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Third Time’s a Charm

All threeBy Cathy Jameson

I’ve heard a similar response 3 times from 3 different people over the last 3 weeks.  When I hear something 3 times, I take it as a sign that I need to either investigate it or write about it.  Sometimes I’ll even pray about it.  Since the comments all stemmed around the HPV vaccine, which I’ve already investigated, I thought I’d take a stab at writing about the things I’ve been hearing.

We still vaccinate…well, except for the HPV vaccine.  That one scares me, so I won’t let my daughters get it. 

I’m selective in what shots I get for my kids.  I don’t mind getting some of them, like the tetanus shot.  But I’ll never get the flu shot again, and I won’t even think about getting the Gardasil vaccine.  I think that one is dangerous.

I’m not sure really what to believe about vaccines causing autism because I trust my doctor.  He says there’s no truth to it.  My kids are current (on their shots)…all except for the HPV.  I don’t buy into that one.  We do all the others mostly because I don’t really want to know what I don’t know, if you know what I mean.

I’m glad that these parents know a little bit about the HPV vaccine.  The little bit that they know is enough to say no thanks.  But what I can’t understand is why they’re so quick to say no to one vaccine but not the others.  They readily accept all of the others.  But the others they’ve accepted, like the Hep B, the MMR, and the Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine have something in common with the Gardasil vaccine – they’re all made by the same pharmaceutical company, Merck

Maybe the other parents don’t know enough about that company, but I know enough about it to say no way to all of their vaccines. 

Merck has seen not just one but 2 other whistleblowers come forward about the MMR vaccine in recent years.  Claims of scientific misconduct, a cover up at the CDC, and faked data surrounding the testing of the vaccine’s efficacy as well as the altering of reports concerning an autism link have been brought forward. 

While official action to address and correct those disturbing claims has yet to be taken, it appears to be business as usual for the vaccine manufacturer.  Some who’ve recently received the MMR vaccine, including college-aged students, have come down with, and spread, the disease that the vaccine claims to prevent.  Instead of scraping that ineffective vaccine, which officials admit seems to have a waning efficacy, there’s now talk of adding a third dose to the schedule.    

Speaking of dose changes, Merck’s Gardasil protocol has changed.  Originally approved and marketed to young girls in 2006, vaccine campaigns strongly advertised the need for 3 doses in order for it to be effective.  In late 2016, we learned that the third dose would be dropped from the protocol.    Citing that “they didn’t have enough data on how well two doses works in older kids,”  other groups must have had “enough data” well before the US did.  The too many doses too soon was reported elsewhere over 2 years ago. 

All that readily accessible and concerning information aside, some parents continue to follow the schedule.  That means they continue to opt for Merck’s other vaccines.  They do so even though those vaccines:

-contain the same ingredients

-are dosed at similar intervals

-are administered by same provider who’s likely assured them that vaccines are safe

-warn of similar side effects and adverse reactions  

-and are also included on the Vaccine Injury Table

-and have been part of billions of dollars’ worth of vaccine injury awards  made by our government, the same government who, in one breath, claims vaccines save lives and yet in another, says that they are unavoidably unsafe. 

Parents I’ve spoken to are quick to realize that Gardasil isn’t safe.  They know that it comes with more risks than benefits, and I am grateful for their knowledge.  But the CDC states that all vaccines come with risk – including the Hep B, the MMR, and the Varicella and all the others their opting to get.

So why trust any of them? 

We get all of them, all of them except Gardasil.  I refused to let the doctor give my child that HPV shot.  But they can have everything else on time and whenever we’re told to get them. 

When I hear the type of responses that I’ve been hearing, I’ve been rendered speechless.  I can’t come up with anything to say to that parent but will later quietly pray that no harm will come from their decision. 

Three times in 3 weeks in front of 3 people I’ve been left shaking my head in confusion.  They’ve so adamantly refused one vaccine but in the same breath have very quickly agreed to the others.  I just don’t get it.  Maybe they don’t mind the glaring similarities.  Maybe they are willing to look right past them.  I don’t see how they can.  To me, the similarities – and the potential dangers – are just too great. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 




CIA Parker;
There will always be a disease or parasite waiting around the corner for us all, given the right circumstances. .
Some one here recommended some odd titled book, that I read and have forgotten the title. It was a doctor, I think deeply involved in WHO. He described from all over the world of plagues and in every case of a plague what came first was the poor sanitation, living conditions and poverty.

Dan wrote a lot about metals, like mercury, arsenic, lead - all poisons that weaken and play havoc on our immune systems.

There will never be enough vaccines for all the possible plagues or circumstances that could descend upon us.

At the same time; to my surprise; Just because you are lucky enough to get a child past 5 years old undamaged. they still will be coming after them.

They got my daughter years later, they got my father years later, They got my husband years later. Yeah, they got me again too when I was in my 20s.

I will nor will my family - to my knowledge and over my dead body take another vaccine. There too may come a time when you too will say; Enough.

Untill that time comes - carry on as you like.
And do understand that we ALL here are smart enough to know we as a human race is in big trouble.
That we all know: For example that
Dr. Wakefield is afraid of Rubella, it is now more of a serious possibility that the vaccine has not allowed proper priming of young mothers to be - immune system. What was once an uncommon thing to happen could become very common.



"Very few believe that autism is brain damage which does stroke-like damage to the language center of the brain."

Well there's evidence that vaccines damage the hearing and language centres of the brain: children stop responding to their names, they become hypersensitive to everyday sounds, and stop speaking. After vaccine reactions at age two my son became distressed by many different sounds that hadn't bothered him before, and I have just read a comment on AoA about a child who screamed at the sound paper made while unwrapping a gift. Unusual responses such as covering the ears at ordinary sounds is a symptom of autism, and auditory processing difficulties are common. There is no doubt in my mind that the auditory system is damaged in autism, as Patience Eileen Nicole Simon has so often said, but experts aren't listening and no one else as far as I know is researching this.

