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The Big Gamble

Las-Vegas-TV-Show-22“ If the public were ever to lose confidence in vaccination, it would mark the beginning of the end of the medical establishment as we know it today.” Robert Mendelsohn

By Ted Kuntz

The vaccine industry, including the government agencies mandated with the responsibility for vaccine oversight, are gambling. They are gambling that the best way to preserve public confidence in the vaccine program is to deny and disavow any claims of the role of vaccines in causing the serious adverse events that are witnessed following vaccination.

Rather than acknowledge and investigate every act of injury or harm as occurs in most other industries, most notably the airline safety industry and the food safe industry, the vaccine industry has adopted the mantra of “safe and effective” and “vaccines do not cause autism”. Their official position is “the science is settled” and “no further research is needed”.

"Any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist." ~ Federal Register. Vol 49, No 107 June 1, 1984

When the number of mandated vaccines and the number of reported adverse events was low, this strategy held a high likelihood of success. The number of injuries was not significant enough to capture the attention of the mass consciousness.

But as the number of mandated vaccines has grown from a handful to more than 69 doses by the age of eighteen, and as the number of children injured or killed by vaccines has reached epidemic proportions (1 in 6 has a chronic neurological or immunological condition), the house of cards which forms the basis of the vaccine paradigm is faltering. With each vaccine added to the recommended vaccine schedule, the complexity of drug interactions and the mounting toxic load increases the certainty of a collapse.

A wise and safety conscious industry would evaluate the risk of collapse and carefully manage the number of vaccines parents ought to be required to inject into their children. They would know that a system based on trust can dissolve overnight as occurred with the dot.com bubble and the financial and housing meltdown of 2008.

But the vaccine industry is not wise. It is not safety conscious. It sees only unlimited potential for growth and profit. It has been lulled into complacency and the illusion of invulnerability by the 1986 Act of Congress, which relieved the vaccine industry of all legal liability for the safety of their products.

This lack of legal liability and accountability, the assurance of a captured and expanding market due to government imposed mandates, and the lack of any real investigative journalism by the “not so free press” has produced a climate of exponential growth that is too attractive and financially rewarding to resist.

Instead of being committed to producing safe and effective products, the vaccine industry is in a race to produce as many vaccines as possible while lobbying corruptible governments to increase mandates for school attendance and employment. How many of the 270 vaccines currently under development will be mandated is anyone’s guess given the present consciousness.

But what the vaccine industry hasn’t taken into consideration is that parents are waking up to the harm that is being done to their children. Parents whose children have been permanently harmed or killed by vaccines are refusing to be coerced into subjecting their children to more vaccines. They are “mad as hell and not taking it anymore”. These same parents are refusing to be intimidated into silence by a captured and compliant media. The chants of “correlation does not equal causation” mean little when you have a once healthy child experiencing uncontrolled seizures, or an adult/child requiring 24-hour care for the rest of his or her life.

The outcome of this grand uncontrolled experiment is not in doubt. The blind faith and unearned trust in the vaccine paradigm and its high priests will come to a sudden and dramatic end. The vaccine industry will collapse under the weight of its own fraud, immorality, and callous disregard. The only question is how many more children will be injured or die before the awareness is substantive enough to cause this teetering structure to fall.

The collapse will be swift. Like the housing market in a faltering economy and stocks in a financial meltdown, soon the vaccine industry will not be able to give their products away. Vaccines will be avoided like the plague they were intended to protect us from. And whatever good was intended by a vaccine program will be lost for generations as trust, once abused, will be difficult to reclaim.

The vaccine industry could have avoided this collapse but they were too greedy and too callous in their disregard for those injured by their products. I suggest the collapse has already begun. The once proud structure is losing its strength, and the awareness of massive vaccine injury can no longer be contained.

Thankfully, the end is near.

“Be scrupulously truthful, even when truth is inconvenient, for it is more inconvenient when you try to conceal it.” ~ Bertrand Russell


Bob Moffit

@ Caroline

"Sadly trumps FDA pick has been quoted ridiculing vaccine safety concerns"

I too was disappointed to learn President Trump has nominated Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a physician and conservative health policy expert, to lead the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Apparently .. Gottlieb .. served as FDA Deputy Commissioner between 2005-2007 .. therefore .. is well-known on Capitol Hill .. where he has testified multiple times on hot-button health issues, including complex drug pricing matters, and is viewed favorably by the pharmaceuticals industry.

