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Petition: Act To End Autism Epidemic & Implement Comprehensive Vaccine Safety Policy Reforms

Six Simple Steps

Let’s end the autism epidemic and rein in America’s exploding vaccine schedule. Please sign and share the White House Petition on autism and vaccines today! When we reach 100,000 signatures, we will get a response from an administration we hope will respond favorably to our call to action.

Petition to Take Action to End the Autism Epidemic and Implement Comprehensive Reforms of Vaccine Safety Policies

We cannot make America great with so many disabled autistic children, so we must urgently face the autism epidemic, admit its reality and confront its stunning rise.  In addition, we must rein in America’s exploding vaccine schedule. Crucial to any reform in both autism and vaccine policy is an initiative to shine light on corruption and “drain the swamp” of unaccountable bureaucrats.

We ask you to take six actions:

  1. Declare autism a national emergency.
  2. Convene a Presidential Commission on Vaccine Safety and Scientific Integrity.
  3. Depose the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson.
  4. Conduct a study comparing total health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.
  5. Create a National Vaccine Safety Board.
  6. Repeal and Replace the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.



''We cannot make America great with so many disabled autistic children''
this is offensive, and demeaning.
and counterproductive.

david m burd

Go Trump,

Like all your comments - but - the 2% you refer to is only for those on the autism spectrum, the tip of the iceberg. I'm very sure you know this, but for new readers I would like to expand on this.

When all the very serious disabilities and chronic vaccine- caused damages to our babies and children are added up, it is close to 50% every year of the 4 million annual U.S. births. And, that comes to over 5,400 victims PER DAY, plus the approximate 10 SUID/SIDS deaths admitted to (though these figures are constantly manipulated by guessing/giving a diagnosis of accidental suffocation caused by parents co-sleeping with their newborns).

JFK, Jr. et al. must surely address of this mammoth unsustainable National catastrophe, and not limit it to the autism spectrum.

John Stone

Morningstar Nagle

I was just able to get there (from the UK). Keep trying. Refresh the page etc..

Morningstar Nagle

The link won't work!! I have tried over and over! Nothing!! Guess the jig is up!!! Damn CDC!!!!!

go Trump

I would assume a number of things are going on behind the scenes with the RFK Vaccine Commission. I am sure RFK Jr. knows how to conduct investigations and see that the truth is told.

Once things are in place I would expect a proper presentation of facts to the American people. What could provide “more unity" than to stop trashing 2% of the nations children ???

Most do not care to see Trump’s tax return ... I understand that Obama would not even release ... his Law School Application ....

WTH could be on that document that he does not want anyone to see ?


Thomas Petrie

What an excellent idea! For the past three weeks or so, I've been knocking on doors, trying to get folks to sign a petition to get the health of vaccinated v. unvaccinated children done. Amazingly, very few folks are interested in this topic. Yup, it's like "why bother?, We already KNOW there's no connection! The propaganda is so outrageous, we sure have an uphill fight! Here's the words of this petition:


1 highly vaccinated child in 68 develops autism in America today; 1 in 6 has learning disabilities; 1 in 9 has asthma; 1 in 10 has ADHD; 1 in 12 suffers with depression; 1 in 400 become diabetic (that’s Type I—the AI Type) and millions more struggle with other kinds of immune and brain disorders marked by chronic inflammation in the brain and body. In total, 51 percent of our American children suffer from one or more disabilities and this doesn’t include obesity or lousy physical fitness. In order to really get to the bottom of why our nation’s children are in such miserable health, a real study comparing the health of the fully vaccinated to the fully unvaccinated needs to be done. This petition is to ask the Centers for Disease Control, which has the conflicting role of both confirming the safety of vaccines and promoting their use—needs to step up and finance this study. Enough of the silly “genetics” studies! We’re injecting some 58 vaccines into our children by the time they reach the age of 5. We need a serious longitudinal study on this topic!

We’re concerned citizens that want the Centers for Disease Control or other federal agency not married to the vaccine manufacturers to do a study comparing the health of the totally vaccinated to the totally non-vaccinated populations.

The six basic reforms demanded by this petition are awesome. I would just add two more things: 1) Restitution for the 5,400 NVIC cases REJECTED by the vaccine court and 2) End the 1986 law passed while Reagan was President indemnifying vaccine companies from tort cases.

Patience (Eileen Nicole) Simon

I signed the petition, and got an email right away (apple email). Keep trying, and check the junk folder to see if your confirmation email ended up there.

Also, on following the We-the-people-petitions link, see the contact-the-whitehouse link. The more people who use this to draw attention to autism, the more likely this issue will be recognized.

The current IACC should be pointed out not only as a failure, but blatant attempt to cover-up the need for meaningful research on autism. An investigation of medical authority must be requested.