I agree with you about teaching language as a foreign language and that is one of the ways my son learned to speak again, although often the language he uses still doesn't sound natural. It is a foreign language to our children and I am saddened that PECS and sign language was not known about when my son was young and non-verbal but then there were so few children with autism twenty odd years ago, and Lovaas's The Me Book (ABA) was all there was. I am certain that modern-day technology such as iPad apps would have helped him too.



I was just thinking. It IS unjust to have so many disbelieve my (our) accounts of what vaccines did to our child. It is unjust that no one believes me when I recount how I know that vaccine mercury caused my MS, starting with both arms being paralyzed starting the same day as a tetanus booster, and how four different chelation agents now have caused severe symptoms of MS/mercury poisoning, within a short time of taking them, and the symptoms stop two months after the last time I took the chelator. Thank heavens for the Andy Cutler chelation protocol, which doesn't cause these severe attacks. I say Look at this, this was challenge/rechallenge, with the same results every time. There IS no other explanation other than that the chelators pull vaccine mercury out of my brain and mobilize it, causing dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and complete loss of balance. And no one believes me. I went to a doctor three weeks ago, and she totally didn't believe a word out of my mouth when I told her about the attacks. It would almost be worth it to take another dose of Mer Detox and sit at her office for a few hours so she could see how the attack comes on hard and suddenly, and is very violent. And ask So what do YOU think is making me vomit uncontrollably and writhe in agony? Why don't you google "acute mercury attack"?

No one believes that I have had severe and permanent insomnia since the day a fever in Italy mobilized stored vaccine mercury and started the first symptoms of MS? Slept great every night of my life until that day, then never since. Another symptom of mercury poisoning. Also the double vision, which I had to get special glasses with a prism to correct. I struggle every night to take enough soporifics to sleep, with varying degrees of success. The mercury poisoning has also caused mitochondrial disorder, and this is the answer to the question neurologists have mulled over since the first case of MS two hundred years ago. Vaccine mercury causes mito dysfunction, which causes extreme fatigability. All MS patients have this extreme fatigability, and the reason is that all MS patients are mercury-poisoned. And I can tell you that NO ONE believes what is as obvious as the nose on your face.

Very few believe that autism is brain damage which does stroke-like damage to the language center of the brain. The obvious answer is to teach language to the autistic as a foreign language with ABA-like repetition and drill to create new neural circuits, but as often as I explain it, I see people's eyes glaze over, and they say Well, what do the experts in language therapy have to say about your wacko theory? Even though my daughter has made leaps and bounds in her ability to use language by following my method.

So I completely sympathize with the frustration of people blowing you off and disrespecting your experience. But it's still back to What can you do about it? I guess just keep talking about it until the breakthrough comes, as it will. But in my opinion, research and remember that vaccines in some cases can be life-saving. I wouldn't want to give the impression that the only problems are caused by vaccines, and none by the VPDs, as that would be disrespecting the lives taken by the diseases.

It's unjust, but what can you do? You can tell the truth to as many people as possible, and I do, but you can't force anyone to believe you.


You're right, no one should be insulted, regardless of whether they choose to take or refuse the vaccines. I would go further and say that no one should be insulted, period, for expressing their opinions.


I have relatives with children who scream all the time, scream non-stop from morning until night. And the mother is pumping them full of vegetables, but nothing seems to help. They have been in and out of the hospital. They don't have tonsils anymore. Yet they are proud parents of fully vaccinated kids. They belong to that club.

I know of kids whose hair is falling out, who have bowel disease so severe that doctors throw up their arms in despair. But they are proud of the vaccination records.

On the other hand I know intimately a child who is unvaccinated and is rarely sick. She is three and has only had antibiotics once. Yet her mother (who is single) lives in constant fear of having her child forcibly vaccinated because she lives in California where the medical gestapo run the state.

I know another mother of two unvaccinated kids who is pregnant with her third and I was horrified to hear what she had to go through to give birth without the hep B vaccine being rammed into her newborn. She is choosing a home birth. After our conversation I was so disturbed and depressed I was dysfunctional. To make matters worse our legislators it seems drink ... we are living with mandates that may have been passed by drunk legislators. I actually originally heard this through the grapevine after several encounters with my own state Senator drunk during the day. Then I heard this is not uncommon. There is an article in the Sacbee "California Senate offers 24-hour rides for lawmakers too drunk to drive." So... I suppose I should qualify my statement with a maybe I'm overstating the case, but maybe I'm not. If just 30% of our legislators are derelicts on duty that might be why we are in trouble.

John Stone


Whatever, one shouldn't have to put up with being insulted like this. I am sick of it. We can have discussion on the merits of the products when we have got rid of the BS and the lies. WHY SHOULD ONE HAVE TO BE DEFENSIVE ABOUT WHAT VACCINES HAVE DONE TO YOUR OWN CHILD TO BELONG IN POLITE SOCIETY?



Cathy wrote about moms debating which vaccines to get for their children, some reject the HPV and flu vaccines, but accept the tetanus, maybe the varicella and hep-B, vaccines. She thinks that vaccines are so inherently unsafe that she wouldn't accept any of them, especially those made by Merck. She, as well as everyone else, should have that right of refusal of any and all vaccines.

For myself, I wouldn't refuse a vaccine that I thought was warranted, whether or not Merck made it. The unknown factor is how many would be disabled or die if they did not get the vaccines now usually given for diseases. The tetanus vaccine is usually a good idea, and a mom choosing it would be making a reasonable decision.

Adults have to stand up for what they believe in every area of life. In every area there are bullies and greedy crooks. But there are also many ways to die. Vaccines can do it, but the diseases can too. People must seek out information about vaccines and the vaccine-preventable diseases, and fortunately it's become much more available in the last fifteen years, but take both sides very seriously.