Indeed .. a survey conducted by Mizuho Securities USA Inc of 53 pharmaceutical executives found that 72 percent favored Gottlieb over other potential candidates. Many described him as knowledgeable, experienced and balanced .. a pragmatic leader .. with an eye toward both expedited approvals and safety," one executive wrote.

To me .. the endorsement of 53 pharmaceutical executives raises a big red flag.

I would have much preferred your own selections .. Dr Sears as Surgeon General .. Dr Wakefield to head FDA.

In any event .. I did find it encouraging to read the following in today's NY Post:

"The House GOP health-care plan would wipe out a $1 BILLION FUND that finances disease-prevention and wellness programs across the country .. including .. $324 MILLION to increase vaccines/child immunization"

I believe that particular "cut" was the biggest among all the wiping out that (cdc) $1 BILLION FUND.

I suspect the "swamp" is going to go nuts should the CDC's BILLION DOLLAR FUND be slashed.

Hans Litten


The wonderful Stepahnie Seneff .
The MMR is contaminated with glyphosate !
Organic food is testing positive for glyphosate !
The US is experiencing 30% infertility now !

Draw your own conclusions .

Grace Green

ATSC, that's an interesting case you quote. I also read that 60% disabled would apply, for example, to the loss of one leg below the knee. I thought to myself, I could climb Ben Nevis with a prosthetic leg, but with M.E. not a chance! And it seems that new rules about benefits for disability and long term illness are going to be disadvantageous to those with a learning disability. What could be a worse disability to go through life with?!


Sadly trumps FDA pick has been quoted ridiculing vaccine safety concerns. Please someone get to trump. Dr sears for surgeon general. Dr Wakefield for FDa.



Far too many people still think that there are only a few harmed by vaccines and that the injured are fairly and justly compensated, and they won't believe that the system is broken until they or one of their loved ones experience an adverse vaccine reaction.

It's only then they will discover that doctors and their nurses will assure them, without actually setting eyes on the child, that the symptoms of disease the parents are witnessing at home are either common or insignificant reactions that don't cause long term effects, or they are a coincidence.

Children who vomit, have fevers and diarrhea, seize, are unsettled and irritable, or sleep for many, many hours and can't be woken are sick children but after vaccination few medical professionals feel the need to examine them and therefore their reactions are not documented or reported to the authorities. Even though parents could do this themselves if they know about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, they don't realise at the time how sick their children are and they trust that the medical professional on the other end of the phone knows best and believe it when they say that the child's ill-health is only temporary.

By the time the child's parents realise that his or her personality has changed, his sleep patterns have changed, and he has stopped doing the things he used to do before, and they trace it back to the time he was vaccinated, they are told they either have faulty memories or this too is a coincidence.

Then there's the "Vaccine Court" where if the child doesn't have a Table Injury, parents are expected to produce scientific medical evidence to show how that this or that vaccine has damaged their child (although he or she had several at once and the science hasn't been done) . And if in the meantime the child has been given an autism diagnosis, the child won't receive compensation because they say autism is not caused by vaccines. But a radical change in behaviour and loss of speech, skills and connectedness is caused by something and it is not caused by something called "autism" which is simply a psychiatric label for a syndrome or collection of symptoms, and these symptoms especially loss of skills, spell brain injury.

So few cases will ever be compensated which keeps the numbers down which allows health officials to keep telling the public that vaccine injury is rare and only affects one in a million.

In the UK, victims of vaccine injury have to be more than 60% damaged (and it used to be more than 80% damaged) before they can be awarded compensation so this means that many people wouldn't stand a chance of being compensated for the harm that vaccines do. One case I remember reading about years ago was of a young boy in the UK who was denied compensation by the Vaccine Damage Payments Unit (VDPU) because the paralysis caused by the polio vaccine he received had only affected one leg, and so he was assessed as only 50% damaged. No compensation for him or anyone considered 59% or less damaged. A fair and just system would have compensated him and anyone else whose future has been impaired by vaccines.



Most people don't ask for the vaccine inserts because they don't know of their existence, and according to several Vaxxed interviews with nurses, nurses themselves don't read them so they probably don't think the information provided by the manufacturers is important.

Of course you should be able to read the insert prior to vaccination, but public health officials don't think most parents are capable of reading or understanding them (or they're too scared that they will and, reading through the adverse reactions, they won't vaccinate their children).