Signed the petition, got the confirmation email, and clicked that, all about as fast as I could get back to my email program! That's not the first petition I've signed since Trump took office! Good to see that he left that in place. When Bush, jr., took office in 2000, the White House email list, set up under Clinton, went *DARK*.... Now, I've already seen news "stories" about how those nasty "anti-vax" "conspiracy theorists" want to question the holy sacrament of vaccines, in the Church of Money-Profit-Science! At least they usually say that DeNiro has a child with autism, but they seem to omit that Kennedy, Jr., comes from decades of mercury-safety advocacy. BTW, the petition to get Trump to release his taxes has over 1,000,000 signatures! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, people! And Happy Thursday, Happy March! (This Saturday is PARADE DAY. That's when we all March Fourth! *lol*....)....

Susan Jovanovic-De Domenicis


Grace Green

I signed from the UK with no difficulty, but my son is having some problems. My attitude is if they don't accept signatures from abroad they should ask for your address and block it. This is a great start in the struggle, along with all the other initiatives.

Jane Vermeer

I signed using my gmail account and my husband used his because it is universal. We got verification in our gmail accounts (not junk mail as others have reported). We voted from another country so I know you can do that. Open up a gmail account and vote from that if you are from overseas and or having trouble with email confirmantions. They should accept votes from overseas because US citizens both live and travel abroad all the time.


Done! Thank you so much AoA for all you do!!!! Let's end this crap already!!!

Gary Ogden

Linda 1: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has just ruled that local and state governments have a constitutional right to ban the growing of GMO crops within their jurisdictions, as Sonoma County here is California has done. Lost the battle but won the war, unless the Supremes strike it down. Curse Obama for signing the Dark Act.

Jeannette Bishop

Signed. I personally don't think we need to replace the NCVIA, just apply the Constitution. If pharma says they won't make vaccines, say ok. I'm pretty sure they'll still make vaccines with a contract for each recipient to sign away their right to sue personally (doctored to be as obscure as possible I'm sure, and really, somehow they would start directly or indirectly paying people to take them if they had to, but I'm sure they'd rather have the government, that is "US" do that).

Carolyn M

"Repeal and replace"?

"Replace" with what? I did not see any attempt at an explanation when I clicked on the link.

I am not in favor of blank checks.

Francis Weibel

My signature verification email landed in my junk folder. So if you having problems with verification, look there.


Same here.

Birgit Calhoun

Could not get my signature verified.


Thank you so much for your clear vision and determination to keep reminding us of the fact that we have nothing if we do not have the freedom to decline any medical intervention, including and especially vaccination.

The CDC has passed a rule, which is a federal rule, that they can stop, detain and forcibly vaccinate any traveler anywhere in this country. That is our #1 threat right now and should be at the top of the petition.

No forced vaccinations anywhere in America

You know, when individual states passed laws to have GM foods labeled, the federal government swooped down in a hurry to pass a contradictory law, The Dark Act, to reverse and nullify those state decisions. We can and should demand federal protection from anyone or any industry in this country who wants to harm us and take away our civil rights.

Mary Sparr

Excellent study. Our doctor in Pennsylvania has never seen Autism in his 25 plus years of treating the Amish community. He can't say the same for his non-Amish families. His conclusion is simple. The Amish don't vaccinate.

Bob Moffit

Tried .. no response to my effort .. also .. no surprise.

Barbara Blume

Big Pharma is responsible for much of the illnesses today. They create them --and then they get to "treat" them. It's a vicious cycle that makes them a lot of money.

Laura Hayes

The 2 most important goals to achieve are medical choice freedom and free market.

Without the unencumbered freedom to choose, and without liability being returned to and assumed by its rightful owners, we will not achieve the needed results to end the vaccine carnage or the autism epidemic.

Are others not completely upset that "Ban Vaccine Mandates" did not make this list, in the #1 spot?

John Stone

British Autism Mother

I think it is only for US citizens.

Rolf Hazlehurst

You can sign it in less than 30 seconds.

British Autism Mother

Would someone please state the position for non-USA citizens signing this petition? I don't want to sign only to find out that I've invalidated the petition. Thanks.


It is not the lie that is told that has the most impactful and devastating effect on cultures of people, it is the truth that is ignored.

Thank you AoA for brining us the truth.

Paula Bryant-Trerise

Absolutely! All of the above!


Thanks for putting this together. I signed with hope that the corruption in Washington DC will abate in some manner. Its too late for my son and I, however, its not too late for the next generation.

Please post when there's another protest in California, I want to see SB277 repealed so my son can go to college in peace.


Is there a link to the petition? I tried to click on "Petition to Take Action" and it doesn't link. Thanks!

Laura Hayes

AND, the following needs to be added:

Ban vaccine mandates, for all, forever.

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