You are mistaken. Most of the vaccines prevent the targeted diseases, the flu and acellular pertussis vaccine being the big exceptions. But look at the figures. Measles was universal until the vaccine. Then BAM, it disappeared. Chickenpox was universal before the vaccine. Vaccine introduced in 1995 and BAM, chickenpox disappeared. A lot of Hib disease until the vaccine was introduced around 1990, and immediately, BAM, Hib disease disappeared. Polio was crippling many thousands of children a year in the US until the vaccines were introduced, and within a couple of years, BAM, polio disappeared.

That is why this is such a big issue. The vaccines ARE also dangerous, and it is an important step to decide to get any vaccine which should be carefully researched. But if a lot of children in your area, or even a small number, are dying or being disabled by a particular vaccine-preventable disease, then it is a reasonable decision to get the vaccine for it. The pertussis vaccine and the MMR, the hep-B and the flu vaccines, have always been very dangerous. The Hib vaccine causes peanut allergy in one in fifty. It's very important to research it and talk about it with everyone you know. In the '80s, one in 200 babies was getting a severe case of Hib disease, now no one gets Hib disease, but one in fifty vaccinated children gets peanut allergy, sometimes though rarely fatal. Some get diabetes from the Hib, hep-B, or other vaccines. I would advise breastfeeding until at least two years old and no daycare, but for cases in which these are not possible, I really don't know what I would advise, other than looking at all the information possible.



I agree that pertussis, measles, and smallpox had evolved to become less virulent over time and were causing many fewer deaths by the twentieth century. Smallpox also became much less common as well as much less deadly around 1900 in the US. Better nutrition played an important part in making death from these diseases less common, but it was primarily a change in the pathogens themselves which reduced deaths.

Rubella reached its highest rates ever in causing severe birth defects by the mid-'60s, when the vaccine was introduced and almost immediately wiped out these birth defects. Nutrition and hygiene played no role, but rather exposure to someone else who had an active case of rubella. Measles was still universal at the time the vaccine was introduced, 99% of American children got it by 18, but it was beneficial and rarely dangerous. Nourishment had nothing to do with it either. Hib meningitis was causing severe disease in 20,000 babies a year in the '80s, 1,000 of them died, many of them were disabled, many with brain damage which resembled autism, and it was only stopped by the introduction of the vaccine. Tetanus is caused by spores carried in the digestive system of many mammals, and they are still everywhere in the environment. Tetanus is a devastating disease which can kill fast, and has nothing to do with nourishment. Good wound hygiene is important, but half of all tetanus cases are from wounds the person didn't even notice.

Polio was a disease of the prosperous and well-nourished, not associated with poverty. Diphtheria WAS associated with poverty, and I don't know if it would come back here if a lot fewer people vaxxed for it. It might come back in poor areas like the inner cities and Indian reservations. We'd have to wait and see.

Hygiene only prevents water-borne diseases like typhoid and cholera, and sometimes polio. Most polio now is airborne, as the EV-68 was three years ago.

We would, again, have to wait and see. In my opinion, most parents could safely jettison the MMR, pertussis vaccine, hep-A, hep-B, chickenpox, flu, and rotavirus vaccines right now. You're right, the IF is the crucial part, but everyone must remain attentive, because IF they did, new considerations would come into play.


Cia--The term "vaccine-preventable" is a misnomer. Very deceptive, especially since vaccines don't prevent disease--if anything, they cause it.

Sun Rose--Thanks! I live in NE Ohio and I can't afford the course...however, I found out that the one book (about brain-injured children) is available in my library network. All I had to do is sign in, place a hold, and have them bring it to my local branch when it's available. I think I'm on the right path with what I've been doing, but I think I can do more, and if I can recover my son fully, that'd be great!

I was talking to my pastor and one of his sons-in-law, who works with youth, about what I've been doing with my son. My impression is they don't think us "anti-vaxxers" are nuts and my pastor seems pleased that I'm helping my son and removing what hurdles I can.

david m burd

Cia, you say:

"polio, rubella (only a problem for fetuses), and diphtheria still would be (devastating) if they came back."

The critical word is "if" these diseases 'came back' - yet a hundred years of thorough record-keeping makes it abundantly clear virtually all infectious disease deaths declined to near zero, BEFORE the current vaccination mania we have today. Of course we all know the reasons for the decline: nutrition, sanitation, refrigeration, knowledge of vitamins, clean water, some specific antibiotics and some of the treatments you mention, greatly improved supportive nursing, etc.

Yes, mass starvation via a nuclear war, or insanely over-fishing the oceans, or a massive asteroid impact, or massive world pollution via glyphosate (and its toxic cousins), would indeed bring all the old diseases back into play. But, even IF none of these scenarios take place we are surely on the path to utter societal destruction by today's CDC's one-sided and corrupt coverup of vaccines' true toxicities. These true and awful toxicities, once acknowledged, void any legitimacy for today's vaccines - including such idiotic vaccines for Ebola or Zika or Bird Flu or the Common Flu now fear-mongered to the hilt.



I agree that most children would be healthier with no vaccines. My discomfort is with the assumption that if no one got any vaccines, there would be no problem for anyone with vaccine-preventable diseases, death or disability caused by them. The vaccination rate in children in the US is still close to 100%, which means that we don't know how often the diseases would occur if fewer vaxxed, or how devastating they would be.

Until the '60s in the US, the only vaccines given were smallpox, DPT, and polio. Pertussis was no longer a dangerous disease except for a few of the tiniest newborns, while the vaccine was very dangerous. I don't think anyone should get the pertussis vaccine at any age, but newborns should certainly be sheltered at home for the first few months, treated with high-dose IV vitamin C if they get it anyway. Smallpox became much milder in the US after 1897. The vaccine in the nineteenth century had been dangerous and useless, and it wasn't necessary in developed countries in the twentieth centuries, and was still dangerous, though more effective.

