who had been diagnosed by Kanner in the 1940's. When I brought up the vaccine issue this intelligent man, who holds a PhD, dismissed it out of .hand. His refusal to even consider it, shocked me. I simply do not understand how otherwise intelligent people are unable to examine the logic of the vaccine causation of myriad health problems including autism. Vaccines are voodoo medicine. It makes sense that harm would come from them, and that small babies would be the most harmed. I don' t know how doctors and nurses can live with themselves. The horror of what is being done by the medical profession to children all over the world is unspeakable.

david m burd

Cherry Misra,

There are 14 active members on the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP). One is a CDC staffer, one is an executive for The March of Dimes, the other 12 members are from all over the country's medical schools and universities. Anybody can see their names and credentials via search engines' "advisory committee immunization practices active members".

The cogent fact is they are all member of Group Think that are devoted to the wonderful miracles of vaccines, and clearly are completely and purposefully ignorant of vaccines' tragic carnage. It's hard to believe anybody could recommend injecting dozens of full-dose** vaccines and their toxic excipients into underdeveloped, premature newborns weighing a fraction of full-term, but this shows how dogmatic and idiotic are our so-called Health Leaders.

**So everybody knows: Virtually all of baby/child vaccine doses are .50 ml, the same dose volume given for virtually all adult vaccines - with adults obviously 20+ times their weight and with matured bodily systems. (The only exception being the .25 ml doses of the incredibly toxic flu vaccine injected into babies at 6 months, again 4 weeks later - adding up to .50 ml.).

I wish I was making this up --- HOW can these ACIP tyrannic death-dealing, life-wrecking imbeciles have such control over us?

Cherry Misra

Once again, simply stated by one of America's leading mercury toxicologists : "I consider ethylmercury to be the most dangerous form of mercury. It crosses the blood brain barrier easily and quickly breaks down into more toxic forms of mercury." Dr. Halladay is a facilitator of the autism holocaust by making wrong statements about mercury. After so many years in this field, she really has no excuse for ignorance.

John Stone

Hi Birgit

Where do they get this idea from? One place is Merck and GSK adviser Dr Heidi Larson of the London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine - a Gates funded institution - who wrote an article "Not all mercury is toxic" in the New Scientist while lobbying the UN (successfully) in January 2013 to keep it in vaccines.


The only place it is safe to put mercury, apparently, is in babies.

Birgit Calhoun

I cannot be stressed enough that all forms of mercury are toxic. For some reason lead (Pb) is thought to so irreversibly, horribly toxic when, judging by where mercury (Hg) appears in the periodic table, it should be much more toxic. Among the general population mercury is being treated as if there is a little halo around it saying I am pretty; therefore I am not toxic. Just today somebody told me on facebook that Thimerosal is not toxic. I wonder where people who are otherwise not dumb get this notion that mercury in any form is safe. But they do believe because it's in vaccines, it must be safe. There is absolutely no science that Thimerosal is safe. The same thing is still being maintained in this country for mercury from dental amalgam. Science does not matter for those people.

My question is: How can people be educated better so that they know that mercury does all kinds of bad things? Autism is only one really horrible effect. And that can't be stated often enough.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Katie, for continuing to point out where the most beneficial work should be done for our injured.

I don't think I can bring myself to read her essay today if ever with what is brought up here. Is this simply vying for more funds (with qualifying credentials fully on display via mercury apologia) to gin up another way to deflect blame from vaccines/mercury, aluminum, etc with more less than stellar research the possibly somewhat desperate corporate media can trumpet for a day or two?!?

I am tempted to hope this is evidence the pharma lobby is spending so much on damage control/buying friendship in political arenas, etc that the keeping-up-appearances "research" arena feels neglected...

For Carolyn


Thimerosal is manufactured by Eli Lilly.

go Trump

Thank you for all you do Katie.

Perhaps the next time you chat with Ivanka or a few others, maybe they would not mind releasing the vaccine records for their children.

Carolyn M

Who sells Mercury to the vaccine companies used in thinerasol? where does it come from? I can't find our and I think that they could be a shadow reason we can't make headway on this.

Cherry Misra

To David m Burd, You are one hundred percent correct regarding the mistreatment of premature babies. One recoils in horror at the stories and to then think about the fact that the vaccines are given for diseases that these babies would not contract. The people who have instituted this practise- deserve a special pride of place in the autism museum to come. what I wonder is- Is there any way that parents can prevent this mistreatment of their premature babies in hospital nurseries. ? Please obtain the names of the monsters who are responsible for this, Mr. Burd.


Great post Katie its still a mystery for only the ones who have a conflict of pharma interes.It never was
a mystery to all of us on here well not for long.

Hallyday like Bill Thomson of the CDC need to do a Mendelsohn" rather than keep digging the hole deeper do the grown up thing and learn they have been wrong all along, allowing matters to move forward and hopefully improve leaving the brain washed pharma faithfull to inject themselves with as much wholesome preferably organic Hg they can find. Oopps!forgot they don`t practice what they preach.

Pharma for Prison



Dr. Hallyday, there's an elephant in the living room, maybe you look at it after you light America blue.

I lost my son to severe autism within weeks of the MMR. I'm not sure which component of the vaccine did it, but the temporal relationship was obvious.

Perhaps AS could sponsor the holy grail. A randomized, prospective, placebo-controlled, double-blind study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children ? Pharma and the government won't do it because they already know the answer and it might hurt Merck's earnings per share.

Anna Quandt

This post is brilliant! Why is autism still a "mystery"? This says it all. Thank you Katie for keeping a steady, insightful eye on autism research and bias in funding.


Fantastic post, Katie. Thank you for all you do.


A study determining how many of us old fat moms have recovered our children from vaccine injury may be very enlightening to Dr Hallyday.


"This subset of boys have highly sensitive central nervous systems (Herbert, Deth) poor methylation abilities and suboptimal immune systems."

Great post, Katie. Wow about the Russians taking thimerosal out of vaccines 37 years ago. I'm wondering about the above, though, are we sure that the immune systems are suboptimal or could it be that they work well without the challenge of heavy metals and modern chemicals. Also, could it be that their immune systems work better in that they react stronger to challenges?

david m burd

Katie, Great Post! - Thank you.

On top of every one of your valid criticisms, I will add another powerful "environmental" factor. Almost 10% of U.S. babies are born premature, defined as before 37 weeks, virtually all of these teeny newborns weighing less than five pounds, and scores of thousands weighing under four pounds.

Documented in 2002 by the CDC and the Committee for Immunization Practice, full immunization of these "premmies" were directed to be performed as if they were born full-term babies, despite obviously being extremely less developed than born full-term.

Even harder to believe - but true - .50 ml full doses of all the dozens of injected vaccines (with all their toxic excipients) were explicitly directed to be given NOT adjusted for weight, no matter how teeny and fragile the premature newborn, with their justification being solely based on "immune response" to the vaccines' antigens!

I'm planning to submit a Post on this in the near future with explicit CDC-documentation of this horrific premature-infant practice. In my view, this practice alone is sufficient to never trust our Health Agencies when it comes to immunizations and vaccines. It's no wonder the U.S. has the highest infant mortality rate in the entire first-world, on top of the highest autism rates, along with the highest rates of child-crippling chronic illnesses.

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