Dr Offit and the Milgram Experiment on ECBT
Former Oklahoma Epidemiologist Speaks Out Against Vaccine Mandates


Jeannette Bishop


Han Litten

Posted by: Ken | March 03, 2017 at 10:56 AM

I agree Ken there is no assault here but Josh is doing exactly what we should all be doing .
Challenging all our political representatives on camera about the William Thompson revelations . Josh is certainly not displaying me in any bad light .
Josh I salute your valiant efforts .Wish there were more like you .

The BBC has yet to print the name William Thompson , from Aug 2014 to Mar 2017 , the lying thieves at the BBC just pretend the story never happened . This is the way the military misinformation censorship machine works over here . Total news blackout .
The BBC has ceased to some extent its pro vaccine stance , the safe and effective mantra has stopped . They are sitting and waiting to see what will happen next .
The vaccination program has taken a battering in recent times . Those that have followed closely can now be in absolute no doubt the entire vaccination program is a complete fraud .It is the greatest crime against humanity in the history of all crimes .
I believe I have a reasonably good handle on it but I am convinced there is much more to uncover yet . Vaccination is the holocaust that supercedes all others .

Cait from Canada

I have no problem with Josh's attempt to discuss William Thompson and vaccination with Pan. But the end of the video with the dramatic music and accusations of assault is over the top. Sure, grabbing someone by the arm is verboten, and Pan shouldn't have done it. But if he has committed a crime, it is in promoting vaccine mandates despite compelling testimony and evidence that vaccines may and do cause harm. We should be holding his feet to the fire on that issue, not sidetracking to accuse him of an assault that is not even apparent in the video that purports to show it.

Han Litten


I have never had this happen in my life , Can we call the Police !

A UK version of another criminal on the run .

Michael Potvin

Josh has done enough confronting. He has Pan and Offit looking bad. Confronting people is good, but that not going to win the war against pharmaceutical giants and greedy doctors.

2017 is going to be a battle in the state legislatures on vaccine choice. We need to physically be on the steps of our state capitols protesting, that's number one. It's time to get away from our computers and meet with local representatives and discuss why we need to keep our right to say no to vaccines for ourselves and children if we are parents.


I hate religion - for that very reason I say A frickin men Right side of History!!!!!!

Thank you so much for Your comment!!


"Josh needs to step back for a bit and stop doing these gotcha interviews.
He's making vaccine safety advocates look bad. And as much as I am against everything Pan stands for, clearly there was no assault that took place here.
Take a minute Josh and refocus."

"Totally agree. We are portrayed as "not to be taken seriously" as it is. Don't give your adversary ammo."

UM NO. Josh is an effin hero and braver than most of us. He does not need to stop...he needs to continue on full force. He did NOTHING wrong in this video and if the security video shows Pan laid hands on Josh then YES it is illegal. You don't get to touch other people. You are worried that our side will be perceived as nuts and out of control for asking "in your face" questions? And Pan will look perfectly reasonable running away like a rat? NOPE This is the narrative they have painted us with and I won't be shackled by it anymore. Be in their faces. Ask uncomfortable questions. Let then unravel and stop worrying what people think. Yes we need the diplomacy of Dr. Wakefield's calm demeanor and Polly's firm yet diplomatic tactics. BUT we also need Josh. So please don't muzzle him. Let him drag the muck out into the light and display it for what it really is. You better believe that Josh has touched Pan in any way Pan would have had him arrested.

Sidebar of speculation: Did anyone notice that Pan could have easily proceeded down the open hallway yet when he saw the man coming towards him in the tie he panicked more. That is when he tried to muckle onto Josh (to do what???). It's unclear why. It seemed confused as though he desperately wanted to shut josh up before that other man heard the kerfuffle. It was NOT about getting away.


From what I understand Josh has an eye witness, and from what was recorded it does seem that Pan confirms the fact that he has a hold of Josh's arm. Assault? Not really, there clearly is no intent to do further harm. Did Josh identify himself as a member of the press? Not sure, but I don't think so. These are two things that don't bode well for any kind of legal argument, however, in the world of political, celebrity, journalism laying a finger on someone with a camera in your face is FOREBODEN! It's the fact that the Pharma front-men are so sure of themselves, are so arrogant that they can't even prevent themselves from managing time-honored traditions of the free-press, largely in-part because the "free" press has not done its job on the issue of vaccine-induced autism. If they would have we would have far-fewer injured people in our world.