Hib meningitis wasn't a big problem until the immune suppression of the DPT, and then it became a growing problem in many babies, but was treatable with antibiotics until the '80s, when antibiotics became less effective. At that time, 20,000 babies a year in the US got serious cases of Hib disease, and 1,000 a year died of it. The vaccine cut those numbers within a couple of years of its introduction to close to zero. The vaccine has its dangers, causes peanut allergy and sometimes diabetes, other problems too, but it's effective and has saved many lives. Parents must know this and make their choice.

Polio WAS linked to pesticides and insecticides, and DDT is no longer used in the US, but many other similar chemicals are, and were linked by Dan and Mark with the outbreak of EV-68 three years ago which had similar paralyzing effects like those of polio (in rare cases), about fifteen deaths at that time. I wouldn't give the polio vaccine at this time, but would stay alert for signs that it had come back in the US (or wherever), and at that time I would recommend the polio series. Polio was a serious problem at that time, and the vaccine(s) solved it. Though, as always, sometimes the vaccine(s) caused problems.

Angus, it is unfair to accuse me of being a troll. I recognize, and you should as well, that if someone doesn't get a vaccine, then there is a chance he may get the disease (and may even if he does get it), and may be killed or disabled by it. I have never gotten a flu vaccine, or any meningitis vaccine, and recognize that I may one day get a serious, even fatal, case of the diseases. Regardless of that chance, I will never get the vaccines for them. Everyone has the right to make his own decision on this. I am completely against mandates, but you should recognize that in the past, countless thousands were killed or disabled by the diseases. Every parent should know this and make his or her choice, preferably reading a lot on the subject first. But read books on both sides to get a more accurate picture. A few weeks ago I posted a quotation from the Mothering book Vaccinations, about an Indian leader Marie Hughes in the '30s having every single last male baby in the tribe die of diphtheria because the parents had feared giving them the vaccine. I'm not judging their decision, the diphtheria vaccine after mercury was put into it in 1933 DID in a few cases cause the first cases of autism. Some cases of anaphylaxis and immediate death. It may be that the parents would rather lose a thousand babies to diphtheria than one to autism. But it is more likely that they, like we, don't have all the information relevant to making a decision.

Angus, I have said before that my mother had a neighbor when she was a child, a very young boy, who died of diphtheria: his parents frantically called in every doctor in town attempting to save him, but he died of it. My father saw a man die of tetanus at his father's doctor's office. I had a college roommate who had been crippled by polio because her parents had been afraid to get her the vaccine: she had to walk with crutches and braces or use a wheelchair. I'm still in touch with her, and now she can no longer use the crutches, but only the wheelchair. I haven't known anyone who experienced Hib meningitis or birth defects from rubella during pregnancy. We don't see these diseases anymore because nearly 100% of children get the vaccines for them. I'm against the measles vaccine, mumps, flu, hep-A, hep-B, rotavirus, and chickenpox vaccines, but would allow parents to choose them if they wanted, as I cannot guarantee that their children not get a serious case of them. The parents must also know of the vast array of vaccine damage which may ensue, but I believe that if they avoided the DTaP (and just got the DT series after two years old), the hep-B, flu, and MMR vaccines, and as many of the others as seemed reasonable to them, there would be a tiny fraction of the vaccine damage we see now, or damage from the diseases either.

Are you saying that you are absolutely certain that no dangerous vaccine-preventable disease would ever harm any child if no one got the vaxxes, or that you are so certain that death is preferable to vaccines that you'll go to the wall to prohibit the administration of any vaccine to anyone? Is coercion morally justified when the stakes are so high either way? I believe that in a free country, parents must have the right to inform themselves and make their choice.

John Stone


"Of course the hate machine pushing and attempting to mandate all vaccines is repulsive."

This, of course, misses the point that the hate machine is against people. If you speak up you are going to get BS, and this is not alright. The ladies get the message when grown women crash, they don't get the message when infants and toddlers crash, and then you have to put up with being patronised by ignoramuses. It could be about informing themselves but mostly it is not really. They are 10% off pharma-government message but they are not necessarily bringing high analytical training to it.

A fundamental and logical question is, if they will do that to a young woman with an HPV vaccine and then trash anyone who speaks up, what would they not do? Cathy is asking why is it not the same?



Of course the hate machine pushing and attempting to mandate all vaccines is repulsive. But Cathy's article wasn't technically about the hate machine of coercion, but about why many young mothers are on the fence, attempting to choose the most necessary vaccines while avoiding the most dangerous ones. I think their attempt to find the strait path is a valid one, and should be supported with information on how often the most dangerous VPDs occur now, how often they would occur if fewer or none vaxxed, and how dangerous the vaccines for them are. And alternatives like nosodes. I think it's important to remember that despite the forces of coercion pushing vaccines, it is still possible that a vaccine-preventable disease might kill or disable their children. And it's important to ignore the societal pressures pushing mothers to vaccinate their children and focus on the facts, and also accept that there is no one correct decision, and that whichever way you go it is possible that you'll wind up with tragic results. It's certainly necessary to remember that economic forces are pushing you to take ALL the recommended vaccines, because more vaccines more profits, but also remember how devastating tetanus and meningitis still are when they occur, polio, rubella (only a problem for fetuses), and diphtheria still would be if they came back. Half of tetanus cases are the result of inapparent injuries, so good wound care would not prevent them, though it should certainly be practiced for all known ones. Also remember that homeopathic nosodes work to prevent, high-dose vitamin C works to treat, and the importance of breastfeeding and no daycare. And all mothers should know what dangerous symptoms are and to go to the ER should they occur, and know how to nurse mild cases of the VPDs at home. And also remember that life is tough for everyone, and that any action or occurrence can have unpredictable and tragic results.

david m burd

go Trump, I always like your perspective and unique thinking, however, your comment about a "few million" children ruined by vaccines is more accurately a few million EVERY YEAR (in the U.S.). You probably meant that and hope you don't my chipping in my two cents.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm thinking the bigger risks in a society undergoing a significant paradigm change regarding disease prevention & risks of vaccination, however sorely needed, will actually be born by the vaccinated (and their unprotected infants). Their immune systems did not learn to fight these diseases for life and in some cases were maybe programmed in a way that increases the risk:

For the unvaccinated (if society doesn't wise up quickly in terms of finding/relearning alternative disease treatments and prevention measures) I think the biggest risk comes from the mindset and probably lack of training/experience from those who may be treating the unvaccinated if they do get significantly sick with whatever, even something non-contagious like a broken bone (plus there's the tendency in western medicine to use something puffed up into a "crises" as an excuse to apply something new and rather toxic, attributing any and all problems to the disease, rather than the treatment).

