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Tell This Grieving Dad Vaccine Injury Isn't Real

Father's loveNOTE: I'm so grateful to Ted Kuntz for sharing this letter to his son (who was vaccine injured) and who passed away last month.   Ted has been a valued contributor to Age of Autism.   We will not stand as the scapegoat of America, we are not the lowest of the low in some sick pecking order of healthcare. We will not allow our loved ones to be ridiculed and diminished.  We too are a "minority group" worthy of respect and change.

Here is Joshua's obituary from last month.  

KUNTZ, Joshua Anthony July 25, 1984 - February 16, 2017 Joshua Kuntz was a gentle soul that touched many hearts during his thirty-two years. In his soft and quiet way he engaged people with the sparkle in his eyes, his radiant smile, and his invitation to hold hands. Josh lived with significant challenges due to an uncontrolled seizure disorder that began with his vaccine shot at five months of age. In spite of his health challenges and physical limitations, Josh enriched the lives of many with his courageous way of being in the world. Josh deeply loved his mother, Cathy Anthony; his father, Ted Kuntz; and his sister Lani (Virgil) Belo. He was warmly embraced by his extended family of Darlene Fletcher, Natalie Cahill, Nicole Mullin, Grant Fletcher, and their families. During the last four years Josh lived with a beautiful life share family - Parker and Naomi Henderson, Jayla, Parker Jr., Koby, Daysha, Tyra and Cheryn, all who loved him as their own. Ted Kuntz is a member of the Kuntz family of Kitchener. His loss is shared by his family - Kathy and Rick Pope, Jean and Tom Gutoski, Tom and Pam Kuntz, Dan and Christine Kuntz, Jim and Jo-Ann Kuntz, Caroline Getman, and their families. Dolores and Larry Finnegan, now deceased, were wonderful grandparents to Josh. A Celebration of Josh will be held in Burnaby, BC in April. Donations in honour of Joshua can be made to: Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network Society- www.plan.ca Vaccine Choice Canada - vaccinechoicecanada.org

Ted, we are so very sorry.  KIM

In Memory of Joshua Anthony Kuntz

July 25, 1984 – February 16, 2017

Dear Josh,

Thank you for blessing my life with your presence. You were such a gift to me. You touched my heart deeply with your simple acts of love - holding hands, your smile, and the eagerness in your voice when you saw me.

I miss you already.

I know there is joy for you in being released from the constraints and limitation of that body. I know your spirit is soaring and that you are once again reunited with 'all that is'. Nevertheless, my heart aches knowing I will not see you again in this life, hold your hand, or lie next to you.

You made me a better person and a better father. It wasn't always easy, was it! I was angry, afraid, resentful, even in despair at times. It was hard for me to accept your disabilities, your suffering with the ongoing seizures, and the loss of the life you didn't get to live.

Yet, in many ways, you lived an even more remarkable life.

You touched countless lives who benefited by what you taught me and I shared with others. From that perspective your life was a huge success. In your own quiet way you helped to change the world - make it better, more loving, more compassionate and more peaceful.

I knew I would need to release you someday. You lived longer than anyone of us though possible. Our times together were rich. I feel like we experienced more in 32 years than many experience in an entire lifetime.

My heart aches, but it is an ache I gladly accept. The ache is a reflection of the deep love and connection we shared.

Thank you for letting me be your dad.

I love you.

Ted Kuntz is a psychotherapist in private practice, author, and community activist. He lives in Vancouver, Canada. Ted began his activism on vaccine safety and informed consent after his son Josh was severely injured by the DPT vaccine in 1984.

Ted’s best selling book, 'Peace Begins With Me' is a summary of the wisdom he acquired on his journey to make peace with his son’s disabilities.

Ted is an active member of many health and disability organizations, including Vaccine Choice Canada (www.vaccinechoicecanada.com).

Ted is also the author of: How Can I Wake Up When I Don’t Know I’m Asleep?, Making Peace With the Future, 8 Weeks to a Better Relationship, and a contributing author to: The Thought That Changed My Life Forever;  Heart Wisdom #2; and Chicken Soup for the Soul – Children With Special Needs.

Ted’s son, Josh, passed away in February 2017.

To learn more about Ted Kuntz, visit www.peacebeginswithme.ca



Too many social media outlets + young people (even “conservative” news outlets, such as Fox News are pro vaccine!) deny that vaccine induced neurodevelopmental disorders are exploding worldwide.

I’ve seen too many pro vaccine “parents” and “republicans”. The LGBTQIA BLM POC supremacist communist Democrats/left wing/Tumblrinas also are pro vaccine madmen.