I do agree though that I think Josh has played this card enough. He's flagged, and Pharma's next move will be to portray him as some sort James O'Keefe and he should dial it back. Any other citizen journalist out there who wants to stick a camera (or phone) is the face of a bought and paid for by big pharma journalist on the issue of William Thompson, Poul Thorsen, or Merck lawsuit should go for it.
Heck we should stick a phone in the face of the journalists who claim to stand for civil rights, and ask them why the didn't report that the NOI was outside the CDC last October. Ask any journalist who claims she stands for women's rights why they're not reporting the pleas of so many American mothers. Get your phones our people, I think Josh is on to something?

Angus Files

Admire your restraint Josh well done.Pharma for Prison



According to Josh's report, and verified with that jurisdiction's police, the building's cameras taped Pan grabbing him. Josh reports that Pan squeezed his arm. That can be legally be considered assault. Pan shouldn't have touched him.


I disagree that Josh should stop doing these interviews. There's no mainstream journalist on earth who will ask these kinds of questions, let alone share the video of Pan's response with the world. So what Josh is doing is necessary and important. It is in fact, journalism - something most of us don't see much of anymore.

If Pan is going to try to take away parents' rights to protect their children, he should expect to have a camera pointed at him and be asked tough questions that expose his lies.

That said, anyone who points that camera and asks those questions should not be surprised if they're verbally or physically assaulted. Doesn't make it right or ok, but it's not surprising. Pan is scared.

Also, as someone else mentioned, the video doesn't capture what happened. Did he push Josh? All you can see in the video is Pan coming in close.


Hi all,
Just another opinion.Pan is an elected official; holding him accountable for his decisions, which have long term effects on his constituents, asking him polite but hard questions on camera as often as necessary; I highly support that.If nothing else it reminds others who may have wanted to go the Pan route, that their constituents will remember, that this won't go away, and that choices to disregard the wishes of some of their constituents have consequences.

However, it always good to play fair when you can, regardless of whether the other side does or not. In this case, based on the video, it didn't imo (absent other information) look as if any kind of assault happened.
Had Josh been knocked to the floor in a violent flurry of camera images, the situation would have been different. I do applaud Josh's polite and non violent approach; it does make it more obvious that he is an innocent party in whatever occurs.
I would guess that if Josh continues to ask hard but polite questions on camera, eventually someone may hit him; if that does happen ( and Josh is evidently a brave man) that is the time to push for legal recourse;this is just my opinion, but this event didn't seem to be what could fairly be considered assault, regardless of the letter of the law.


> Josh needs to step back for a bit and stop doing these gotcha interviews.
> He's making vaccine safety advocates look bad. And as much as I am against
> everything Pan stands for, clearly there was no assault that took place here.
> Take a minute Josh and refocus.

Totally agree. We are portrayed as "not to be taken seriously" as it is. Don't give your adversary ammo.


I despise Senator Pan and the sinister groups behind the scene that prop him up and use him to further their agenda. And he is such a coward for consistently refusing to meet with his constituents. That being said, as much as I appreciate his advocacy, Josh needs to step back for a bit and stop doing these gotcha interviews. He's making vaccine safety advocates look bad. And as much as I am against everything Pan stands for, clearly there was no assault that took place here. Take a minute Josh and refocus.


You know Offit, Pan and Reiss are queuing up their next seminar entitled, "How to handle the vaccine resistant press". What these criminals really should be forced to face are all of their victims. No doubt "the dark side" (as the great Polly Tommey puts it) is crawling back in its hole and regrouping, but if any of them are decent enough to make any more public appearances every scientist who asserts that vaccines DO cause autism needs to show up and make them discuss the research they claimed to "have looked at". Thank you Josh for "being Brave" and holding Pan's feet to the fire.


Several friends not involved in the "vaccine safety issue" commented on my facebook and said they saw no assault. Josh did he turn around and push or punch or what?

I point out my friends that Pan is a nut, and looks like one when he starts looking for a door, any door will do!

When he should and could at least give some politically boring statement that hypnotizes, and puts us all to sleep, and then; only after then, says he has an important meeting somewhere. With that he walks like a statesman with purpose. Yeah, he walks down the hall with purpose like he was really going some where and not just trying to escape.

Bob Moffit

Classic video of Pan .. desperately seeking a door through which he could flee from a single question regarding his dismissal of Dr William Thompson's .. if eventually proven true .. "CRIMINAL" allegations against the highest levels of the CDC.

In all honesty .. the ONE video I really, really want to see .. is Pan and his co-conspirators exciting the PADDY WAGON .. all chained together .. as media swarms around taping the beginning of THEIR "perp walk" .. to be broadcast LIVE on "Evening and World News Tonight".

Now that is a video I would pay to see.

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