There seems to be so many stories like this one out there though:

Maybe there's little to inspire speaking up with a more mixed result, but I wish those who feel they are just fine, or better, following, basically--maybe with a token exception that makes them feel more responsible (are we at least at that point?)--the vaccine schedule, not missing any IQ points, not dealing with any aspect of immune over-stimulation or chronic activation (I think you have to wait until puberty if not a couple of decades longer to fully know, but...), still, I wish those in that space would show respect to our hard-earned unwanted knowledge (that will likely benefit them significantly in the future, if it hasn't already) enough to 1) stand up against mandates and coercive measures and the removal of rights to redress for grievances (from all of us), and 2) call for the research that will end the state of gross experimental negligence we are operating under (maybe even learn for the next generation's sake what the research is already saying).


For Alexandra for your son:
They're in Philadelphia
What they taught us to do got my daughter so, so very much better.
They've been doing this for well over fifty years!
Only God knows better how to heal the brain.


Hi, Bob! The push to enforce vaccine compliance, especially for Gardasil, does not come from our new leader or from the federal government, per se, but from the CDC and other captive agencies, along with real and faux medical associations. There are a whole slew of them urging state legislators to mandate vaccines, and urging doctors to coerce their patients to receive all "recommended" vaccines. As you know, there are definite monetary incentives, at least for pediatricians, if they achieve a certain % of their patients as fully vaccinated, and this needs to stop immediately as it conflicts directly with the exercise of informed medical consent rights by patients.

I am not sure how much of this our new POTUS knows, even though he certainly knows a lot more than others he ran against and way more than most of our elected officials in state and federal office. However, I sure hope he finds out about it very soon or chooses some new, very wise agency heads, as the ACA is going to be repealed and replaced soon, hopefully with something that isn't nearly as threatening to individual religious beliefs and personal autonomy.

Bob Moffit

@ Someone

"There is a huge push for these doctors to increase compliance with the federal "recommendation," or rare state "mandate" that all children, with or without a cervix, receive 2-3 doses of Gardasil-- on schedule. "

Just curious .. does the federal "recommendation" to mandate that all children receive 2-3 doses of Gardisil .. include monetary "incentives" .. based upon the Doctor's "compliance rates"?

If so .. is President Trump .. and ... even more importantly his newly installed HHS Secretary Price .. aware of .. and .. approves of those "incentives"?

As a staunch supporter of our new President .. I WANT TO KNOW.

John Stone

Just to say, I don't think Cia is a troll but she has her own perspective.

go Trump

If someone goes out and runs down a child with a truck, they would be sued by our legal system for at least a million dollars. If they ran over another child again a few weeks later, they would be locked up and probably not ever set free again ... even if they said their brakes have a “mysterious feature” where they do not work all the time.

Our present pediatric medical system has trashed the lives of a few million children ... and cannot understand why anyone wants to investigate their “liability free truck with no brakes” / 40+ vaccines by age five/ 9 vaccines on the same day / very profitable business model.

They are so blessed that their 2-12 month old patients cannot testify to say how they are feeling after a well baby visit.

Angus Files

Most of what you write is very questionable and mis guided and pro-pharma. In my opinion the difference between a good troll and a great troll is one who shares our plight but hammers the pro –pharma message home.

“But that is why many moms struggle to make the vaccine decision. No one wants an autistic child, but no one wants one killed by a VPD either.”

Speaking as a parent with two unvaccinated children and two fully vaccinated children I HAVE MY OWN LITTLE VACCINE MICRO-STUDY same dad, same mum, same place, same environment,same quacks practice for check up`s even etc- Simply the ones that have had no vaccines have NEVER been to the Quacks and the two that are vaccinated especially the low functioning Autistic aged 19 years to quote the school “19years old with the school assessed age of around 2 years at best”- he could fill a room floor to ceiling 10 yards square with medical notes and the oldest vaccinated has a medical paper trail.
The Fear you propagate of catching an illness if you don’t vaccinate oh!! you forgot to mention its swine flu season as well… if they catch the normally minor diseases naturally and you didn’t bring your kid to the quacks I could live with that and have done.My two unvaccinated have had whooping cough, chicken pox, and measles funny enough HA HA! they never caught autism though!! When you bring your baby to the Quacks in good faith and then Autism hits the way it has hit many of our babies on here it is very hard to live with – what if?only one regret in my life and that’s vaccinating the two kids.
Can you give me what is Pharma`s plan two, to help reverse vaccines when they go wrong – didn’t think so.
Can you give me an example of where a vaccinated study v`s an unvaccinated study has been tested for any of the vaccines you state and prove what pharma claims – didnt think so.
Can you give me independent testing outside the manufacturers’ testing of the vaccines showing the super preventative claims they make - didn’t think so.
Can you give me ???I haven got the time to be honest below will give you an answer to most of your pro – pharma assertions.
1a. Disease decline. Believe it or not, there isn't any convincing evidence through the statistics that vaccination reduced the death rate for any disease such as measles. So, where is the benefit? Measles deaths had declined by 99.4% before vaccination!