Cristine Saxon

Ted, I'm so sorry to hear of Josh's death. His life and your way of sharing it has helped so many people, including me. As a leadership consultant and executive coach I've shared your story and have purchased and recommended your book many times.
My oldest son experienced seizures with his first vaccinations so we stopped giving him more, and I suspect his learning disability and ADHD are a result of this. You helped me to help him, and my son with Aspergers, to see their abilities and gifts more. Your light during times of pain and struggle have shone for others. I hope it helps you, as you remember Josh's light, to hear this kind of feedback. Thank you, with love. Cristine Saxon


Hate the DPT vaccine. Many years ago on a news program they said it really was damaging 100 percent of the kids, it was just not obvious in some. Still it continues on with more and more boosters

for Bill

For Bill, DPT vaccine was the one. Blessings to this family.


So sorry, Ted.


I am so sorry to hear of Your loss. Bless You and Your family, and blessings on high for your lovely son, and bless You Ted Kuntz for the Love You had and still have for Joshua. I'm sure he still is blessing others in his new venue.

with Love,

david m burd

May I offer condolences to Ted and his family. I share your despair what has been wrought.

Here on AoA, we have all lost dear ones to deadly vaccines and other countless Pharma products that never should have been approved.

Ted is very active on Vaccine Choice Canada - formally called Vaccine Risk Awareness Network (aka VRAN) - a website that has amazingly deep references revealing the deadly toxicities of vaccines.

I hope everyone reading this will honor Ted and his family by pulling up "Vaccine Choice Canada", and further spreading its knowledge to family and friends.


Thank you AoA for posting the letter to Josh from his dad. Deepest condolences to Ted and the family and may you seek comfort in the fact that Josh's life inspired so many. Your description of Josh, his gentle ways and smiles, remind me of my young son. This kid knows that he is surrounded by family and love, and for him, life is great. The rest of the family is doing our best to follow his lead.


My condolences Ted and family. As a woman in my twenties who experienced vaccine injury in the form of multiple autoimmune diseases (and am almost healed from them), I have so much respect for people like you whose beloved family members have suffered from the ultimate vaccine injury.

I am so indescribably sorry about what you have gone through. It sounds like Josh was so lucky to have you as his father. He and you are why we are not giving up. I sometimes think if I help just one person by being vocal about the injuries inflicted on me, and the holistic, natural, effective methods that led to my healing, then it was all worth it. If you subscribe to the same philosophy, your work has also been accomplished. Your story has touched me and serves as a reminder of the humanity behind the statistics. All the best.

Kathy Pope

Joshua was and is a beautiful and sensitive, nephew. Josh has touched our whole family and has touched our souls with love. He used to pull my hand and say "Kathy come". He then would have me read one of his stories, over and over again. Josh loved to be with people and especially dogs. Josh has taught us how to be patient and grateful for all that we have. Ted and Cathy were amazing parents , Ted is an amazing brother. Ted's book, "Peace begins with me", was mindful and it made me be a better person. Ted made me think outside the box. When Ted smiles, he lights up the whole room. I love him dearly. Josh is now with our mom and dad. Hopefully they can all help us out in this crazy world., we live in, love,
sister, Kathy

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to Joshua. Deepest condolences.


I'm sorry for the loss of Joshua Kuntz. Which vaccine was it, that caused his seizure disorder? Just wondering. You know the CDC apologists will just say it was "coincidence"....


So incredibly sorry for your loss. Josh's life will be remembered always as inspiration to bring justice, health and peace to our children.


Thank you for sharing your letter.
Very sad to read of your family's situation
Condolences in your grief.
Words sometimes feel awkward .
Poetry can bring kind comfort .
The Bird that was trapped has flown by James Robertson .
Joshua sounds like a lovely Man .I'm sure he was a pleasure to spend time with .
Yes, MrTed Kuntz, I totally agree with what you say .


My deepest condolences. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing tribute, which brought many tears. Josh was a hero. You are a hero.


Waterworks. "Thanks for letting me be your Dad." Thanks to Dad and Son for helping change the world.

Ted Kuntz

HI Kim
Thank you for honoring my son with the posting this morning on Age of Autism. And thank you for sharing his obituary. Its important to be reminded that our children are sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, and grandchildren. They seem to get lost as statistical casualties in the media and medical literature.

Blessings to Age of Autism for all you do.



That made it very real.

I'll try to be gentle with my son today and overlook his foibles. My heart goes out to you - hang in there Ted


My condolences to the Kuntz family on your profound loss.

No ceremonial flags are given to parents of children whose lives were taken in the war on disease. But around the world, parents of vaccine injury victims salute you.

Caren Sue Evans

Bless you...you are an amazing dad to an amazing son!


Sorry to read this in our prayers.

Hans Litten

Beautiful , wonderful , exactly & totally how I feel .

I feel the power and the sheer determination .

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