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! I don't know if the medical industry has educated itself on this front yet, but I think they've provided the rest of us with a lot of understanding where many "mysterious" health problems come from through this completely unjustifiable gamble with our children's lives. I personally hope that by-and-large our "healthcare" as it is (the "care" ironically being propped by failing legislation that mandates participation kind of like they are trying to mandate dependance through other types of legislation--that will be the vaccine mandates) will be obsolete in short order and the mechanisms of control and denial of rights, denial of therapies, etc abolished.

A speech in the rain, along the same lines and as compelling as this post:



I have a simple question, why am I not given the vaccine insert?
The vaccines are opened in another room and bought in, injected into my child. When I pressed for information - a one page symptoms to look out for was found (after some digging around) and printed for me.
Shouldn't I be able to read the insert prior to vaccination and make an informed decision?

Ted Kuntz

HI Anna.
In response to your question about the context of the quote from the Federal Registrar - as I understand it, it was with regards to questions being raised in litigation about whether the trials for the licensing of the polio vaccine met all of the requirements. This Federal document was to make changes to the requirements to allow the vaccine to meet the requirements. (It appears it didn't meet the requirements so we will just change the requirements.)
The full sentence is: ". . . in view of the technical nature of any possible deficiencies in the lots, FDA does not believe the action to revoke the license is warranted. However, although the continued availability of the vaccine may not be in immediate jeopardy, any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation's public health objectives."
You can get the full document by entering "Federal Register. Vol 49, No 107 June 1, 1984" in Google.

susan welch

Anna Quandt - I totally empathise with your comments. It took me so many months to reach the same conclusion regarding my own naivity.

John Stone - I blame Tony Blair for so much loss of life in Iraq and neighbouring countries and for many thousands of vaccine injured, and their families, in UK.

go Trump

I hope Trump issues an executive order soon in regards to “Voiding the California Vaccine Mandate Law.”

Stating on live television that the law is “Unconstitutional, as we cannot have a mandate for vaccine products which sure as hell have no product liability.”

It would be a simple first step, should it be challenged in the courts somewhere, at least the vacccine issue in on the table.

John Stone

Anna Quandt

That is the real fantasy isn't it? The actual attitude of the government to vaccine injury is - we don't admit anything and it is up to you to prove it with every organ of state opposed to you. When the first set of allegations against Andy Wakefield from Richard Horton and Brian Deer came in in February 2004 the great leader, Tony Blair, went on TV and declared:

"There is absolutely no evidence to support this link between MMR and autism. If there was, I can assure you that any government would be looking at it and trying to act on it."

To which the most polite answer I can think of is, "Like hell!"


Think about the scale of collapse that will, inevitably, happen.

Pediatricians and other doctors who give lots of vaccines, they will be shunned. The older ones will quietly sneak away and retire.

Lots and lots of dentists . . . many of them can (and could have, already) switch to materials other than so-called "silver" for filling teeth. Again, the older ones will retire. Younger ones will claim (true or not) that they never used that stuff anyway.

Pharma companies. Those at the top will take their Golden Handshake, retire to Palm Beach, and not answer the question when someone asks them "what kind of work did you do."

Pharma stocks will tank; hopefully including lots of generics. What will those employees do, when their workplace folds? What kind of work will they find? (Probably they should be thinking about that, and looking, already.)

A *lot* of medical-associated personnel will be out of work, or scrambling to get something related. Suddenly the field of wholistic/holistic medicine will be filled to overflowing . . . everyone claiming they *always* thought that way.

One of the buzzwords these days is "disruption." It will be disruption on a large scale . . . there must be something similar to point to during the Industrial Revolution. What would that have been? The end of slavery, perhaps. Or when the Soviet Union fell apart, and the Berlin Wall came down.

Disruption. Of a magnitude not often seen.

Anna Quandt

Thank you for this article. I keep thinking: if we have a public policy for "the public good" that we know will harm "a few," surely those who made the policy are doing everything they can to identify those harmed, assist them, prevent harm in the vulnerable. I believed the public health establishment was doing all this --until about ten years ago when I started to read. And now we know how naive I was.
But I'm amazed that there was a conscious choice in 1984 to hide the damage! Can you tell me more about the passage in the federal register. What was the context?