"Up to 90% of the total decline in the death rate of children between 1860-1965 because of whooping cough, scarlet fever, diptheria, and measles occured before the introduction of immunisations and antibiotics."---Dr Archie Kalokerinos, M.D.

"There is no convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease."--Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD

b. or eliminated any disease such as smallpox or polio:

"It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated." Dr Glen Dettman.

"The vaccination programs are irrelevant to the decline of polio, while pesticides correlate perfectly with polio. The unfunded, ostracized theory of poison causality far exceeds all other theories in simplicity, exactitude, and directness regarding correlations within all data areas: dosage, physiology, etiology, epidemiology, economics, and politics."--Jim West

"That the polio virus is the sole cause of polio is accepted by most people as gospel, and that the Salk and Sabin vaccines eradicated polio in the western world is etched into our collective consciousness as the major medical miracle of our time. But the history of polio and its vaccines is shrouded in a murky mist of politico/scientific manipulation, altered statistics, redefinition and reclassification of the disease, increased cases of vaccine induced paralytic polio, and monkey viruses transmitted by contaminated vaccines to millions of people worldwide."---Edda West

"Within a few years of the polio vaccine we started seeing some strange phenomena like the year before the first 300,000 doses were given in the United States childhood leukaemia had never struck in children under the age of two. One year after the first onslaught they had the first cases of children under the age of two that died of leukaemia........ Dr Herbert Radnor observed that in a small area of this little town, in an area where no cases of leukaemia had been expected or at the most one in 4 years according to previous statistics, they suddenly had a rash like an epidemic within a few blocks"---Dr Snead

c. While there is plenty of evidence smallpox vaccination increased the incidence, and spread smallpox along with syphilis, leprosy and TB/consumption around the world:

"Smallpox was on the way out, indeed epidemics disappeared decades before the WHO decided to conduct the final "eradication" campaign. It is also well-documented that the largest epidemics occurred in the most highly vaccinated populations, while whose who were unvaccinated, did not have the same epidemics. "--Dr. Viera Scheibner

"We also hear of the noble work of Father Damien among the lepers of Hawaii, but we are not told that there was not one leper

And just so you know …so far as HPV is concerned it isn’t nothing to do with cervical cancer.. I reveal the FDA's statement that HPV is "not associated with cervical cancer. CHEW IT OVER .

Pharma for Prison


I pulled a couple things from Merck's 10K this morning.

They're led by Ken Frazier, a lawyer. Julie Gerberding (former Director of the CDC) is an officer of the company. Top selling drug is Januvia for diabetes. Gardasil sales increased 14% y/y. Pro-Hex vaccine is in FDA review. Headquarters in New Jersey.

Recommendation: Sell, Take Januvia off the Medicare Formulary. Have FDA request 2 year placebo controlled trial for Pro-Hex with autism as endpoint, arrest Frazier and Gerberding for capital murder and racketeering.

($inmillions) 2016 2015 2014
Total Sales $ 39,807 $ 39,498 $ 42,237
Pharmaceutical 35,151 34,782 36,042
Januvia/Janumet 6,109 6,014 6,002
Zetia/Vytorin 3,701 3,777 4,166
Gardasil/Gardasil9 2,173 1,908 1,738
ProQuad/M-M-RII /Varivax 1,640 1,505 1,394
Keytruda 1,402 566 55
Isentress 1,387 1,511 1,673
Remicade 1,268 1,794 2,372
Cubicin 1,087 1,127 25
Singulair 915 931 1,092
Pneumovax23 641 542 746

Executive Officers of the Registrant (ages as of February 1, 2017) All officers listed above serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors. None of these officers was elected pursuant to any arrangement or understanding between the officer and the Board. Name Age Offices and Business Experience
Kenneth C. Frazier 62 Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer (since December 2011); President and Chief Executive Officer (January 2011-December 2011), President (May 2010-January 2011) Adele D. Ambrose 60 Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer (since November 2009)
Sanat Chattopadhyay 57 Executive Vice President and President, Merck Manufacturing Division (since March 2016); Senior Vice President, Operations, Merck Manufacturing Division (November 2009-March 2016)
Robert M. Davis 50 Executive Vice President, Global Services and Chief Financial Officer (since April 2016); Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (April 2014-April 2016); Corporate Vice President and President, Medical Products, Baxter International, Inc. (2010-March 2014)
Richard R. DeLuca, Jr. 54 Executive Vice President and President, Merck Animal Health (since September 2011)
Julie L. Gerberding 61 Executive Vice President and Chief Patient Officer, Strategic Communications, Global Public Policy and Population Health (since July 2016); Executive Vice President for Strategic Communications, Global Public Policy and Population Health (January 2015-July 2016); President, Merck Vaccines (January 2010-January 2015)
Mirian M. Graddick-Weir 62 Executive Vice President, Human Resources (since November 2009)
Michael J. Holston 54 Executive Vice President and General Counsel (since July 2015); Executive Vice President and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer (June 2012-July 2015); Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Board Secretary, Hewlett-Packard Company (2007-December 2011)
Rita A. Karachun 53 Senior Vice President Finance - Global Controller (since March 2014); Assistant Controller (November 2009-March 2014)
Roger M. Perlmutter, M.D., Ph.D. 64 Executive Vice President and President, Merck Research Laboratories (since April 2013); Executive Vice President, Research and Development, Amgen Inc. (2001-February 2012)
Adam H. Schechter 52 Executive Vice President and President, Global Human Health (since May 2010)

John Stone

But Cia the issue here is not "all or nothing" it is people choosing to disregard the harm that's come to your child because it hasn't come to their's (which is repulsive). And it is still the case that it does not matter which vaccine it is - whether any has any merit - the hate machine will chug into action against anyone who speaks up.


That should read, "should there be…" Yikes!


Well, I have some bad news for your three acquaintances, Cathy. It appears that pediatricians and gynecologists are using the "divide and conquer" method to increase uptake of the HPV vaccine in kids. There is a huge push for these doctors to increase compliance with the federal "recommendation," or rare state "mandate" that all children, with or without a cervix, receive 2-3 doses of Gardasil-- on schedule. Doctors are being encouraged to separate kids from their parents to talk with them about their sexual activity and potential sexually transmitted diseases, while the real intent is to vaccinate the children with an HPV shot without the need for parental consent. It is a reprehensible practice to intentionally connive and deceive young children and their trusting parents, but this is actually occurring on occasion. Such doctors should be shunned en masse, picketed, and called out by all local parents using their practice. Shame on them! And God help the children and their parents should their be a disastrous adverse reaction to the vaccine.


About pharmaceutical companies being . . . well, what? Ethical? Moral? (Et cetera.)

About 3 years ago, I spent a lot of time looking for reviews; that is, going around like Diogenes with his lantern -- "looking for an honest man." Except I was looking for an honest, ethical pharma company.

I looked at Yelp and Google and GlassDoor.Com. And I looked for "professional" reviews in reverse; that is, the numbers of settled lawsuits and how many million, or billion dollars were involved.

And of course, I came to the conclusion that within the US and UK, there is no such thing. So the point is: it seems like it doesn't matter if it's Merck or some other company. All the big names are essentially the same. Greed, profit, and whose idea of who they are serving is THE SHAREHOLDER. (Must keep those share prices up !!)

The company Novo Nordisk, in Denmark -- (yes, the irony of that !!) -- which specialises in diabetes looked like it had been, for a long time, ethical-honest-mora. But it also looked like it was being corrupted by greed; growing bigger, spreading outward, going rotten with The Profit Syndrome.

I haven't had the heart to look for a generic company. It's easy to see that some of them are no better than the Big Pharma types.


I don't think it's all or nothing regarding vaccination. Each vaccine is different, as the diseases they are meant to prevent are different, some being much more dangerous than others. Dr. Sears in The Vaccine Book lists the reactivity of all the recommended childhood vaccines, which is probably at least a general indication of the degree of danger they pose. In the second, 2011, edition, he ranks them from least to most reactive: Hib, polio, rotavirus, DTaP, Prevnar, chickenpox, hep-A, hep-B, HPV, meningococcal, flu, and MMR. Of the VPDs, the formerly universal childhood diseases, measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox, were no longer very dangerous, to the extent that they ever had been, before the vaccines were introduced. No, that's not true, rubella was causing many thousands of cases of devastating birth defects every year before the vaccine, although most girls were protected from having gotten the very mild disease naturally in childhood, the way I did. Pertussis stopped being dangerous to healthy people over three months old before the vaccine was introduced. Polio and diphtheria used to be devastating, common diseases, but they no longer are, probably thanks to vaccines having wiped them out in developed countries and most of the developing world too. Tetanus might still be dangerous if people stopped vaxxing: before the vaccine about 1200 Americans a year got it, and a large percentage, as many as half, died of it. Hib disease would kill or disable many babies if they were not vaxxed for it (although breastfeeding prevents it and daycares increase the risk).

Dr. Michaela Glockler, in A Guide to Child Health, p. 159, says about the tetanus vaccine: "This vaccination is one of the most harmless, and the illness in unvaccinated patients is one of the most serious ones we know, with a mortality rate of one-third to one-half of those who contract the disease. Even parents opposed to vaccination on principle generally accept vaccination for a child who has survived a case of tetanus."

She says on p. 171 what is the crux of the matter: "in no case can a physician state with certainty that either vaccination or the illness it prevents would damage or not damage your child." She recommends that parents seek advice from homeopathic or anthroposophical (Waldorf) phyicians or from naturopaths. She says that her general approach is to recommend the vaccine for tetanus and diphtheria at age on (I'd say age two). She recommends polio vaccination in most cases, as I would if polio were to come back here. She says that the pertussis vaccine offers no protection during the first three months of life, when the disease is the most dangerous. She gives the Hib vaccine on request after discussing the risk of serious infection. She recommends the rubella vaccine for all girls in puberty unless they have gotten antibodies from the natural disease (I'd say to think about it, but consider the homeopathic nosode, which is effective and much safer). In newborns born to mothers infected with hep-B, she recommends giving both the active and passive vaccines as in most cases that's the only way to prevent infection of the newborn, in whom it would be very dangerous and probably fatal at that age. In cases where the child has congenital heart or lung disease, she discusses options with the parents.

About the Hib vaccine, Dr. Neustaedter in The Vaccine Guide on p. 194, says: "Meningitis is not a mild childhood disease. Haemophilus meningitis was not uncommon prior to widespread use of the vaccine. Parents must make a choice about the Hib vaccine based on a few facts and vague uncertainties about the vaccine.

One issue remains clear: if a child stays home with a parent in the first 12 to 18 months of life, when Hib disease occurs most often, then the likelihood of exposure decreases dramatically compared to a child who attends a large day-care center. Breastfeeding significantly reduces the risk of invasive Hib disease.

Parents should weigh the likelihood of exposure against their feelings about the known adverse effects of the Hib vaccine, including the ability of the vaccine to suppress immune system function and cause an increased susceptibility to Hib disease."

The Hib vaccine does present several dangers, such as peanut allergy, but it is effective and it eliminated Hib disease in the US within a couple of years of the vaccine's introduction, saving several thousand children a year from death or disability.

I referred the other day to Dr. Lisa Pierson as saying about cat vaccines that categorically refusing all vaccines was throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I think it is very important when saying that you are certain it would be good to refuse all vaccines and work to ban them to also explain what your plan would be to prevent death or disability from VPDs like tetanus, rubella, and Hib disease. From diseases like polio and diphtheria if they were to come back. And make clear that you are saying that in your opinion, deaths from the other VPDs would be more acceptable in the big picture than disability or even death caused by vaccines. And I think that is a very defensible position, but I think we should remember that either way we go, many people are going to be disabled or die. I'm against the MMR (and most of the others), but recognize that I am saying that to me, the several hundred who would die every years of measles if no one vaxxed for it are less important than the greater good of the majority. But I would always defer to the parents' choice.