Hans Litten

I was thinking a little more about Antonietta Gatti's recent wonderful work .
And in case she is out there and sees this ? Or for anyone else who wants to chip in .

But would it be safer for me to receive a pet vaccine than it would be to take a vaccine produced for the human race ?
(yes there is a certain amount of comedy with my proposal but think about though too)


angus files

Its global full spectrum damage that is being festooned on all who have a vaccine some worse than others and all for profit and materialistic gain -so sad.

What goes mostly unseen is the total destruction of families and normal family life. I would imagine even the celebs and the very rich who can afford day care like no tomorrow and every helper money can buy will still have catastrophic damage to the life they should have had with their child .

The person that child should have been, the illnesses that should not have been, the guilt that should not have taken hold, the pain that child should not have had, the isolation the family and child should not have had, the constant searching for a cure that should be there but isn't, all they did is what they were brought up to do and listen to the quack who gave the bad advice based on indoctrinated belief's and not any educational health finding's human history.

Great article thanks Pharma for Prison


Laura Hayes


Excellent summation of the insatiable greed and immoral disregard for the vaccine injured and vaccine killed that have led to the decimation of millions (perhaps billions now) of lives.

I wish I could believe the end was near. Not sure that is the case just yet, but most certainly praying for the demise of both vaccines and pHARMa, and for the severe punishment of those who have maimed and killed so many innocents through their lies, willful ignorance, callous and arrogant disregard, and complicit corruption.


So true, take vaccines and pharmaceuticals at your own risk.

I'm a 20 year veteran of pharmaceutical development and concluded that the best way to stay healthy is to stay away from the doctor and avoid prescription meds. If receiving the flu shot is mandatory for a job, I quit. If its mandatory for a University, we go somewhere else. If the Nazi's knock on my door with a needle in their hands, we hide in the attic.

The black box label has been rightfully earned by the Merck's MMR Vaccine - the FDA could demand it tomorrow if they had any backbone or conscience.

Boxed Warning This type of warning is also commonly referred to as a “black box warning.” It appears on a prescription drug’s label and is designed to call attention to serious or life-threatening risks.

Mark Wax

History is replete with similar big "truths." My friend Ted is wiser than most. His commitment goes beyond his own lifetime. There is nothing more heroic than that. To those who refuse to let the science speak, may I remind you: "You can't deny reality simply because you can't explain it."

Maureen McDonnell,RN

Thank you for for this clear depiction of how & why the profit driven, propaganda-supported vaccine industry will meet its demise!
As a society, we are nearing the "tipping point" & when just a few more of us wake up to the damage caused by these toxic laden injections, no amount of fear, coercion or propaganda will prevent its downfall & subsequent exposure of the many lies we've been fed regarding the safety & efficacy of vaccines & pharmaceuticals in general!

Bob Moffit

"The vaccine industry will collapse under the weight of its own fraud, immorality, and callous disregard ..... the collapse will be swift."

I pray to God Ted's optimistic prediction of the collapse of the vaccine industry will prove true .. as has happened in the sudden collapse of similar immoral governments who thought themselves unaccountable to the people over which they have tyrannized.

I remember well those stunning "live" images on CNN .. showing ordinary people atop that hated and despised Berlin Wall .. tearing it down .. brick by brick .. as thousands in Berlin and millions the world over .. witnessed first-hand the "power of the people" .. who .. when joined together in a NOBLE AND WELL-JUSTIFIED PROTEST .. PREVAILED.

Hopefully .. vaccines will eventually be reduced to the public health status afforded today's cigarettes .. with a black label warning on each vaccine ... the patient MUST be read by anyone administering the vaccine: "THIS VACCINE .. IS KNOWN TO HAVE CAUSED SERVERE AND LIFETHREATENING ADVERSE REACTIONS .. THEREFORE TAKE THE VACCINE AT YOUR OWN RISK."

Ted .. I share your optimism: "Thankfully, the end is near"

Hans Litten

Seems a handful of people have lost confidence . God bless them !



On Friday, March 31, 2017, concerned individuals from across America will join with health care professionals in Washington D.C. to defend parental rights and civil liberties, including freedom of thought, speech and conscience. We are uniting to call out the corporatized mainstream media for manufacturing “fake news” that distorts the truth about environmental toxins, unsafe food and vaccine risks, which endangers our right to know and freedom to choose how we protect our health.

We are Taking a Stand for Truth and Freedom in Washington D.C.

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