But that is why many moms struggle to make the vaccine decision. No one wants an autistic child, but no one wants one killed by a VPD either.


I believe my son, who is now 15, was affected, as he's on the spectrum. He hasn't had any vaccines since the age of 2, because by the time he was 4 his father and I found out about a possible vaccine-autism connection. We started giving him cilantro and chlorella, which is supposed to help pull mercury out, and within two weeks he was starting to talk again. Even now he's barely understandable (you have to know him to figure out what he's talking about, as he has a unique way of saying things).

When he was 2 I took him to a developmental pediatrician, she said if he's autistic he's just on the spectrum--and we'd look at medication down the road. Um, no. I don't believe in medicating kids. I haven't medicated him for behavioral issues yet and he actually does fairly well, he'll sit in church quietly (though it helps to let him run around on the church's basketball court first). I also give him Behavior Balance, which is B vitamins and DMG. The B12 is supposed to help with language, and I have noticed his speech improving. The B6 is good for calming him down (he gets magnesium from Epsom salt baths).

Every teacher who's worked with him, whether at school or in church, has told me that he's really smart. It saddens (and infuriates) me that because of these damned vaccines that intelligence is more or less locked up. I don't think vaccines are necessary at all--vaccines are NOT what caused the rates of illness to come down. The rates came down because of better living conditions--hygiene and sanitation, and diet. They call us "anti-vaxxers" scaremongerers but the real scaremongering comes from vaccine pushers.

At any rate, a friend of mine recommended Max Wiznitzer. So I did a Google search on him, and after reading a few things about him (a partnership with a pharmaceutical company was a HUGE red flag), I was like--nope. My son's English teacher suspects he may have Asperger's and I'd like some kind of confirmation. I noticed Marvin Natowicz's name here and there seems to be good things said about him. Would you guys recommend him? I'm not too far from Cleveland.

I'm considering moving my son to a DD school and having a "formal" diagnosis would help. He's currently in a virtual school. He does well...but I think he would do better with hands-on stuff, and actually having recess.

Angus Files

I think a lot of people by taking one vaccine possibly think they cant be branded ant-vaccine? then again one step at a time if they are refusing one vaccine its a start..

Even when the preverbal hits the fan,they all know none of them will ever be touched as we seen in China in2013 with GSK a $489 million fine.A slight tap on the wrist and its business as usual boy's but lets pary Trump is starting to drain the swamp properly and no swamp will be left un-drained. Pharma for prison.


Birgit Calhoun

"We do all the others mostly because I don’t really want to know what I don’t know, if you know what I mean." That sentence really says it all. Why would somebody say something like that? Maybe it's information overload. But that kind of thinking is pernicious. How deep does this go? Are we now among a population that actively resists finding out about things that are vitally important for good health and eventually survival? I have suspected that trend but I have never heard it spelled out as clearly as that. I hope that parents start taking their children's lives more seriously than that.

Cathy Jameson

Well said, John.

And Tracy RN - I'd forgotten about the starfish story. "...he looked down at the one he was holding and remarked that what he was doing was going to make a big difference at least to this one..." Oh, yes and oh, the tears! May we continue to make a big difference even if just one person at a time. nocposts shared a simple way to do that - sign and share that petition.

John Stone


Yes, unfortunately it is a multifaceted issue. I remember that it took me years to grasp that proposition that it might not be one or two products that are at fault but a whole culture. Another problem is that people are whole lot more alert to the issue of a grown person crashing than an infant or toddler. We know that most of the settlements these days in the VICP are for adults after flu vaccine. People just don't want to get that all those children who failed to develop - or most of them - would have done. We have this great machine for assertion and denial - memorably it went into over-drive over Katie Couric and HPV but they have a much easier task denying with young children who slide into the abyss, and now with tens of vaccines before 6 months.

Unfortunately, there is a not very nice human characteristic that likes to gloat if their baby thrived and someone else's didn't. But it is very dramatic and scary if a formerly healthy young woman crashes. No doubt that is why they are experimenting now with HPV on infants. It will save them a problem later on.


Thanks for sharing your observations, Cathy. I was at the pharmacy and heard someone pregnant ask for the Tdap. Did not sound like her doctor read the insert with her. I cringed, picked up what I needed, and could not listen anymore. FDA has inserts that include warnings like 'It is also not known....[brand name of Tdap ] vaccine...can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproductive capacity.'
Lord help us!

By the way, the number of signatures on the petition on autism should be higher by now. Perhaps those who thought they signed did not read the follow-up email and confirm. Please sign so we can reach 100,000 signatures. Just about 13K at the moment. Thanks.

Tracey RN

I hear you loud and clear on that one! I work in the health care and my nurse co-workers say the same thing to me... I shake my head in disbelief ... What I find so frustrating with new parents is, they have no idea why their NEWBORN needs ( not) the Hep B . I love to explain why and when I do sometimes I can save another ....
I had the pleasure of meeting " Colton's " mom ( see Vaxxed stories Colton) She wished someone had warned her... I warn I encourage those to educate before they vaccinate ... I can't save them all, but like the boy picking up the starfish on the beach he was told he couldn't save them all and was not making a big difference , he looked down at the one he was holding and remarked that what he was doing was going to make a big difference at least to this one !


I've noticed the same thing. There is a local facebook page for parents where we live. Recently there has been a lot of talk about HPV vaccines and people suddenly wanting to contact their elected representatives regarding this vaccine only.

Han Litten

I totally agree Cathy . Its all or nothing regarding vaccination .
Its nothing for me .But why stop there , lets look at the water supply and more.


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